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Feely not playing tonight; other updated news

I'm at Dolphin Stadium, home of a team about to improve from last year's 1-15 record.

Just looking around and I am told that Jay Feely, who has been nursing a groin injury, will not kick tonight. Rookie Dan Carpenter will handle all the kicking duties.

The Miami Herald has reported that Josh McCown is not playing tonight while John Beck starts. Chad Henne is expected to play the second and fourth quarter in the report filed by beat writer Jeff Darlington.

Other lineup issues: Derek Hagan will start ahead of Ernest Wilford.

Donald Thomas will be the second Dolphins rookie offensive lineman to start. Rookie Kendall Langford will start at left defensive end for Matt Roth.

Matt Roth will start at strong side linebacker for Joey Porter. Phillip Merling will start at right defensive end for Vonnie Holliday.

Chad Pennington is at the stadium and has signed his contract. He is expected to be introduced, perhaps after the game.

Anyway check back often for updates. Understand that I am blogging and writing a column at the same time -- on deadline -- so I don't want to hear no $%#@&* if I'm not super fast with the updates. But I will do my best.

Meet me in the comments section at kickoff.


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thanks armando. be quick bro.

Alot of people not high on Dolphins, but so far upper mngmt doing a A+ job

Also real excited to finally see Henne out there. This could be a dress rehearsal for Beck trade

Hey Armando stop whining and just do your job. No excuses just production.

I ain't whining.

Am I reading right ???
Ronnie starting rb

Think Pittsburgh might be interested in McCown for a low draft pick?

Thanks for everything Armando. I've got the game streaming on the net tonite with NFL.com's field pass. I'm in NC. Anyway, I hope McCown is released tomorrow. I'll be following your blog 2nite. Go Beck! Go Henne! Go Dolphins! Hope to see Parmale get some carries tonite.

Tonight starts the Dolphins on their way to another 1-15 season while my Ravens are Superbowl Bound!!

The only bowl the Ravens are going to is the toilet bowl

I have serious doubts Josh McCown will bring anything in trade. Everyone knows the Dolphins aren't keeping four QBs so they are probably content just waiting for him to get cut.

Hey Mando,
Any idea what the delay is in signing Terry Glenn? Are they just giving him time to heal a bit before potentially taking a physical? Or is there a chance the team isn't interested?


Ronnie Brown is starting. But at least he's not returning kicks.

Terry Glenn is not capable of passing a physical right now. Sad but true.

Glenn is ready for a Nursing Home. GO ahead and sign him up so you lose more games.

I'm glad to see him getting his feet wet already. Should only get about 5-7 carries though

How many fans are at the stadium?? Probably 50,000 empty seats as usual.

the game is sold out but .... it's preseason not many folks here.

foster 25 return on the kickoff

Dolphins come out in three rec. set with no fullback but camarillo in the lineup on first down.

Brown running behind Jake Long. Only 1 yard.

Beck to Hagan called incomplete because the guy that catches everything in practice just dropped a pass.

Langford and Ferguson get a sack on first down.

Bad pass by McCown ... right into Yeremiah Bell's hands. he didn't catch it.

Foster fair catches a punt ... If he wants to make this team he better catch and go.

listening to the game on field pass. comment on the broadcasting: the booth is way too crowded with cefalo, mandich, and rose. get rid of rose.

Anybody out there?

further comment on the radio broadcast: cefalo is no rick weaver, folks.


Beck outlet pass to Mauia. Honestly he never looks comfy in the pocket. But it is a completion.

Why no Ginn returning punts?

Deep pass attempt to Hagan who had 1-on-1 coverage but was not open. Ball overthrown.

what is the over/under on beck completing a pass downfield tonight? i say 5.

The Dolphins want to get a look at Foster. Parcells told me he thinks the kid has a legit chance to be something as a returner.

Yeah. im here im st pete fl watchin. hate the bucs though. I think Beck is definitely playing not to get cut. hes checking down pretty good so far...

Why no Ginn returning punts?

Nice pass by Beck on an out to Ginn for 10 yards

I thought our fullbacks cant catch
2 am in Germany - still rolling

go beck!

Screen pass blown up. Beck just grounds it. Good decision.


Has Bess gotten into game yet ??

no penalties yet. thats a good sign

Beck quick receiver screen batted at the line. This is the reason the Dolphins are tried to change his motion.

go for it!!

Bess is a second stringer. Look for him in the second and fourth quarter.

Germany in the housen

How was beck in that drive, mando?

Listening on Sirius. Is Ronnie running tentative, or is the line not opening holes? Also, any comments on Jake Long's first few snaps?

the Dolphins are strikingly much bigger up front this year than last year. Langford with another tackle!

Bess made a ton of plays for Hawaii, gotta see him play.

Well atleast Beck has no turnovers. That is a good start. The defense is playing very aggressively. I like this team but we gotta get the running game going.

Hey Jason Allen running to the ball and breaking up a pass on third down!!!

Hey Mando,

How comfortable do Merling & Langford look out there as starters?

Foster has no chance on this punt. Oh well.

Ricky Williams is in on this series. Brown out.

Go Jason Allen!!! Slow learning curve is makin' plays!

This is a make or break year for Allen

Brown is a little tentative but thats natural after the type of injury he sustained. I dont think he will be that way for long.

Ricky Williams running. He gets a big cheer in the stadium. Gains 2.

Williams breaking two tackles. Goes for 9 yards.

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