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Feely not playing tonight; other updated news

I'm at Dolphin Stadium, home of a team about to improve from last year's 1-15 record.

Just looking around and I am told that Jay Feely, who has been nursing a groin injury, will not kick tonight. Rookie Dan Carpenter will handle all the kicking duties.

The Miami Herald has reported that Josh McCown is not playing tonight while John Beck starts. Chad Henne is expected to play the second and fourth quarter in the report filed by beat writer Jeff Darlington.

Other lineup issues: Derek Hagan will start ahead of Ernest Wilford.

Donald Thomas will be the second Dolphins rookie offensive lineman to start. Rookie Kendall Langford will start at left defensive end for Matt Roth.

Matt Roth will start at strong side linebacker for Joey Porter. Phillip Merling will start at right defensive end for Vonnie Holliday.

Chad Pennington is at the stadium and has signed his contract. He is expected to be introduced, perhaps after the game.

Anyway check back often for updates. Understand that I am blogging and writing a column at the same time -- on deadline -- so I don't want to hear no $%#@&* if I'm not super fast with the updates. But I will do my best.

Meet me in the comments section at kickoff.


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What do you think of Pro Football Weekly claiming Beck is the odd man out with Pennington signing? It seems like McCown is the one getting screwed, since he's being held out of the game, but maybe they're trying to showcase Beck some? Thoughts?


smokem' ricky

Sack on third and 10. Ronde Barber on corner blitz. He had no chance.

Pro Football Weekly is speculating. It's just their theory. It may be true, but they don't cover this team. they don't have sources on this team.

I'm in Maryland, can't follow the game...someone please give a blow-by-blow!!! DESPERATE!!!!!

I think Beck will be the odd man out unles he shows somethin in preseason.

Will Alenn beaten by Michael Clayton downfield but he drops the pass.

Yeah, it seems like they're just reaching a bit so they can say they're right if/when something happens. My money is on McCown getting the boot.

The Dolphins would be silly to let Beck go after 1 yr. Outside of a trade that works for Fins.. Beck not going anywhere

McCown to Bennett for a first down. Bell on the tackle.

How's Roth lookin at OLB? How's Crowder looking running things?

I see McCown as the odd guy out, not Beck. The only thing that makes me hesitate about that is that Beck has really struggled in camp. But a good outing tonight might save him.

How are the 2 rookie DEs looking - Merling and Langford?

Crowder is fine. Roth doesn't look very comfortable running in coverage, which is the reason he's coming out on passing downs.

Hey Mark,
Not saying I agree with PFW. In fact, I'm with Mando. I feel McCown is the one who'll get the boot soon. He's had more chances to succeed and has less of an upside, compared to Beck and obviously Henne.

two rooks getting it done right now. Very impressed so far.

If Pennington gets hurt like hes prone to do dont you think its dangerous to have 2 qbs behind him with no experience?

Interesting scene for those drawing conclusions of who is in or out:

Pennington and Beck have been talking on the sideline all night. David Lee has been there too.

Josh McCown looking like the odd guy out -- off by himself much of the time.

Starting the second quarter .... ZZZZZZ so far on offense.

Alex s,
agree 100%... Thing that makes me nervous is lack of health by Pennington.

good. i like two 2nd rounders fighting it out with pennington holding the helm for now.

One benefit of signing Pennington is that Miami will get to find out if any of their WRs are worth keeping or not. He should also be able to help out with the line calls for blitz pickups as the OL gels.

2nd Quarter.....Bring on Henne!!!!!!!

Charlie Anderson down. He grabbed his hamstring but it could also be a cramp.

anyone scored yet?

2nd quarter, Beck did not turn over the ball. That is a victory in itself.

Let's see what Henne can do.

The defense needs to step up and make some big plays. The Dolphin's running game needs to do something. The QB's will only succeed if the running game opens it up a bit.

So far it's kinda boring on both sides.

Anderson hobbles to sideline now.

Mando - who do you see starting at FB when the season starts? Mauia has not sounded all that. Hilliard was also listed as FB originally, but I haven't heard his name at all. Does Miami end up keeping 2 FBs?

I do want Beck to do well. I hope he is not the odd man out. From what Ive read it seems he has been working real hard.

No score yet. The wide receivers have done nothing special 2nite as of yet. Note I said yet!!

Charlie Anderson's return is questionable. It is a hammy.

Mando...how are the recievers doing? (Ginn? Fasano?) Who's dropping passes???

FB is very interesting. Mauia is on the team unless he gets arrested again or just melts down. Grigsby? Depends on what he does on special teams.

Who is in for Anderson? Torbor?

well, I didn't expect from the offense, is the defense doing well or is Tampa's offense mirroring ours?

Geez, the Bucs are moving the ball. The D needs to make some plays. C'mon guys, play smashmouth!!!

Hagan had one drop although it was a low throw. No other drops.

Much of the second team D in the game. Clayton was just open on Travis Daniels in the end zone but the pass was overthrown. FG coming.

Well, at least my beer is interesting.

How many balls have been thrown Hagan's way ??

Bucs miss the field goal!

Radio call makes it sound like Soliai is looking OK. True? If the light bulb can go on for him, he and Ferguson should plug the middle nicely.

Hagan dropped one pass! Made Beck look bad!

Kevin.....good call. My beer is what got me through last season.....I'm optimistic for a different result this year.

Henne in the game. Ricky Running!!!

OK, we get teh ball back, I assume Henne is coming on now??? Yea it's Henne!!!

Henne to Kircus for a first down. He actually had separation.

Mando, how's Long looking so far?

Good run by Ricky, good throw by Henne, 1st down.

Henne fires tough pass to Wilford, who drops it.

Safe to say...we gonna be fishing for more WR around the league after cutdowns are made huh, Mando? Dropped passes..geesh!!!

I hope Pennington is paying attention, we have a stud on the field in Chad Henne!!

Henne another completion to Kircus. He looks much more confident in the pocket than, well, you know.

Good throw by Henne! Good cath, 1st down

How are the rookies looking so far? (Langford, Merling, Thomas)

Henne to Kircus again 20 yds...

WR is awful right now. Although Kircus is looking OK tonight.

Henne really got the crowd going with hat big time throw. I hope Pennington saw that!

Sounds like Kircus may be sticking around if he can keep that up. He might be starting with the way Hagan and Wilford have been sounding.

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