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Feely not playing tonight; other updated news

I'm at Dolphin Stadium, home of a team about to improve from last year's 1-15 record.

Just looking around and I am told that Jay Feely, who has been nursing a groin injury, will not kick tonight. Rookie Dan Carpenter will handle all the kicking duties.

The Miami Herald has reported that Josh McCown is not playing tonight while John Beck starts. Chad Henne is expected to play the second and fourth quarter in the report filed by beat writer Jeff Darlington.

Other lineup issues: Derek Hagan will start ahead of Ernest Wilford.

Donald Thomas will be the second Dolphins rookie offensive lineman to start. Rookie Kendall Langford will start at left defensive end for Matt Roth.

Matt Roth will start at strong side linebacker for Joey Porter. Phillip Merling will start at right defensive end for Vonnie Holliday.

Chad Pennington is at the stadium and has signed his contract. He is expected to be introduced, perhaps after the game.

Anyway check back often for updates. Understand that I am blogging and writing a column at the same time -- on deadline -- so I don't want to hear no $%#@&* if I'm not super fast with the updates. But I will do my best.

Meet me in the comments section at kickoff.


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Henne to Kircus again. short gain.

Carpenter hits a 41 FG off the dirt. Feely, classy guy, gives the kid a round of applause and congratulates him.

Miami has the Dolphins... the greatest football team!

Did the O-line give up any sacks? Did our D get any sacks?

Hey May..call em the Miami DolJetPhinBoys!!!

OK great job offense. Now we need the D to step up and make a big play. That's how we win ball games. So far, we have done good limiting mistakes. Now we need a few big plays. Nice job offense not turning the ball over, and no issues with penalties thus far

Kevin P., what about the o-line, have they given up any sacks? Has the defense made any sacks?

The defense is looking awfully soft so far. They are moving the ball consistently. We have been lucky they have no scores!!

Mando - Pennington was talking with Beck between series. Is he doing the same with Henne?

Good coverage by Daniels on third down. He was playing 8 yards off, tho.

Maryland, I have not seen Pennington talking to Henne.

The defense is looking like the 1-15 team last year!!

Kev. P, I figured they would look soft...after all, our backs have been running on the d-line since camp opened, I didn't think there would be much improvement...only hoped so.

the defense on the field now is second and third team guys.

Thanks. What about McCown? Is he still off to the side? It's just a tough situation for Beck/McCown, but that's the business side.

Daniels needed to go up and get that interception. Weak.

by the way, there is a small debate in the press box whether or not I am a homer for this team or not ... what do you guys think?

Who were the most impressive defensive starters? And offense, for that matter?

absolutely NOT!

I heard tha Josh McCown might actually play tonite.

Mando, you be da man!!!

I hope you are. Im in St pete fl and i have to listen to these crappy comentators gush all over the Bucs!

I just said, "WE need to win," and got ripped.

Tampa Tight ends have been killing us short. LBs need some raw meat. They hit like girls.

I personally Arm Sal is a closet Pats fan

If your defense sucks you cannot win in the NFL. That said, several guys are not playing for Miami 2nite!!

C'mon Mando, you a homer all the way!!! Im a transplant from Fort Lauderdale & living all the way from San Diego...Fins fan for Life!!!

the second team defense doesn't look very good. Torbor doesn't look all the impressive to me, even on second team.

we need some muscle on the interior on d

How you guys liking the job Darlington is doing?

Mando- love your coverage and appreciate it, but I never got the impression that you were even a Phin Fan, much less a "homer." Fan or not, though, you have the best articles on the net.

Blitz Grease an force him to throw down feild.

2nd team isn't safe to stick if you don't perform...nobody's safe if you don't bring it...

Half almost over, and no big plays from Miami's offense or defense...aside from one good throw from Henne.

No big plays...no victories.

Again, we have not made any big mistakes, that is a huge positive, but we need some big plays. The defense looks awfully soft.

Let your bosses know that I read your articles every day all the way out here in Vegas. Good stuff

I like Jeff's work for the most part -- pretty solid beat coverage, especially compared to your competition up the freeway. BUT, he doesn't really seem to have many strong sources handing him inside info. I find the most interesting stuff on this blog. Kind of which more of it would show up in print. But that doesn't really matter, since I'm in NY now and don't get The Herald..

thank you Athos.

Anyway, TD Buc. Joey Thomas beaten for the score.

I'm transplant from Fl living in Md 20 years, nestled squarely between the 'Skins and Ravens, not to mention the fact that there are just as many Cowboys' fans as 'Skins, even my family here is divided between that rivalry. Im a Phins' fan for life, I've not been swayed.


Got picked apart...dang! We need lots of work...Tuna's gonna be looking for heads to roll..

OK, this game will be won or lost in the 2nd half. Score is 7-3 Tampa.

also let your bosses know that I am your dad and you asked me to write that. :)

the short stuff is killing us. Were is the strength? Weak d.

Every play that's not an INT for a TD is a win for our QB's this year.

Check. Mail.

So Armando...your highlights from the first half are...?

Kevin P., thanks for the update!!! I'm working, no game, no brew, no online updates from ESPN and Sopcast is not carrying preseason games. Thanks again.

Sounds like Ricky and Chad to me are the highlights on O

Drew -- here's your highlights...Pennington wearing a #10 Dolphins jersey on the sideline...1st team defense looks ok...Chad Henne looks like the the 2nd year QB, not Beck.

Dont't forget Ricky Williams..he's looking solid!!!

Darlington is getting better, but he does seem to lack the familiarity that you have and Jason Cole had.

I thought Cole's Q&A "blog" was the best feature of the Herald, and Darlington really let that drop badly.

That being said, I still get more info from you and Omar Kelly than anyone else. Honorable mention to the Tag Team at the Palm Beach Post for their practice blogs though.

Mando, love the coverage! Darlington just needs to respond more often to the forum. Sometimes he is an absentee landlord.

Beck looked decent and made good decisions, Henne came out faster but then regressed a bit. Our recievers look worse than our 2 QBs (Kirkus being the exception). D needs work!

Henne has a leg up, Michigan prepares you for the pressure of the NFL. BYU prepares you for missionary work (no offense)

it's halftime. All is quiet. I'm curious to see who will be the QB's in the 2nd half. I thought Mccown would not play, but late reports suggested otherwise. Anyway, I hope Beck comes back for a few more plays. The D needs to tighten up in the 2nd half. The running game needs to pick it up and help open up the passing game. Great job by Henne in 1st half. I hope we get to see the rookie Jalen Parmale in the 2nd half. Again, I'm looking for a big play from the D in the 2nd half. If we don't get any big plays from teh O or the D the n we are basically just a boring 4-12 football team.

I miss the Cole Q&A, too. I always thought he was a really solid beat writer, and miss his work on the 'Phins. Darlington is solid, though. I can't say the same for Omar or Harvey. They just seem to rewrite stuff they see elsewhere. Not really sure they've got the inside info/sources that Mando has, or really know how to build those relationships. But I'm not there reporting with them, so who knows. I can only judge them by the information that makes it online/on the printed page. And based on that, Mando's stuff -- even just minor blog bits -- are much stronger.

Keep in mind it wasnt fully the first team defense. No Holliday and no Porter.

What was Ginn's catch like? In traffic, or no? I missed the first half and I'm just looking at the stats on foxsports. Sounds like Henne looks like the real deal...

Armando, who said you were a homer? They obviously haven't read any of your blogs! :)

Dalington is pretty good. Cote is the worst. I think hes a Pats fan in disguise.

4-12 is better than last year...if that's the case, I must say I love picking first in the draft, there is a bright side.

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