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Feely not playing tonight; other updated news

I'm at Dolphin Stadium, home of a team about to improve from last year's 1-15 record.

Just looking around and I am told that Jay Feely, who has been nursing a groin injury, will not kick tonight. Rookie Dan Carpenter will handle all the kicking duties.

The Miami Herald has reported that Josh McCown is not playing tonight while John Beck starts. Chad Henne is expected to play the second and fourth quarter in the report filed by beat writer Jeff Darlington.

Other lineup issues: Derek Hagan will start ahead of Ernest Wilford.

Donald Thomas will be the second Dolphins rookie offensive lineman to start. Rookie Kendall Langford will start at left defensive end for Matt Roth.

Matt Roth will start at strong side linebacker for Joey Porter. Phillip Merling will start at right defensive end for Vonnie Holliday.

Chad Pennington is at the stadium and has signed his contract. He is expected to be introduced, perhaps after the game.

Anyway check back often for updates. Understand that I am blogging and writing a column at the same time -- on deadline -- so I don't want to hear no $%#@&* if I'm not super fast with the updates. But I will do my best.

Meet me in the comments section at kickoff.


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they should have replays every week instead of the regular season games. The best of.

Mccown is gone after this performance.. what happened on the kickoff looked like a good return

Back to the drawing board..Big Tony Sparano!

or at least switch to the dolphin cheer leaders more often.

Well I'm just a little tired of watching the Dolphins D get run over, and watching an impotent offense for several years running. It's time we call a spade a spade. That's what this team needs. Let's not pull any punches. Hey, no one wants to win more than me. I've been a loyal fan since Bob Griese. Almost 30 years as a fan and zero super bowl wins! Come on guys, we gotta raise our standards and start playing some smash mouth football. I mean we need to start knocking some teeth out on the other side. We have been pushed around long enough. I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of the coaching changes and teh false hopes at QB. It;s time we just knowck some teeth out and play some smashmouth football. Ronnie Brown will lead the way. He's the only warrior we have on this team.

did ricky look as good as his stats showed to be?

the only warrior we have left, you mean.

we need to get the dolphin pool back with the jumping dolphins.

mi@mi@9---tru dat! NFL Network's "Making the Squad" much more interesting to watch than this! LOL

Ricky looked goood but only had a few carries in 1st Qtr.

The Penalties and the WR drops are the only thing phin fans should be worried about.

Our starting QB did not play
Our 2 RBs had a combined 9 carries

If you are predicting another 1-15 year based on 1 preseason game. Than those Beers must be really interesting.

Bring back Snowflake!!! LOL

Mccown sacked wow all those good days at training camp must have worn him out

As long as we stay healthy I think we will be a lot better than people expect. Our ofensive line wil be a good run off line. Ronnie and Ricky will be able to run the ball and Pennington will be able to complete 3rd and 5 or less. It comes down to our receivers being able to catch. The d we saw tonight is not the complete d we will see in the regular season. The full d package or personnel was not used. Have faith.

OK....Henne looked good. Beck looked OK, and McCown looks awful.

Beck made no mistakes and had a few passes dropped. Would have liked to see him play more.

I hope McCown is released and Beck stays put.

That said....no QB got us in the red zone. None, notta! That is a shame after 4 quarters.

Thank you Pound!

yea they definitely need a vacation. Without pay.

I just naturally assumed Ginn would still be running back punts or kicks. Seriously, that's one thing he's good at. Wide reciever the jury is still out. Tim Brown was returning punts well after he was established. What's so GD special about the Ginn family?

give ricky what he wants

OK guys, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, it's only a preseason game. Good point. The best players didn't play much. Our starting QB didn't play at all.

That said, the defense is a point of worry!!

OK, release McCown. That's my opinion.

Time for another beer!

No doubt ye of much phin phaith. I had season tix last year and have them this year as well. I drive 4 hours one way to each game. Now is not the time for pesimism. I am a realist though and there was good and so good things in this game but that is to be expected. There is a lot potential to be better based on what we saw tonight.

Kevin P you were watching the game how did Merling look? was he applying pressure?

If Ricky and Ronnie, Penny stay healthy that will be our best defense keeping the opposing offense off the field. I think the Parcels-Sparano plan will be a fine one.

Chill out buddy. Its a freakin' preseason game. I don't think there is any doubt Ginn will be returning kicks when it counts. Freaking Ronnie Brown was returning kicks last preseason. This is how the coaches gauge other people that might need to return a kick. Really man, figure it out.

what would make you feel worse- your top return guy getting hurt on 75 yards punt return in preseason or getting hurt on a 5 yard return in the regular season?

Some immediate observations:

1. Run defense was decent, especially early on. This was a major problem last year, and it looks much better.

2. Punt coverage teams need to improve.

3. Quarterbacks: Henne looked the best out there. Has good delivery, good pocket presence. Beck doesn't seem as confident out there, but he made no errors and that's important. McCown was very bad; looks like he will be cut. There is no way that one can justify his $6.5 mil. salary, esp. with Pennington on the roster.

4. First team o-line is solid. Jake Long did very well, handled the pass rush very well. RG Donald Thomas also impressed me, very strong play. Depth though is precarious; the second teamers are nowhere near as good.

5. Looks like Jay Feely may be looking for work. Carpenter did a solid job, first by making the 41 yarder from the infield which Olindo Mare would constantly complain about, then making it from 49 yards out. That was one kick that would have been in from 55 yds out in my opinion.

6. WR: Kircus made the most plays out there. Looks like he's pushing for a roster spot, and will likely get one. Ginn was invisible mostly, Hagan had some nice catches, Wilford made a few drops, and Bess couldn't get much separation from other DB's. Looks like Bess is one of those players that was more of a "training camp warrior".

7. RB: Williams looks like his old self, Ronnie is regaining some confidence and Parmele runs very strong, reminds me a bit of Marion Barber. Cobbs

8. Some of our defensive rookies did very good. Merling and Langford were constantly playing strong, getting into the QB's face. Rod Wright did well and might be pushing for a roster spot. The team is loaded at DE and DT so someone decent is going to get cut. Could have produced a stronger pass rush though. The J.T. trade might hurt us in the short term.

9. Secondary played well. Jason Allen was making plays all over the place and Daniels was doing a decent job in coverage. No int's though, too many close ones.

well guys.. its been fun. time to kill people on xbox live. talk to you next game. hopefully i can watch it on tv.



I didn't think Beck looked bad, keep in mind he went against tampas first teamers, and didnt get much help from his receivers. Meanwhile if checkdowns are his biggest issue, it beats throwing picks, besides, tampa won this game with checkdowns, until we get legitimate receivers, this is how it is. Henne looked comfortable, strong arm, but id like to see him against a first team defense. McCown should be a goner, so hopefully that happens soon, be patient with Beck, I still think the kid can develop. As far as the rookies, i was unimpressed with donald thomas. Jake Long looked good, and the 2 ends looked good. Our linebackers looked pathetic as far as putting pressure on qbs, all the pressure came from the d ends or ferguson. So much for calling jason taylor soft, wheres all those charlie anderson fans who were tellin me they were glad to get rid of taylor?

My My My...What a start...The Dolphins looked just like they did last year. So much for the bid TUNA ... You shouldn't let the local talent GO...And I am a REAL DOL FAN...

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