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Get your complete roster breakdown here

The Dolphins play their third and most important preseason game Saturday night so now is as good a time as any to take a look at the entire roster on a position by position basis.

I am not assuming anything on here as you will see. I think, given some of the moves of this new regime, that is a safe way to go. Let me know where you agree and where you disagree.

QB: In: Chad Henne, Chad Pennington. On the bubble: Josh McCown and John Beck: The skinny: Although Sparano has said the team might carry four guys, that is hard to fathom. More likely the team keeps three with McCown and Beck sweating out the cuts. The Dolphins are hoping some QB around the league goes down this weekend, making a trade involving McCown or Beck palatable.

RB: In: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. On the bubble: Patrick Cobbs, Jalen Parmele. On the outs?: Lex Hilliard. The skinny: Despite the ESPN rumor that Brown might be gone from the team this season, it is hard to believe the Dolphins would simply push him out without getting value in return. And no one is giving up a first-round pick for Brown so there is no return value seemingly available. The coaching staff, particularly Sparano, likes Cobbs. But despite his effort and desire, his production (10 carries, 25 yards) has been pedestrian this preseason. Parmele runs a little high, but he runs hard. Hilliard has disappeared at times this training camp and can hope for a practice squad spot at best.

WR: IN:Ted Ginn Jr, Derek Hagan. On the bubble: Ernest Wilford, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Anthony Armstrong. On the outs? Jayson Foster, David Kircus. The skinny: The Dolphins probably keep five of these guys. They would listen to trade offers for Wilford with a return trip to Jacksonville a slight possibility. Absent that, a good game by Wilford on Saturday assures him of making the team. Camarillo and Bess have been fairly consistent but they need to excell on special teams to nail down a position. Armstrong has become Miami's most explosive receiver in practices the last week or so. Kircus, perhaps Miami's best deep threat in practices, had a good chance to make the team until Armstrong started flashing skills.

FB/TE: IN: Anthony Fasano, David Martin. On the bubble: Reagan Mauia, Boomer Grigsby, Justin Peelle, Sean Ryan. On the outs? Matthew Mulligan. The skinny: The Dolphins will probably keep five from this group and that normally breaks down to two FBs and three TEs, but because the Dolphins use TEs in the backfield as blockers, the team has flexibility on personnel. The decisions will boil down primarily to special teams. The better special teamers will get the nod and, based on past performances, that is an advantage for Grigsby and Peelle first, followed by Ryan and Mauia.

OL: In: Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Samson Satele, Donald Thomas, Vernon Carey, Trey Darilek. On the bubble: Darren Heerspink, Matt Spanos, Irechuku Ndukwe. On the outs?: Mike Byrne, Shawn Murphy. The skinny: Thomas is the most pleasant surprise of any rookie given his draft status (6th rounder). Long has played as advertised while Darilek is a Dallas Cowboys favorite of Sparano's and he also plays multiple positions. The Dolphins have very poor depth behind the starters so even those players making the roster should hold their breath until after Miami studies the talent available on the waiver wire. Murphy, promising in offseason camps, has not physically won a job on the roster although his draft status could still save him.

DL: In: Kendall Langford, Vonnie Holliday, Jason Ferguson, Matt Roth, Phillip Merling. On the bubble: Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Rodrique Wright. On the outs? Anthony Toribio, Lionel Dotson. The skinny: The Dolphins are encouraged by their youngsters (Langford and Merling) and have to feel good about the maturity and professionalism Ferguson and Holliday bring. Beyond that, the depth is questionable. Starks has been slow to get comfortable in Miami's system and Soliai has been inconsistent as he tries to learn to be a professional. The cuts here should not be difficult.

LB: In: Channing Crowder, Akin Ayodele, Reggie Torbor. On the bubble: Joey Porter, Charlie Anderson, Quentin Moses, Titus Brown, Edmond Miles, Rob Ninkovich. On the outs?: Kelly Poppinga, Maurice Fountain, Junior Glymph. They skinny: I know, I know, you think Porter is definitely on the team. That may be true based on reputation and his contract, which included a $20 million guarantee. But if you measure guys making the team based on production this preseason, Porter is a big question mark based on his inability to contribute because of injuries. The Dolphins may think this is the start of a troubling trend and may try to trade Porter. Anderson was starting early in training camp but injuries have kept him from earning a roster spot as well. He was back practicing this morning and may try to play Saturday to open the coaching staff's eyes. Brown is a darkhorse that coaches love for his desire, effort and potential. Moses needs to show more consistency.

DB: In: Andre' Goodman, Will Allen, Joey Thomas, Yeremiah Bell, Nathan Jones, Chris Crocker. On the bubble: Jason Allen, Michael Lehan, Renaldo Hill, Keith Davis. On the outs? Will Billingsley, Courtney Bryan, Chris Roberson. Allen, Lehan and Hill are probably on the team so I don't want to hear any crap about where I put them. The fact is there are still questions among the coaching staff on all of those guys so one cannot simply anoint them to a roster spot or assume they have one locked up -- no matter what anybody says. Davis can make the team with a solid special teams performance Saturday evening. The guys on the outs were in the game last weekend when Jacksonville bombed the Miami secondary in the final quarter.

Spec: In: K Dan Carpenter, P Brandon Fields, and LS John Denney. The skinny: It must be nice to be them.


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"The Dolphins are hoping some QB around the league goes done this weekend"---- down*

Who is John Denney? is he the holder for field goals? Couldnt one of the 3rd string QB do that?

Denney is the long snapper... has been for years. Wake up in Ohio.

Omar claims Jason Allen is a starter and a "LOCK" to make the team... what are you seeing differently Armando????

Denney is the long snapper, which has become a very specialized position. If I'm remembering correctly, TE Ed Perry used to long snap for us. Having a TE that could long snap would certainly be a versatile skill to have and help make a team.

dave in ohio, that's the long snapper.

how can mando say that because porter hasn't contributed much in the preseason due to injuries he's on the cusp, but ronnie brown, who hasn't contributed much in the preseason due to injuries isn't on the cusp?

Personally I don't think either are going anywhere

dont agree on the DB every thing else is ok not great reporting

"I am not assuming anyting on here as you will see."? Ya mon 'tis a spelling 'ting ... maybe mix in a righteous Word->Tools->Spelling and Grammar Check. Udder dan dat don' worry mon everyting gonna be alright & iree. Nice reporting, Mondo - B-Mon out

What does it say about Ginn that Armstrong and Kircus are the guys you consider the best deep threats?

Armando, Jason Allen is going to start at FS. The Chris Crocker thing is just Sparano moving guys around. He's done it throughout training camp. Langford was working with the 2s and 3s the other day, is he on the bubble now?

I see Crocker being more of a nickel and dime guy. Crocker is an aggressive tackler, but he doesn't have Allen's size to support the run down after down.

Joey Porter will absolutely make the team. If he's hurt and can't play he doesn't have any trade value. He'll be a Dolphin in 08.

Shawn Murphy out? Any reason behind that? Would be a waste of a 4th round pick

Horrible. Do you realize that if you add up all the players you mentioned from the In's to the Bubbles, then we only would be 6 players over the limit. Way to go out on a limb Armando. I know you may afraid since you swore up and down that the Dolphins were not working Holiday or Roth out at LB....OOOPS. I love how you put Crocker IN, and Jason Allen on the Bubble... They both are safe. As are Joey Porter, Charlie Anderson, Patrick Cobbs, Wilford, Bess, Starks, Solai, Lehan, and Prob. Peele and Boomer. Why not just list the whole team as on the bubble if you are afraid to make picks? Do you follow this team or just use the force?

John Denney can serve as an emergency DE and TE.

Is Henne that good? I ask because Sparano praises him and says little or nothing about Pennington. Might we start Henne and have Pennington as his backup?

Pennington is going to be the starter. He's only been here a little over a week so Sparano hasn't seen enough of him to say much.

I hope Pennington starts. I'd rather start Miami not start Henne, a rookie. Although he did start as a true freshman as the team up north. I am a bit biased though (read: OHFinFan13...Buckeye Alum GO BUCKS! here..hehe) Henne was 0-4 vs. Ohio State. That scares me. He never could get it done in that BIG game. I think Pennington is Griese-like in his efficiency! Pennington is the most accurate passer in NFL history.

Pardon my typos...I'd rather Miami not start Henne. ...freshmen at the team up north.

jason allen is the best player in the secondary. who had the most interceptions on the team last year Armando?

Armando, I'm surprised that you would put Michael Lehan on the bubble after reporting on this very blog that the Browns first called about trading for him, not Travis Daniels. If the Dolphins covet Lehan so much that they won't trade him, they surely have no plans to cut him.

Randy, good point about Lehan.

Yeah those DBs are all screwed up. Lehan, and Jason Allen on the bubble with UDCFA Joey Thomas making the team. I was going to take a shot at you but I deleted it. You were writing good things about a month or two ago, but since preseason I havn't really even wanted to comment here. I've also noticed the scroll bar on the side staying quite large


Really?? Trade Trade Trade? Beck, McCown, Wilford, Porter?? What ridiculous reports you write man. You can't trade people you think sucks! That's exactly the reason nobody would want them anyway. I'm seriously pondering never entering the Herald web site again thanks to your ridiculous reporting.

Actually Chris S, Armando was the first to report the Dolphins were working Roth at OLB. He did it on this blog back in like May. I didn't believe him when he wrote it, but he did way back when.

One complaint Mando,
How about listing the number of players you antcipate the Dolphins keeping at each position? Would allow me to make my own best guess since you put so many guys "on the bubble". Thanks.

Good stuff. Interesting take on Porter and Wilford. And I agree that Allen is on the team only because of his salary.

"You can't trade people you think sucks! That's exactly the reason nobody would want them anyway" -- Fernando.

Really? Two words: Travis Daniels. Schooled you biatch

How could Armando report back in May that Roth was working at OLB when he only started doing that in training camp 2 weeks ago?

NO way DAvid Martin makes this team. NO friggan way!


Thanks for the info, no idea how you put up with people and their dumbass comments, like they know how to do it better. Don't you wish you could go critique the way they work security at the malls?? lol Keep it up

Dear Mr. Bundle and Chris S, Armando reported Roth was working at OLB back on June 4th. I have added the link to his blog below. I remember he wrote it several times. No need to apologize to him, but you should really never doubt the power of Tyrone.


Seriously charlie you need to go blow posts out your ass homeboy. You don't know squat about squat but are pretending to tell a veteran reporter what's what and who's who? When was the last time you talked to a Dolphins coach or player? When was the last time you wrote an article?

Stick to what you know little boy because it ain't knowing about the Dolphins. Leave that to the expert.

Tyrone -

Armando DID NOT report that Roth was working at OLB, in FACT he adamantly stated that it was a LIE! I remember specifically calling him on it, asking if he was even at the practices. It turned out to be the same time that he was having personal days off and he WASN'T THERE, thus could not say either way. About a week later he finally came around but still insisted it wasn't something we'd see in games.

I also am not a reporter so I missed a word in my last post.

So Charlie, what I REALLY meant to say is you need to go blow your posts out your ass homeboy.

The link is the proof. It is there. Period.

One more thing. I found it when he wrote it on June 4 and again when he wrote it on June 6. He said Roth was working with the second unit as an OLB. So what are you guys talking about?

Tyrone Power

Tyrone, I saw where he said Roth was working in individual drills with the LBs. That's when they wanted to see if Roth had the athletic ability to make the transition. That was in OTAs, not training camp. Big difference. Shirts and shorts versus pads and playing OLB in a preseason game.

Andrew, I prefer the term master of the securitorial arts

Tinshaker, that helmet post you wrote back to me on that other site was in two words hi larious. Keep up the good work you always make me crack a smile atleast

also, I'm only criticizing because I used to love and prefer his insight. I only found out about these blogs about 6 months ago, before I would just talk my friends ears off who didn't care about football or the dolphins. I don't know mando as long as some of you guys, but his reports seem a bit slacking as of recent. I just selfishly want what got me hooked coming here... is that so much to ask

Bundle, with all due respect, you said in an earlier post that the first time Matt Roth worked at OLB was in training camp. I have shown you the link and several posts where Armando said he was doing this way back in JUNE. JUNE!!! So that was the first time they looked at him there, not two weeks ago as you say. Moreover, Armando wrote that Roth was working with the SECOND TEAM at OLB, not just in individual drills.

What is it with people when in the face of irrefutable evidence, they continue to argue?

I've grown weary of this stupidity. Believe whatever you want. But the words are right there in black and white.

Armando sucks! And Armando rocks! I love him. I hate him. I'm hooked. And I'm leaving. Wa wa wa wa wa.

Phinatic, if you came around more often you'd catch the full routine!

Tyrone, he said over and over again that it wasn't an indication they were moving him to OLB. He even put Roth at starting defensive end spot TWICE since that original post, and then a month later said again that it wasn't something we were likely to ever see.

And btw, the Palm Beach Post was the first place I read about the "experiment" and when I asked Armando about it here he said it wasn't true. We can all be wrong, just admit it and move on. I'm sure he has, so now its your turn.

Tinshaker's Teal Helmet Club! Rah Rah Rah!

I was the first to report Matt Roth was moving to OLB. The Palm Beach Post wrote it in July. Armando had it in June. And I wrote it on ESPN.com in May 2003.

Beck has no trade value "Mando". The guy is a p@ssy, plain and simple. He could possibly do well with a Pro Bowl O-line that gives him 5 seconds to throw, but not in the NFL baby - get it out in less than 3 or your toast. He has the arm and the brain, but 0 toughness. I say start Henne, if its close between him and Pennington. Why not? I do like the Pennington p/u though....

Johnny - Why do you say no way David Martin makes the team? You have a lot of like-minded peers, especially on the OTHER blogs, but it's clear that not only is Martin on the team but is still in the battle for the starting job. To be honest there will be a lot of double TE formations so he's gonna be on the field. Sparano has said a few times that he's watching the battle between Fasano and Martin.

Chris Mortenson, LOL!

I was personally up Armando's butthole and asked if there was going to be a bowel movement sometime soon.

The intestine told me there would be a movement soon but after several minutes of no action, I called the intestine on that claim and it told me a turd would be something I wouldn't see in an actual bowl.

And so I spend my entire life on here wating for the straight poop from Armando.

Mr. Bungle blows goats

Get out that man's ass boy! Dang, you as dumb as yo daddy was!

There's no way the Dolphins start Henne over Pennington. Pennington was brought to Miami to be the starting QB so the team doesn't go 0-16 and Henne is the long-term solution at QB. Henne may get his chance since Pennington is still an injury risk but that's the only way he gets the nod at starting QB.

I thought my butt was the only one he climbed up into.

I will the first to stick my nose up Armando's butt.

Really boys your fascination with Armando's butt is quite troubling!!

Tyrone, you didn't get what I was saying and keep your insults to yourself.

If you think OTAs and training camp are the same, I don't know what to tell you.

By the way, I'm not one of the people saying Armando never said it. I was just asking how he wrote about it in May when Roth just made the transition last week. Roth himself said the first day playing at OLB in training camp which was last week, was tough and he wasn't talking about OTAs back in June.

Hey Garth, only a person who thinks about blowing goats would say that. You're a sick dude.


In the live blog during the game against the Bucs you and everyone else on the blog strongly disagreed with me when I said Beck would be the one to get traded, not McCown. You didnt seem to have as strong of an opinion on it in this blog. Do you still feel the same way you felt during the Bucs game?

Lehan's going to be trade next.

Pound, I wasn't here for that live blog but if I was I would've agreed with you.

The roster looks pretty solid.

Although the secondary is a weak link, they have some experience there. Maybe they can be helped by a strong pass rush.

I think the Dolphins are going to be tough and competitive this year.

here's an idea. Everyone who hates armando quit coming to his blog. It's so annoying coming here every day and reading your stupid comments. Who cares if he makes a mistake, was the 4th to report it or whatever else. I love what he does to help keep me informed. That's why I come here. If you don't like it don't come in here. Wanna disagree? Fine. But please do it with some class.


First you have to explain to some of these clowns what class means.

Madison V Allen...Why did I spend money in London??? No I am not sure I know either. We now have a CB no-one wants to drop so it is up to JL to sort him out. A right hook should do it and we can swap him for a new Nick Sabaan Training ground.

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