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Get your complete roster breakdown here

The Dolphins play their third and most important preseason game Saturday night so now is as good a time as any to take a look at the entire roster on a position by position basis.

I am not assuming anything on here as you will see. I think, given some of the moves of this new regime, that is a safe way to go. Let me know where you agree and where you disagree.

QB: In: Chad Henne, Chad Pennington. On the bubble: Josh McCown and John Beck: The skinny: Although Sparano has said the team might carry four guys, that is hard to fathom. More likely the team keeps three with McCown and Beck sweating out the cuts. The Dolphins are hoping some QB around the league goes down this weekend, making a trade involving McCown or Beck palatable.

RB: In: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. On the bubble: Patrick Cobbs, Jalen Parmele. On the outs?: Lex Hilliard. The skinny: Despite the ESPN rumor that Brown might be gone from the team this season, it is hard to believe the Dolphins would simply push him out without getting value in return. And no one is giving up a first-round pick for Brown so there is no return value seemingly available. The coaching staff, particularly Sparano, likes Cobbs. But despite his effort and desire, his production (10 carries, 25 yards) has been pedestrian this preseason. Parmele runs a little high, but he runs hard. Hilliard has disappeared at times this training camp and can hope for a practice squad spot at best.

WR: IN:Ted Ginn Jr, Derek Hagan. On the bubble: Ernest Wilford, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Anthony Armstrong. On the outs? Jayson Foster, David Kircus. The skinny: The Dolphins probably keep five of these guys. They would listen to trade offers for Wilford with a return trip to Jacksonville a slight possibility. Absent that, a good game by Wilford on Saturday assures him of making the team. Camarillo and Bess have been fairly consistent but they need to excell on special teams to nail down a position. Armstrong has become Miami's most explosive receiver in practices the last week or so. Kircus, perhaps Miami's best deep threat in practices, had a good chance to make the team until Armstrong started flashing skills.

FB/TE: IN: Anthony Fasano, David Martin. On the bubble: Reagan Mauia, Boomer Grigsby, Justin Peelle, Sean Ryan. On the outs? Matthew Mulligan. The skinny: The Dolphins will probably keep five from this group and that normally breaks down to two FBs and three TEs, but because the Dolphins use TEs in the backfield as blockers, the team has flexibility on personnel. The decisions will boil down primarily to special teams. The better special teamers will get the nod and, based on past performances, that is an advantage for Grigsby and Peelle first, followed by Ryan and Mauia.

OL: In: Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Samson Satele, Donald Thomas, Vernon Carey, Trey Darilek. On the bubble: Darren Heerspink, Matt Spanos, Irechuku Ndukwe. On the outs?: Mike Byrne, Shawn Murphy. The skinny: Thomas is the most pleasant surprise of any rookie given his draft status (6th rounder). Long has played as advertised while Darilek is a Dallas Cowboys favorite of Sparano's and he also plays multiple positions. The Dolphins have very poor depth behind the starters so even those players making the roster should hold their breath until after Miami studies the talent available on the waiver wire. Murphy, promising in offseason camps, has not physically won a job on the roster although his draft status could still save him.

DL: In: Kendall Langford, Vonnie Holliday, Jason Ferguson, Matt Roth, Phillip Merling. On the bubble: Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Rodrique Wright. On the outs? Anthony Toribio, Lionel Dotson. The skinny: The Dolphins are encouraged by their youngsters (Langford and Merling) and have to feel good about the maturity and professionalism Ferguson and Holliday bring. Beyond that, the depth is questionable. Starks has been slow to get comfortable in Miami's system and Soliai has been inconsistent as he tries to learn to be a professional. The cuts here should not be difficult.

LB: In: Channing Crowder, Akin Ayodele, Reggie Torbor. On the bubble: Joey Porter, Charlie Anderson, Quentin Moses, Titus Brown, Edmond Miles, Rob Ninkovich. On the outs?: Kelly Poppinga, Maurice Fountain, Junior Glymph. They skinny: I know, I know, you think Porter is definitely on the team. That may be true based on reputation and his contract, which included a $20 million guarantee. But if you measure guys making the team based on production this preseason, Porter is a big question mark based on his inability to contribute because of injuries. The Dolphins may think this is the start of a troubling trend and may try to trade Porter. Anderson was starting early in training camp but injuries have kept him from earning a roster spot as well. He was back practicing this morning and may try to play Saturday to open the coaching staff's eyes. Brown is a darkhorse that coaches love for his desire, effort and potential. Moses needs to show more consistency.

DB: In: Andre' Goodman, Will Allen, Joey Thomas, Yeremiah Bell, Nathan Jones, Chris Crocker. On the bubble: Jason Allen, Michael Lehan, Renaldo Hill, Keith Davis. On the outs? Will Billingsley, Courtney Bryan, Chris Roberson. Allen, Lehan and Hill are probably on the team so I don't want to hear any crap about where I put them. The fact is there are still questions among the coaching staff on all of those guys so one cannot simply anoint them to a roster spot or assume they have one locked up -- no matter what anybody says. Davis can make the team with a solid special teams performance Saturday evening. The guys on the outs were in the game last weekend when Jacksonville bombed the Miami secondary in the final quarter.

Spec: In: K Dan Carpenter, P Brandon Fields, and LS John Denney. The skinny: It must be nice to be them.


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You have way too many "on the bubble" players.

Armando I commend you for leaving open the possibilities that some of your readers are too ignorant to recognize. The fact you have Jason Allen on the bubble obviously speaks to the idea that coaches don't have a high regard for this guy and he would be cut were it not for his contract.

Tinshaker, Lehan is a pretty good player. Why trade him? It's not like we're loaded with quality CBs. If he can't get on the field soon, he'll end up on the 6 week PUP. He could help us down the road. Injuries do mount up during the season for every team.

I concur.

Heerspink has clearly been THE story of the camp thus far. Why y'all refuse to acknowledge this is prolly due to some deep-seated animus against Dutch-Americans. Shameful, doodz! Get on the Heerspink train before it's too crowded.

there are only about 3 db's worth keeping. Lehan and Goodman are bums that can't stay healthy even past wk 5. W Allen has a BIG 3 INT's in....3 seasons, averaging ONE a yr. WOW, cant believe he didn't make the pro bowl yet.

LB Porter is going to be cut, that's the surprise.

Fins are trading Beck to Dallas,, I don't like it, but i see it coming.

More surprise cuts too, Parcells will sign some others cut from the rest of NFL as rosters gotta be trimmed.

patrickinky...quit your cry'n, you sound too soft to be a football fan. Are you Armando's sister?

serious Q,Mando: the cuts at DL may be obvious to you, & I ain't too fond of Soliai, but if he's cut, who's the back-up nose?

This is funny I have never seen so much disrespect and disregard for a writer who has covered a team so long. Miami Herald maybe it is time to make a change and find a writer people respect and has validity to his assessments instead of just trying to churn the pot.

Yeah Soliai's not going anywhere. He still has potential and he possesses ideal nose tackle measures. Players like that are very hard to come by.

And kind of reiterating what I said before, some of your "bubble" players for certain groups are pretty much ALL going to make the team.

I have been reading Armandos columns for years. And I think as a Dolphin fan he has informed us and intrigued us with up to the minute events and happenings that are going on in DOLPHIN NATION that many fans would not be aware of unless they read Armandos articles. I just want to say thank you Armando! And to the rest of you complainers that obviously dont have jobs that you sit and blog all day, you obviously havent been Dolphin fans long enough. Because a Dolphin fan rides out the highs and the lows. I have been one since I can remember these colors dont run GO FINS!

Why didn't Anquan Boldin and Antonio Cromartie go to Tennessee...

Armando, YOU are on the bubble. You write, yet say nothing.
Fans that write in have more intriguing insights than what
you have. I feel that I just wasted 6 minutes from my life reading
your blog.

Mando actually did an OK job. He should have worded things a lot better but eh.. ok. On the bubble doesn't mean they will make it but the coaches have a lot of questions. It does here but not in reality.

He should have said the short term guys or something. Anderson and Porter have maybe 2 yrs left here. The people on his outs will not be here gameday. He is fairly accurate in that regard.

JUST WIN BABY - which colors? Cuz the grass stains show up on those white helmets. Now if we had TEAL helmets...

I'm done, I can no longer bring myself to read this crap. Having grown up reading the Miami herald, and relaying on it for my fins news for almost 20 years. Armando Salguero as single handedly caused me to find another source. I can't even begin to fathom how you got this job. You must have an awesome set of knee pads!

UranID10t should look in a mirror if he is looking for better. Armando has been at least to 90 percent of the practises and speaks to coachs and offers his opinion on the team. He also likes to stir the pot by saying something a little off the wall, but that is OK.
Thanks for the post, I like the information.

Mr. Bungle is right, it seems the transition for Roth has been recent. What did someone write, about reporting it in 2003?

It doesn't matter to me. Wherever Roth can be effective, let him be there. He seemed in danger of being cut outright IMO at some point, and the trifecta now has found a way to work him in.

BTW I'm no Armando fan but his columns have been better than they used to be, and this one I think is very good. Just because someone is on the bubble doesn't mean they won't make the team. You can have both good (but inconsistent or underdeveloped) and bad players on the bubble and both types can make it depending on what the roster looks like and what's available on the market. Look how long it took to get rid of Travis Daniels.

And whoever said Pennington might not start is smoking something more potent than what Ricky has.

I think the decisions are easy on most of the positions, except WR. I hope Camarillo will make it, I think he has less flashing talent than some others, but he's very consistent and a hard worker. I think he'll be someone we can count on during the season while another receiver might fizzle out. I hope we make the right decision there.

I simply dont see the Dolphins just letting go of Ronnie Brown, just like that. Does everyone forget he was actually leading the league in yards before getting injured last year ?
Also Pennington should be the starter this season, with Henne getting in from time to time, so he can learn to actually play an NFL game...Henne is the future, and Pennington is a good short term answer(given our situation).

Nice usage of the word "annoint" in describing the cb's. Bill Parcell's really wrote this blog while Mondo is tied up in his closet. Just Bill controlling info.

UrAnID10t, is there something wrong with your computer? I always check out the S.S. and the PB Post as well as the Herald. Can't imagine a real fan not doing the same.

Glad to see we are in agreement that Armando sucks...btw for a good laugh listen to him on the radio...best comedic performance on air in years. His Alvin and the chipmunks voice is classic.

Doesn't Parcells like to slowly groom his offensive linesmen (unless you're Long or Thomas)? Put Murphy on the practice squad, don't waste a fourth. I believe our biggest need is at linebacker, I want to see what the young receivers can do unless we can get Boldin.
I love the idea of trading Wilford, wonder if he was pissed coming to the Phins or if the dollar signs are clouding his vision.

Mando u r out ur mind! there's no way Kircus is going anywhere dude. Camirillo is gone. Remember Kircus haas been making plays

I got the impression from Sparano's presser that he might actually start Henne this week. A reporter asked him (after he said the 'core' guys would play through most of the 3rd quarter) if [the media] should 'read into' that comment that Pennington would play through the 3rd, and Sparano's answer almost implied that he wasn't necessarily talking about Pennington. I would not be surprised if Henne plays the first half this time around.

Back to the receivers, there is a (albeit small) chance that Wilford could get traded back to Jacksonville. Then again, he could get traded to Dallas as in Beck/Wilford for a 4th and 6th.

Speaking of Dallas, how old is that Brad Johnson guy? I was watching Hard Knocks last night and for one second in a team meeting scene I mistook him for their DB coach...then I wondered why the DB coach was in the offense meeting...then I realized it wasn't the coach because Johnson actually looked OLDER. Maybe this Beck trade rumor has legs, because their QB depth is way worse than ours. When are they going to do Hard Knocks, the Miami Dolphins?

I think if the Dolphins are going to trade a QB they will have to look to the Ravens if they want rid of Beck. With Cam Cameron being there they might be interested. If they aren't interested then he was a horrible pick last year. Other teams might have an interest in McCown because of his experience.

On Wilford I think the only team that would be interested (as you pointed out) would be Jacksonville. However, I think we are stuck with Wilford.

I read that the beck trade rumor was true, but they would only offer a very low pick. I think they're waiting for someone to get injured

Just because Wilford isn't having a good camp doesn't mean he won't pick it up. The guy can play and it's not as if he's old and lost his game. You see players in baseball have bad spring trainings and then hit .440 in April.

Mr Bungle, he may be a decent player but he just doesn't show any effort in practice, and is slow. We have better options than him. That said, as a Dolphins fan, if he sticks around I hope he has a pro-bowl year. BTW I hate baseball thus your analogy has left me cold.

GoPhins, Baltimore doesn't need another QB. They just drafted Flacid, don't you remember? Also Dallas has confirmed that they've had talks with the fins about trading for Beck. Don't facts outrank speculation anymore?

I like fresh vegetables

"Stick to what you know little boy because it ain't knowing about the Dolphins. Leave that to the expert".

For flpd- One thing I can't stand are big mouth cops. Remember you SERVE the public, not the other way around. Maybe it is YOU that should stick to what you know jerky. You're obnoxious and rude.


Tinshaker, I agree with you on Wilford. I don't think we're going to trade him though.

So when are we drafting Usain Bolt?

Mando, I agree with most of your guesstimates, but where I difer are...
Parmele - In. He's the project player who is insurance against Ronnie's injury and Ricky's history.
Kircus - On the bubble, assuming Wilford is there as well. The Fins will keep one of them and Kircus has outperformed Wilford so far.
Murphy - On the bubble and I believe will stick due to 'potential'.
Jason Allen and Michael Lehan have a leg up over Nathan Jones (I know, .... he's ex-Cowboy/new regime guy), but I still say he's behind either of the two starters from last year.
Your thoughts about Wilford and Porter may prove to be insightful... hadn't thought about them being on the bubble... could be.

Trade Beck to Detroit.

Hello? Anyone out there?

Is the NFL closed today?

I can not see them dumping Porter for this year at least. He is the only true leader u really have on defense now that Taylor & Thomas are gone. The injuries that he has had does scare me a bit. I am not too impressed w/Ayodele. Also, I would give Jason Allen another year to try to justify being a #1 pick. He did lead the team in INT's last year.

Drew Stanton seems to have a hard time staying healthy. John Beck might be attractive to the Lions.

The SS & PB Post just reported that Kircus just got released. Too bad, he's looked a lot better than Wilford.

Camarillo clinches the last spot.

Denney is one of the best long snappers in the league and is also a very good blocker/tackler after the snap. As was mentioned, he would make a run for a spot on the team as a DE if not so valuable on special teams.

I don't care what happens this year - it would be a huge mistake to put Henne in for even a minute. Let Pennington and McCown prop us up and then give Henne a real shot in camp next season. I still think Beck can be a solid backup occassional starter in this league. I would like to see him somewhere like Dallas where he can grow and learn behind a solid starter.


So Ginn, Hagan, Bess, Wilford, Camarillo/Armstrong

unfortunatly thats 6, and I like camarillo but Armstrong has had a couple of good preseason games. We might might be able to stash him on the practice squad, break in case of emergency or poor performance

Coach Soprano's promise to the team was that the QB spot was an open competition and Henne has not only outperformed those in this camp, he is the highest producing rookie QB in any camp. He has earned the job. Should he start the whole season I expect his production will be in the top 50% of QB's in the league this season and top 25% by next season.
If he falters Pennington can take over after the bye week in week 4 and Henne can compete again next year.
Either way the regime looks good in front of the fans.
If Pennington starts and underperforms and they switch to Henne and he struggles the organization will look bad.

The last QB to come into the league with a college career similar to Henne is Peyton Manning - I'm talking 4 year starter, ranked in the top 25 for 42 out of 44 weeks. Henne has already put 4 wr's into the NFL. How many did Ryan & Flacco combined put into the league? NONE.

I thought Jayson Foster was our return guy? Did that not pan out? Ronnie Brown should not go, he was a solid back and injury should not get a player of that caliber released or traded, even if he has togo on IR for a year I would do that, he is a Stephen Jackson type back that can punish and Ricky won't be a dolphin very much longer, 2 years max.

WR's put in league by Henne: Arrington (NO), Breston (ARI), Edwards (CLE), Manningham (NYG).

PriceMaster, interesting logic.

Phinatic, ye of of little faith, why can't we keep 6 WRs? Sparano said he might keep 4 QBs. If that's possible then why not keep 7 or 8 WRs!
I've been saying all along they will keep 6 simply because they don't want to lose any of 'their guys' to another team. Remember a few weeks ago some of these media types said that we should keep Bess on the PS. Of course that's when they thought Wilford and Kircus were locks. But could you imagine if things had occurred that way? Bess walks over to the PS bus, and before he could get within 20 feet of it, along comes another team, scoops him up and turns him into the next Welker. What if Armstrong turns into the next McDuffie? The problem with guys showing up in the preseason games is that they get on the radar. We'll see how it plays out, but I honestly think they will try to protect their investment by keeping him on the roster.

Can I ask you something Mr. Henne, er, I mean "PriceMaster", what makes you think you are, I mean he is the top rookie in any camp? Not that I'm saying you're wrong but he was the second QB taken in the draft so he SHOULD be quality in camp, but there are some other rookies that are making a name for themselves as well.

Foster didn't pan out. He was ineffective against the bucs in the first game. The two I think you'll see there in the regular season are Ginn and Bess. With Ginn on punts and Bess on kickoffs

PriceMaster, Henne is a great rook but lets not call him Manning yet. He has looked solid in both preseason games and has had good practice reports. I'd go with Penny to start and if he falters you put in Henne, but we could argue about this all day and I see where your coming from

Go to NFL.com and click Stats, QB's, Rookies. And he was the third QB taken, Flacco was 2nd.

Tinshaker, I would love to keep all those guys I mentioned above. 26 hours until kickoff, let the predrinking begin

Not saying he is Manning. I've been saying for weeks we need to be excited to have Henne on the team. His credentials are substantial. Prior to the start of his Sr. season he was ranked the #1 college qb by PFW. After the loss to Appalachian State the whole press corps turned thier back on the Michigan program. Henne put up 35 points in that game and was not playing defense.

I'm exited to have him too. I was talking with someone on draft day from Michigan and we were talking about how cool it would be to have both Long and Henne. Then we drafted him and he's shown me nothing but good things ever since. The press is dumb I'll definetly agree on that too

Tin, I'm hoping you're right about Camarillo. Didn't get a chance to get down for camp...way up here in the Cocoa Beach area but I[ve got a good feeling about this guy.

cocoajoe, I think he'll make the team based on his solid special teams performance alone. He's not a burner but consistent, throws down a good block, and play's good on special teams

Well if you look at it like this, one 'back-up' for each 'starter': Split - 1. Hagan 2.Wilford; Flank: 1. Ginn 2. Armstrong; Slot: 1. Bess 2. Camarillo.

Oh and PriceMaster, we were both wrong, Henne was No. 4. I forgot about Brohm, who was chosen right before him at no. 56.

Hey cocoajoe, hope you're keeping your head above the floodwaters. Melbourne looked pretty shitty. BTW, how's the waves?

The Lions just signed DREW HENSON of all people. There goes my John Beck trade idea down the drain. Crazy! Ok guys, this is my last post till after I see the game on Sunday (I want to pretend I'm watching it live) so good luck dolfan buddies! It's about to get that much more real.

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