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Here's the scoop:

Dolphins worked team run, situations, team third down, red zone and two minute drills this afternoon.

In the team third down out of the shotgun Josh McCown was on fire running with the second team while Chad Henne was so-so working with the first team and John Beck completed one pass, had a pass batted at the line and had an incompletion running third team.

McCown was 5-of-5, including a one-handed grab by Selwyn Lymon on a skinny post. McCown also completed passes to David Martin, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn Jr. and a dump pass to Lex Hilliard.

Henne completed 1-of-4 passes and was not very accurate in the drill. He also forced one pass to Anthony Fasano although the tight end was bracketed by coverage.

In the red zone drills: Henne took a sack and failed to connect on his only attempt. McCown was 1-of-2 with a dumpoff to Reagan Mauia. Beck recovered somewhat in this drill, completing 2-of-3 attempts and taking one sack.

In the two minute set: Henne completed 3-of-4 passes and took one sack. Vonnie Holliday brought the pressure for the sack. He's having a great camp.

With the second teamers, McCown couldn't finish strong as he failed to completed either of his two attempts. He scrambled on one play and was sacked by Randy Starks on another. Rookie guard Shawn Murphy, by the way, continues to struggle with his technique and recognition of line stunts.

Overall, Henne and McCown are looking better while Beck is still inconsistent. As I said today on 790 The Ticket, he needs to get some urgency about this QB competition because although no one seems to be taking the job with spectacular play, he definitely is starting to lose ground.

Of course, this can change in the next week or two, but he needs to start turning it around like immediately if not sooner to keep his chances alive.

That's all I have for now. I'll add more later.