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Get your Friday evening practice report here

Here's the scoop:

Dolphins worked team run, situations, team third down, red zone and two minute drills this afternoon.

In the team third down out of the shotgun Josh McCown was on fire running with the second team while Chad Henne was so-so working with the first team and John Beck completed one pass, had a pass batted at the line and had an incompletion running third team.

McCown was 5-of-5, including a one-handed grab by Selwyn Lymon on a skinny post. McCown also completed passes to David Martin, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn Jr. and a dump pass to Lex Hilliard.

Henne completed 1-of-4 passes and was not very accurate in the drill. He also forced one pass to Anthony Fasano although the tight end was bracketed by coverage.

In the red zone drills: Henne took a sack and failed to connect on his only attempt. McCown was 1-of-2 with a dumpoff to Reagan Mauia. Beck recovered somewhat in this drill, completing 2-of-3 attempts and taking one sack.

In the two minute set: Henne completed 3-of-4 passes and took one sack. Vonnie Holliday brought the pressure for the sack. He's having a great camp.

With the second teamers, McCown couldn't finish strong as he failed to completed either of his two attempts. He scrambled on one play and was sacked by Randy Starks on another. Rookie guard Shawn Murphy, by the way, continues to struggle with his technique and recognition of line stunts.

Overall, Henne and McCown are looking better while Beck is still inconsistent. As I said today on 790 The Ticket, he needs to get some urgency about this QB competition because although no one seems to be taking the job with spectacular play, he definitely is starting to lose ground.

Of course, this can change in the next week or two, but he needs to start turning it around like immediately if not sooner to keep his chances alive.

That's all I have for now. I'll add more later.


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If Beck cannot do it in practice, what can we expect under game conditions? Starting to scare me. When will the lights come on?

I am beginning to see a pattern here. I'm thinking that Beck's not our guy.. what do you guys think?

Beck is who we thought he was;)



Now, you're on fire brother! That's the writing I'm talking about!

i'm not really into beck as our starting qb, but you've got to admit, our new coaches changing his mechanics sucks for him. let henne start this year with mc as #2 then see if beck can be productive after he assimilates all the new changes to his game. we're drafting/working out new qb's every year from here on out anyway, so let's see if he's a playa for us or trade bait. yes, no maybe so? rv

liked the post, little different representation of Beck on PBP.

excellent update. I'm right there with you, man. Beck is losing ground. Heard you on 790 today. When you on for real?

Maybe Special Teams aren't the funniest thing on camp, but it is something that we need badly.

Isn't attracting as offense and is awful to see for those who attend the camp. But this isn't for fun. The Special Teams don't receive all the attention and credit that must have.

A bad unit makes a team like us the last season, a regular one can fight every game and don't loose for SP, and a good unit can make the difference, and I'm not talking about just scoring like the Bears, the battle for the field position is vital, to make the offense and defense do their stuff better.

Keep doing the great job.
Salutes from Chile.

Nice work Armando. Sorry I was hard on you at the beginning of the week. I did not realize you had family problems. Thanks for making up for it with your afterhours reporting on camp. I hope Holliday is playing better and it is not just a representation of our O-line. Not good to hear about Murphy though. I really thought we should have taken Roy Schuening with that pic instead of Murphy. Oh well, at least Donald Thomas has been a pleasant surprise.

praise the lord halleluyah!what do theses guys think you take a few years off and go preach the gospel and all will be ok?i thought that last year with beck and this year with murphy it's obvious!there's no room for religon and football!lolololololol

Thanks Armando, good update. I hope everything is fine with you and like edswood said, sorry if I was a jerk. Sometimes you forget people have personal lives when you're getting caught up in competition. I hated seeing Omar getting scoops on you! C'mon Beck we're rooting for ya ,relax and have some fun out there.

Great work Armando...thanks for the info for us misplaced Fins fans!

I gotta say from all the camp talk and performances so far, It looks like Josh McCown will be the opening day starter until he breaks down from game mistakes,like every other stop in his career. I think Henne is the future having watched him in college for all the years. Beck does not sound like he in taking any urgency. I just hope the O-line holds up. My biggest concern is how quickly Jake Long adjusts

It certainly sounds like a real competition in the sense that they are getting an equal number of reps and have equal chances to work with starters.

I don't think you can make a final call on Beck until after seeing how he performs in the preseason games but it certainly does sound like he could start the season as #3.

There is a Bill Belichick sex tape. LOL.


If Vonnie dominates that could change the outlook of our D
These reports on Beck is starting to scare us....if all is equal them go with the guy who is just as good as his more experienced counterparts with the offense , Even tho he is a rookie!.....
At least he can grow unlike McClown !

You go with who gives you wins. Thats how we will do it and how everyone does it. Henne will not start. McCown will and its based off performance. Henne will get some playtime and Beck...well he's not looking too good right now.

I appreciate your kind words and wishes NYScott and Edswood. And I appreciate your loyal readership.

Good writeup Armando.

I like Beck personally and he showed pretty good in the last half of the last game last year. But only time will tell.

What I really want is a QB that takes care of the ball and helps the team beat the STINKING jets in the opener this year.

ROMO was no instant success - and I'm still not sure he is an elite QB - so why think we'll get a world beater out of Beck or Henne in the first couple of seasons.

I want the best guy in there who can direct a power running game. Who knows maybe it's Quincey Carter. Everyone loves a great comeback story.

Today's scrimmage will tell us a lot but not the final answer.

Today is a big practice/scrimmage for the team but especially for the QBs. That being said, until they play a couple of preseason games, I don't know that any of these drills they've been running in camp have determined much about the QBs. It's always good to practice well, but QBs have to play well in game settings. Every player has to do that.

We've seen players light it up in the preseason and disappear during the regular season. So let's not go crazy about training camp. That's the time when players work through their struggles. If they're not good enough, they get cut.

Hey Armando
Good job my impression of the QB situation is Dolphins should contact GreenBay and get Mr. Brett Farve and let Henne learn from him since Marino is not an active QB anymore plus he is a true veteran and we need a solid QB for at least one season

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