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Josh McCown's preseason ends with 10 plays

NEW ORLEANS -- I walked out of the Dolphins locker room and across the Superdome Stadium field with quarterback Josh McCown this evening.

That hundred-yard walk was McCown's longest stint on a pro stadium playing field since the first preseason game when he got a total of 10 plays in the fourth quarter against Tampa Bay.

McCown, for the record, is a great guy. He is a man of faith, a man of principle, a guy with a solid sense of humor as well as a very live, strong passing arm.

So I kidded with him a little bit. Nice preseason, I told him.

"Thanks I appreciate it," he said without missing a beat.

For the record, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano contends the team may keep four quarterbacks and that could be true. But that would make the Dolphins the exception among NFL teams. And with McCown being the only quarterback on Miami's roster who didn't play Thursday night and the quarterback who got the fewest snaps this preseason, it simply doesn't look good for him staying on the roster through the first week of the regular season.

"Probably not playing the last three weeks is not a good a sign," McCown admitted. "I haven't been in this situation ever, but I know the writing is on the wall usually when you don't play. But for right now, I'm here and I'm excited about being here. I believe in my abilities. I know that I can play. So I'll embrace my opportunities whether it is here or somewhere else. I'll be ready to roll."

I asked McCown if he has asked Sparano or the coaching staff about their plans and about his status. He has not.

"You try to do as much as you can do and everything else sorts itself out," he said. "Even if I were to ask, I don't know what kind of information they would give us. So I have no clue."

McCown feels a sense of helplessness about his status. It is a fair feeling for a player who finishes the preseason with 5 completions on 8 attempts for 35 yards without a TD or INT. His passer rating this preseason was 72.4.

Sparano would contend that McCown got a good shot to win the job in that he had nearly 500 throws during OTA days and early in training camp. But I would tell you that opportunity comes when players are still learning the offense during OTA days and as the offense is being installed early in camp.

It is hard for any QB to look sharp at that point.

"I mean, there's not a lot I can do about it," McCown said. "They make their decisions so I have to do my part. Obviously I would love to have more of an opportunity to play and compete. But it just didn't work out that way."


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i feel bad for the guy.

"Nice Preseason" come on Armando, that's weak. First you proclaim Porter's career to be over now this. :)

I still believe my man Beck is outta here come sabado. Trifecta's non-picked kid. I hear Cammy's getting his locker spot at Baltimore ready...

everybody , cept beck looked awesome, u fiure it out

langford, in, dobson in, wilford, in, bess in, cobb stays,

its 3 or 4 qb's now............who could it be nw


Aussie Ken: I was kidding with the guy, he thought it was funny and you weren't there. So you commenting on something you didn't witness is weak.

Also, I never said Porter's career was over. I said he is worried about not being ready for the opener and he is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Please, please, please debate me on those points. I welcome that debate.

Just keeping score here.

Armando: 2.
Aussie Ken: 0.

go back to Aussie Barbie.

I just don't see how they could possibly dump McCown and keep 'Butterfingers' Beck. I mean, McCown is barely serviceable as the third quarterback, but at least he doesn't put the fans hearts in their throats with every exchange with center, plus he has done something that I doubt Beck will ever do; actually win an NFL game as a starting quarterback.

Ideally, Baltimore will pony up a decent pick for Beck. Otherwise, I see The Trifecta keeping Beck because he has more potential value.

By the way, flpd: "Go back to Aussie Barbie" may be the funniest line ever posted on this blog.

I think the Ravens signing of Casey Bramlet means that Baltimore will only offer a Ray Lewis signed copy of Madden '05 for Beck...I think we should jump on it if they do BTW.

I think Beck played only to increase the trade value for him. They want to give the illusion that McCown's going to be cut to bluff a team like Baltimore into giving up whatever draft pick the Dolphins are seeking.

lol. dump beck and lick the wounds it's a brave new regime


Keeping Beck and getting rid of McCown would be risky. If Pennington goes down early in the season (we all know he is injury prone) Henne or Beck may not be ready to step in. Miami needs experience to back Pennington up.
I say Beck should go. He's been the worse performer in camp, so he doesn't deserve to be on the roster.

How 'bout a HIGH 5 Armaaaaaaaando?

Armando, they shouldn't have signed the guy in the first place. A 6 year, 3 team vet whose passer rating has never been north of 75 isn't this team needed. He wasn't going to get better.

Keeping Beck makes the most sense. They can continue to develop him and let him compete with Henne. I think Henne looks very good, but so did Beck this time last year. Who knows? The light might come on for Beck in Year 3, much as it did for Drew Brees in SD.

Throughout training camp and Pre-season Salguero takes a big dump on McCown and Beck heads, in his blog on his radio show, on other people's radio shows. So on the last game of Pre-season and free trip to New Orleans, he can not think of anything else to stick in his blog, but a puff-piece about a "nice guy." I kept my kleenex next to me while I was reading this blog its a real tear jerker!

Wait a second, Armando, You have been dumping on Beck as hard as anyone, and yet the correlations between him, and McCown's chances in camp, and preseason can't be denied. You can take your entire post, change McCown's name for Beck's, and put Beck's stats in, and not really change your post much.Probably take you two minutes. Hows about you give Beck the same love you are giving McCown? Beck shouldn't have looked on par with McCown, as he is practically as close to a rookie as a second year player can get, not a six year vet. I don't dispute your Post at all, and actually agree with what you are saying, I am just surprised to see this from you, with as down as you have been on Beck.

Nice. Sportscenter didn't show ANY highlights from tonight's game. I stayed awake an hour later than normal to get a glimpse at some highlights, and I get squadouche. I mean, they even showed the FALCONS-Ravens game, as well as the Rams-Chiefs game. Nice. Last years' second, third, fourth, and fifth worst teams, as well as the team most likely to be this years' worst, and we can't get highlights over theirs.

First I'm all for Henne if he's the guy. But the reporting down there is canted heavily in his favor. In one online report, the only thing mentioned about Beck, was the fumbled snap, which was not a turnover, yet the same article in it's praise of Henne, failed to mention his 2 turnovers (fumble/interception). Come on guys.

Chad Pennington is a giant.

I saw a couple of post-game shows last night and 6 out of 6 analysts claim the dolphins are still a very bad team (i.e. 3 wins). Meanwhile -ve read here optimism from a lot of people (yours truly included). Are we really that biased or nobody in the national media is looking close enough? I really wonder.

Oh thin skinned Mandroid is at it again. Does it make you feel like a "big man" to chastise your bloggers? Very weak and let your little girlfriends come to defend you once again. Can't wait for the "blow it out your *** and the like. I've had enough. Good lucj to you and the Herald

Super duper get lost--go find the pats forum and spew.
Gerald Pants--your mother should have slapped your face a few more times when you were a little brat..now your an older, but no wiser, brat. get a life.

MaCo- the National "media" are a bunch of repeaters they get paid to guess just like we do for free. They are posers who in the end, miraculously claim they saw signs of results like a bunch of babbling St. Johns. The truth is know one knows how it plays out until its played, that's why they play the games. F the experts and keep your outlook whether is favorable or not. Go Phins 8-8 at worst!

Tree, you should've just gone on espn.com to see the 2 minute highlight package. It was up within 20 minutes of the end of the game.

Tree, Beck started the first preseason game and has played in three out of four. McCown didn't get to play with any of the starters and played, as Armando notes, only 10 plays.

You are wrong to equate their chances.

I would appreciate all of you who are claiming Armando dumped on McCown to post on here those actual words from a blog or column he has written.

I read the guy pretty faithfully and I do not remember him "dumping" on McCown. You guys take liberties saying he says things he does not.

I love this blog, dudes.

Honestly, I understand what Mando is getting at. Mccown hasn't gotten a solid opportunity in games. He may have had 500 throws or whatever in practices but that simply is not a game.

And when you compare that to the extended playing and screwing up time Beck has gotten, that really doesn't seem fair.

McCown got $2.5 million to sign so if he is cut it means the Dolphins did a very poor job of giving that much money a good chance to show what he has.

I don't care what he has done before because Sparano said everybody started with a blank slate. That he didn't get a chance suggests he either made the team or got screwed. There is no in between.

I feel for McCown because I know he's competitive. At the same time he is making fantastic money to sit on the bench and has a chance elsewhere if he is shuttled out. Overall, he has it made.

I'm just happy that we emerged from a decent preseason with minimal injuries, and are now ready to game plan for the Jets! The Turk will break some hearts as we have a slew of young guys that worked their butts off that will soon be gone. And I hope that we can get some value for either QB that might get traded if that is to be the case. Man, it's been a long off-season...

I will work for free.

I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here. I still think McCown has beaten out Beck. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they both get released/traded/whatever. I think there are four or five QBs that are about to be cut that are better than both of them and could see Ireland going after one of them.

Anita, you are completely right, the Dolphins have either been extremely lucky or the other teams have been extremely unlucky this pre-season with injuries. It's funny if you watch Hard Knocks how they focus on all these bubble receivers assuming they would be cut, and now they're pretty much all going to make the team. LOL

Extended playing time? Two Quarters, and two or three series? One or two snaps a day in practice? Did you see that I agreed that McCown got screwed, I am just saying that so did Beck, yet I read only negatives blogged about him.

For the guy challenging me to find an example of Mando dumping on McCown, I won't even try, since I said he dumped on BECK, not on McCown.

OH, and those two, or three series were mop up duty, where he was only given maybe four total chances to throw the ball. How could he not win the job like that? He played well enough in the Jax game to deserve more of a look than he got the next two weeks of practice, and the next two games.

McCown was brought in to take control of the team much like Pennington did. He didn't do it. Beck had his confidence destroyed last year and it does not look like he has overcome it. I don't think either QB has shown enough upside to think they will make it as a starter in the NFL.

The bottom line is going to come down to money. McCown got the $2.5 million but Beck was a second round pick and I'm not sure what his cap hit would be. I would have to agree with Tinshaker, they will be looking at the cuts real close to see if there is a player they like and could cut both if they find one.

It would be the best thing that could happen to John Beck. Even though Cameron is gone he's like a black cloud hanging over Beck. Beck needs to find a team where he can start over.

Mando--mini-vacation? WTF!? Hows about a post, big guy!

The Texans released Ben Moffit. Go Ireland, Go!!!

Patrick just hit the nail. Pennington was brought in for the exact same reason McCown was brought in, and that is to become the stop gap and transition guy. Within a week of being brought in, Pennington had the coaches' and player's confidence; McCown hadn't.

mccown is gone to the panthers

We better hope that Pennington doesn't get hurt, with a rookie and a nervous nellie as our back-ups. Good job being able to make a trade, though, instead of having to lose value and cap space.



DOLFAN stop shouting.

Now that McCown was traded to Carolina, Beck stays in Miami...?

DaFinsMan, I say it's still 50/50. there are some quality QBs being cut by other teams that are head and shoulders above what Beck has shown us. Also, I think he's still on the trade block. The only way they keep him is if they can't trade him.

McCown is being traded to the panthers

I have to admit I was a bit worried going in to the season with Beck, Henne and McCown.

Having Pennington as #1, and Henne as #2 is a huge relief. I believe we can compete now.

I'm very happy that all you guys are debating about the #3 QB. At this point it doesn't matter who it is. If it gets to the #3 QB, the season is tanked.

the dolphins are talking to the panthers about trading McCown, so they are staying with beck

Trade? Trade? What trade?

its official now, McCown has been traded to the panthers

we just have to wait for mando now to write about the trade

Im a computer consultant, I get nothing if I dont deliver what is promised. McCown was rewarded very nicely for those 10 plays that sucked. Chad P proved what could be achived by a PRO. We gonna treat the NFLs P.E.T.S like a dog that wont fight for micheal vick. GO PHINS

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