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Live blog chat from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. today

Happy Monday!!!!

Tony Sparano will have his day-after press conference today although it is two days after Saturday's game. Have I mentioned to you guys the Dolphins have the worst media policies in the NFL? Any, I digress ...

Figured it would be a good time to interact with you since the game blog went so well but not all of you had a chance to see the game. So there will be a live blog on here between 1-2 p.m. today.

If you have questions or comments about YOUR Miami Dolphins, feel free to leave them here now or come on here during that time. I'll answer, agree, disagree, applaud, juggle, or whatever.

If you cannot be here at that time, you can leave your thoughts now in the comments section and they'll be first in the batting order when I come back at 1 p.m.


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Seems like the Dolphins are in salvage mode re: Matt Roth. He hasn't impressed as DE.

Given that:
1) 3 years have passed since he was drafted, and
2) that the Dolphins basically gave up Pat Surtain to draft him,

isn't it fair to label him a bust?


Two questions:

On your comment re the Fins media policy isn't the NFL enabling this type of behavior and why does this apparently have an impact on how you and others opine about the organization (see both Saban and Cameron)?

While I agree that the signing of Pennington isn't super consistent with public statements (and btw it is hard to always be 100% consistent in every behavior) doesn't Pennington give Henne and Beck a better mentor than Mcown?


1. Ernest Wilford. Is he actually in danger of being cut or is he guaranteed a roster spot despite the lackluster camp and preseason game?

2. Who are the best receivers that you feel could get cut from other teams and immediately picked up by us?


I have heard nothing but good things about Roth so far this year. I originally thought he would have been one of the guys on his way out because he was a holdover. I thought it was even more possible when the signed Randy Starks. However, it sounds like he has made some progress.

My question is at the OLB. Mando, who is leading the race between Quinton Moses , Charlie Anderson, and Rob Ninkovich(sp)? I like what I saw from Moses last season in the last couple games of the season. Hes big fast and has a nose for the quarterback. Your thoughts????

At this point, who do you feel is leading the WR race? Is Wilford in jeopardy? If Ginn isn't developing as a WR, why not let him handle all return duties and play other WRs?

By signing Chad Pennington, didn't the Dolphins essentially just cut Ted Ginn? He useless now.

Whatwas your take of each individual 1st team offensive linemens performance (long, thomas, carey, satelle, smiley)

Armando, are you sure the Dolphins have the worst media policies? If you want to feel a little better about your situation call some people in New England and ask them how they deal with the cheatriots. Could you imagine trying to ask Belichick the questions you guys ask Sparano? At least you get real answers from Tony ya know? Belichick is a stubborn old mule.

"Have I mentioned to you guys the Dolphins have the worst media policies in the NFL? Any, I digress ...

probably due to those like you. Enough whining, just report the facts.

"Have I mentioned to you guys the Dolphins have the worst media policies in the NFL? Any, I digress ...

probably due to those like you. Enough whining, just report the facts.

Armando how do you think Jake Long did in the game Sat? I didnt read much about him afterwards.

Mando...you excluded, but why does everyone think Ginn's only purpose on offense is to run down the field as fast as possible and hope our QB can find him?
if he proves durable (and tough) enough, quick slants are a viable option. he gets 1 step on a linebacker and it's bye bye. Teams ran that with tight ends against Zack the last couple of years. Unfortunately, it often worked.Jeryy Rice, not a speed demon padded Montana's stats for years with that play. Of course, he was gutsy, something I've not seem from Ginn as yet.

Also I want to add to the media thing. I said this before and I will say it again. SOUTH FLORIDAS MEDIA BROUGHT THIS ON THEMSELVES. Maybe not you Armando but it's the few that ruin it for the many. For years now, and I noticed this when Wanny was in his second year, A LOT OF South Floridas media has taken cheap shots at everything Dolphins related. If it were just cheap shots that would be fine because they do it everywhere. But it's the other things I noticed and I'm sure I'm not alone. It was the pitting players against eachother like 'this guy said this about you and what do you think about that'? And duping Huzienga and the players into believing that they have a friend in the media only to have that reporter turn around and stab them in the back. Also there were people in place in upper management that were media friendly and wanted their 15 minutes of fame. They would leak information that would make headlines and hurt the Dolphins in numerous ways (trade values and competitive advantage are a couple of examples). I am not alone in this belief as I have read many posts in the past that have supported my opinion. I'm sorry that others have ruined it for you Armando, (I think you are a fairly objective reporter and not part of the problem) but I wanted to point out that this didn't just come out of the blue.

Hey Mando,

Is it starting to look like Mueller-Cameron whiffed on all the picks last year? Beck is being called out by Dr. Z on CNNSI and hasn't looked like a decent quarterback when throwing more than 10 ft in front of the line and Ginn looks like a glorified returnman who shouldn't have been picked no. 9 overall.

I completely agree with NYScott. Why don't you guys just report what happens and not inject your opinions.

On a side note, I laugh at the way the Tuna has all of you in such a huff and the season hasn't even started.

I thought Beck and Henne both looked good in the game. Everyone seems to forget Beck was going up against the starting D which was second in the league last year. I though Beck threw one away that most said was a bad pass but it was funny that when Chad threw one away everyone said good decision. I have not watched the 2nd half yet. Ricky ran great but was solely responsible for the sack on Beck - I thought he was a better backfield blocker than he showed on that play.

Hagan just seems to mess up when the "big light" is on. The drop/fumble was terrible and the holding call was just plain dumb. Kircus looks like a solid possession receiver.

Torbor was a wild man - all over the place I was impressed by him. Not impressed by Crowder - what else is new.

O line looked pretty good especially Jake Long and Thomas looks like he is going to be the find of the draft - fitting that he is wearing Larry Little's old number maybe some day he'll be as good. Smiley seems very solid.

Number 21 (Goodman) seems like a real lightweight when he's out there. Strikes me as playing very timidly.

Overall - not a bad first outing considering Ferguson, and Porter weren't in there. Ferguson looks like a real monster in there.

Rhino, I never said they shouldn't inject their own opinions. If you agree with me on the other stuff that's understandable but reporters have always reported the news AND injected their opinions and that's fine. You can agree or disagree with them but they're as entitled to their opinions as we are. Try to think about how boring the news would be without a reporter giving his/her opinion. Here's an example; #1 Ricky Williams has a run of 9 yards on third down. #2 Ricky Williams has a run of nine yards on third down and it is my belief that if not for all of the offeason conditioning he would not be making that kind of play here at the end of the game. See now you can agree or disagree but isn't it a better read with an opinion in there?

I'm here you guys, so let's get rolling.

Rhino, I never said that reporters shouldn't inject their opinions. They have been doing it forever because the news would be boring without an opinion. Example; #1 Ricky williams ran nine yards for a first down at the end of the game. #2 Ricky Williams ran 9 yards for a first down and I believe if it weren't for the strict offseason conditioning program he wouldn't be making that kind of play this late in the game. Now you can agree or disagree but at least the writer gives you something extra to think about, otherwise his writing style would be boring.

Woops, damn delay.

Armando what time does the conference start?

Chris S: I don't think I would say Matt Roth is a bust yet. He has played and contributed. Has he been a star? Absolutely not. But perhaps he is what he is -- a solid backup kind of player that will give 17-20 snaps a game. I doubt he'll ever be a 12 sack guy.

Then again, he'll still be playing in a couple of years. I'm not so sure Surtain will be in the league in a couple of years.

Cuban: The Dolphins media policy does not affect my opinion of what happens on the field. But ...

Because they are so PARANOID, it makes me suspicious. There is absolutely no reason Sparano couldn't do a press conference yesterday and give you, the fans, his opinions of what happened in the game after watching tape. Instead he's doing it 48 hours after the game when the game really isn't the point anymore.

And yes, Pennington is much better EXAMPLE of how to be a successful pro than anybody else on the team. Mentor? I don't think so. The guy doesn't even know the playbook yet so how is he going to mentor anyone at this point?

Are you ther to ask questions and if so ask them what in the heck is going on with the QB situation. I was of the belief that they would keep Beck because he has more upside than McCown but there are camps that swear they will trade Beck because McCown has been the most consistent passer and is an insurance policy if Pennington goes down. I first wrote a "GOOD insurance policy" but had to change it! What's your opinion?

tedhill: The Dolphins gave Wilford $6 million in guaranteed money. That doesn't guarantee him a spot, but it is a big hit if they cut him. Just saying ...

mando do you take it in the ass??

With the struggles of the receivers - are any rookies getting good looks? What about Selwyn Lymon? You mentioned his struggles in special teams, but seems to have perfect NFL size. Does he have a shot?

JayD: As I said earlier, Roth is is good guy to have on the team. But he is not a star.

As far as OLB, Charlie Anderson is starting right now, but that could chance. Moses is OK, but remember he is doing it this preseason against second-teamers so far. Might be different against starter types.

penaltykiller: right now the starting receivers are Ginn and Hagan. Wilford is the No. 3 receiver after losing a starting job last week.

Doesn't mean it will stay that way. Ginn will be fine as a receiver eventually, but it is going to take time and I don't think he'll ever be a Duper type although he's as fast as Duper.

He's still the first team return guy but it is preseason so the dolphins are trying a bunch of different guys.

I would like to think that mentoring goes beyond x's and o's. There are other things football and life related that Chad can help the rook with. Pennington is a good mentor in that he can help Henne better assimilate into a leadership role and teach him how to deal with controversy.

OJ Sweet: I understand what you are thinking. Pennington claims he has no problem throwing deep. His problem, he said, is throwing deep consistently with the same velocity. That velocity was hit and miss before.

Having said that, I wouldn't expect Ginn to have too many 50, 60, 70 yard catches or average 18 yards a catch this year.

What do you think is this teams biggest needs that will need to be addressed in the draft next year? lol I know it's early.

I'm thinking it will be CB,WR,LB

im with everyone else on the excitement building with ricky this season but do you think we are all getting ahead of ourselves? and also (talk about getting ahead of myself) could you envision a situation where ricky becomes the main guy in the offense and ronnie taking a back seat?

I would give Thomas a C-minus, Long a c-plus, Satele, Carey and Smiley B-plus.

Is this team good enought for a run at 8-8 this year?

NY: Belichick is a cheater, no doubt about it. And their policies are stringent. Difference is the Patriots have won three Super Bowls and have a waiting list for season ticket holders. The Dolphins haven't won squat and their season ticket base is going in the wrong direction. You would think they might want some more and better press to stem that troubling tide.

KG: I am not whining. But you seem to be whining thinking that I'm whining.

Armando.. if sales get much lower you might as well send them to me in L.A. :)

2nd largest market in the Nation. While your at it go ahead and dump the Marlins. Nobody watches their games either.. lol


I missed Ricky missing a block causing a sack on Beck. I'm probably as big a Ricky fan as there is (I like what he does on and off the field), but pass blocking or more specifically knowing when to block and when to release is probably his only weakness (the physical and technique part of blocking, I'm sure he is good with).

I will always remember Brian Griese getting sacked at the end of a Colts game due to Ricky missing a block. It cost the game, Griese's job and I believe we missed the playoffs by one game that year. (Not laying it all on Ricky, Mare choked on a couple games that year and they would never had been in the running if it weren't for Ricky).

True. Maybe they won those three superbowls because of their media policy. I'm sure reporters in NE were peeved when Bilichick came in and changed things but look at them now! I am totally kidding Mando.

Edward Walsh: When you don't read much about an offensive lineman, that is a wonderful thing for him. That means he didn't screw up too much.

Long was OK in both pass pro and run-blocking. OK.He still has technique work to do. Also, after having only one penatly his entire Michigan career, he picked up a penalty in his first NFL game.

IMA: I think Ginn is going to be fine. You make some great points. When the QB plays improves, he'll look better, too.

I thought both Beck and Henne looked solid out there, but what really gave me hope for this year is the defense (1st team that is). They had good pressure and stuffed the run. Two straight 3 and outs was nice to see. Langford and Merling played really well from what I saw. Can this defense be a top 10 unit with Porter and Holliday in there?

Looks like we just lost Kelvin Smith for the season and Anderson pulled a hamstring which could take a while to heal. Do you see them making a trade to fill a spot or waiting for waivers?

IMA: An addendum, I also think he is making progress. As long as he is doing that, moving toward being a good player, I feel good about him.

Dolphins think your a joke....I am sure Ethhan and Omar get more respect.

NY: The current media policy is set by Bill Parcells and he has used the same policy for 25 years. So it has nothing to do with what happened to Wannstedt.

Overall mando , do you think our off-season's acquisitions are a bust ?
McCown (maybe cut), Wilford (3rd string at best,too slow for slot)Akin ayodele and Torbor,(only one will play a lot considering Crowder)
Charlie Anderson ( is loosing battle to 2 rookies)Bunch of special teamers.
Only Smiley looks good 2 me.

RC- thank you.

everyone keeps talking about what they saw from the QB spot but what i loved was how sharp our D looked compared to the confusion that plagued them in 2007...... would have loved to see our DB's hold on to a few of their chances at interceptions.... maybe jason allen isnt as worthless as i thought- he finished strong last year and seem to have a handle on the game on saturday

fins heartache: I'm not too worried about what Dr. Z says. He thought Marino would bomb. He picked Miami to win the SB in 2006. And last week he told me he had sources in NY that said they weren't really interested in Brett Favre.

Meanwhile, I think Ginn will be a good pick, Satele has started from Day 1, Brandon Fields has the potential to be the best punter in the NFL, and that second pick that brought Chad Henne? That was courtesy Mueller's trade of Chris Chambers. I'd trade a good receiver for a potential franchise QB any day.

Rhino: Two things: It is my JOB to give opinions and analysis. Secondly, for someone that wants no opinion, why do you give yours so much?

What do you think it will be the market price for Beck? if it's a 4th rounder I'll see the trifecta trading him, for McCown, we cannot get anything.

what is your opinion on trading beck and his value on the market?

Hey Mando, just a thought, but since Cam drafted Beck and since he seems to be the odd man out, what's the chance of trading him to Baltimore?

Wow some rude people on here today.

I don't always agree with Armando's opinions (and I certainly have not always been right when I disagreed), but that is no excuse for personal attacks. How about we stick to the dolphins and not discourage Armando from giving us the facts and his opinions (based on years of coverage and first hand access to the information).

Thanks Armando, I'm no fanboy but I apreciate your work and taking time to give us insight to the once mighty Dolphins...

y-not: Good analysis.


We need help at WR bad, do you think we'll give Chris Henry a shot? Is there a reciver we can trade for along with McClown???

On another note I think we should keep the 4 RB's and not the 4 QB's.....

When will we see Jalen Parmele given a chance to paly 3rd down RB over Cobbs?

NY: Sparano said they could keep 4 QBs. Some people think Beck will go, other think McCown will go. Let me put it to you this way: By this time next year, neither Beck nor McCown will be on this team, IMO.


Everyone in the universe knows we are going to run the ball this year. A lot.

So why in the world did we have a pass-run ratio against the Bucs of 31:16???

Shouldn't we be practicing running the ball?

Your thoughts...

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