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Live blog chat from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. today

Happy Monday!!!!

Tony Sparano will have his day-after press conference today although it is two days after Saturday's game. Have I mentioned to you guys the Dolphins have the worst media policies in the NFL? Any, I digress ...

Figured it would be a good time to interact with you since the game blog went so well but not all of you had a chance to see the game. So there will be a live blog on here between 1-2 p.m. today.

If you have questions or comments about YOUR Miami Dolphins, feel free to leave them here now or come on here during that time. I'll answer, agree, disagree, applaud, juggle, or whatever.

If you cannot be here at that time, you can leave your thoughts now in the comments section and they'll be first in the batting order when I come back at 1 p.m.


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Cam Cameron: good question. Brightest thought you've had in 12 months.

So if you didnt like what Dr Z says then why post his Hall Fame differences betwenn Zach and JT? just another jab at JT? No wonder the "fins media deparment doesnt trust you...

How slowly do you think that Ronnie will be brought along? Do you think as I do that Ricky will handle the bulk of the load this year?

Hey mando,

What do you think is the current pecking order of the Qb's and do you think if henne keeps progressing the way he has that he will end up being the starter over Pennington?

ChicagoJoe: Lymon has to show a little bit more toughness IMO. The special teams moment you are remembering was a snapshot of that toughness factor. But he's young. He might be practice squad material.


We are still trying to figure out who is gonna play QB/ WR/ TE... RB is the one thing we dont really need to worry about, so I say practice passing. Answering questions is more important than winning right now.

MikePrice: Wow,dude. We haven't even played this season yet. right now this team needs receiver help desperately although I don't think Parcells thinks so based on hearing him talk.

What about adding some depth to the 2nd and 3rd string oline? Anyone there worth keeping?


I don't think the Dolphins are going to have a hard time running this year. But every other aspect of the game is suspect and warrants more practice.

what other wr's do you think are in jeopardy of being cut and that we can pick up?

Hey Mando,

How many starters this year are guys that weren't on the team last year? Seems to me a complete overhaul at this point from last year, which is good thing when you're 1-15.

I thought Ricky and Henne both showed some great flashes even though it was just a preseason game.

I think Ricky/Ronnie have great potential to be a lethal one-two punch in the backfeild that many teams in the league have lately, don't you?

When Parcells first took the job there was talk about bringing Keyshawn Johnson in. Is there still the possibility of that happening?

Joe Shanahan: I was thinking about that yesterday. Right now, today, this moment, Ricky Williams is the best running back in camp. If that continues, if Ronnie Brown doesn't get to 100 percent and Ricky is rolling, I think this administration has no problems sticking Ricky in there first. But that will have to come down the road when we know more about both guys.

What WRs are available or will come available at cut down that may be of interest? Ditto for OTs as we have no depth there.

Addendum to Ricky thought:

Don't get too caught up with who starts at RB. The starting RB in my view is the guy that gets the most carries, not the guy that gets announced to the crowd.

MikePrice: I do not know. Not right now. But maybe Pennington picks up the offense great, maybe the receivers figure it out, maybe the rooks on the OL and DL grow up fast, and then we'll be talking.

I liked how the play calling used the FBs on Sat ( I always thought that Rob Konrad was great talent we never properly utilized and we magically won when we did)

So in our current FB race who is winning, Reagan or Boomer?

Has Feely's injury given Carpenter an edge or did Carpenter's youth and fresh legs already give him the advantage?

Thanks, keep up the great inside reports !!!


Wht you think if Ricky and or Porter play well at the beginning of the season and someone get hurt on other team and offer a third rounder for any of them, do you think the trifecta trade them for a 3rd?

RC: I think the defense will be solid. Top 10? That's asking a lot.


What is the latest on LeCharles Bentley? I haven't heard of anyone signing him. Seems like he would be a great pickup for depth on the OL, since he can play either G/C position, and he might even start at Guard opposite Smiley.

Johnny: Wrong on both counts. But by the way, Ethan and Omar both have blogs. So why are you here?

the juandiggler: Dude you are more skeptical than I am. Let's wait until the end of the preseason to have a better idea on that.


Good idea. His contract should be based on how many snaps he takes. It would be a win win situation.


What aboout trading for Bolden?



Manuel: If the Dolphins put John Beck on the market now, they would be lucky to get a sixth round pick for him.


Why are you responding to insults and challenges and not answering all of the relevant questions people are asking? IMO you are wasting time sparing with someone that doesnt really care about what you have to say, so why bother?

What is your opinion of Beck's current trade value, if any?

I agree with you Kelly. WTF?

beck answered, what about ricky, he is going to need a new contract and is at the end of his career, do you see that career ending with the fins?

Do you think that our DB's are sufficient for this year or will we be looking at the waiver wire for an upgrade there too?


Bolden would cost too much money, over $10M per year. We need to BUILD this team up and we could get 2-3 quality starters for that much. That's not even counting what we would have to give the Cards in return.

Kurt: I have long appreciated you reading my stuff. As to not agreeing, I like it when folks disagree with me. It's a different viewpoint.

My parents sacrificed and struggled to bring me to this country so that I would have the right to give my opinion and have the privilege of hearing differing opinions.

Hey Armando, people that are proposing cutting WIlford are the same people saying we need help at WR. So their solution is to cut the most established wideout on our roster, wno HAS produced (for a playoff team, mind you).

Glad they're not running this team. The guy will be fine.

I know its a stretch at this point, but didnt Kircus remind you a little of Wes Welker in this game? Shifty guy, good hands, kind of comes out of nowhere ... Not saying he will ever be the same player (and even then, the Pats would probably sign him to a mega offer sheet and make him a superstar), but I thought he impressed.

I think we will have a solid ST, a solid D, and a good running game.

Our passing game will be below average. There is not a premium #1 WR on the roster, nor is there a premium #2 WR on the roster.

5-7 wins

AJ: I put the Chris Henry idea out there and the Dolphins are not too warm to it. Oh well.

And you are right, better talent at RB right now.

fair enough...the draft class looks solid at least .
Free agents just don't seem to play much a factor for us.

RC: Last preseason game was the test for Cobbs in third down role. He missed a key block which is HUGE for that role. But I'm not sure the rookie is ready either.

Thanks WOOD, in that case we should go get Chris Henry and give him a shot if the commish is not gonna suspend him for the season. Other than that, how can we get better (not great) but better at WR?

Thanks Mando

Johnny, why are you still here? Answer me!!!!

AJ: gotta look at the part of the offense that need most work. That would be the passing game. Fact is the Dolphins didn't get enough plays, run or pass, on offense because Tampa held the ball too long.

I think they still are driving for a field goal.

Do you think Regan will still be on the team by the 3rd pre-season game? Does Boomer have the FB position locked up?

Mando, I appreciate you answering questions, really I do, but since mine have seemed to be ignored, Im gonna stop waisting my time here asking questions and go on about my day. Ciao


Why are you trying to draw attention to Johnny, he has no insight and I dont think your fans/readers have come here to watch you spare with him over trivial statements.

When you are done with that what about rickys long term with the dolphins.

NCAshville: I assume you are asking about guys on other teams. One guy I would think about is Joe Horn in Atlanta but if he is cut, he'll be a free agent and he probably would want to go back to New Orleans if they'll have him.


Jonny is busy kicking puppies.

Any interest (if you had to speculate) from Miami in the recently waived Brandon Moore (LB, San Fran)?

Hey Armando, I appreciate the time and effort and thanks for your blog. I normally find your info informative and even when I disagree with you I appreciate your opinion. Anyways, I got here late so I didnt have time to read the comments so hopefully this question has not been asked. While I have overall really liked how Parcells has gone about rebuilding the foundation of this team with youth and not overspending I have questioned some of his cuts and wonder if you agree. After watching that first preseason game can anyone tell me why we cut Alabi or Mormino. The backup OL is simply awful right now. I think Alabi would have been better than either of the backup tackles we currently have. I just hope there are some decent waiver wire finds.

do you think they'll be looking for new backups on the Oline or work with what they currently have?

Kelly: I am answering ALL the questions on here I can get to. That includes the legit ones and the one from the peanut gallery also.

AJ, We can bring back Marcus Vick (maybe on work release) LOL. I guess we just have to wait & see who gets cut later in the summer. Maybe the Falcons will cut Joe Horn.

I have said on the radio and perhaps on this blog that if Beck is to be traded, the two spots to look at are Baltimore where Cam took his screwy ways and San Diego, which hired Mueller.

LOL, Mando your ego is incredible. You could have answered my question, edswood's, and CP's in the time you took to tell me you are answering the questions.

Kelly: That is a great question. I cannot predict whether Ricky will finish his career here or not. I know this is the final year of his contract and if he succeeds this year, there will be a market for him because he'll be 32 years old. The fact Parcells has shown him so much love suggests the Dolphins will do what they can to keep him -- again, assuming he succeeds this year.

I will respond to why I am here when you respond to:

"So if you didnt like what Dr Z says then why post his Hall Fame differences betwenn Zach and JT? just another jab at JT? "

NCAsheville: The plan is not to make Ricky carry the load. But sometimes plans change. The Dolphins will be careful with Ronnie, although every indication is that he is coming along GREAT.

Eric Lincoln: GM Jeff Ireland loves Mauia. I don't see him getting cut at all and I don't see him losing his spot unless his production suddenly collapses

NCAsheville: I just answered two of your questions. Anyway, have a great day.

Any news on Terry Glenn?

I am very surprised with your take on Roth. You'd expect to get more out of a second rounder than 17-20 snaps a game, especially when they gave up Pat Surtain to get him.

Heck, Eric Kumerow gave them 17-20 snaps a game...

Kelly: Both of you questions were asked by other folks. Feel free to scroll to get the answers.

Armando - You going to practice or what??

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