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Live blog from Dolphins versus Chiefs this eve

OK, we're in the big (empty) house known as Dolphin Stadium and all is well.

Quick update: Mike Lehan, out the entire preseason with a high ankle sprain, is going to make his preseason debut tonight. DE Vonnie Holliday will also debut tonight. RB Ronnie Brown and LB Charlie Anderson are not playing.

This is a night to grade this team as much is it is to grade individuals. Sure, it will interesting to see the progression of Chris Crocker as he tries to pass Jason Allen in the battle to win the starting free safety job. My bet is on Crocker who is simply more instinctive. Coaches are not pleased with Allen.

And finally, it will interesting to see if rookie Chad Henne can continue to keep the QB competition interesting.

I have been told that competition is NOT over, by the way. Everyone assumes it will be Chad Pennington's job. But I've been told the coaching staff still has NOT awarded the starting job to Pennington, and Henne could still win it based on what happens tonight and beyond. Of course, if Pennington plays great, that will go a long way toward giving him the job.

But as of right now, it is still an open competition.

Remember that the Chiefs, once a mighty running team, finished dead last rushing the football last season. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were dead last defending the run. We'll see how far those units have come this offseason.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section at 7:30 for the live blog!


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Is it being shown on the NFL network tonight?

Where can I gain access to the game in Central Florida? I don't think it is on tv but are any radio stations available up here?

no, tommorrow at 10 am

Greetings Dolphins Fans, Anyone with info on watching the game on-line ..... would B much appreciated. Tried stoogetv.com so far no luck.
Go Phins!

If anyone finds an online broadcast please post a link, as I will. Thanks.

anywhere i can here or watch on the net. Representing the fish in montreal.

StoogeTV.com shows all games free online. Check it out if you're not in S FL.

cflfinfan: 105.9 FM broadcasts the Dolphins here in Orlando

I watched the game last week on StoogeTv .com, it worked fine. Had to download there player, but no spyware so far. I'm hopeing to watch it again tonight, if they have it on. As far as I know you can't listen online from a radio station because of the NFL Field Pass.

over air in naples area channel 6 (46), i get it here in sarasota

gotta love radio shack !!

link to the game

Here's a link to see the game.


Dolfan in Central Florida

Cflfinfan, first off.....you copied my name. second, put on sunny 105.9 they have it on radio


I'm here folks. By the way, Joey Porter is in uniform and is playing.

The following link = http://www.justin.tv/triuslater is broadcasting the Chiefs game. Just turn down the volume, turn up the Mad Dog, the Big Dog and Jimmy on the radio and crack open a cold one. Life is good!

Damn, I think the game is blacked out in Naples

Miami wins the toss and elects to receive. Interestingly, a lot of NFL coaches are no deferring to the second half. Guess Sparano doesn't believe in that.

Screen pass to Ricky Williams gains 3 yards.

Flag. false start on Vernon Carey

Pennington to Williams for 5 yards. third and 7. time to go to a WR

Ginn is holding that ball a little loose

Pennington moves around in the pocket and finds time enough to get a 12 yard gain to Ted Ginn Jr.

The kid is starting to show me something

Ricky Williams on the carry. Only 2 yards. Dolphins have run right a lot this preseason.

wow,. Long almost got beat

Great block by TE David Martin. he took out a a DE then blocked a blitzing LB. Excellent!!!

This is the most mobile that I have ever seen him. EVER. He is smarter than I thought.

Dolphins (Williams) running right again. Minimal gain. Three yards.

Sweep left. Williams pops it for 21 yards, but he got caught from behind by a CB Flowers.

If we stay healthy, I think we will make some noise in the AFC this year.

We're going to kick the Jets a@# in 2 weeks!

Momentary tech difficulties. Two Williams runs give a fourth down.

Dolphins going for it.

Complete pass to Martin. First down and goal! It was only a 1 yard pass but that's all the Dolphins needed. First and goal from the 2.

williams into a pile on the right side. Nothing.

Smart coaching so far

Pitch wide to the left. Bernard Pollard gets Williams out of bounds for a 4 yard loss.

This is looking a little like 2003.

Complete pass to Fasano who was in the end zone but came out of the end zone. So no TD. Dolphins to kick a FG.

FG from 19 yards is good. It's the preseason and most teams would go for it. But Williams looked winded and Cobbs was on the field. So FG

What do you mean it's looking like '03?

Sucks we couldnt get the TD. oh well good drive . we got 3

It's on Justin.tv. Couldn't find it on StoogeTv this week. Thank's for the info.

Why don't they use a spread down on the goal line and let Ricky go to Work?

cause its the NFL Mr Myers

Dolphins kicking off. Jason Allen playing on special teams.

I smell a safety

Savage steps out of bounds at the 2 yard line.

Strong work on the link to the game gentlemen...see you at halftime!

i agree. video not that fluid but sound is fine.

Kick offs with Carpenter scare me,.. good @ field goal but no leg for punching deep @ kickoff... any thoughts??

not lookin too bad

Whats with kicking a field goal on the 1 yard line? Is Dave Wanstdedt out there?

Offsides on Crowder.

Dolphins bringing 5 guys on first down pass. second and five.

This series is a good measure of two teams trying to impose their wills. The Dolphins with their rush D, the Chiefs with their running game.

Dropped pass by Dwayne Bowe.

You guys on here or what?

Im here

trying to watch the game Mando,.. actually fun to watch.

Broken coverage as Webb comes across the middle uncovered. First down.

first time for everything,. haha

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