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Live blog from Dolphins versus Chiefs this eve

OK, we're in the big (empty) house known as Dolphin Stadium and all is well.

Quick update: Mike Lehan, out the entire preseason with a high ankle sprain, is going to make his preseason debut tonight. DE Vonnie Holliday will also debut tonight. RB Ronnie Brown and LB Charlie Anderson are not playing.

This is a night to grade this team as much is it is to grade individuals. Sure, it will interesting to see the progression of Chris Crocker as he tries to pass Jason Allen in the battle to win the starting free safety job. My bet is on Crocker who is simply more instinctive. Coaches are not pleased with Allen.

And finally, it will interesting to see if rookie Chad Henne can continue to keep the QB competition interesting.

I have been told that competition is NOT over, by the way. Everyone assumes it will be Chad Pennington's job. But I've been told the coaching staff still has NOT awarded the starting job to Pennington, and Henne could still win it based on what happens tonight and beyond. Of course, if Pennington plays great, that will go a long way toward giving him the job.

But as of right now, it is still an open competition.

Remember that the Chiefs, once a mighty running team, finished dead last rushing the football last season. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were dead last defending the run. We'll see how far those units have come this offseason.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section at 7:30 for the live blog!


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Watch ... Comment. Watch.... Comment. Waaaaaaa

what a bs spot

Langford putting pressure on Croyle. Running faster than Croyle. Pretty impressive.

secondarys doin a pretty good job so far for the most part.

what do you think, pennington first half, henne 2nd?

Coverage sack by Porter.

Couldn't play a better team to boost our confidence....

End of first.

I think the jayson Foster experiment is over. Cobbs was running back kickoffs and Ted Ginn is about to field this punt.

Hey Mando what do you think..but to me they seem to be playing with more attitude and energy than anytime last year...credit to Parcells n new staff

hey armando what did you mean by looking like 2003? just curious?

Chris: You are right as of this game. But it is the preseason, dude. We'll see when it counts.

Right here Mando...just watching the game some.

Why are they not running left?

Glenn: Ricky left, Ricky right, 2 yards, 3 yards, minus four yards, 12 yards.

this is what playing with confidence looks like. I know its been a while. something we didnt see at all last year. Cam didnt know what he was doin

i might take that 5.5 over the way this looks

Is Carey a better run blocker than Long?

wow this sucks. i live in california so every game during pre season i have to do play by play on nfl.com. at least i found this blog haha

Granted this is only preseason, but our our guys seem to have a swagger this year. Seem to be much more confident then they were last season.

GREAT CATCH by Ginn. Low pass on the sideline. Caught it, bobbled it, caught it again.

Mando-not thinking we're a playoff team and I realize it's only pre-season, but can we be a 8-8 team this year? Better coaching, better conditioning, better QB? Am I nuts??

Penny sure makes Ginn look a lot better

Robert, if EVERYTHING goes right, it is possible.

glensta-- pull up http://www.justin.tv/triuslater along with this blog

Realistic, still a 5-11 or 6-10 team, but man, wouldn't anything better than that be great?

Pat Surtain on the pass break up.

QUESTION: Knowing what you already know about that trade which ultimately sent surtain to KC for a draft pick that turned out to be Matt Roth, WOULD YOU GUYS MAKE THAT TRADE AGAIN?

are they plugging the running lanes on us that well or whats up guys? haha i wish i was watching.

Where can i listen the fins game on the web?

Pennington to Fasano for nine yards.

lol..i kno its only preseason..but its somthin different bout us this year..not saying we are going to win the superbowl..but i think were headed in the right direction

No, amongst the many mistakes of the Nicktator was dumping Surtain and Madison. Still quality corners, while T. Daniels, Jason Allen, etc have been crap

Chiefs playing the run tight Glenn. Expect to see that a lot this year.

thanks pound. do they stream the game live everyweek at this website?

WQAM radio is blocked out for the game

dont know. its a kc chiefs site. someone else was gracious enough to let me know about it.

Mando, another question for you: think the Pats are sandbagging the pre-season or are they getting old before out eyes?

Where can i listen the fins game on the web?

Ginn is really starting to make me believe he wasnt a waste of a #9 pick..and Im really liking Langford right about now

Illegal procedure on KC. False start. 1 and 15

Brodie Croyle is NOT a good QB.

Starks getting a lot of snaps with the starters now.

Ginn found the sideline and hauled!!!!!!


praise95.net click on the radio tower

That 59 yard punt return is what Randy Mueller saw so much at OSU that he LOVED.

did i not just say that or what!!!!


good for him. maybe people will finally leave his family alone. lol

Friggn sweet! Get some Ginn!

starting to validate that PICH!!!!!!!!!!!

....should we play "We Are Family" when he does that....sorry!

Okay, I am believer now = 9-7!

It looked bad at the beginning as Ginn was losing ground but I have seriously never seen anyone run down a sideline that fast one he got to the sideline

FLASHES,,,,,,,,,,its GINN time everyone

Bye bye Jayson Foster.

Mando, are there any plans to play Beck tonight, or will it just be the Chad brothers again?

wow im sooo excited for this year. i already got the nfl ticket haha. i guess the good thing about going 1-15 is that anything is an improvement. even if we win only 6-7 games, i would say that it will end up being one of the more exciting seasons the fins have had in a while.

Improved special team play = check; improved QB play = check; better OL play = check

Mando, was the return for a TD a result of Parcells bringing in all those special team players?

Blitz by Crowder causes a fumble by Croyle. Rother recovers.

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