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Live blog from Dolphins versus Chiefs this eve

OK, we're in the big (empty) house known as Dolphin Stadium and all is well.

Quick update: Mike Lehan, out the entire preseason with a high ankle sprain, is going to make his preseason debut tonight. DE Vonnie Holliday will also debut tonight. RB Ronnie Brown and LB Charlie Anderson are not playing.

This is a night to grade this team as much is it is to grade individuals. Sure, it will interesting to see the progression of Chris Crocker as he tries to pass Jason Allen in the battle to win the starting free safety job. My bet is on Crocker who is simply more instinctive. Coaches are not pleased with Allen.

And finally, it will interesting to see if rookie Chad Henne can continue to keep the QB competition interesting.

I have been told that competition is NOT over, by the way. Everyone assumes it will be Chad Pennington's job. But I've been told the coaching staff still has NOT awarded the starting job to Pennington, and Henne could still win it based on what happens tonight and beyond. Of course, if Pennington plays great, that will go a long way toward giving him the job.

But as of right now, it is still an open competition.

Remember that the Chiefs, once a mighty running team, finished dead last rushing the football last season. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were dead last defending the run. We'll see how far those units have come this offseason.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section at 7:30 for the live blog!


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anyone,,,what happened to j. thomas?

they have a swagger they didnt have last yr. preseason or not..its there

That was a GREAT play by Crowder

Either we're better than we think or KC is going 1-15 this year

That return had average blocking in my estimation. Speed made that return. Speed. Seriously, Ginn looked like he was going to lose 20 yards but he was just faster than everyone on the field.

What is going on? Are we going to be dood this year? We whip Jacksonville, now we are destroying KC. Is this just a preseason flute Mando?

Can I get a Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass to Justin Peelle dropped. It would have been a TD

That's a TD/throw that flag!!

Sparano challenges the catch. You should have seen Sparano yelling at Peelle, "Did you catch it? Did you catch it?"

well, did we!!!???

Got here late guys but the fins are looking damn good.

That was a great throw...hopefully it gets turned...couldn't tell watching via the link

I can't hear or see the game this is all i got.

the receiver is always going to say he caught it. he needs to be askin someone upstairs

Peelle looked to be bobbling. This should be interesting.

Dolphins lose the challenge.

Bullshite that was a catch

The Italian Stallion holds onto the ball

ALLLL-Right Miami!

Chad Penninton waits on Fasano to clear the zone and he's in for the TD!


fantasy owners--- draft fasano as your TE

chad freakin pennington!!! lol

sooooooo sweeeeeet!!!

Should we be getting excited about this year Mando, or the fins just getting our hopes up to disappoint when teams are really playing in the regular season.

uhh yeeeaaah.... i swear ive always liked pennington even when he was picking us apart with the jets... i swear!

Yea Mando, What is going on?

Right now, the total yardage is Miami 112, KC 10

justin.tv for a live stream of the game

Eds: I'm trying to figure out if the Dolphins are THIS good or the Chiefs are really horrible. I think it is a lot of both which obviously is good news for the Dolphins.

miami will be better. Its onlty preseason and k.c. will be weak this season

Penny's passes sure do wobble alot, but he is accurate.

Anthony Armstrong just got jacked up on the kickoff. I think he got knocked out.

down and distance if possible, please

I would agree with Willi Chirino. The KC QB is awful.

Let me put it this way: Dolphins castof Damion McIntosh is the starting left tackle. Miami castoff Anthony Alabi is on this team. They are not good.

so far so good. rv

i feel bad for k.c. qb situation. NOT!!!!

This looks very good, but I don't think we are really playing much of a team. And that said, we couldn't even push them for an important yard earlier...

Lets hope Armstrong is OK. Yeah, I agree the Chiefs are not good. However, from the last two games I might just have to up my win total for the year. I must be on psychedelics to start believing .500 is possible.

Isn't MacIntosh playing RT for the Chiefs?

.500 would more than i would have put them a mpnth agp but i think it is now realistic

Point taken Mando. Will temper the optimism.

c'mon alittle play by play

The Dolphins are starting to sub guys out. Porter is out of the game. Moses is in.

What about Jacksonville Mando, are they good?

Pass complete but Tony Gonzalez guilty of interference.

Croyle might suck as a QB, but his wife is smoking. Anyone see her on last years Hard Knocks? Southern Hottie with a body.

already. they mist be feeling good.

its good to be optimistic. There are so many so called Phins fans that are so negative.

who was it?

Jacksonville is good. I think. Look, the Dolphins won 2 preseason games last year, so draw your own conclusions.


Porter probably reinjured his back so that he can take the rest of the preseason off and continue his quest to compete in next years Tour De France.

Love that play calling. Dolphins play action on first down. Complete a pass of 16 yards to hagan.

I just thought we dominated Jacksonville too, 1st teams against 1st teams.

nice one, edswood

Alright, lets have a good two minute drive

False start on Miami.

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