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Live blog from Dolphins versus Chiefs this eve

OK, we're in the big (empty) house known as Dolphin Stadium and all is well.

Quick update: Mike Lehan, out the entire preseason with a high ankle sprain, is going to make his preseason debut tonight. DE Vonnie Holliday will also debut tonight. RB Ronnie Brown and LB Charlie Anderson are not playing.

This is a night to grade this team as much is it is to grade individuals. Sure, it will interesting to see the progression of Chris Crocker as he tries to pass Jason Allen in the battle to win the starting free safety job. My bet is on Crocker who is simply more instinctive. Coaches are not pleased with Allen.

And finally, it will interesting to see if rookie Chad Henne can continue to keep the QB competition interesting.

I have been told that competition is NOT over, by the way. Everyone assumes it will be Chad Pennington's job. But I've been told the coaching staff still has NOT awarded the starting job to Pennington, and Henne could still win it based on what happens tonight and beyond. Of course, if Pennington plays great, that will go a long way toward giving him the job.

But as of right now, it is still an open competition.

Remember that the Chiefs, once a mighty running team, finished dead last rushing the football last season. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were dead last defending the run. We'll see how far those units have come this offseason.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section at 7:30 for the live blog!


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You have to play better than that if your TE Peele. Especially if you are not one of "Parcells guys"
I say he's cut too
Anthony Fasano, David Martin, and Sean Ryan will be our TE's

Beck is a bust. Henne way to early to call.

That interception was the best thing that could have happened to this team. The last thing we needed was for Sparano to start Henning at this stage in his career. Pennington is FAR superior with his accuracy, consistency, experience,leadership, and intelligence. Henning will be very good, but he needs to settle and learn from a very smart player.
Hopefully, Sparano came back to his senses after seeing that interception.


Jason Allen is the man

Fasano, Martin, and someone off the waiver wire I say.

Steve, Dan Henning is a little old to be playing, but Henne will be very good.

Henne will do fine as a third teamer. McCown needs to get snaps to prepare for when Chad does go down. And Chad will go down.

I don't think he's drunk just a idiot. To call Henne a bust at this point in his career 2.5 preseason games and 1 interception. Probably the same guy who still dreams of Brady Quinn

So much for Bess' speacial teams career.

Never mention Brady Quinn. That pic I saw of him on Deadspin still burns a hole in my retina's.

He is a Bum. Period. He doesn't know how to move an offense. I can judge just fine after 2 preseason games because other good rookie quaterbacks have done it.

Herm looks like he is going to have one of his tirades.

yea i'm starting to think his henne bashing is a little biased? maybe you wanted beck to start?

Armstrong must have cleared the cobwebs, because he is back in the game.

BUM! If he is not ready to be at least a backup then play MCCOWN!

You must be happy Dolphan. Henne just got knocked on his ass.


Hes a rookie playing with a squad that has not played with each other...ever. On top of that hes been playin with 3rd string guys around him. Nothing personal but if you were thinking about being a talent scout dont quit your day job.

Camarillo just secured a roster spot with that tackle.

Pennington may or may not go down, but I am more interested on what he does on the football field.

Henne is not having a great game, but this doesn't mean that he's a bust...all rookie QB's have bad games, lets see how he recovers.

I think that ref is totally against the Fins, he's been calling things against us all night. That was roughing the passer and it should have been called.

>Hes a rookie playing with a squad that has not played with each other...ever.

Gee same as Beck.

Merling still in the game, and gets a sack.

Anyone else notice that Ernest Wilfork doesnt have a catch tonight? Can we say this guy has been a bust for us? Miami should just waive him and get it over with

>Hes a rookie playing with a squad that has not played with each other...ever.

Gee same as Beck last year.

Look I give up. If you trust Henne to be your backup or starter there is something wrong with YOUR football knowledge. McCown should be getting significant work right now.

merling is having a bit of a breakout game!!

Fins playing alot of starters deep into this game. Does not bode well for the bubble guys.

Keep Bess and Camarillo, cut Wilfork

Andy the word on Merling is he is a much better gamer than practice player. The opposite is Hagan who is a better practice player than gamer.

defense overall has been playing VERY well. Dominant against the run, putting pressure on the passer, secondary is making plays. Looks like a complete game on that side of the ball. That might mean a promising season this year!!

However penalties have been a big problem this offseason. Need to improve discipline.

Steve, don't let Armando know you don't believe. He'll ban you from his blog

not to sounds like a total dbag dolphanforlife, but did you ever think that maybe sparano and parcells know more than you do? maybe they see something in henne.

one thing is for sure. hes definitely got more balls than beck. thats evident in the way he plays.

Agreed Robert, but that will not happen considering the amount of bonus given to Wilford.

I think we'll see a lot of McCown and Beck in the last preseason game. If they both play well and there are no offers for them in a trade, they will both stick around. I think Beck will be the one to get traded eventually unless MCcown is awful in the last game.

well parmele just made the team with that 80+ yard run!!

Welcome to the 2008 opening day roster, Jalen

Parmele breaks off a sweet long run

Dolphan4life you have to be the biggest jackass on the internet. You are completely clueless and void of any rational opinions. Soon Beck will be traded so please do us all a favor and go with him.

Dolphan...are you an OSU fan or something? Where are the stats to prove Henne is a bum?

Henne's best play tonight. Handing off the Ball. See what rookies do. They move the offense. I'm talking about parmelie by the way not the bum Henne

A little embarrasing getting chased down from behind like that

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein

Whatever we see is not going to change Dolphans opinion. In a year or two when Henne is starting he is either going to have to get on board or find a new team. Nuff said

miami has the dolphins the greatest football team, they take the balll from goal to goal like no ones ever seen, there in the air they're on the ground there always in control.... when u say miami your talkin super bowl

miami has the dolphins the greatest football team, they take the balll from goal to goal like no ones ever seen, there in the air they're on the ground there always in control.... when u say miami your talkin super bowl

cuz we're the miami dolphins miami dolphins miami dolphins #1

Parcells cackles yet again. I can see him saying look I got that guy and Thomas in the sixth round. I am a God in comfortable slacks.

Dolphanforlife you're an idiot.

I have not mentioned playing Beck once tonight. I am calling for McCown you idiots. and Henne isn't anything speacial. as soon as they took the ball out of his hands isn't it interesting that we scored. What does that say for his talent. Idiots.

great power running on the part of parmele! no way patrick cobbs does something like that!

DOLPHAN4LIFE you are finally getting the attention that your parents never gave you. These forums must be a great ego booster for you, congratulations.

Hill still playing hard for a roster spot. Sadly, the fact that he is 29 I think will still get him cut.

Phins secondary has been great tonight. That has been very promsing.

Henne's a bust, fellas. Long shot for the practice squad after that wounded fade in the end zone. What a pity.

I have known plenty of Beck fans, but Dolphan4Life is the first McClown fan lol.

mccown has been tossed off three teams in three years...he sucks! Dolphanforlife you're an idiot, a freak and a retard.

No win situation for Beck.

OMG a Beck sighting. Call off the mission we have found our missing QB.

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