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Live blog from Dolphins versus Chiefs this eve

OK, we're in the big (empty) house known as Dolphin Stadium and all is well.

Quick update: Mike Lehan, out the entire preseason with a high ankle sprain, is going to make his preseason debut tonight. DE Vonnie Holliday will also debut tonight. RB Ronnie Brown and LB Charlie Anderson are not playing.

This is a night to grade this team as much is it is to grade individuals. Sure, it will interesting to see the progression of Chris Crocker as he tries to pass Jason Allen in the battle to win the starting free safety job. My bet is on Crocker who is simply more instinctive. Coaches are not pleased with Allen.

And finally, it will interesting to see if rookie Chad Henne can continue to keep the QB competition interesting.

I have been told that competition is NOT over, by the way. Everyone assumes it will be Chad Pennington's job. But I've been told the coaching staff still has NOT awarded the starting job to Pennington, and Henne could still win it based on what happens tonight and beyond. Of course, if Pennington plays great, that will go a long way toward giving him the job.

But as of right now, it is still an open competition.

Remember that the Chiefs, once a mighty running team, finished dead last rushing the football last season. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were dead last defending the run. We'll see how far those units have come this offseason.

Anyway, meet me in the comments section at 7:30 for the live blog!


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Oh my, a John Beck sighting

NonDolfan, do you have a rock hard on for McAssclown?

beck's in. i guess they're giving him a chance...or trying to see if they can drive up his trade value!

told you. No win situation for Beck

Way to line up the excuses ahead of time Dolphan...now if Beck sucks it up, it was a no win situation.

Buh-bye Beck. Pack your bags and take your butt to Baltimore with Cam Cam

Way to go after that snap Beck. Just dropped his trade value from a 7th to a hard taco from Taco Bell

beck fumbles, there you go...

woops! not beck's fault entirely but something always happens when this guy is under center.


bad snap,.. no respect,. no respect

Here's goes the Beck! Im not high on him at all. Let's get rid of him!

BAD SNAP! damn it

The fins would have the best secondary in the NFL if we played KC's QBs every week.

should have been intercepted by hill.

Go Hill go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey the shut-out is still on.

I do feel bad for Beck. He works real hard but things never work out for him. Hes like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

Herm must need some strong sedatives after getting blanked by a 1-15 team.

Speaking of pitiful.... Anybody see Ernest Wilford tonight? And it is Wilford, not Wilfork as I have been reading all night long.... Talk about wasting money!!!! What a complete disaster that guy has been as a free agent pickup.... Routes stink, can't catch a ball, and has been outplayed by an undrafted free agent (Bess) and and AFL player (Armstrong) very sad....

lol Pound. He always gets Lucy'd

If Wilfork would catch the ball, and get on the stats sheet, we would learn his name.

Herm deserves what he gets... he is as useless as his team!!! They have hung on to these two losers at QB... They both are awful and so is their head coach!!!

Wilford is packing his bags with Peele.

Not one pass for Beck. Poor Kid

Jason is the Man!

Hey now, Jason Allen's had a helluva game tonight

Poor kid? lol... He is awful and you know it...

JA better have locked up a starting job with his performance tonight.

Nice play JA!

No way should Crocker beat out JA for the starting job. JA is much more of a playmaker.

I think Allens got the job. i dont remember hearing Krockers name once the whole game.

Couldn't agree more on Wilford and Peele, edswood...

Spudrano waddles out on the field and its a wrap folks.

Or seeing how its spelled. lol

Wilford, Wilfork, Will be cut

what a game !!!

Basically pitched a shut out two weeks in a row. Not bad at all.

Thank everyone for all the help tonight and the live feed of the game. Im in Maryland and try to get it anyway I can. I'll probably watch it tomorrow too. I cant wait for this season to start. Im STOKED. 5-11 would be a big improvement, but 8-8? WOULD BE AMAZING. CANT WAIT

if you saw the feed, expect more than 5 wins fins

i'm watching at 10 am, don't know if i'll have beer left though???

As long as we have McCown the skies the limit. lol


Can't see them cutting a guy they spent that much money on no matter how much he has stunk this preseason... Too much guaranteed money...

Great game. I know its preseason, and KC, but at least I have hope, which is more than I had last year. Sparano looks like he has the starters ready to go for the season, which is miles ahead of what CamMoron had at this time last year. At this point last year, our starters were still on Summer Break, Cam was taking the night off, and we were failing forward fast.

I agree more than 5 wins this year.

Thanks Mando for letting us hijack your blog as usual.

lol... edswood... Good gosh don't remind me of CamMoron and Muelltoast... they failed forward fast didn't they?? ha ha

looks like a sweet roll they are on.

good luck this year!

The Giants wont be world beaters this year. The real Giants will show up again.

Dolphinfanforlife is an idiot, you know quarterbacks? you need to know about how many beers you can handle before logging on to your computer.....we have some of the most negative fans in the NFL. did I mention this guy is an idiot?

Later, everyone (even Dolphan4Life). It's been real.

Two in a row: The Dolphins haven’t won two consecutive games since November of 2006, when they won four straight. It may be exhibition, but for this team, a win is always cause for celebration.

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That's what i'm talking bout!

With the defense the dolphins have, we will POSITIVELY win more than six games.You can bet that.

Mando you are a little to negative when you talk about the dolphins.Are you a fan or what.You give the fans that can't see what's going on a bad impression of the situation.I'm here to tell anyone who can't really see the game some real sh__t.The offense is good not great,but the starting defense over the last three games has only allowed SEVEN POINTS.....

Correction-Meant to sat Penny will have a chip on his shoulder to beat the jets.

One more thing you Phin haters. Below is a copy Miss Brady Quinn's performance tonight, did he do better than Henne? Huh? ReallY? Maybe the Ginn family was the right pick for CaMoron, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then-
DETROIT (AP)- Brady Quinn had some legitimate excuses to explain away his lackluster debut as an NFL starter.
He didn't want any of them.
Quinn barely broke the century mark in yards passing and failed to make a big play, helping the Detroit Lions beat the Cleveland Browns 26-6 in an exhibition Saturday.
The former Notre Dame star, taken 22nd overall last year, had just a few days to get prepared after Derek Anderson was knocked out of Monday night's game and playmakers Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis were missing from the Browns' lineup.
Quinn, though, said criticism is merited after he was 14-of-24 for 106 yards without a score, turnover or a pass longer than 16 yards.
''There's nothing unfair about it,'' he insisted.''You can say it was a short week. You can say what you want, but I'm not that type of guy.
''I completely take the burden for his loss. I didn't execute and I didn't get in a rhythm to let the team drive down the field.''
Detroit's Jon Kitna threw for 98 yards on his two drives to set up field goals. Rookie Kevin Smith overcame a sluggish start with a 35-yard touchdown. Dave Rayner improved his chances of finding a job by making four field goals in Jason Hanson 's place.

I saw Henne play live in Jax and the cat is spot on. He should by no means start but he is a keeper for sure, lets hope we carry the winning far into the fall.

Bootris--hate to burst your bubble, but Quinn's performance was intentional---if Anderson can't start, the Brownies want to spring some surprises on their first opponent---purposefully making sure there's no book, and some phony baloney apologetic quotes from Quinn--brilliant strategy, actually.

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