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Live blog from New Orleans Saints game tonight

NEW ORLEANS -- The gumbo is good here but the folks are concerned about Hurricane Gustav that could be threatening this city over the weekend. The Dolphins will be done with business by then.

That business is tonight's preseason finale at the Superdome between the Dolphins and Saints. It should be an interesting exhibition at least for one quarter because both teams plan to use their starters at least that long.

Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins and Chad Henne is expected relieve him. I assume Josh McCown and John Beck could get a call in the second half.

Ricky Williams will start for the Dolphins but coach Tony Sparano said he would also like to get Ronnie Brown some work despite the fact the running back is still recovering from a sprained finger. Brown missed last week's game against Kansas City and got only a couple of carries the week before against Jacksonville before the finger injury happened.

The competition between Chris Crocker and Jason Allen to see which wins the starting free safety job goes to its final stages tonight so watch those two.

Tonight will also be a test for Matt Roth, who apparently has won the starting strong side linebacker job. He will be tested for the second week in a row by an outstanding tight end. Last week it was Tony Gonzalez. Tonight, Jeremy Shockey is scheduled to start for the Saints. This is a matchup that concerns me going into the season because I don't think teams are game-planning against Roth in the preseason, but you can bet they will do that once the games count.

Joey Porter (back) will not play tonight. Charlie Anderson starts at weakside outside linebacker.

I will be here with you LIVE starting at kickoff, which is scheduled for 8 p.m. (east coast time). I will be updating this post before the game should any news or lineup changes occur. So join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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can someone post the site that will stream this game?

anyone got the inside on any free webcasts of the game tonight?

PS - what is it with Brown's finger injury? C'mon a finger?? I've played many a time with sprained or jammed fingers since I was a kid, not to mention this is a league where players play with broken bones. Unless the extra precaution is unofficially due to his healing knee, I'm starting to think he's a bit of a p****.

it's a sprained THUMB, so it's difficult for him to 'squeeze' his hand for catching AND carrying the ball. And like he said, if it was during the season he'd be playing, but makes more sense to let it heal during preseason.

dolphins game can be seen on your puter at


Local folks can simply watch on TV no? Is it on CBS 4 locally?

By the way, this blog continues to kick ass!

Armando, Roth at OLB is a big joke. You gotta think Schottenheimer is licking his choppers thinking about the match ups.

As for Crocker vs Allen, I think this is just a fabrication by the coaches to get better practices out of Allen. The guy's a gamer. I think he'll play well tonight.

As for Ronnie vs Ricky, that battle is o-v-e-r. Ricky is the more talented player. Ronnie makes sense on passing downs as he's the better pass protector and receiver.

Uh Browns injury occurred on his non dominant hand so it should not effect how he carries the ball.

Except when he switches hands to protect the ball, or tries to grip the ball with both arms while plowing through the line.

Somebody please post a place to see this game online FREE. Pretty Please? Help an out of town phin fan!

Yea obviously Ricky Williams is way more talented than Ronnie Brown, WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you serious? Check into a mental hospital.

Carl, he is more talented. Nobody said "way more" talented. Watch the games, it's not hard to see. Ronnie is stil recovering.

I listened in to your radio show Sat. and was amazed I actually agree with some of your views.
However the force out rule is ok now becuse if a defender puts himself in a position to defend the receiver forced out of bounds it is justified.
It takes the official out of the equation and I really think you Writers should be giving an ear full to these refs. The officials in Miami are horrendous and they all need glasses through out the league. Some brains wouldn't hurt either.
Go Phins La Familia rules

What would we do without you Mando

Nfl network replays the games during the week and it is $5 bucks a month in my area.
Go Phins La Familia rules

Cam, last time I checked you need two hands to catch the ball and you switch hands running the ball depending on what side of the field you're running on.

I have to say, Ricky is my starter on this team. With Pennington able to complete a high % of passes, the Dolphins should have a good mix run/pass. Ricky will thrive and Ronnie really needs to man up if he doesnt want to become irrelevant. He hasnt proven himself to be a stud workhorse like RW.

I think Ronnie is a better receiver and blocker in the backfield. Ricky tends to always chop block I know it and the linebackers do also. Ronnie can be just as effective as Ricky running the rock so if he is healthy he gets the start.

Also Roth is a beast against the run and rushig the QB but will be a liability in pass coverage just wait until the real season. We better start working on ways to give him help cause the jets will exploit this

Is there any way to watch this game on the net since it's not shown where I'm at?

to watch the game online try www.stoogetv.com

click "channels" at the top right..

then click "more channels" in the middle

then scroll down and find the fins game.

I downloaded the site watch tv now.com and paid the $32 but how do i find the game? what staion on there is it on? theres no menu?

Maybe you should go google it and try to figure it out instead of ten people posting the same question in the course of 90 minutes!

Does anyboody (including you mando) found what do we get for Travias Daniels?

stooge tv has it.

Travis went for a 7th round pick to the browns. The same pick we will be lucky to get for beck this week.

Manuel, it was a 7th round pick. I can't find it in print anywhere but that guy on ESPN 'confirmed' it was a 7th. It was also reported on Cleveland sports radio, etc. Odd how neither the Dolphins or Browns have released the details. Actually now that I actually gave credit to ESPN, I'm beginning to doubt myself. Shocking though they could get a 7th rounder for Daniels and couldn't get anything for Zach Thomas? Crazy.

It's on tv 33 locally 8:00 pm not on ch 4 cause of Democratic election or something of that nature. And I agree with chris Ricky is more talented than Ronny but not "way more talented" he just has a little something extra.

Some of us unfortunates don't have access to NFL network....#$^%& TW Cable....grrrrr...so we're at the mercy of these streaming sites. Unfortunately, I'll be out so I won't catch it.

http://www.stoogetv.com/player.html ,,,, Phins play @ 7:00pm

fins play at 7 pm eastern or central time? I think they play at 7 central. Am I right?

Armando -- The gumbo is awesome, but if you get the chance hit the redfish, especially blackened or bronzed.

I really like what the Fins have done this preseason as far as playing everybody. No longer must we "save" people. With the way guys move from team to team, I say play the heck out of them. Remember when four of our BIG NAME PLAYERS stood on the sidelines during entire preseason games? Well, they came out in week one, got themselves into overtime, fizzled and lost, and set the tone for the entire season. Good job, Coach Saprano!!!!

tod, Fins play at 7:00 CST.

The fact that they are playing most of their players in all of the preseason games probably also has a lot to do with the fact that just about everyone on the team falls into one of two categories. They are either veterans who have missed time (like ronnie) who need some more game reps or they are players who are playing for their jobs. I think very few players feel truly safe right now, and that is good.

"fins play at 7 pm eastern or central time? I think they play at 7 central. Am I right?

Posted by: tod"

Yes... 7:00pm CST

Yeah 7:00 pm central 8:00 pm eastern

Something tells me that the game either won't be available or won't work on StoogeTV.com, so I'm hoping somebody has a FREE link to the Fins' game on radio. Please help!

Thanks for posting the streaming link!

Anyhow, while Ronnie is an athletic freak, he lacks primo running instincts, vision, dexterity, and balance. Ricky still has those attributes in spades. I hope that he's capable of maintaining them for a while yet.

And we are ready to go

I am watching Buffalo vs. Detroit on now (on http://www.stoogetv.com/player.html) but the damned sound won't work for me...checked the sound on the computer and it came back solid. Dunno what the problem is...

To the guy who paid for online tv, Dude, you just got scamed. There are no legal sites to watch NFL games online man. Tv online sites are just scams, you get alot of crap. Sorry to tell ya.

Okay I found it listed on StoogTV but it's not broadcasting right now, it says 7:30pm but I thought the game started at 8pm

1. ricky is the better talent over ronnie. ricky can break it open, take over a game and carry the O. shoot, wanny didn't win unless either ricky or lamar smith dominated the other team. ronnie, love him, has all the attributes BUT he is consistantly getting hurt. also, for a guy that big he lacks run over your butt power and he doesn't have speed to take it to the house.

best 4 fins. if healthy, start both, ricky the rb and ronnie the fb, use 3 wr to stretch D so they can't stack the line. doing THIS could lead to more wins then anyone could imagine coming off a 1-15 season.

jason allen needs to show he belongs, right now he is possibly 2nd string on a pittiful array of DB talent. basically this yr the fins are stretching what they can out of this class of nobodies, never beens.

who ever asked. travis daniels trade is contingent on his performance this season,,it was a conditional pick. some nfl laws dictate what miami gets as compensation. could range from a #3 to a #7, don't count on 3rd or higher, that guy didnt have much talent to begin with.

If stoogetv doesn't work.. this website should have the radio broadcast.


just click "listen live" around 8pm

You can watch the game here guys FREE


This guy is nice enough to break all kind of copyright laws, and broadcast the game for us using his computer. Make sure to thank the guy!

Okay, it's on www.justin.tv and the player is working now there doing pregame. I think the sites are the same Duh.

I can't find it on stooge...

Well Shockey didn't even dress tonight so I guess Roth will be ok.

Ok, guys (and gals?) I am here. Shockey will not play tonight. Neither will Hollis Thomas or Mark Simoneau or Marques Colston.

On justin.tv how do I get to the Dolphins game


someone posted the link already....


Armando - how long will Ronnie go tonight? And, are they showcasing Beck and/or McCown for any suitors?

..and now I'm watching Shockey throwing the ball in full gear on the field! Ooooops!

Miami's kickoff team is manned by Reggie Torbor, Chris Crocker, Boomer Grigsby, Nathan Jones, Lex Hilliard, Edmond Miles, Jason Allen, and Michael Lehan.

Meanwhile Charlie Anderson coming off injured the field after only one play on defense.

Akin Ayodele great play on screen. Minus 5. Saints punting. Good job by the defense.

Miami continues to experiment on returners with Bess taking the punt. He loses three yards on this return.

Ricky Williams getting a mixed round of boos and cheers when he was introduced.

Williams held to no gain. Brown could get the next series if this one goes for a couple of first downs.

Pennington completes to Camarillo. Gain of 20.

It's good to see our passing rushing unit so healthy.

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