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Live blog from New Orleans Saints game tonight

NEW ORLEANS -- The gumbo is good here but the folks are concerned about Hurricane Gustav that could be threatening this city over the weekend. The Dolphins will be done with business by then.

That business is tonight's preseason finale at the Superdome between the Dolphins and Saints. It should be an interesting exhibition at least for one quarter because both teams plan to use their starters at least that long.

Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins and Chad Henne is expected relieve him. I assume Josh McCown and John Beck could get a call in the second half.

Ricky Williams will start for the Dolphins but coach Tony Sparano said he would also like to get Ronnie Brown some work despite the fact the running back is still recovering from a sprained finger. Brown missed last week's game against Kansas City and got only a couple of carries the week before against Jacksonville before the finger injury happened.

The competition between Chris Crocker and Jason Allen to see which wins the starting free safety job goes to its final stages tonight so watch those two.

Tonight will also be a test for Matt Roth, who apparently has won the starting strong side linebacker job. He will be tested for the second week in a row by an outstanding tight end. Last week it was Tony Gonzalez. Tonight, Jeremy Shockey is scheduled to start for the Saints. This is a matchup that concerns me going into the season because I don't think teams are game-planning against Roth in the preseason, but you can bet they will do that once the games count.

Joey Porter (back) will not play tonight. Charlie Anderson starts at weakside outside linebacker.

I will be here with you LIVE starting at kickoff, which is scheduled for 8 p.m. (east coast time). I will be updating this post before the game should any news or lineup changes occur. So join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Derek Hagan drops a pass down the sideline. He was open and McKenzie made up ground and was in his face. But the pass was in his hands.

good coverage on hagan

derek hagan drops another one.

On third down, Hagan fails to turn around quickly enough to come up with what would have been a first down pass. the ball zipped right past him. It was slightly behind him, but ...

Anderson is back out there so he's fine.

joe horn's cell phone is going to start ringing pretty soon.

Damn Hagan...I thought he had the drops under control!

Of all the players in the last decade I miss Chambers quite a lot!

pennington's arm strength looks pretty damn good to me. what have they been feeding this guy?

Wilford and Hagan can both hit the waiver wire. I'd rather see what Armstrong and waiver-wire trash can do.

Ayodele playing well. Second tackle for loss.

Cam, you are getting rid of guys, but you got no one to replace them....

Randy Starks, coming on of late, is in for the sack.

Ronnie Brown is in at RB.

I am on stooge tv. please for the love of all that is good walk me through step by step on how to watch the game

Nice to see Starks show up and make a play. Also a nifty little return by Bess!

That's not true. I said Armstrong and waiver-wire trash. If Hagan was a reporter, he'd never get the quote right because he'd always be dropping the pencil right as the player was giving a great response.

Brown on a sweep right. Gains 5 yards.

I'm glad Hagan is not a reporter.

Brown had one guy to beat for a big play and that one guy was on the ground so Brown decides to jump over that guy than go around him. He's rusty.

I actually used to be a reporter. I covered the Jets during the Rich Kotite/Bill Parcells years. It was fun.

Carpenter, 7 of 7 before tonight, misses the FG.

Anderson just got stuffed at the line of scrimmage by Jammal Brown who is a very good LT.

Is there anyway i can watch the game on the internet

You can tell Jason Ferguson is out of the game. Saints running well inside the tackles.

Kendall Langford has earned a starting job on this team. You see on that tackle for loss on reason why.

Grammatica good on a 40 yard FG. New Orleans up, 3-0.

the Dolphins are giving Patrick Cobbs every opportunity to make this team, but frankly I don't see him as a kick returner.

Chad Henne in at QB now.The first string OL is still in there.

And where the heck are you guys?

Long missed his block on the last run by Brown.

Mando, you think Henne will ever get the ball in the Enzone this preseason?

Henne almost threw an interception his first play.....

Y is david martin still on the roster?

Henne pass incomplete but it easily could have been intercepted by McKenzie.

Lo, not only is Martin on the roster, he's basically made the team and a starter, depending on what formation they start games in.

armando, im stuck at work hanging off your every word buddy, i may not be the masses, but i am as eager to read what you have to say, as can be....please carry on...

...the streaming feed im watching is blurry....did john beck just take that snap?

Now lets hit on Beck

Sedrick Ellis, being held by Jake Long, forces a fumble by Henne. Saints recover. Ugly.

Why do our WR and TE seem so incredibly inept? Other than Ginn and Fasano, every receiver on our roster I wouldnt mind getting rid of.

missed fg and a henne fumble. the dolphins are NOT going to the super bowl.

cancel my season tickets.

I can see why people hit on Beck all the time... but didnt this guy just do the same thing?


Thanks Jorge. I'll be here through halftime.

No it was Henne doing his impersonation of Beck.

I prefer having Peele over Martin

i think now is a good time to call terry glenn

that is primarily the first-team defense that the Saints are moving the ball against after the turnover.

Was there actually a debate a couple of weeks ago about which "Chad" would start?


Did Long get beat on that play?

Awful- looked like Beck. Exactly like Beck..

Lo, Peelle could have made the team with as many opportunities as he had last week. But he had a penalty on special teams, he couldn't hold the football on a pass that could have been a TD and he didn't fight off the DB on another pass that turned into a Henne interceptions. He regressed.

That's the point.. all the hype... I say let Beck play the 2H.

henne had a "beck moment"

Brent, you could argue he got beat because his guy caused the fumble. But Henne held the ball for a long time.

Pass from Brunell to Terrence Cooper gains 6. Second and goal from the 2.

I give Henne 1 thing... he is cocky... seems to be a prerequisite of a few good QBs (Romo?)

Mando, what 2 or 3 main positions will Parcells and Ireland be on the lookout for with other teams roster cuts next week? O-line depth? LB-depth?

Beck wanted to play but he can't. Sparano said "boo" to him before the game amd Beck peed his pants and started crying.

Duece McAllister goes nowhere. He isn't recoverd from surgery yet.

And he gets stuffed again. Ayodele with the tackle

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