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Live blog from New Orleans Saints game tonight

NEW ORLEANS -- The gumbo is good here but the folks are concerned about Hurricane Gustav that could be threatening this city over the weekend. The Dolphins will be done with business by then.

That business is tonight's preseason finale at the Superdome between the Dolphins and Saints. It should be an interesting exhibition at least for one quarter because both teams plan to use their starters at least that long.

Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins and Chad Henne is expected relieve him. I assume Josh McCown and John Beck could get a call in the second half.

Ricky Williams will start for the Dolphins but coach Tony Sparano said he would also like to get Ronnie Brown some work despite the fact the running back is still recovering from a sprained finger. Brown missed last week's game against Kansas City and got only a couple of carries the week before against Jacksonville before the finger injury happened.

The competition between Chris Crocker and Jason Allen to see which wins the starting free safety job goes to its final stages tonight so watch those two.

Tonight will also be a test for Matt Roth, who apparently has won the starting strong side linebacker job. He will be tested for the second week in a row by an outstanding tight end. Last week it was Tony Gonzalez. Tonight, Jeremy Shockey is scheduled to start for the Saints. This is a matchup that concerns me going into the season because I don't think teams are game-planning against Roth in the preseason, but you can bet they will do that once the games count.

Joey Porter (back) will not play tonight. Charlie Anderson starts at weakside outside linebacker.

I will be here with you LIVE starting at kickoff, which is scheduled for 8 p.m. (east coast time). I will be updating this post before the game should any news or lineup changes occur. So join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Who's a bigger slob on the sidelines? Sparano or Belichick?

Dat Roro: Maybe you don't know the rules, but if you want to plug your website, buy an ad.

There are rules??? Since when??

Don't worry, man. We plug you and reference you and all that. Don't get all jealous...there are enough eyes for everyone.

OK then, post it again.

Sparano & Bess need to process that fumble in a more non-confrontational manner. Otherwise, Sparano may ruin Bess's self-esteem. I hope apologies and a good (& calm) heart-to-heart are in order in the locker room during half-time.

I am not watching the game, but the stats show a pretty good half. While the turnover showed up for N.O. on the scoreboard, we are ahead in toal yardage 169-52. Not bad.

sparano does look like a homeless fat guy on the sideline. all of parcells' guys dress like slobs.

Dat Roro is a tribute to the uncluttered mind.

Mando - Do you think Sparano figures that Henne has had done enough tonight and let Beck get some playing time in the second half.

Dat: I was going to be a good guy and leave your website address, but then you impersonated me again and you're back in the doghouse. You're not very smart are you?

no to beck. if he stinks than we lose trade value

Ok... I admit. I know John Beck from his mission days... and I also speak portugues..


What are you talking about? I haven't done that once! There is a snake amongst us.

This is being reported on NFL Network: According to Adam Schefter, the Saints will spend the week practicing at the now-vacant RCA Dome, and then return to New Orleans on Friday for their regular-season opener against the Buccaneers because of the Hurricane Gustav threat

I expect either Beck or McCown or both are up next. henne seems to be done.

Never mind. Henne warming up forthe second half.

What trade value does Beck have at this point, seriously?

I hope Beck plays in the 4th. Other teams need game film on him other than him fumbling.

the local CBS broadcast sucks all the time. these guys calling the game are terrible.

Probably the cut and scoop by Baltimore is the most likely scenario...

Yeah talk about a one man wrecking machine Wanstache screwed this team up bad. I wonder if in the history of the NFL if anyone one has wasted as much talent as the Stache

If Henne has a nice drive, he's done for the night.

thank you Ray from San Diego

There is BECK!!!

How has Renaldo looked? Any noise from Rod Wright or Soliai? Did Ginn do anything? Bess fumbled?

david martin what a bum

Has Beck really looked that bad in camp or is it a matter of not getting any reps? Has he had enough of a chance for Sparano to evaluate him?

bruno, who cares about beck?

Soon enough he will be gone... poor thing.

just heard the play by play guy say that henne will play into the third quarter.

Jay D

Not only did we have the Stache, but the Dolphins organization is the same one that had Marino for 17 years and couldn't put enough talent around him to win a Super Bowl. I love the Phins, but it ain't easy.

illegal bat?

Mando. I know WR is a position of depth will be looked @. I would like an experienced receiver to fill that void. Forget T Glenn. Is Eric Moulds available & does he have anything left in the tank?

Now... you talk about a waste of a 2nd round pick... Beck will be CUT... that's just as bad as it gets...

Dolphins a 8-8 team this year? Yes We Can!

Beck is failing forward fast in the spirit of all things Cameron.

Brandon Fields with another punt inside the twenty!

Ronnie and Henne both started slow but ended up looking real good! The defense now has 7 sacks in 6 quarters, pretty good if you ask me and Akin is looking like a GREAT pick up....still only 28 and he and Channing play with a real fire out there....should be an interesting year.....we can't start games the way we did this one though or else we will be in major trouble!

Yeah but atleast for those 17 years we were could compete. After the stache we have been horrible

If Beck gets cut, then you guys won't be able to bit&h as much... then 'Mando's blog will get less hits, then 'Mando will get fired, and the same will happen to the other blogs. Then the local media will stop reporting on the 'Fins and the fans will turn on the team. No one will come to the games or buy 'fins items. The team will have to move to LA and the 'fins will no longer exist... all because we cut Beck. So, you see, keeping Beck is paramount to the success of this team.

henne is still in the game

don't forget the snake oil salesman.. JJ

Are we playing out second team yet

test 1


Henne just threw an ugly pick, now Beck is chewing him out on the sidelines while Henne rolls his eyes.

beck isn't chewing anyone out.

I just got in. Why does Ricky have only 2 carries. Did he get hurt?

Don't be ridiculous MartinK. Here's my scenario:

We'll always find things to complain about the Phins. Mando could always do a shirtless photo shoot for the website...chicks dig Mando. The Herald would prosper and devote more time to the musings of Mando and his coverage of the Phins. Local fans would go insane for the Dolphins and sell out every game. This would stop Jets fans from taking over the stadium, resulting in a key win that gives the Dolphins the division title and home field advantage. This Mando mania sweeps Miami and carries the team on a playoff run resulting in a Super Bowl win for the Phins. Mando (topless of course) serves as grand marshal for the victory parade.

Beck said: "If you had fumbled the snap, you wouldn't have thrown that pick!"

At least Al Gore knows what he is talking about. With Garth Brooks on for McCain Obama needed Bono or Bruce Springsteen live!

Sorry for Political interlude but it will be big cheeze with Hurricanes in following week.

We need to keep winning to keep the confidence.

I'm confused boys and girls about the new found love for Crowder. I hope he goes on to become another Zach but he is not half the leader Thomas or the other thing now playing with the Redskins. Need LT backup who is it Armando do you know?

bruno hahaha thats awsome hahaha

@rick. I think they were trying to give ronnie more carries to start.

If 'Mando is holding the book of Mormon during the parade and it has a picture of Beck on the front, then we would be on to something.

I really like Parmele he looks like he could be a solid back in this league... He looks fast

Oh good


I forgot to mention the key role that the punting of Brandon Fields punting would play in my scenario. Those two things, Mando shirtless and our punting prowess. It could happen.

Is Henne still in at QB?

Finman, do you think Beck would cry if Fields punted his helmet onto the field?

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