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Live blog from New Orleans Saints game tonight

NEW ORLEANS -- The gumbo is good here but the folks are concerned about Hurricane Gustav that could be threatening this city over the weekend. The Dolphins will be done with business by then.

That business is tonight's preseason finale at the Superdome between the Dolphins and Saints. It should be an interesting exhibition at least for one quarter because both teams plan to use their starters at least that long.

Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins and Chad Henne is expected relieve him. I assume Josh McCown and John Beck could get a call in the second half.

Ricky Williams will start for the Dolphins but coach Tony Sparano said he would also like to get Ronnie Brown some work despite the fact the running back is still recovering from a sprained finger. Brown missed last week's game against Kansas City and got only a couple of carries the week before against Jacksonville before the finger injury happened.

The competition between Chris Crocker and Jason Allen to see which wins the starting free safety job goes to its final stages tonight so watch those two.

Tonight will also be a test for Matt Roth, who apparently has won the starting strong side linebacker job. He will be tested for the second week in a row by an outstanding tight end. Last week it was Tony Gonzalez. Tonight, Jeremy Shockey is scheduled to start for the Saints. This is a matchup that concerns me going into the season because I don't think teams are game-planning against Roth in the preseason, but you can bet they will do that once the games count.

Joey Porter (back) will not play tonight. Charlie Anderson starts at weakside outside linebacker.

I will be here with you LIVE starting at kickoff, which is scheduled for 8 p.m. (east coast time). I will be updating this post before the game should any news or lineup changes occur. So join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Where is ricky? i just got home?

Ronnie has ALWAYS been slow to start...Hence the reason last year he wasn't productive until Cam decided to start feeding him the ball...Once he gets over 10 carries though he thinks hes superman and plays like it...I LOVE watchin' him drop the shoulder...I've ALWAYS loved Ronnie. I could watch his Youtube highlights all day

No but he might drop a deuce in his pants.

I think it was a major mistake for Tony to coach this game, instead of following the precedent set last year by Coach Cam, who delegated the head coaching duties so he could scout the team. Why is Tony abandoning tradition??

Another one inside the twenty for Brandon Fields. What a performance!!

i think they're resting ricky. henne is still in at QB


I have to concur with Al Knowing, we will rue this day my fellow Phin Fans.

Yes we can yes we can yes we can

What are you guys doing watching football? You need to be worshiping at the altar of "O"bama. Don't you know he is a rockstar! Who the hell thought that the Greek altar would be a good idea. I wonder if yes he can indeed walk on water. Thank God (or is it thank Obama) that I have three channels of football, and my fins to watch instead.

Hope floats and so does my sh--.

I wonder if Obama could be our full-time halftime speaker... he'd inspire some people and piss off others. Either way, they'd be fired up.

Mando - I have to ask, after his punting performance tonight, when will the Herald be doing a feature on Brandon Fields?

Merling is a stud

Ok how are we looking now, and which defense is on the field, would love to see a pick return for a score.

Now its Beck's time to do some REAL damage.

Enough of the political gar-bage, don't we get enough of that everywhere else. This space is for the Phins.


Defense is looking strong for the most part. I think (? watching a grainy game) we just got a sack and I know they punted the ball. I think it is 2nd /3rd stringers on D.


Hey Armando, Merling is a big guy. Do you think he could put on a few pounds and play inside on the d-line?

john beck fumbled his first snap

Oh no! The apocalypse is upon us. Obama on stage and John Beck in at QB.

Did Beck just fumble...again....?

just wanted to rile up the rednecks on here. btw dolphins look great. yes we can yes we can.

You have to be kidding me with that play calling! Why dont they just let the guy throw a damn pass?

What a disaster... I really feel sorry for the guy at this point. His career is probably over.

For most people its work, eat, sleep. For Beck its fumble, defecate, sulk.

Yeah Becks career is over. He`s not mobile enough to play even up here in Canada

Wow, that fly-wheel is hot! Move over Super-man, I be breaking out the fly-wheel at all the clubs. Thanks Crowder! Thats how I roll.

Beck fumbles his first snap?! What a surprise... This guy can not hold on to a football... UFB!!!

Palko down, Dotson with the sack. But his flywheel needs some serious work.

finally a fins team with an attitude. parcells is god.. yes we can yes we can.

A philosophical question:

If no one is around when Beck fumbles a snap, does he still drop a deuce in his pants?

Ok Beck... lets try again...

Mr. Miagi should go and teach them the "paint the fence" / "wax the car" moves

I thought the team was doing the crankshaft not the flywheel?

ugh. i've seen enough of this beck character.

lol finman. I say yes, its like breathing for the rest of us. It just comes naturally for Beck.

Wow, did last season screw up Beck's head or what? I'm gonna call him "The Dooker".

they don't even let beck throw. that's funny.

stupid penalty. sparano is gonna be all over him for that.

Is Armando asleep? Maybe he's watching the DNC.. Armano? Armando?

Beck, 2/2 17yrds.

The Dolphins pro shop is running a special on John Beck jerseys.....limited time only

'BECK' isn't the only jersey that has a closeout special.... arghhhh

oh no. third down means beck has to throw. gulp.

lol another fumble


Where are all the Beck supporters now? Time for the excuses to role. How Cam ruined the guy, how his bottom wasn't powdered right. How it takes time to perfect the fumbling technique. Quick one guys, worse waste of a second-rounder; Beck or A.J. Feeley?

I hate to say we ought to look at more Dallas castoffs...but....we ought to look at more Boys-gone-cut.

They manhandled (forget the score) the Vikes and probably have 4-5 guys who will be cut and who are better than Fins who already made the 53-man roster.

Beck is worse... AJ is the backup in Philly

the coaches aren't letting beck throw. lol

Not even on 3rd and long. Cant believe it.

Armando - you with us dawg? Your sweet thing offerred somethin'? Because I don't feel the love baby...

Good bye John Beck...we hardly knew you. Best of luck to you with the Ravens. Be proud, you'll continue the proud tradition of fine quarterbacking that exists at the Ravens.

Agreed Bruno.

that's how bad they think beck is.

Brett who?

Armando is writing his article

Ok guys... See you next Sunday, one John Beck less in the roster.

Thats it for the preseason. Only 9 days to go till the regular season starts, go fins. Might be the last time this year we have a winning record.

Beck was worth by far, at least Feeley led us to victory in the MNF game against the Patriots in 2004 and made me laugh when he got his buttocks injured. All I will remember of Beck is his inability to execute a freaking snap.

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