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Live blog from Dolphins versus Jags tonight

JACKSONVILLE -- This town has really blossomed since I was last here for the Super Bowl three years ago. It has a Ruth's Chris now to go along with the Sonic and the Hooters. Just kidding.

Anyway, the Dolphins are in town.

A couple of the DBs had dinner at the Chris Friday night, I was told.

Bill Parcells, who hates to fly, is not on this trip.

Chad Pennington, who is expected to play as much as one half for the Dolphins, obviously is here. Chad Henne could get much of the second half. And then there is Josh McCown and John Beck. We'll see what happens with them.

Anyway, there will be a live blog starting a little before the game as I describe the action, share thoughts and, basically, just hang out with you guys on here. So join me in the comments section for the fun.


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Yea. Before I moved to Jacksonville it was called the city that stinks (20 years ago). It was also considered a hick town. We're big time now. We have an NFL team.

I should have said when I moved to Jacksonville instead of before.

Jacksonville has had a Ruth Chris long before the Super Bowl. It is right on the river and is one of the better franchises in Florida. Unlike other dark, dank, windowless R.C.'s it has large windows overlooking the river and it's service was adequate. Research and copy editing are still taught in colleges of journalism, I think.

Interested to hear about how the 1st team D, Pennington, Henne and OL looks. As well as how Bess is doing as the 3rd WR. Thanks

I'll be there, and I'll have the game streaming online. I look forward to it. Go Phins!

i wish i could watch the game... i have nfl sunday ticket where i can watch any game but that is only for the reg season.... anyone know how i can watch it live online for free??


I used this last year, and it worked, but don't know about this year. Try SOPCAST. Some kind soul may broadcast the game for you.

I'll cross my fingers. Hopefully Arrrrrrmando won't have a deadline for a column tomorrow and can keep us more updated than he did last week. Not a jab at you Armando, just hoping we can get more info as the game progresses.

I'd rather live here in Jacksonville than in that drug infested, illegal immigrant haven you still call an American city.

Why would the first thing in your blog be to rag on a city? Have you seen what goes on in Miami? You sir, are loser. Kind of like your team.

go to www.myp2p.eu they will have a stream for the game

the game will be streamed on tvants here the link for it enjoy u need to download tvants for this

dolt boy does it to try to hack on me I guess, but he's merely showing his true color(ed). Wonder how long it will take for this post to be deleted as well. I noticed you didn't mangle syntax as is your wont when overreaching your capacity, staying within yourself is a good idea. Si?


Can the game be heard via Internet radio? I will be at work in San Diego tonight :(

The TV replay won't be shown until Monday. Way too late to enjoy.

Ken, I think you have to get field pass for internet radio, 9 bucks a month at NFL.com thru realnetworks

That's how I do it, at any rate... would love to find a free site.

JaxDolphin: I applaud your use of the word syntax. Nice to see you've worked your way up to two-syllable words.

Well done, Jethro. Hope your cypherin' is coming along also.

Tyler, I have the sunday ticket as well which means you have the nfl network and they show all preseason games on its channel although it maybe a few days late your still able to watch it... the Fins and Jags game is coming on NFL Network at 1 pm on monday August 18th.

I live in Jacksonville and hate it... cant wait until i get out of school so I can move!!!

Ken: I thought you could listen to the game on the Dolphins flagship radio station's website or on the Dolphins website for free. You cannot.

I now realize you can get it on NFL.com but you need to sign up for field pass which costs about $10 per month or $30 for the entire season. I know, it's not much of an option.

Duh! What I said.

What's the point of attacking Armando? You don't just wander into a website and read it. you chose to come here and you chose to read it. You most likely read it all the time, so why add to his hits on the website then?

Stupid people that need to feel better about themselves by bringing other people down. Go to a Jags blog if you don't like it here. Might as well be a jets or patriots fan cause you sound just like them.

Can we please stick to the dolphins......

Stop slamming j'ville and I'll stop slamming you on this one.

So I could buy the field pass or go to jaxdolphin's house? I think I'll buy the pass. I don't like stepping in sheep dung.

Armando, keep us posted on the receivers, as has been your focus in the paper this week: route running, downfield blocking, separation.

And, indeed, I salute your mockery of Jacksonville, or, as I like to call it, the Dayton, Ohio, of the south, only without the charm.

That's ok tommy, any friend of 'mando's isn't really welcome here.

Thanks for the info, JaxDolphin and Armando. I was aware of the pay option. Last week, I tried to listen via WQAM's Internet site, but they only aired their stupid commercials online. What's the deal? It's just a stupid preseason game. I ended up following the game via NFL's play-by-play, which is boring, but better than nothing. If the game is broadcast for free in Miami, why shouldn't those of us who live thousands of miles away listen to it for free on the Internet?

By the way, I grew up near Dayton, Ohio, so I got a big laugh at Tony's comments. It's a good place to be FROM. lol. But I would not choose to live in Jacksonville, either, for that matter. I lived for many years in Fort Lauderdale and held season tickets to the Dolphins at the Orange Bowl and what was then Joe Robbie Stadium, but my career has since taken me all over. Love it here in San Diego.

jacksonville has way too many corrupt politicans, much too high of a crime rate and is home to one of the most polluted river in the world, this town is bad... the superbowl accommodations were horrible not enough hotels to handle the crowds.... send the Jags to L.A.

At the risk of stating the obvious, for those of you with Sirius Radio, the Miami broadcast is on channel 153.

You're welcome, Ken. Just didn't want you to get stuck listening to dead air on WQAM again.

rick weaver here, broadcasting from the nick saban memorial bubble, which is as empty this afternoon as its namesake's soul, with a different take on the jacksonville bashing.

they have a decent french restaurant there, bistro aix:


and they have a decent cuban restaurant:


can't be that much of a crap hole, now, can it?

what the heck????? no tuna at the game? i like that job, let's see, you get Wayne to sign a big $$$$ contract to you, and then you stay home in South Florida, during the away game and, order in sushi, & watch Brett Favre's debut with the Jets. How hoopie is that?

"JaxDolphin: I applaud your use of the word syntax. Nice to see you've worked your way up to two-syllable words.

Well done, Jethro. Hope your cypherin' is coming along also."


I just want to say GO PHINS,lets go CHAD!

time to get straight on the Q.B. sit.

for those trying to listen for free google sunny 105.9 wocl in orlando....they broadcast wqam without blackout online.....sorry don't have the link handy

for those trying to listen for free google sunny 105.9 wocl in orlando....they broadcast wqam without blackout online.....sorry don't have the link handy

Hey ALL U DolPhans that wanna listen to The Phins vs The Jags tonight LIVE on-line check out www.sunnydolphins.com or www.sunny1059.com and GOTO the LISTEN LIVE LINK.... starts at 7pm EST. Let's GO PHINS!

I dl'ed the tvant and got it ready. right now it shows the Angels and Indians game. Is that right?

Jacksonville is a dump- just another 2nd tier city wannabe.

by the way, I'm dialed into that Orlando station and they're playing the Bee Gees right now.

Fever at night, fever at night, fever, we know how to do it .... fever at night, fever at night, fever, we know how to show it ...

Ken In San Diego-

Check out StoogeTV.com...my brother watched the Steelers/Bills game the other night on his computer...entirely free.

Keep you job tonight, catch it, throw it, keep your job tonight, don't blow it. Get in the end zone tonight, or Parcells will know it...know it.

The Tri-Gee's

Can i listen to the game on a miami radio station?(online)

the tvant is working for me channell 420tv.
right now it's the Jags pre-game show.
I live in Los Angeles so this is awesome.

I have a new post up on a lineup change. Click there and we'll do the live blog in the comments section there. Not here.

I'm at the game tonight right behind the home team end zone. I hope we see some good things tonight. Main thing though is I want to see Bess show he's the truth. Oh and I've had a lot of people yell at me to take Cleo Lemon Back. Guess he stinks here too. LOL

tvant doesn't work for Mac OS!!!! that sucks!!! I'm gonna have to buy windows--I never thought I'd be punished for having style--I don't even know anyone that doesn't use a Mac. Except for my mom...
anybody know a link that works for Macs? I'm gonna search right now.


That aint all your mom uses.

Shane-- no kidding, she's a real cougar.

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