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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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you realize your readers are prolly on the comments sect. of the earlier post.

all right , I'm here. Run Ricky Run.
I can't believe the=at more wasn't made of Ricky's injury vs. The Steelers.Meaning,the guy that stomped on him clearly looked intentional to me. He should have at least been fined.

you delete friendly & relatively inoffensive (& becoming more & more accurate} posts?

never mind; I'm a dope & apologize Mando

God help us..... Farve (Golden Boy) just tossed a TD.........

I'm not looking for improvement. I am looking for wildcard contention today

comcast is black on channel 4..anyone having trouble

this sucks that its the Jags feed but atleast I can see it.

Tell the Commish this is insane that out of state fans can't watch a pre-season game within 36 hours of kick-off. I can hardly wait 'til they go to an 18 game schedule and they can jack-up my Sunday Ticket another $100.

Here we go, Mando! I am very anxious to see Pennington and the receivers. We need to score more TDs per game than we have been in the previous 50 games.

a new york jet leading the miami dolphins. we are a joke

Um, I'm thinking this Orlando station isn't playing the Dolphins game online.

Ok, Dolphins receive the ball first.

first play looks ok

Cobbs, getting his chance as a returner, goes 23 yards to the 24.

Double tight end. Ricky goes wide to the right side. Gains only 1.

Hey I'm on www.stoogetv.com and watching The Miami /Jags Game LIVE ON-Line! I live in Nevada.
or Listen on www.sunnydolphins.com and goto "listen live."

can I get a link so I can hear this game?

4 wide set.... no one in the backfield! Penalty! Sheesh

Dolphins came out in three receiver set with Bess ahead of Wilford, as was posted earlier on the blog.

www.myp2p.eu and download tvant and you can see it.

oh we look sharp

OK, back to back penalties on the Dolphins. 2nd and 19 now.

Williams into the line for 3 yards. third and 16.

Pennington out of the shotgun was looking at Ginn the entire time. Scrambled instead. fourth down and 7.

Us out of towners really appreciate the live blog. keep the plays coming Mando!

Our special teams looks HOT! Good improvement over last year

folks, the wifi at the waffle house on route one in jville is working fine.


rick weaver (ghost of)

Joey Porter starts as expected. Dolphins stop Taylor for 3 yards.

Matt Roth was just playing LB and dropped back into coverage!

Wow good 1st non-drive.

Defense is compitent so far

the press box announcer just called akin Ayodele, Akin A dowley. And the guy played here a while back.

Roth hasbeen taking all his snaps in practice at linebacker

at leat d works

Ricky will be in for the second set of downs also.

Yeah, I know Roth has been doing that in PRACTICE. I just never thought they'd actually use him like that in a game!

confused. moving backwards, scrambling for our lives..looks like last yr, no?

Dolphins had maximum protection but Pennington had to scramble because Paul Spicer blew by David martin's block.

Pennington incomplete. Brings up third down.


We picked up a first down. I am really impressed

Sweep by Williams for 2 yards and a first down

mobility from a dolphins quarterback?! what is this?!

was that a good 1?

Pennington to Ginn on the incut for 22 yards. Ginn catches the ball in open field but gets tackled from behind.

Williams runs left. FINALLY A RUN TO THE LEFT SIDE.

Ricky running strong. Up the gut and shifts in the hole. Good job. Gained 7.

first and goal

Now we have an offense

Williams up the gut again, but breaks it outside for five yards.

Ricky Williams TD.

TD Ricky!!

Do the jaguars really suck or do we look like a playoff offense. Hopefully Ricky wont retire on the season opener

Drive 8 plays 57 yards, 3:53.

oh my god! and a touchdown too?! this is pure pandemonium.

Uh, aren't the Jags supposed to be a big time contender? Did we just ram it down their throat?

So what do you think? Like Ricky as the starter over Ronnie?

folks, the crowd at the waffle house here in jville has grown somber.

the wifi still strong, though.

all hail ricky williams.

--rick weaver (ghost of)

student body left.

If the O-line plays like this all season then the we are going to surprise a lot of people.

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