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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Miami has the dolphins the greatest football team they run the ball from goal to goal like no one's ever seen.

whoopdee-doo Edith, whoopdee-doo!!!@!

i'm still a pretty big ronnie fan i must say. i think if he gets healthy enough he could have a big year.

Way to SMASHMOUTH into the endzone! IN YR FACE! Go Phins!

Lets see Ronnie Run First Armando. Ricky looks damn good though. I have more confidence in him at this point.

Dolphins in Garrard's face. there is a flag in the secondary. Pass intereference on Jason Allen. Dumb penalty by him.

I meant interference. Porter good job holding the edge vs. Taylor

You can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh1t

Defense loosing it in the passing game

Garrard finds Lewis, the TE, in the opening of the Miami zone.

Pretty good pressure by the Dolphins up front. Garrard is very good at stepping up in the pocket, tho.

PI on Jason Alen

third and 5. Big play as last week the Dolphins couldn't get off the field on third down.

The Fins O-Line looks great! And the D-Line isn't far behind!

garrard is having a tough time seeing over miami's huge defensive line.

Scobee FG is short.

OK, Ronnie Brown is in the game now.

And the Fins look FIESTY!

My god we get to see the offense 3 times in one quater. I am very impressed

Does Mark Duper still play?

I am almost scared to get excited

Yeah, I keep reminding myself that this is JUST THE PRESEASON.

Grigsby, in a battle with Mauia,picks up 7 on the checkdown.

Brown running hard for 5 yards.

O-line is solid and nice cut by Ronnie. Good to see with that knee

Bad blocking on the edge by the OL. Brown loses 3 yards. But it took him a while to get out there, it seemed.

Ronnie is not ready. Very slow up the gut and on the pitch

Screen pass to Brown sniffed out by Jax D. Gained only 3 yards.

Long is everywhere. Not only is he strong, he gets downfield quick.

I never thought I'd hear someone call Ronni Brown slow. Now Mark Higgs......

yeah baby!!!!

Pennington and Ginn hook up again on an incut. Great pluck of the ball by Ginn in traffic.

Ok Ginn and Pennington look good together!

Damn, I am going to have start taking back all my comments about the GInnn family.

End around to Hagan. Nice play-calling!

2 a.m in Germany and Ricky looks awesome

Fins are marching down the field! In the red zone!

i don't see beck on the field with the quarterbacks.

Well so long Beck. We hardly knew ye.

QB's huddling on sidelines, but Beck nowhere to be seen. Did they cut him yet?

End of the first quarter. OK, this is preseason and it is only a couple of series.

but this offense seems to be improving and with Pennington at the helm, they don't seem overmatched on passing downs.

The Jags defense must be getting an earful. They are getting beat down by the Fins.

Ginn just needed someone to get him the ball. Don't hate on him cause he was a Cam Cameron pick. He has skills. Reminds me of my buddy #83 mark Clayton

Beck might have some free time upcoming so he can do another mission.

i dont know if i can take all this excitement!

Ginn looks great!

Anyone else notice when the QB's are together with Sparano on the sideline you only see Pennington, Henne and McCown?

I think it's called 'foreshadowing'.

Williams back in.

That is very strange.

Ronnie to the locker room!!!

I can't believe this...The station showing the game is having technical errors! What a crock...Last week the cable went out so I couldn't even read the blog...I'm destined to not see the games!

Ronnie Brown went to the locker room, but he's back out..... probably needed to potty. LOL

Sparano must be competing with Bill Belicheat on who can look like the biggest slob on the sidelines. Think Belicheat with the herpes sore has him though.

A whole 27 yds offense for the Jags in the 1st qtr! When was the last time in any game at any time that we held a team to that little offense?

LOL @ edswood

I'm looking for Ronnie Brown on the sideline ...
Never mind. He's hurt. Thumb injury. He is questionable to return.

ARMANDO............WOW, "IF" this OFFENSE gels faster than we think, what do you think of adding BOLDIN WR to this OFFENSE who is looking good already???????

Feeley's release might have been politics, but Carpenter has a nice strong accurate leg.


got the program, but where the heck do i find the game?


Did you guys really believe all the hype that brown was going to come back so quickly?

That Brown update was mine. I hate this typepad program.

That Witherspoon is faster than Ginn.

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