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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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FINS NEWS JUST IN!!!!!!next week's game SPARANO will let his assistant coaches COACH the game while he sits back and evaluates........

This must be the b group in on special teams

Kickers you can find anywhere. We found Olindo mare on The NY Giants practice squad. Again, if parcells didnt have confidence in the kid, he wouldnt be here.

Yeah, typepad sucks.

this special teams stuff is starting to bug me. They spent all this money in the offseason to improve the special teams. They practice it more than any Miami team I have ever seen.

And they have huge seams on KO returns.

Thumb injury much better than reinjuring the knee.

I knew I liked Dan Henning.. now I know why

got to love that coach cameron

www.myp2p.eu click on am. football and click on the dolphins game. you need to have both open for it to work but once you get it you can close the myp2p page

Ronnie Lott lost a finger and continued to play.

you can see the game but they are delayed by 2-3 plays

Total yards:
Fins 116
Jags 31

Channing Crowder excellent play on a run. Weird celebration aftward.

I give Long all that praise and then he gives up his first sack lol.

the defense got off the field again! damn!

LOL@ again at Edswood
I remember that

Bell moving well is a great sign.

Bell just made a big third down play, to force the Jags to go for it on 4th and 2

Jags disrespect on fourth and 2. Walker toasts Will Allen deep but the pass is overthrown.


And Pennington is still just catching on...

Who was that just got burned?

Thanks Mando

Pennington out of the game. 5 of 6 for 55 yards. Rating of 104.9

On the play when Cobbs lost 4 yards that was all Long's fault. He completely mised his guy. He wil be fine though.

Henne is in there sooner than I thought.

Chad Henne in the game!

Henne gets his turn now.

OK dont get too overhyped here - please. The Fins prepared for this one - normally teams start to prepare for the 3rd preseason game - so we are not yet in the Superbowl.

But actually it looks really nice and Jake Long is getting some free lessons - nice - better now than during the season.

We're dominating a playoff caliber, well coached team.

Long gave up a sack tonight?

We have a Beck sighting.

Announcers saying Henne will play the rest of the game?!?

THANK YOU!!!! Dude, it's like Christmas (or Hannakah)

Sorry Brent, not a sack but a loss.

chad henne in the game

Beck looked constipated

What is MIKE WALKER'S speed?????? cause he just toasted WILL "TOAST" ALLEN., yeah Allen had a good year last year but to me in the short stuff and vs. the run, not a great cover guy and deep guy

Yeah, Spicer totally faked him out.

Ronnie Brown running back onto the field. Might get back in the game.

No apologies needed. . .I can't watch the game from my location.

Boy did Henne stare down the receiver.

hey guys do you miss me?

np, glad to help. Brent why cant you see the game?

Cobbs guilty of interference with the punt receiver.

Free kick interference? That is a new one.

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Get out of here Cam!

what the henne was he thinking? lucky to keep the ball.

Cam I miss you failing forward fast. Baltimore will love it though.

why in the heck did they take Pennington out so early, yeah some great series but does he know the entire play book already???????

I live in NC. . . don't have a dish either.

Put Pennington back in, please. I want this win!

Roth gets a sack!

Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin.

Roth beats a OT for a sack.

Roth gets a sack. Looks much better as a LB than as a DE

third down. jax 0-for-3 tonight so far.

Jones makes a nice catch, give that guy a line.

i am very concerned about this secondary

Matt "cocaine" Jones picks up 12 yards on Miami.

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