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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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and it leaves your name off too

The quarter has flown by

Ricky - 10 carries 43 yards and a touchdown

How deep of a pass attempt was it to Ginn??

44 yards

Henne has the arm, but Penne gets us TD's. Thats all I care about. 5-6 baby.

why are we taking a TO during the 2 minute warning?

Had to be 40 yards

Bess guilty of illegal formation

Henne has a gun for an arm, and very accurate down the field. I'm beginning to think he may be the real deal...

Heck even with his arm hit that pass had zip. The fins must be thinking this is flag football

Pennington takes us to the Superbowl this year, and Henne to 6 more in the next decade. (Ah, it's good in my world of make- believe.)

Ginn should have tried to get out of bounds.

How come with his speed Ginn has zero YAC?

Fasano. Doink. Pass off his hands.

Henne to Hagan. Came back for the ball to make the catch. Good stuff.

Hagan caught the ball! Hagan caught the ball

Bad play with a minute left

Hagan dropping passes was last year. Lets be optimistic

Cobbs not really having a great game so far.

The famous DRAW! x 2

Is Cam coaching this team again? That was horrific clock management

imagine a SHOCKEY for JT and BOLDIN on this team????? DON'T THINK FASANO will amount to anything WE NEED A STUD TE!!!!!!

2 plays in 58 sec! How stupid..2 runs???

Great kick by the idiot kicker


Carpenter making the Dolphins decision to cut Feely seem like the right thing to do.

I guess Carpenter is proving the Fins made a good decision cutting Feeley.

Fantastic interview as always by Spudrano

Feely.... not Feeley ;-)

Looked like Sparano was a cow in the field chewing grass.

Jay who?

again, agian, agian, I am the only person on planet earth that noctices that everyone we play committes zero penaties? Six quaters now now and who we play has 0 PENALTIES? AM I PARANOID??????????????????????

Tavarius Jackson QB from Minnesota hurt his leg. Don't know how serious but was limping significantly. Can anyone say QB trade???

After that first half I am feeley a little tingly. If the fins keep this up this blog is going to explode next week with playoff predictions lol.

i guess these guys know how to identify talent.

I was concentrating so much on getting the coin flip right I forgot we were supposed to call penalties on both teams...

Phil Luckett

HEY maybe SPEILMAN would give us a 1st and 3rd for BECK,

Beck would be better in a west coast offense Turd. They have no wide recievers to trade for, but picks are always nice

Yes ricknovaaa... you are paranoid..

Will be interesting to see how much work Beck and McCown get. I really hope we keep Beck. McCown didn't do much in training camp to separate himself, and he's the veteran.... I think we keep Beck in the wings and see what happens...

Time to get some grub Mr. Hand, I will be back.


1. BOLDIN WR for a 2nd next yr

2. signing LITO SHEPPARD CB for what???

2009 draft ===

1st rd. OLB/ILB
2nd rd. TE
3rd rd. OLINE

stop, stop stop stop stop these stupid posts, someone acklowlege that in 6 quaters of football in the preseason that our opponent has committed a SINGLE PENALTY, AM I THE ONLY ONE ON EARTH THAT SEES THIS???????????????

Seems to me if the Vikings might be looking for a QB, the Dolphins should keep Beck on the sideline in the second half and not ruin the possibilities.

Hello, Mr. Spielman, How may we help you?? Oh, is John Beck available, sure he is..........

HA! Good one Mando!

The best the team has looked in a long time, love the QB play, receivers are playing better...looks really good for once.

Also...I LOVE MEN!!!

true, 6 penalties 60 yards is a big killer. luckily the offense is picking up the slack, but we need better discipline.

some interceptions/big plays from our secondary would be nice too. looks like they'll be playing our old friend cleo lemon for the 3rd quarter.

Trade McCown to the Vikes, not Beck.

Hey Mondo, how's the halftime grub???

some of you people are disgusting

Backup O-line coming in: ruh roh!!

anyone know who the VIKS backup Qb's are?????

This is a lot more fun than last year.

you peaple are nuts. what is the point? one talking about gettting a wide reciever they will never give up. You have talked more about the stupid vikings more than the dolphins. I give up, you people are nuts. NO ONE WILL ACKNOWLAGE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS GAME. YOU PEOPPLE ARE NUTS!

Miami has the lead at the half.... last time i saw that was...was it the redskins? Could it be that long ago?

crush lemon

Cleo Lemon just came in and the Miami Dolphins secured their first win of the 08 season.

Gus Frerotte I believe is Minnesota's backup

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