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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Gus Frerrotte

rickanoova, you are probably right. SInce the Phins are such a dominant team, the NFL has probably told the refs to make it hard on them this preseason since the games mean so much. The refs probably get together after each Q and figure out how to screw Miami over even more. Im sure it has nothing to do with our lack of talent and discipline and probably has everything to do with the refs. Thank you for pointing this out to us, so we can get back to posting about all the other stupid stuff like how Ricky looks, and how Ginn is doing and the Henne Pennington development.

pathetic. lemon completes a wounded duck.

GOOD OLE' GUS.......man our CB'S are horrible........

jones should have intercepted that one.

Nick, if yu still were the coach of the Miami Dolphins, would you be talking to the players about the Christmas tree's lights??

this may have already been posted, but are there any online stations playing the game?? I'm fiending here in montana...


Guys, you will have to carry the day the remainder of this quarter at least as I am now on deadline and writing my column for tomorrow. I'll be back later.

Play nice.

you can watch it by downloading tvant and then go to
www.myp2p.eu click on am. football, 'fins game and open it


Joey Thomas with an int. !!!!

lemon still sucks!!!!!

interception, joey thomas, there we go!!!

Cleo being Cleo.

Besides Frerotte, I think the Vikings may also have Brooks Bollinger.

Lemon sucks, big time! Bad throw!


Checkout StoogeTV.com...you can get the feed for free. Fiend.

The reason nobody else gets called for penalties against the Dolphins is because nobody commits them.

We're so bad that they don't have to jump offsides in order to pressure the QB or hold in order to protect their QB.

Vikings backup is Gus Frerotte, who is the Dolphins best QB post Marino. So the Vikes already have the best QB the Dolphins could possibly give to them.

our backups are better than theirs. good going. i am not impressed with Chad Henne

i ate my shoe

1st team O-Line is still in the game!

anyone have a link for tvant donwload, googled it but none of them are working

Henne is not a very good backup. He doesn't recognise 8 in the box. that should have been play action

that was a bad bailout pass

Ryan is gone after that drop.

The Vikings bloggers on the Star Tribune site say it's a knee injury.

Dolphanforlife if you don't think henne is playing well then your an idiot.

what is the churning butter nonsense about?

DOLPHINFORLIFE changes name to DORKFORLIFE what the heck are you talking about?? didn't the ball go off the hands of the TE????? and in the 2nd preseason game and a ROOKIE QB I don't think there is alot of game planning and AUDIBLE'S



Fellas, This might be the first time I have watched a Miami Dolphin football T-E-A-M in a few years. Maybe not world beaters right now, but definately on the same page. Enjoy your beers tonight.....

Ronnie Brown's hand in a cast

trapper, that link doesnt work once you actually click the free download part

Look the kid Henne just doesn't have it

where's his shoe???

Nice try..no one is talking about Gin...they are talking about the vikings and cardnals. Players we can't trade and players we can't trade for. You still don't think it odd...Ok, maybe we committe 50 penalties a game. but is is possible that two teams in the preseason we play against has committed NONE? THE NLF AVERAGE IN THE REGULAR SEASON IS 8.

oh thats right, i think i payed the 3.14

yeah I think your right DORKFORLIFE 2 qtrs for a ROOKIE qb AND you already know, wow you know football......

Dolphanforlife your a troll and an idiot.

told you. henne isnt very good

I was able to dl the free one

www.officialtvsports.com but there's a fee to download tvants' software

gonner's from tonight's game----

DANIELS QB, RYAN QB anybody else?????

Ryan can't catch! He had a chance to make some yards, but couldn't reel the ball in without falling on his face..... he's gone!

There you go


wilford with the drop. surprise...

Try one of the links at the bottom of this page:


there's several dl sites

henne has no touch

Ricknovaa...yes the penalty difference is odd. But it has to be coincedence unless someone has payed off the ref's so they can bet on a preseason game.

double opps RYAN TE, need to lay off the green lizards....

Lex Hilliard saved Henne from a huge collision!

yeah how was that THROW DORK FOR LIFE>>??

Dolphanforlife likes it in the butt

put on recordd as not being ahenne fan. At this point I would prefer to see beck or McCown


Carpenter is good..... another one good! 44 yards!

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