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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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sparano needs to calm down. he's too fat to be getting worked up for nothing. not good for his health.

McCown should start or be the second option

Dolphanforlife is just gay for beck.

Beck can't come out to play right now. He is busy being buried at the bottom of the depth chart. Speaking of Beck, looks like he is about to cry on the sidelines.

If beck gets back in he would PROBABLY win his job back

beck sighting! finally saw him talking to henne and david lee.

last year our best fantasy guy was Brandon Fields

DolphanforLife to star opposite with Jay "Buck" Fieldler in the remake of

"Brokeback Mountain"

Yes it does seem Dolphanforlife has a bro-crush on Beck. Dolphanforlife try Brady Quinn, he seems more susceptible to the man-love.

man DolphanforLife, you're even stupider than me

lol@Judge Wapner

Weakest roughing the passer call I have ever seen.

This kid for Jacksonville will be a great one.

Ok, ok, Lets just say, you at your job for a year, your boss says, ok kid, lets see you start picking up your sales numbers. SO, you work your butt off, hit a few bumps, but start to pick up a little steam.
While you are doing everything you can to succeed, you Boss highers two accomplished guys and one newbie like yourself and then tells you your not good enough and he never had faith in you.
The NFL is a horrible business to work for.

Nice throw into double coverage.

Bryan and Roberson joining Beck in the unemployment line.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!

bye bye number 47......was that Courtney Bryan he SUX

Chris Brown 97 yard TD run??

What the hell happened? A pass for -41 yards then a 97 yard run??

I can't see the game. How do you have a -41 yard pass???

If I was getting paid $500 a year I don't care who he brought in. I could retire after 4 years.

Agreed Arg but the rest of us stiffs get treated like shi- for alot less money than pro football players. So my sympathy is minimial.

hah, cbs sportsline didnt turn the field around it was a 3 yard run

Ok, DORK FOR LIFE it's almost time to put your Dolphin JAMMIES ON and go nite nite

Must have been a glitch. Watching NFL.com play by play.

Interested to see who the QB for the fins is now.

Chris Roberson has to go. Got blown away by JAx receiver

If we see Henne right now we might as well release Beck on Monday

That chick in the Hodges University commercial runs funny.

Henne is in. Good Bye Beck. Wish you had a legitimate shot

Dolphanforlife is an idiot

Camarillo catching everything thrown to him. Doing all he can to make the team. Wilford should be taking notes.

Good game Dolphins

Gregg actually got the save! Marlins Win! Now the 'Fins just need to close it out!

Dolphanforlife you can join Beck when he finds his next mission(ary) position.

Dolphan4life is not a fan at all. He is a Jets fan in sheeps clothing with nothing better to do than to screw with you people and you're falling for it. You are giving him all of the attention that he doesn't receive in his life and he is loving it. Stop placating this fool. What's the score?

19-7 'Fins 6 min left 4q

NYScott.....Dolphanforlife....wtf? Whos the wolf, who's the sheep....I just can't tell.

19-7 Fins

19-7 1:51 left

Bouman seems a much better option for the Jags than Lemon.

Bouman is the real deal

I will vouch for NYScott, he is a Dolfan, just lives in the wrong state like me


Legitimate shot?! What, two years for a soon to be 28 year old QB isn't enough time? Hey lets just wait until the guy is in his thirties than maybe he will be good. The guy hasn't done ONE thing in the NFL to prove he deserves even a backup role.

Perfect 2 minute drill execution

19-7 Scott but the fins dominated the entire game except for the very end of the 4th quarter. Even though special teams still were not very special, and lots of penalties on the fins. The two Chad's played very well.

I am loving this Bouman kid at QB

the two chads played very, very well

Ricky ran like he did when he had dreads, and the starting O-line dominated the Jags strong DL.

Yeeeeaaahhhh. A lot of smart people in here tonight. Hey arg, I grew up in south Florida and moved to NY because I was offered a great job. Should I now switch and root for the Jets after being a phin fan for 30 years? Gimme a break.

chad p. is gonna make ginn into L.coles.1st d looked good.Rooks played good.Roth looked good at lb.Henne looks great for a rook.need to cut down penalties but offense actually had some spark.Almost forgot DOLPHINS4LIFE IS A DOUCHE.

so far this years qb class has looked pretty good henne, matt ryan, and colt brennan have all played rather well. flacco hasnt played well but I sure he will turn it around. mabey this years class will turn out like the class of 83

The biggest negative was Wilford still sucks.

Yea, the guy isn't doing bad but the dolphins are giving a huge cushion right now. That long pass he had to set up the TD was a nice throw though.

Armando? No love bro.


Thank you edswood and Denver, much appreciated and great to hear. Lets hope our guys continue to grow and hopefully we can turn the bottom of the roster over after teams start making cuts.

cheers NYScott!

Oh and Soliai needs to learn how to go forward instead of just backwards

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