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Live blog versus Jaguars [Newest version]

Watching the Dolphins warming up pregame and Ricky Williams is working with the starters ahead of Ronnie Brown.

That leads me to believe Williams will be starting for the Dolphins tonight. Fact is, I just confirmed Williams will start.

Coach Tony Sparano wants to see how Williams reacts to starting while watching how Brown reacts to coming off the bench.

Still think Brown will play.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog.


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Your fine Scott, it was just funny that you called out Dolphins4life for being a Jet fan and your login is such that it made the comment interesting.
I am currently in the Bahammas so I am with you on the relocation.

We are going to have fun this season on the Blog. See you guys next week. Good game Dolphins.

No prob

arg. You should come to waterloo and watch the games sometimes since you are down here in the Bahamas

the dolphins were the better coached team tonight. very impressive.

Well, its been real. Catch you guys on the flip side. Thanks for the blog Armando its always fun.

Im stuck in NE

Ha, would have been funny if they put Beck or McCown in to kneel the ball.

Miami trades Beck to Minnesota...

Not sure about better coached, but were definitely more physical, which is the Parcells imprint. Have faith this rebuilding effort will eventually be successful. Just watch Hard Knocks and see that awesome Cowboys team that Parcells was instrumental in putting together.

Thank's for the link I was able to watch the game online.

On another note, did anyone see Zach Thomas on Hard Knocks this past week. That boy can still bring it, flattening Ray Lewis's brother. Seeing the segment they did on him made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. I wish him the best this year, and as much as I dislike the Cowboys I wouldn't mind them winning it all this year for Zach

I think Henne was outstanding> he definitely has the best deep arm of anyone we have had here since Dan the Man and his short and intermediate throws were on target as well. The lines looked great, Ricky looks like Ricky the only problem for us is our DBs and WRs. We need to play better in the secondary and at the WR positions.

The best Zach story is about his parents running over his head in the drive way.
I mean, you don't hear that every day about your favorite football player. I think he survived because his head is shaped in a general square shape. Or perhaps that was what happend after the incident....btw....edswood, i was nostalgic as well, especially when they did the whole bit on his stretching routine.

btw phelps racing at 10:58

ITs amazing how all the Henne lovers yell and scream to the one person that has a negative opinion of him. When I look at Henne I see nothing special either. He has the arm to go down the field but i dont see him as somebody that can be a starting quarterback. Those of you who complain about the fact that Beck sucked last year have no sample size because he was a rookie who although I was yelling for him to paly was rushed in, behind a terrible offensive line and no experienced or good receivers. When Henne is being protected by Jake Long and throwing to Ernest Wilford rather then when Beck was being "protected" by Cory Lekkerkerker and throwing to Aaron Halterman there is no way you can compare the two on an even plane.

The only thing I would like to see is fair competition for the race for the silver medal in the quarterbacks race. But we get fed all of this crap that Parcells, Ireland, and the gang did not hand pick this guy means he is going to be a failure. So we might have to keep Josh McCown even though there is no point in doing so, but hes a Parcells Guy, my now most hated term in sports.

Give Beck '08 a chance

Chris,,,,,I mean Dolphan4life,,,,,,enough already. We have no say in what happens to Beck so you will have to call Parcells.

Thats okay that you don't see anything special in Henne because the rest of the NFL DOES. Wake up guy. Are you a coach for the Dolphins? Do you spend every day with this kid? How in the heck would you have any idea how good he is going to be and why should anyone listen to you over Bill Parcells?

And lastly, Cam Cameron thought that Beck was the steal of the draft last year. Hows that working out for him? Every other QB taken has made strides except Beck. You have to stop playing favorites and take a look at the big picture. He will do a lot better in a different system on a different team. Cameron ruined him in a phins uniform, he's done here and he needs a fresh start somewhere else.

You guys all have fair points but how do you know that any of us are right? Including Parcells. For all we know Beck can become a pro-bowler and Henne could suck, or vice versa.

Im not saying complaining about it is gonna change it, but I would like to see fair competition and i dont see any reason why not.

Plus, NYScott, do you spend every day with Henne to know whether he is good or not?

Im only looking at numbers ok based on this preseason, I know it is a very limited sample size.

Beck has had three possesions, two that were outright failures mostly due to a lacking running game and terrible receivers, and one that looked good but was torn by a penalty

Henne played almost 3 full quarters today, averaged 5 yards a completition, and in two game of almost 8-12 possesions, has produced twelve points. Pennington did that in a quarter.

When I say Henne hasnt shown anything special and im just looking at the facts and what i saw, I see not only no difference between Beck and Henne but I also see nothing special in Henne.

chris did you watch the game? henne made better throws in two and a half quarters than beck has made in a year.

By the way, I am no way criticizing Henne like the other guy, but I just dont think he is as good as everyone makes him out to be and he is just another average to good quarterback.

We shouldnt be having this discussion because Pennington, other than the disaster that was the first possesion, played lights out tonight and I was really impressed but I know he can do that. I like him but I get riled up when I dont even know who are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best quarterbacks on the team are, have no evidence based on practice who they are not only because I cant watch them but based on what I read nobody sticks out over the other, and the coaching staff and management dont seek out in what order and how much playing time quarterbacks not named Pennington should get.

That is the only thing that pisses me off but by week 6 when Pennington has been really good I may or may not care any more.

wow...henne was impressive.....composure....with a condom on of course....ricky and cobbs were awesome. hope ronnie didn't get hurt

o line first team very very impressive.

bess and wilford sucked.

defence all around 1st and 2nd unit solid. d line fist strng awesome....way solid.

they scored on our 3rd an above units.

bottom line, we beat a playoff team

Looks like some Gator fans still stunned about how Henne pasted them in their bowl game last year. Thats the only rationale I can see for their useless analyses.

I went to the game in Jacksonville last night and let me say that it was the most enjoyable Dolphins experience I have had since 2006. It may have been a preseason game, but those were all starters playing the first half. The shut out was in part to do with Gerrard overthrowing a receiver that DUSTED our secondary. It was also due partly to Paul S. stripping the ball from Jones Drew at the 2 yard line. Pennington looked good - his runs were nice. Teddy Ginn looked really good as well. Big catches to keep drives alive. The rook kicker Carpenter was on fire....Biggest of all though was Ricky. He's back - no doubts in my mind anymore.

Finally, anyone who says Chad Henne isn't all that great clearly didn't just watch him play an entire half of football. He looks WAY more confident than Beck ever did. He made good decisions and showed great accuracy. He's handds down the #2 qb - maybe even #1 if Chad P goes downhill.

by the way, when I say shut out I obviously mean the first half shut out when all the starters were playing.

Hey Cam!

You wanna go push over that big Marino statue together?

Just watched SportsCenter Highlights.
No mention of the FINS.
They compared the J-E-T-S re-tread QB to the PACKERS boy blunder...what a CROCK.
Neither team is news worthy...both lost...J-E-T-S need a field goal kicker...Jay?
How about comparing the J-E-T-S biggest mistake to the Dolphins "Look What I Found!" QB?

Nope! More to come on Nemo Phelps 8 gold metals...

That game was the most "together" I've seen the team on offense since Marino left. A line that gives our QB a chance AND THEY ARE YOUNG. I see great things for this team, this year and well beyond. Henne for a Rookie had composure and zip on the ball. And oh yes, Ricky is Back !!!

"Looks like some Gator fans still stunned about how Henne pasted them in their bowl game last year. Thats the only rationale I can see for their useless analyses."

Sir, I could not hate the Gators anymore. Why do the people that have their pants down when Henne is playing can't see any other opinion that he'll be better than Peyton Manning?

And of course, because he shows confidence, that means hes good. What if hes wetting himself and we don't know it?

My only point was that Henne might be bad or he might be good, and just because he made some nice throws in preseason doesn't mean he is the best quarterback ever. Dolphins fans want something to cling on to but we can't get ahead of ourselves. I also wanted to see a fair competition because Ive said this twice since I started posted last night and nobody has yet to refute it.

You can't compare this year's supporting cast to last year's "supporting" cast which failed and was ravaged by injury. We don't know who is the best of either Henne or Beck, and I would like to find out in game action and we didn't get to see that last night.

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