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Mando's prediction for the AFC East [updated]

I've been thinking about this a long time -- at least the last 10 minutes or so -- and I have decided to share with you my prediction and expectation of what will happen in the AFC East this season.

Understand that professionals out in Las Vegas have established the over and under victory total for the Dolphins to be 5 1/2. You either have to pick them to win five games (under) or six games (over) to post a wager in that town.

In keeping with my optimistic nature, I'm going with the over. But in keeping with my equally realistic nature, I'm also picking them to finish last in the AFC East. Here is how I think they'll finish:

New England 10-6

New York      10-6

Buffalo         8-8

Miami          6-10

I think the Dolphins will be vastly improved this year, but I still have concerns about the team's ability to pass the ball consistently and I think that will ultimately hurt the running game. I have concerns about how the team will get defensive pressure on the quarterback and that may expose the secondary some.

I also see this team is not blessed with depth. So if the players stay healthy, good things will happen. But if there is an average number of injuries throughout this season, that will cost the team dearly -- more than it would most teams. Last year, you must understand, was a terrible year for injuries and we saw the results.

Understand this is only a prediction so there is a only one way to be right and a million ways to be wrong. Last year I picked the team to go 10-6 so take all this with a grain of salt.

But use this as a forum to have fun and share your opinions and give your predictions of what the 2008 Dolphins are likely to do. Also take the poll over which I slaved for several seconds.

By the way, this is what Jimmy Johnson is saying about the Dolphins: "I do see the Dolphins being a little bit better," he said. "Parcells, I talked to him last week and he likes their defensive front."

Johnson still sees the Patriots winning the division and says the Jets will "only compete to be the second best team in the division." Johnson thinks the addition of Brett Favre will add a spark to the Jets, but he doesn't think they're ready to overtake the Pats because their defense isn't that good, in his opinion.


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I never look at predictions and only did this by mistake. I take life and sports one day at a time. That being said there is no way the Jets are going to be that good. They made a lot of big moves but they were more splash then substance and the kind that should blow up in their face. The Faneca signing added a good player but at a crazy contract in terms of the amount of years for his age.

I'm not sure how you still have a job with a prediction like that. The Dolphins are going to surprise the whole league. Don't forget last year we had everything go wrong that could, I mean everything. Not to mention I think we could have won about 6 games last year if a little good luck had even shown its head our way! Ive been a Dolphin fan since the 70's and I won't give up on them. (although last year tested my loyalty). It all hinges on Pennington. If he can get the team behind him they will be a force! you heard it here first.

I think most people are under-estimating the Dolphins this year. The 1-15 record last year was very deceptive. If last year's team was healthy and had Pennington at QB, they win at least 6 games.

I think by year's end, the Dolphins will have one of the top running games in the league. Their QB and receivers are good enough especially considering the number of 8 man fronts they'll see.

The linebackers are the biggest concern. Porter's really hurting. Roth's got no experience (though he's showing great penetration). I'm not sold on Ayodele or Anderson.

The Jets will be lucky to win 6 games. Favre has a lot less talent in NY than he had in Green Bay. He's going to be an interception machine.

The Bills don't have a proven QB.

New England 15-1
Miami 9-7
Buffalo 7-9
Jets 5-11

I like 6-10 for Miami. I mean, I don't LIKE it, but I'd be satisfied with that much progress. Anything better than 6-10 would be icing.

However, no way Buffalo and the Jets are that good. Also have to agree that 6 losses is a bit high for the Pats. I agree they are declining a bit, but they still have a talented group.

New England 12-4
New York Jets 8-8
Miami 6-10
Buffalo 5-11

OMG! You still have a JOB???? How can you be a Dolphins beat writer with a prediction like that? You should just move to NY, you Jets loving HACK!!!


There. Got that out of the way, so those who actually would mean that don't have to. I agree with you that we should win about six games. I think Sean is more spot on with the rest of the division. Thx for not stroking the nutcases.lol.

Mando, i think you are about right. But I will root for them to be 10-6, though, and expect that they will go 6-10 or 5-11, hopefully end up with the 5th-8th pick, and continue to build quality and depth. if we start down the path of annual 8-8 teams, we will end up a mediocre franchise for years. I would rather have the pain now, the gain later.

New England 12-4
New York 9-7
Miami 6-10
Buffalo 6-10

Before last weeks game I would have only given the fins 4 or 5 wins. Now I think we might be able to upset the Jets in Wk. 1, and get at least six wins. Slightly more optimistic, but not wanting to get my hopes too high. It really looks like Pennington is going to make a big difference. Still, the depth is lacking, the schedule is semi-difficult, we have to travel to the west coast several times, and lots of rookies playing, who tend to tire out late in a season. Glass Penny staying healthy will also be a big factor.
I agree with Eric that I would rather have a 5-11 year than a mediocre 8-8 and get higher draft picks. We really need a young pass-rushing OLB (I know I sound like a broken record).

I also agree with the possibility that New England could fall back closer to the pack, especially how they have looked in the preseason. Still, Belicheck and Brady are probably just playing possum, and until proven otherwise I won't underestimate them.

Armando, what do you think of the idea of trading Holliday to the Giants for a possible third or fourth rounder, if Strahan doesn't return?

BTW, I know several people have been talking about how Beck would do well in Seattle. I say that is never going to happen after seeing their #3 QB Charlie Frye play better than Beck ever has. It would take Beck ten checkdowns to equal the bomb Frye threw to Burleson.

WHY all the Love again for New England....the tires come off this Year on that OLD Defense....The Cheaters come back down to Earth...

Also excited because today is the first round of cuts. I see that Samson Satele's brother Hercules is available after being cut by the Cards. That could be interesting having one brother back-up the other brother. We could also get Chris Liewinski back at guard since the Jags cut him (I know, the guy sucks and our youngsters are probably better). Funny considering he was a starter last year. I also see the Titans have cut tackle Brandon Torrey. I have never heard of this guy, but we are extremely bare at back-up tackle, and the Sosa guy we signed yesterday seems like a crapshoot.

Finally, I found that the fins are still 16.2 million under the cap, and therefore could add a high profile player if one happens to be cut for salary cap purposes. As green as our team is I would expect us to have more cap room. I guess $20 mil is probably tied up in our four QB's. While another 6 mil is wasted on that deadwood named Wilford. If I have one criticism of the Tuna so far its overpaying very mediocre free agents. $6 mil for Wilford when two dollars would be too much. $6 mil for McClown to play go-fish. I also heard the amount of money we paid Starks shocked alot of other GM's. Not good considering that two rookies have outplayed him. The saddest part is looking at the fact the fins with no big name stars are 16 mil below the cap, and the 13 pro-bowl Cowboys are 9.6 mil under. Also the best team on paper Chargers are 9.2 mil under the cap. IMHO Jerry Jones is the best owner in the NFL, and A.J. Smith is the best GM.

Judging from your "realistic nature" in '07 when you said a team that dumped it's top 4 defense in January of '07 was going to go 10-6, you either don't know what "realistic nature" means or you're simply not very realistic!


-Parcels, his coaches and his methods have had nothing but success,

-Henning and Maser were phenomenol in Carolina and Maser was a beast with the OL and rushing attack in Jax in early 2000's,

-in '05 the 'phins went 9-7 with Frerotte at QB (we now have Penny), an OL that everyone knows was worse than we have now, the same RBs, a revamped defense that was much older (in '08 they're younger and as talented), and brand new coaching (just like in '08 but now better!)

The REALITY is that the 'phins will take one game from everyone in the division and go 10-6 just like the Cowboys the first year Parcels had them!

I tend to think 6 or 7 wins is probably about right, but the great thing is that after the last couple preseason games have given me hope that there is the slightest possibility of playoffs. Stranger things have happened. Just to have that out there in the distance as a possibility will make this season so much more fun to watch. Let's just hope they don't fall hard when the season starts so I can keep my playoff fantasy for at least a few weeks.

6 or 7 wins seems about right. But the Pats will win more than 10 and the Yets will not win 10. They're posers as always.

Armando, your a bit of a joker to all the Dolphins fans. Here's one of the many reason's why. Last year you predicted the phins would go 10-6, under Cam Cameron and Mueller's expert tenure, with Trent 'Scrambled eggs Green at the helm. Now with a legend in Parcells, the most accurate passer in NFL history, an amazing coaching staff, vastly improved defense and offensive lines, with a healthy Ricky and incredible team morale you see us going 6-10. So tell us all why last years regime far and away impressed you over this years ??? I know the answer, but have a go if you have the bottle.


I think it is far more likely the STINKING jets win 6 or less games and the Fins have a good shot at the playoffs - yeh I know I drink the cool aid every year, that's what being a fan is - eternal hope. I was very impressed with the way the Jags game went and Penney exceeds my expectations.

He is a very bright guy with great accuracy. This team is set up for a protector of the ball, an in your face running game and a stout defense. All of that is here right now. The secondary is looking awesome - it is amazing they kept virtually all of the secondary got a pick for the marginal one they traded and are faced with cutting a very good one one. Oh, and no one thought this OL would be where it is today.

The STINKING jets remind me of Shula's last year or two - he brings in a ton of ex number 1's and they don't jell and sucked.

Pass the cool aid please!

I'll take the bait. 10 - 6 and wild card.

Jets go to 10-6? Where is their running game? Where is their defense? Who are their receivers?

I still think there is a large gulf between NE and the rest of the teams in the division in terms of talent, which will not begin to close until later this year.

Armando: "Here's a bone - you kids go play with it."

Dummies: "Oh boy, oh boy"!

Armando (heading for the bank): "What a country."

I predict Brady goes down for at least 6 weeks this year and New England fails to make the playoffs beat that!

This is what I think;

New England 13-3
NY Jets 8-8
Miami 8-8
Buffalo 6-10

Favre will have his moments but don't forget before last season he threw 30 picks a year the previous two on a much better team. I think Miami will surprise some people, though I agree with the previous posters; Miami could've won 5 or 6 games last year with tons of injuries, deadweight and a soft and clueless coaching staff. I don't think the Jets are going to be great because of Favre (his arm is already 'fatigued') and the Bills will have a hard time anytime they are behind. That's my two cents.

As Armando wrote, pre-season predictions are a crap shoot. Too many things can happen along the way -- easy field goals missed or tough ones made, young players surprising, an unexpectedly tough schedule, drug test failures, arrests w/ suspensions and -- by far most of all -- injuries.

I wouldn't be surprised unless the Fins were worse than 5-11 or better than 10-6.

I'll take the optimistic round up on the middle of that range and go with 8 wins.

New England 12-4
Miami 10-6
New York 7-9
Buffalo 6-10

Mark it down. They talk about the turnaround job Parcells and company did for years and years!!!

It's all about depth. First teamers are good but after that we really don't know. second and third teamers have gone against similar competition and although they have done well the last couple of weeks, we really don't know how they would do against the firsts.

If they go healthy throughout the season they'll be better than most expert say. If they don't, they won't beat the under.

So I raise my beer to a healthy season. Dolphins 9-7......the rest I don't really give a damn, yet.

Right on Mando,

I think you hit out a pretty good one here, obviously every Dolfan wants them to win the Superbowl, but this is what we are hoping every year for a long time, so I would be really fine wit 6-10 but I think they will go 5-11. WHY you might ask - here are some words for you out there :

Porter is one back spasm away from IR

Chad has a Rookie O-line and could get killed by just one little Rookie mistake in a minute and then we turn it to ... yeah right!

Ricky is, was and will be awesome - BUT I don't want to be the fool who thinks he will be there till the end of the season again. Made that mistake twice - it won't happen a third time.

Ronnie will come back and hopefully Pennington is still playing when this happens BUT right now he is just hurt and has to proove that he is as good as last year. Before he shows it to me its just a WISH.

So you see and I see - we are much better but one or two injuries away from where we finished last year.

So - 5-11 will make me happy. Don't get me wrong here - I will take a Superbowl any minute, but we have to keep it low till we reach the playoffs again.

By the way - we will WIN against the JETS in the first game just because everything I said about what can happen will wait till after the fist real game - I hope.

GO Fins

All of you;OMG,YOU STILL HAVE A JOB,moronic idiotic fools out there have to be less than 10 years old,,get a life,Armando Salguero has a real nice life compared to you ignorant unteachable wastes of oxygen.

Mando can make a prediction like 6-10, because its safe. Come on dude sack up here for us! If the season goes anything like last year, I think we're still make it to 4-12/5-11, if we have some success we can get to 6-8 wins, and I think 4-8 wins is about an 85% chance of happening. With that said Mando has gone right in the middle predicting 6 wins, you can't get any safer than that.

Now that I've given it some thought six plus wins looks very doable, time to walk down the street and make a small over wager.

The Dolphins will definitely do better than predicted. The passing game, as far as I have seen, is pretty damn consistant at this point. With the add of Pennington, we now have consistancy. I expect the Phins to go at least 8-8 if not 9-7.

I think 6 - 8 wins is not only a fair prediction but it gives us dolphin fans hope for the future. I have always respected Bill Parcels but have not really cared for him. But now after I see how the fins have played these last 2 preseason games, I must say that he is a football genius. Who could have predicted such a turnaround so quickly. The o- line, the defense, the quarterback, and yes even the receivers, and special teams are all playing extremely better in preseason than all of last year combined. No, we are not super bowl material, but guys this is going to be a turnaround season. Thank God, the dolphins and the fans will not be the punchline jokes at parties anymore. Very pleased with the new regime. Go Fins!!!!

The schedule

NY Jets - Dolphins win...Pennys revenge

at Arizona - Dolphins win..still a very weak team

at New England - New England wins... Still to much of a talent for us to overcome


San Diego - San Diego wins...Probably the most talented team in the NFL

at Houston - Dolphins win... It will be close, but as a fan I pick the fish.

Baltimore - Dolphins win... We beat them last year we are a way better team, so we beat them again.

Buffalo - Dolphins win... They always seem tough but we have thier number this year.

at Denver - Dolphins win...We only have lost once to the Broncos since 1983. In 1998 against Elway in the playoffs.

Seattle - Seattle wins...They have too much fire power right now.

Oakland - Dolphins win... AFC west very week. Okland is no exception.

New England - New England wins... Our only hope is Brady is hurt.

at St. Louis - Dolphins win...There is a reason St. Louis had the number two pick in the draft. They sucked too last year. We have a much better team this year.

at Buffalo - Dolphins win...Like I said before we have thier number this year.

San Francisco - Dolphins win... San Fran has not got back on track this year either. They will have a new coach next year.

at Kansas City - Dolphins win... We all saw the presean game.

at NY Jets - Jet win...Late in the season, cold and snowy.

Dolphins go 11-5 based on a much improved team and strength of schedule.

i don't have a problem with 6-10 for the fins as a prediction. it's very safe. i think they will get 7, maybe 8. they play a last place schedule that includes the texans, raiders, and ravens. they luck out and play the weakest nfc division, the west. seattle is aging but still good, the rest is either in our boat or rising but not sure fired contenders.

i don't like the patsies but no way they lose 6 games.

i hate the jets and no way the win 10 games. favre spent 6 months drinking beer and riding a tractor. he doesn't throw a real pass in 8 months. he has so-so receivers and not good running game. i think we see 2 int's per game from him.

i don't care about the bills.

Tod, I like your enthusiasm but 11-5?? Come on dude, I think your numbers are a little optimistic. I do like your positivity though and I hope it rubs off on more of our fans.

Arm Sal is playing it safe, repeating what everybody else in sports "media" is saying. I can't blame him the dolphins have burned all the front running prognosticators in the past (read: Saban), but the reality is the Jets, and the Bills are not that much better than the Dolphins. No proven QB in Buffaloe and a over hyped over paid squad in NY. 1-15 was an aberration and Pennington levels the field in terms of a functioning NFL offensive. New England will come back to the pack a bit but they still have Brady (though we should keep an eye on the ankle). With that in mind here's what I hope.

Patriots 11-5
Dolphins 8-8
Jets 7-9
Bills 6-10

I predict there will be no dominos game in locker room....and coachs will work after hour unlike Camoron that sent people home.
Mando I dont know where do you get balls to talk about predictions after 10-6 last year you showld avoid that topic all together

you should resign. I get so sick of you bad mouthing the Dolphins as if you are looking for failure. You are so negative it is not funny. if you don"t like the Dolphins then quit. I would pass out just to see three positive write ups on the Dolphins from you. cover the Patriots you traitor.

DELFINES??? What the hell is that? Please people, let's stay away from renaming the DOLPHINS with stupid nicknames. GO PHINS!!!

It's nice to see people being optimistic but I'm afraid they are setting themselves up for some major dissapointment. NO WAY they win any more than 8 games this season. I seriously hope I'm wrong but the team is just too young and inexperienced to do any better. The depth problem will be our achilles heel.

The Bills and Jets are not that good. The AFC East will beat up on each other but the Pats will still come away with most of wins even if just by a FG. If Tom Brady isn't healthy, then I'd change this prediction because without him the Pats are a very average team.

New England 12-4
New York 8-8
Miami 7-9
Buffalo 7-9

Terrill you're kidding right? This is an opinion based blog but this particular post is based on mostly the facts that are staring us all in the face. He is being realistic, not negative. On the other hand we have people who think we're going to the championship game one year removed from 1-15, with a whole new coaching staff, 20 new players, in a very tough division, unproven wr's, rookie o-line, injury prone QB, questionable secondary, and with very little quality depth. Those are the facts.

MAndo I agree about the dolphins but I think buffalo will surprise some people this year. I think they'll be ahead of the jets

Pats 12-4
Bills 9-7
Sucks 8-8
Dolphins 7-9

My most comfortable prediction: the Bills will end with more wins than the Sucks.

Lastly, I feel bad for Porter but would also like to thank Mueller/Cam for signing an aging linebacker (with injury problems) to a huge contract. The Steelers knew he wasn't going to hold up but once again Cam/Mueller were completely clueless and went against the general consensus. Thank you Randy and Cam and congratulations, your incompetence is still a shining example of how NOT to run an NFL franchise.

Don't you guys think the "how do you have a job?" comments are kind of played out already?

The guy has a job because many of you read him more often than you read the BIBLE. And many of you apparently commit his writings to memory which is why you bring up stuff he's written in the past.

So get over it already.

Delfines are Dolphins you tool. Look at the two words closely and put a stopwatch on yourself to see how long it takes you to figure it out -- even now that I've given you the answer.

Lets just focus on beating the Jets in Week One....anything can happen after that.

I know what you were saying, Willi. It is just STUPID. Makes no sense much like your comment to me. The only tool in here is you. Get a life and come up with something wittier than Delphines....WHAT? DOUCHE!

Laugh if you want but this is a 9 or 10 win team .they will get better all year long watch.

I have to agree with several other posters here - and apparently go against what some experts are saying... The Jests will not be a good team this year. 10 - 6??? No way. They will have a losing record this year. Favre is definitely an upgrade for them - in the short term. But the rest of the team will drag him down.
A 6 - 10 record for the Fins sounds about right, but I wouldn't be surprised with a 7 - 9 record, splitting against the Jests and maybe the Jills.
Overall, looks like another divisional cake-walk for the Patsies this year.

The same Jimmy Johnson who said that the Dolphins should be ready to go to the Super Bowl during his 3rd season with the team?

Personally, I think that the Jets are going to S-U-C-K, suck SUCK SUCK!!! The Bills are the 2nd best team in the division.

I have to agree. 6-10 is where I put the Dolphins as well considering the lack of depth, schedule and no legit No. 1 WR.

Maybe they can eek out 7-9 if their starters stay healthy for the entire season and some of the teams that have looked less than stellar in the preseason turn out to be just that.

But yes the team is vastly improved from a coaching and OL/DL stand point. A little added depth on the lines along with some WRs and secondary help and these Dolphins will be competing once again for the AFC East.

For the record

1) New England Patriots 11-5
2) Buffalo Bills 9-7
3) Miami Dolphins 7-9
4) New York Jets 5-11

5-9 wins depending on the injury outlook is safe land security. I'm going 9 games because there are too many winnable games on the schedule, with a caveat. If Penny plays all 16 we win 10. If ChadP has Long and Carey and Ricky and Ronnie, He'll win those games we've been losing by 3. I see our losses one Jets there, one Buffalo there 2 NE, San Diego Seattle Houston Denver give us 9-7. I don't believe we'll get swept by Seattle,Houston, Dever.It's going to be a fun season because we're going to compete. Ronnie, Ricky, and Teddy are going to be playmakers because of our Mr.P Remember all those times Mr. Pennington has snatched victory from us in the 4th quarter. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe I'm a Pennington,Parcells convert. Go Figure Stefin

Mando is right about us not having any depth, especially on the offensive line, and if we do have the average number of injuries, we will be a 6-10 team at best. With as young and inexperienced as our line is, and before we signed CP, I figured 5-11 was the call...but now that we have CP, and judging by they way our line has been playing, I think we're going to do MUCH better than I first thought. Add in the fact that BP teams historically have been healthy teams, and we're very young all over, so I expect we'll be very healthy this year. IF our offensive line stays healthy (and I do mean ZERO injuries to our starters), then I think we go 9-7...probably not enough to make the playoffs, but if we can squeeze out another lucky win...we can NOT afford ANY injuries to our offensive line...we MUST stay healthy there to have a shot, and our starting linemen are young and strong, so keep your fingers crossed, as we have NOTHING on the bench there at all.

As for the Jets...they finish on the bottom of the division...2-14...why? The Madden Curse of course...Favre will go down for the season with an injury, as that is what always happens to every player to grace the cover of that game...that leaves Clemmens as their trigger man...NY is goin DOWN!!!

The Pats aren't going to dominate like they did last year either...that defense is a shadow of what it once was...they're old and slow or inexperienced, so I think the Pats finish 11-5 this year and exit the playoffs in the divisional round. I think we finish tied with Buffalo at 9-7...divisional record determining the place. Don't know how that will go...we'll have to wait see, but I think we both split with the Pats and each other, but the Bills also split with the Jets while we sweep them (CP's revenge...), giving us the #2 slot. We probably won't make the playoffs unless the Pats have a lot of injuries and fall to 9-7 too...then maybe we can steal the division on a better conference record... Of course, we won't go far in the playoffs if we make it to them, but it would be a HUGE turnaround to go from 1-15 to a playoff team in one year...and I'd be VERY happy with that!


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

Throwing my predictions out there:

New England 14-2
NY Jets 9-7
Buffalo Bills 8-8
Miami Dolphins 7-9

Last year in the preseason we looked pretty good. Our D looked awesome. So be careful with judging the rest of the season based on the preseason. The Dolphin cool-aid is sweeet though. I will have to admit. They are looking a lot better then thought they would!


Patriots: 11-7
Bills: 10-6 (they have a great defense)
Jets: 9-7
Dolphins: 7-9

The begining of the return to dominance by the AFC East!

Pats 11-5 my bad

I think we now have a legit #1 WR in Ted Ginn. That plus the consistant play of Pennington and the dynamic running game of Ricky Williams and hopefully Ronnie Brown will catipult this team into a 9-7 season. Go Phins.

I hate predictions, but this year I will give my opinion. I do feel last season was a disaster, not just on the talent side of the ball, but with the administration. I lost 6 or more games by 3 points or less. I think we will surprise some people this season. As for the Jets, Favre will be welcomed to the AFC. He has played in what has been a week division, where 8-8 will nearly get you in the play offs, he better get ready for a rude awakening.
New England 11-5
Miami 9-7
Jets 9-7
Buffalo 8-8

phinsfan, I completely agree with your prediction. However, even if we end up only winning 6 games, I won't be bummed. That's a huge improvement. But I really do believe that we can go 9-7.

Mando simply rehashed what the Pro Football Prospectus 2008 author said on ESPN about the cowboys. "average number of injuries throughout this season, that will cost the team dearly -- more than it would most teams"

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