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Mando's prediction for the AFC East [updated]

I've been thinking about this a long time -- at least the last 10 minutes or so -- and I have decided to share with you my prediction and expectation of what will happen in the AFC East this season.

Understand that professionals out in Las Vegas have established the over and under victory total for the Dolphins to be 5 1/2. You either have to pick them to win five games (under) or six games (over) to post a wager in that town.

In keeping with my optimistic nature, I'm going with the over. But in keeping with my equally realistic nature, I'm also picking them to finish last in the AFC East. Here is how I think they'll finish:

New England 10-6

New York      10-6

Buffalo         8-8

Miami          6-10

I think the Dolphins will be vastly improved this year, but I still have concerns about the team's ability to pass the ball consistently and I think that will ultimately hurt the running game. I have concerns about how the team will get defensive pressure on the quarterback and that may expose the secondary some.

I also see this team is not blessed with depth. So if the players stay healthy, good things will happen. But if there is an average number of injuries throughout this season, that will cost the team dearly -- more than it would most teams. Last year, you must understand, was a terrible year for injuries and we saw the results.

Understand this is only a prediction so there is a only one way to be right and a million ways to be wrong. Last year I picked the team to go 10-6 so take all this with a grain of salt.

But use this as a forum to have fun and share your opinions and give your predictions of what the 2008 Dolphins are likely to do. Also take the poll over which I slaved for several seconds.

By the way, this is what Jimmy Johnson is saying about the Dolphins: "I do see the Dolphins being a little bit better," he said. "Parcells, I talked to him last week and he likes their defensive front."

Johnson still sees the Patriots winning the division and says the Jets will "only compete to be the second best team in the division." Johnson thinks the addition of Brett Favre will add a spark to the Jets, but he doesn't think they're ready to overtake the Pats because their defense isn't that good, in his opinion.