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Mando's prediction for the AFC East [updated]

I've been thinking about this a long time -- at least the last 10 minutes or so -- and I have decided to share with you my prediction and expectation of what will happen in the AFC East this season.

Understand that professionals out in Las Vegas have established the over and under victory total for the Dolphins to be 5 1/2. You either have to pick them to win five games (under) or six games (over) to post a wager in that town.

In keeping with my optimistic nature, I'm going with the over. But in keeping with my equally realistic nature, I'm also picking them to finish last in the AFC East. Here is how I think they'll finish:

New England 10-6

New York      10-6

Buffalo         8-8

Miami          6-10

I think the Dolphins will be vastly improved this year, but I still have concerns about the team's ability to pass the ball consistently and I think that will ultimately hurt the running game. I have concerns about how the team will get defensive pressure on the quarterback and that may expose the secondary some.

I also see this team is not blessed with depth. So if the players stay healthy, good things will happen. But if there is an average number of injuries throughout this season, that will cost the team dearly -- more than it would most teams. Last year, you must understand, was a terrible year for injuries and we saw the results.

Understand this is only a prediction so there is a only one way to be right and a million ways to be wrong. Last year I picked the team to go 10-6 so take all this with a grain of salt.

But use this as a forum to have fun and share your opinions and give your predictions of what the 2008 Dolphins are likely to do. Also take the poll over which I slaved for several seconds.

By the way, this is what Jimmy Johnson is saying about the Dolphins: "I do see the Dolphins being a little bit better," he said. "Parcells, I talked to him last week and he likes their defensive front."

Johnson still sees the Patriots winning the division and says the Jets will "only compete to be the second best team in the division." Johnson thinks the addition of Brett Favre will add a spark to the Jets, but he doesn't think they're ready to overtake the Pats because their defense isn't that good, in his opinion.


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And oh phins 9-7, jets 4-12 bills who cares, pats div title again but hopefully for the last time

I won't predict wins;I'll just wait til the season starts and hope we don't get bitten by the injury bug like last year. I'm excited to have Pennington at the helm and players stepping up to the plate, but we are still rebuilding. However,even with Favre, I don't see the Jets being spectacular either.They WERE 4-12 last year and the Bills might have hope with Edwards(assuming he's healthy). And the Pats are going to dominate the division until the other teams step up.With that said, I hope we win the opener and have better luck than last year's nightmare.

Rayden, and Phinatic, didn't you read the rest of my post? I was clearly mocking those people who come here all the time, saying crap like that. I knew at least some would take issue with him predicting 6-10, even though logic tells us that he is most likely correct.

Rhino, the reason why mando predicted 10-6 last year, and 6-10 this year, with the obvious(now) upgrade in the leadership of the team is this: we came off of a decent year the year before(comparatively), and had a top 4 D(which appears to have been more luck, than an honest gage of talent). Adding an offensive Wunderkind for a head coach seemed like the next logical step in our ascension to playoff status, thus 10-6.

This year, we are coming off of a 1-15 debacle, where our team wasn't conditioned properly to withstand the FLA heat, or the length of the game, thus we suffered an unprecedented number of injuries. Our aging D was exposed to be weak through the middle, and at depth. Our offense couldn't overcome the injuries at RB, and the mediocre play of the WR's, and QB's. We played on two of the worst fields in NFL history, as well as playing in Philly, whose field has been notoriously crappy for decades. This year we have jettisoned most of the players we have counted on for years, and brought in a bunch of rookies, and second tier players in the hopes of building more depth, and infusing the team with a youth serum. You look at the preseason views of the past two seasons, and truly tell me that you would be more skeptical of 10-6 last year(though, tbo, I predicted 8-8), and 6-10 this year. Didn't think you could.

Jimbo, I believe Delfines is Spanish for Dolphins. He wasn't making a Patsies, Cows, Yets type aberration of our name.

Actually Tree, Dolphins in Spanish is delfinario. I knew what he was trying to do but his execution was terrible. I just didn't like the attack and being called a tool, otherwise I wouldn't have been so literal. No worries...peace, love, and happiness. Go Dolphins.

Jimbo, you're an idiot. Dolphin in spanish is delfín. Willi is correct you backwoods moron. How would a guy named Jimbo know any spanish anyway. Stick to hickinese you douche.

Geeez, sorry bro. I am wrong. I apologize. Peace bro. Go Phins!!

Hey Tree2691 I wasn't knocking your boy Mando and his picks. I was simply just putting a prediction out there. Much like the rest of the posters did on the board. I don't care what his reasons are for choosing last years record compared to this year.

Is there a prize for who comes the closest?

Armando you suck! I hate you! You should be fired! You're not very pretty! You're Hispanic and should cover soccer!

So when is your next post so I can read and memorize it?

This stuff cracks me up. One guy rips the predictions because it is not optimistic enough. Another guy rips last year's prediction because it was 10-6.

I'm thinking ... 5-11. They have no OL depth. They are too young. And name me one consistent playmaker on offense or defense? Thought so.

Oh and Jimbo, blow it out your ass.

New England 12-4
Buffalo 9-7
New York 9-7
Miami 7-9

New England has the easiest schedule Mando. Buffalo is a sleeper team, and the Jets could easily fall on their faces, especially if they loose to Miami in the opener. That would most likely lead to an 0-3 start and the media up there would have a field day with that. Miami will surprise teams and it wouldn't shock me if they pulled out a 500. record or slightly better.

Who is this Jimmy Johnson you quote in the article? It sure can not be the same loser who ran Shula out of town and started the long demise of the Dolphins that we have had the pleasure of suffering thru since the 1990's. I mean after all who wants to hear from that derriere?

Armando is the worse writer ever to be allowed to write at the Herald-- I guess it is because he is cuban.

I have to agree that I don't think the Jets Defensively are not that good.. Offensively that's a different story. I think because we were 1-15 last year that everyone is writing us off. But we will surprise alot of teams this year now that the Tuna is at the helm. We don't Camy Cameron on the sideline this year and we don't have a crappy GM. So this is how I see our division:

New England: 12-4
Miami: 9-7
NY Jets: 9-7
Buffalo: 7-9

I think Miami and the Jets will be fighting for that last wild card spot and depending on what happens on opening day and the last game of the season will determine who will finish second at 9-7 at the end of the year...

Hey Paolo: In THIS country we don't judge people by where they are from, we judge by their ability and the content of their character.

We also judge people's intelligence by what they write and say. And if you're critiquing the writer, you first should learn to write.

The proper phrase is "worst" writer, not "worse" writer. Capiche loser?

Hey Willi, it's all good dude. I ain't sweatin you bro. Peace, love, and happiness to you and yours.

i think miami will be 9-7 last season the miami lost atleast 6 games by a field goal...so das proves alot and how trent green was injured n ronnie brown's knee......and brent farve isnt goin 2 b da brent farve we no, you heard is arm is gettn tired so i predicit they b a 6-10 team and tom brady will not b da same he will get sack all day

I hate the Jets as much as everyone here but expecting them to not get to 9 or 10 wins is stretching it. They have a very good offensive line which will help their running game and Cotcherry is a good receiver. They spent a crapload of money in the offseason (doesn't always mean $$ well spent) and should be improved.

I am hoping for 7 wins for Miami but realistically, am looking at a 5-11 season. One more good draft and we are back to where we should be - ruling the East.

Hey Neko, it's "Brett" Favre not Brent.

jests will not even hit 500...we won't either..imho

J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!! The phins should win both games against those pole smokers.

Mando's refusal to predict ten wins will haunt this franchise for decades.

ok the Jets suck suck suck. But they are going to win the division. (neck stuck out)
Favre is a great qb and a winner.
Lady Brady gets smacked a few times this year and out with a busted bra and athletes foot. The Giants showed the league how to beat them so everyone is coming and gunning for him. And the league will know when the Pats are running or passing. (they have film)
The Bills are a good team this year.
Miami is much improved with great unity,excellent coaching and vastly improving talent. We will no longer be pushed around and when the Patriots come to town there will be a strong lesson sent out in the form of a physical and scoring spanking.

jets 10-6
Patriots 10-6
Bills 9-7
Dolphins 9-7


The Patriots will do better than 10-6 but will NOT go 15-1. Age and the loss of some players are catching up with them. The Jets have a spark, but ONLY a spark. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady himself would do no better than Brett Favre will. And that's due to who he has around him. Buffalo? Screw 'em! Miami.. I think they will surprise us a bit if they can stay consistent and healthy. I wanna see this Secondary in regular season action before I make a total judgement on them despite the pre-season, press and coaching staff hype. I agree with the concerns at depth, especially at linebacker. If Porter and his back issues continue, I don't see him here next year.

NE 12-4
NY 9-7
BUF 8-8
MIA 7-9

Love the predictions saying that the Patriots are going to be 10-6. That's a laugher. They will win AT LEAST 12 games period. Also the Jets look very good on paper so 10-6 or 11-5 sound about right. Everyone saying the Jets suck should take a closer look at what they did in the offseason. I hate them too but lets be serious here.

When the schedule came out, it looked to me like 6-10 would be reason for celebration.
As the stars align, I'll hedge 8-8.
If we get some bounces and pick up a playa here and there, I could see 10-6, but that's a STRETCH.

Fact is, beat the J-E-T-S twice, go 2-14 and I'm aqua and orange, runnin naked around my neighbors inflatable Douche Bag #4...PRICELESS!


Same SH_T, different season.
Those fans get what they deserve!

if Dolphins can stay relatively healthy..anywhere from 7-9 to 10-6. if they have lots of injuries at positions with no to none depth, like offensive tackle, no more than 5 wins.

I'm a big dolphins fan and i'd love them win as many games as possibles but i think it's to early to predict the dolphins.
instead of predicting records or whatnot, i'll just sit back, relax, and watch the first regular season, after that i'll come back and talk about it.

Mando: 1. Realisticaly the Dolphins will probably be 6-10 with normal injuries.
2. I have been very pleased with the personnel that the trifecta has assembled at coaching and on the field players. Probably I'll give them a 7-9 for their good draft and pick ups in F/A and trades this spring.
3. They are not through with acquiring new personnel by finding good players on the waiver wires the next couple of weeks. That will givee us the depth we need. If, they do as good as they did this spring I will give them a 8-8.
They have really got the players in better playing shape, coached better, and hyped up so I'll give them a 10-6 this year if they have better than an average year of injuries. If they have injuries to key personnel then they maybe 9-7 or worse.
4. I think every Dolphin fan should be oppomistic about their team or they should adopt a team that they can pull for. Go Dolphins 10-6


After some drinks, I got inspired and was arguing with a pair of friends, this is our projected 2008 results:

Sep 7 - vs. NY Jets -> WIN (Chad's urged to prove them wrong)
Sep 14 - at Arizona -> WIN (Their offense will crack)
Sep 21 - at New England -> L
Sep 28 - Open
Oct 5 - vs. San Diego -> L
Oct 12 - at Houston -> WIN (Defensive win)
Oct 19 - vs. Baltimore -> WIN (Offensive win)
Oct 26 - vs. Buffalo -> WIN (Chad knows them very well)
Nov 2 - at Denver -> L
Nov 9 - vs. Seattle -> L
Nov 16 - vs. Oakland -> WIN (They won't show anything)
Nov 23 - vs. New England -> L
Nov 30 - at St. Louis -> WIN (Defensive win)
Dec 7 - at Buffalo -> WIN (Run Ricky Run)
Dec 14 - vs. San Francisco -> WIN (Offensive win)
Dec 21 - at Kansas City -> WIN (Replay of August)
Dec 28 - at NY Jets -> WIN (More of Chad's revenge)

But after a minutes, I figure there's no way to win over Jets two times in a season, also Baltimore may show some progress by October, so these may translate in a pair of L's. Thus 9-7 is my final projection.

I can't figure a good season for Bills, but Jets and Pats are on the run for post-season.

Pats 14-2
Jets 11-5
Phins 9-7
Bills 7-9

okay imma go out on a limb here i saythe dolphins and the patriots tie for the division title 10-6 each , lest not forget these guys are coming off a horrible super bowl which the worl dalready crown champs and the nfl called the greatest team ever , i don t think u lose that and it does affect you . plus there defense is horrible the average age 35 plus tb been injured the whole preseason i dont see matt cassell winning any game for them , he cant even win the ones that don t coun tht e dolphins will surprise alot of pll mark my words . the jets aint going anywhere fast buffalo will win 9 games at best there still young win a second year qb some grown pains there

so i say again
New England 10-6
Miami Dolphins 10-6
Buffalo bills 9-7
New york Jets 7-9

brett favre finish the season injured

GO PHINS !!!!!!!!!

NE will do like Raiders a few years ago. Show their vulnerability(QB pressure-should have been a DUH moment for all D-coordinators they played all year) and lose a lot more games. They will be 11-5 just because their schedule is so very easy but will lose in the playoffs.

Miami-6-10 with injuries or 8-8 without.
Buffalo 7-9
Jets 10-6 and miss the playoffs LOL

Historically the qb that starts the 1st 1 to 2 years of a Parcells regime is a scapegoat. That's what McClown was brought in to be, now its going to be Penny. (Anyone remember Dave Brown, Kent Graham, Drew Bledsoe.
7-9 but in the mix up to mid-December.

Tod (see below)-that was the best post I have read in weeks here, good job. You probably have it pretty close, there are always upsets and freak game endings or else Vegas would win every time. I would say we get a lucky win over the Pats at home but lose in Buffalo during a blizzard. Dolphins don't do so well in blizzards, its the polar opposite of the Phins heat advantage in Davie in Sept and Oct. Anyway good job, enjoyed the post.

The schedule

NY Jets - Dolphins win...Pennys revenge

at Arizona - Dolphins win..still a very weak team

at New England - New England wins... Still to much of a talent for us to overcome


San Diego - San Diego wins...Probably the most talented team in the NFL

at Houston - Dolphins win... It will be close, but as a fan I pick the fish.

Baltimore - Dolphins win... We beat them last year we are a way better team, so we beat them again.

Buffalo - Dolphins win... They always seem tough but we have thier number this year.

at Denver - Dolphins win...We only have lost once to the Broncos since 1983. In 1998 against Elway in the playoffs.

Seattle - Seattle wins...They have too much fire power right now.

Oakland - Dolphins win... AFC west very week. Okland is no exception.

New England - New England wins... Our only hope is Brady is hurt.

at St. Louis - Dolphins win...There is a reason St. Louis had the number two pick in the draft. They sucked too last year. We have a much better team this year.

at Buffalo - Dolphins win...Like I said before we have thier number this year.

San Francisco - Dolphins win... San Fran has not got back on track this year either. They will have a new coach next year.

at Kansas City - Dolphins win... We all saw the presean game.

at NY Jets - Jet win...Late in the season, cold and snowy.

Dolphins go 11-5 based on a much improved team and strength of schedule.

The Cheatriot's schedule is a joke and they won 16 regular season games last year. Where is everyone coming up with these loses for the Cheatriots? The only difficult games on their schedule are the Chargers and Colts.......and they beat both of those teams last year.

Pats window is closing, Favre will get hurt ist game, miami goes worst to first. The running game will cause fits for all opponents.
Age will finaly show and slow the pats defense

I just saw on ESPN where the Patriots lost two O linemen. If that is correct this should help bring them back to the pack a little. 8 wins are realistic, and with a little luck 10.

Armando I'd like to see the 10 teams you think the dolfins lose to I don't believe there are 10 losses on the schedule if Pennington plays 14 games.

KC - W
@ NYJ - W
@ SF - W
@ SD - W
@ IND - L
@ MIA - W
@ SEA - L
@ OAK - W
@ BUF - W

Dolphins: 10-6
@ ARI- W
@ NE- L
SD - L
@ HOU- W
@ DEN - W
NE - L
@ STL - W
@ BUF - W
SF - W
@ KC - L
@ NYJ - L

JETS: 10-6
@ MIA - L
NE - L
@ SD - L
@ OAK - W
KC - W
@ BUF - W
@ NE - L
@ TEN - L
@ SF - W
@ SEA - L

BILLS: 5-11
@ JAC - L
@ STL - W
@ ARI - W
SD - L
@ NE - L
@ KC - W
SF - W
@ NYJ - L
@ DEN - L
NE - L

PT made a nice point about Giants showing the way to stop Pats, but there's no easy formula for most teams (us included), because their defense was stronger, faster and smarter than NFL average, so don't expect them to go too low on wins.
Making a deeper analysis, on one hand even their defense is getting older, they always find a way to solve their problems. But on the other hand, losing two starting OL will be hard for them, specially, when somebody trying to apply Giants' formula may knock out Brady causing re-injury on his toes. But unless that happens, given the easiness of their schedule, they are on route to 12+ wins.
J-E-T-S have improved like us on both lines, but their weakness may come when Favre gets down. But wait, he's the one been known as "Iron man", because of his durability, but it should not be the same "Three musketeers" than "Twenty years later". Well, let's say 16 years later. It's likely a 10+ season for them.
Bills aren't ready for Jets nor Pats, because their big issue is QB consistency. Even they have a nice receiving pack, well conformed backfield and a so-so defensive line, they lack of offensive cohesion. Also with Chad in Miami they'll suffer and may finish 0-6 within AFC East, and just because our division schedule contains NFC West opponents, Buffalo may finish with a 8-8 record.
That said I keep my very optimistic projection:

Pats 14-2
Jets 11-5
Phins 9-7
Bills 7-9

The Dolly-fans should be happy if they actually win the six that the article's author predicted. Do you really expected that load of garbage team that luckily managed to win one game last year to win more than six? I mean REALLY expect them to win more than six? Can I bet against you and take your money please! The Dolphins are not significantly better than last year. Maybe they squeek out five wins, six if lucky. But those that seem that at 7+ wins need to do a reality check or they are going to be the same dolly-fans that are whining all year long in this same blog area. You can bank on that.

F!uck The Patsies & the Rest of the AFC East. Miami is winning the Super Bowl. This is our Year. I didn't almost die this year working my a!ss off to come back & watch Miami have a losing record. I came back to get my music career off the ground & watch the Dolphins win the Bowl & NE fall off the face of the NFL Earth. Miami 11-5 to 12-4. NE 9-7 at best. Jesters 8-8. Jills. 8-8. F!uck'em Miami all the way. There way over due. Go Phins.

Realistically, I can't really go by preseason but there is different energy w/this team this year. Chad Penny can give us a couple more wins now than before when we had the prospect of McClown starting. If we can establish the 2 headed monster running game (Williams/Brown)along w/the gelling of the O-Line. Have a managable passing attack & stay healthy defensively w/our 1st unit, I can see 8-9 tops. NE will still be good but their defense is 1 year older plus their O Line was exploited in the Super Bowl. They lost 2 OL in preseason already. The Jets may add a few more wins w/Favre but he is a year older in a new system & they could not stop the run. Buffalo has Trent Edwards @ QB & they are not consistent @ WR. Anything can happen & that why the games are played on the field & not on paper. LETS GO FINS & REPRESENT WELL FOR THE '08.

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