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[UPDATED] Tues. morning practice report

Easy morning for Josh McCown and John Beck at practice this morning. Neither quarterback took a snap in team or 7-on-7 work.

Basically, the Dolphins are showing their hand with the Chads. Or as Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland calls them, "Penny and Henne."

One is the Mr. Right Now. The other one seems like Mr. Right for the longterm future of the team. Coach Tony Sparano said it is pretty obvious that Pennington will play versus Jacksonville Saturday evening. I would imagine, based on the work so far this week, either he or Henne would start.

Pennington took 33 snaps this morning. He was 5 of 9 with a TD to David Martin. Henne took 25 snaps and was 4 of 8 with a TD to Ted Ginn.

By the way, the catch by Martin in the corner of the end zone was the best play I've seen from the tight end since he's been a Dolphin. The throw to Ginn by Henne was zipped between two defenders on a slant. Good stuff on both counts.

Receiver Anthony Armstrong, who had a good night on returns Saturday, seems to be in the mix on starting kickoffs now. He got as many reps with the first-team kick return team as Jayson Foster and Ted Ginn Jr.

Matt Roth continues to work at OLB, getting ALL his snaps at that position.

Rookie Donald Thomas continues to run with the first team OL, at right guard.

Speaking about the decision to cut Jay Feely, Sparano said the veteran simply got beat out by rookie Dan Carpenter. According to Sparano, Carpenter has connected on 93 percent of his 40 field goal tries and until he missed one in practice today, he had connected on 23 consecutive kicks.

"The numbers weren't close," Sparano said.

Sparano also noted the Feely has, "been hurt twice," since the spring, the most recent a groin injury that sidelined him the past week or so.

On the injury front: Vonnie Holliday (hamstring), Michael Lehan (ankle), Joey Porter (back), Charlie Anderson (hamstring) missed the practice. Ricky Williams seemed to tweak his ankle on one play but returned later.

Sparano said he expects Porter back on the field pretty soon -- I would guess as early as this evening.


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im ordering my super bowl tickets right now....

im ordering my super bowl tickets right now

Why is the coaching staff and the Big Tuna throwing Beck aside so quickly? He has never been given a fair shake. We have absolutely no idea how good he can be. Last year cannot be used as a gauge because the entire team was horrible. I think he has the potential to be a solid QB.

It seems to me that we are getting hit by injuries too early. I know it's preseason but all of these guys are starters. Armando, does Coach Sparano have a timeline for when they return to the practice field?

it's one morning practice...I wouldn't say they are casting him aside just yet.

Good to hear, well seems that the other 2 Qbs will get their asses kicked, i hope they keep beck though in order to make sure we have a 2nd QB in the future.

Cheers mate.

I agree with Brett completely. John Beck is no different than Chad Henne in that he is just one year removed from his rookie season! How many quarterbacks from the 2007 draft are playing big minutes and having Hall of Fame success right now? It takes time. Beck is still the same, talented kid that he was when he was drafted 14 months ago. He has a strong arm and good decision making skills. This is insane. I hope he gets released and goes somewhere where someone's ego (The Tuna) isn't so big that he can give someone a fair shake, even though he wasn't the one that drafted him. Beck will be around the league for quite some time, with or without a Dolfin on the side of his helmet.

Brett - Beck had a full season and two camps to prove he could be a starter and has failed to do so. He fumbles a lot and makes poor decisions. Get over your crush. He's out.

look, they are casting him aside. the tuna only likes his guys. and for now that aint beck. he brought in mcClown but obviously isn't impressed with him since he played him with the third stringers on saturday.
bottom line, these guys are the professionals, not you, not me, and not armando. let them make the choices of who to keep and who not to. im a dolphin fan more than a i am a players fan. i dont think beck got a fair shot either but they haven't released him yet so it aint over till the fat VPOFO (vice president of football operations)sings.

Beck's a stiff.....and he's 27. He has shown nothing since he arrived last year. All of the positive attributes that were supposed to over shadow his short comings have been non-existent. If he had anything going for him, even a glimpse of it would have shown up in practice over the past two years (even if he choked in the games). He's not even a good practice player. Dump him and move on.

Didn't John Beck have a pretty good camp last season? I hope they keep him as the 3rd QB and let him develop (unless they can get some kind of trade value for him since McClown won't draw any).

I don't understand your Beck-crush, Brett and Dolfin66. Everyday I read these comments of adoration for someone who hasn't done anything in two years. I know you think that isn't a lot of time, but in that time, I became a father and lost half my hair, not necessarily in that order! My credit score also improved by 40 points. I bought a new car, moved my family 6500 miles, and the dolphins lost 17 or 18 games.

To me, two years is a long time!

Beck is not a kid, he never should have been drafted. His full potential had already been reached in college. He'll be out of the league by the age of 30, if not sooner. Thanks for nothing Cam.

Get rid of Beck! Am I the only one who remembers him tripping over his own two feet last year in a game. Than in the preseason game last week his first pass was thrown to an open receiver right into the dirt. He sucks.....

Beck is horrible. Was a horrible pick last year. Quinn should've been drafted. Get real here. Tuna fixes every team he has been to. These guys are Pros not us. Have faith in success as the Tuna will bring it. Henne is better than Beck and alot younger. Let's get a draft pick 7th or 8th rounder and move on. He's too old to be a long term back up so why waste the time when we can draft a 22 year old for that role and have another successor to Henne. Get real here. These blogs are filled with Bulldunk opinions. And, in 2 years when the Tuna changes this crap around, all you nay sayers will be praising him. Go back and blame Jimmy, Wanny, Saban, and especially CAMMORON for this mess not the Tuna.

Armando, I'm sorry but I won't have time to keep reading your blog and posting comments using fake names anymore. I will have to focus on the blogs involving my TBA team. If anyone has suggestions for other fake names I can use when I post comments on blogs, please let me know. Thanks. By the way, I was the team source on almost every Dolphins story the past year. Bye.

Beck is horrible. Was a horrible pick last year. Quinn should've been drafted. Get real here. Tuna fixes every team he has been to. These guys are Pros not us. Have faith in success as the Tuna will bring it. Henne is better than Beck and alot younger. Let's get a draft pick 7th or 8th rounder and move on. He's too old to be a long term back up so why waste the time when we can draft a 22 year old for that role and have another successor to Henne. Get real here. These blogs are filled with Bulldunk opinions. And, in 2 years when the Tuna changes this crap around, all you nay sayers will be praising him. Go back and blame Jimmy, Wanny, Saban, and especially CAMMORON for this mess not the Tuna.

I am curious how many of Beck's Mormon wives post on this blog? Just kidding. Anyways, it looks like the Trifecta has moved on, so everyone else should too. Armando glad to hear that the injury to Ricky is not to serious. A little scary considering Ronnie was limping yesterday. The thought of going into the season with our receivers, and Parmale starting is scary. I think Roth is going to mostly play and be listed at OLB. That way the fins will be able to keep Wright on the roster. The DE will be Holliday, Langford, Merling, and Wright. With Ferguson and Starks as NT. I think it is goodbye Soliai.

"Let's get a draft pick 7th or 8th rounder and move on."

He is worth an 8th-rounder. I agree with that.

GO Pennington! Go Henne ! GO FINS!!!!
I love Henne's potential and he will be the official taker of Marino's Torch. Here is a QB that played in front of 100k + fans on National TV. He already is almost as good as Penny. Penny will be the mentor needed and Henne will bring back our glory days. Look at this picture...Brady, Griese, Henne all from Michigan. Henne is the real deal here folks and we got him at a bargain. GO PARCELLS AND FINS!!!!

Personally I don't care who the starter and backup are so long as they "get r done" during the season.

Henne looked solid in the first preseason game but so did Beck. Beck played all his snaps against the Bucs first string defense Henne did not. Everyone said the throw away by Henne was smart No one seemed to realize Beck had a throw away too - it was a bad pass!

It does seem to me Beck is getting short changed here but that's life - no one says life is fair. The two Chads look like they will be the tandem for the next couple of years barring injuries.

Chad, Chad ,Parcells,Sparano,And the FINS -Perfect together! Finally, something to cheer for!

People need to get off the whole Beck thing. The kid was given chance the frist couple weeks of camp. What has he done? What alligence does the staff have to Beck? Hes not the guy he hasnt shown he was the guy in either practice or the couple games last year. Look at Trent Edwards same thing but he didnt not look bad like Beck did. Some guys have it and some dont. Beck doesnt plain and simple. This is a buisness of winning and Beck doesnt look like the guy that can win.

Cam Cameron, LOL!!

While y'all are hatin' on Beck, how about Ginn & Family, the other (& 'higher')half of the Cameron Dream Draft of 2007.

I would have to say taking an 8th rounder would be a bad decision being there hasn't been an 8th round to the draft for a long time, but I am no GM.

y-not, Beck's 'throwaway' was pathetic. He is not playing the game, he is 'running plays'. Every single snap he took he looked like he was doing practice drills. You don't throw away the ball when there's no pressure and you've only had the ball in your hands for two seconds. You gotta make plays! Beck cannot PLAY!

Just one point, Beck did have two 4th quarter comebacks for victories last preseason and threw two TDs. Let's see if Henne can do that. I hope Henne is the real deal because that seems to be the way the new staff is going. I just hope they don't get this QB thing wrong. I'm tired of this team not having a good QB.

I like Henne, but being a Michigan quarterback doesn't mean you're going to be an NFL star. Elvis Grbac, Todd Collins, Brian Griese and Drew Henson were also Michigan QBs.

Mike, learn to read with a sarcastic mind.

I think the coaching staff got the top two QB's right. I think McCown and Beck will be fighting for the #3 QB spot... Myself, like others I've read like Beck, but looks like Beck is the only QB who fumbles snaps from center in practice alot, which can't happen in games. The Big Tuna knows what he's doing and has a history of improving teams, which I know he will... The Trifecta seems like they are on the right track, especially with Penny on the team now. We have a veteran QB that can mentor the other Chad. We shall see on Sept. 7.

Go Phins!!!

Gee Mike, really?

The majority of u guys here are idoits when was the last time a parcells team won a playoff game, been to the super bowl , ?

how can u build a winning team if ur getting rid of all the veteran players who can actually play. feely was one of the best kickers in the league , dont get me started on jt or zack what are these guys doing. they are on an ego trip , beck is alot better than henne , if they let him go they are just a bunch of winless A**#s. he need to stop bringing in washed up cowboys , is hey still on jerry jones payroll , i didnt know u could be the GM of two clubs any way lets see what dumb move they will do next.

I am Ticked off over what they have done , i think he is trying to make us the laughing stock of the league again.

Cam Cameron, hate to burst your bubble, but with the exception of Drew Henson, the other guys you mentioned, while not 'stars' have had fairly successful NFL careers. And you left off that Brady guy....and don't forget Harbaugh (remember the throwback visor?)!

Yes there's no guarantees other than the fact that NFL scouts will continue to look at the Wolverines for QB talent.

Edswood, you are 100 percent ignorant.

bangee - wow! While my heart aches for JT and ZT because they have been the biggest part of this club for years, it's kind of like getting a divorce, I think your reaction is a bit over the top.

I know your emotions have taken over your brain because you just said Beck was better than Henne. I almost fell off my chair there!

Good bye Jay Feely, we hardly knew ya!!! No, really, I hardly knew ya!

I really feel sorry for Beck. Everything I read about him makes him sound like a good guy, smart, and a hard worker, and it's gotta suck being in this situation. I will say one thing about Cam; he said after he drafted Beck that he had zero plans on having Beck play in his first year. He wanted him to sit and learn. Cam knew their was the chance(he had seen it before with Shuler) that if a QB gets in early and has problems, it could mess him up for good (probably the one smart thing Cam said the whole time he was here).

Beck was thrown in to a horrible situation. The O-line was garbage, no receiving help after they traded Chambers, Ronnie and Ricky both gone by then, and the defense was the worst it has been in a decade which put more pressure on the offense. Throw in the pressure of trying not to become the worst team in history, and it was the exact situation Cam feared. I don't think it's a coinsidence that Beck still looks nervous and gun-shy. Is he messed up for good? Hard to tell now, but it's going to take some time. I'd like to see him stick through this year, giving him a legitimate shot, and see if he gets his confidence back. If not, sorry, but see ya later.

Look , im not the biggest Beck fan but the guy that needs to go is McClown.....this guy is real garbage and Beck at least has upside......the game pretty much requires a 3rd stringer so why not hold on to someone who can develop in case injuries strike down the road...
Admit you made a small mistake Parcells and co. and cut the MCLOWN !

dolphian, he needs to go to Canada or AFL to rebuild. He doesn't belong in the NFL this year if ever.

First off, Parcells can only make the moves. The playing comes from the players. When was last time Fins were in playoffs, forget the Superbowl stuff. Exactly, he can only make us better. As far as JT: He should've known better. It's not like fins were 10-6, they were 1-15. Leadership was needed in the locker room to build chemistry asap and he did not care about the team, only his postfootball career. All the qbs from Michigan did all right in the pros. Maybe not great, but, you do remember their names. So, i think we have our next qb in Henne. Penny will mentor and lead this year. Maybe next year Henne will be the QB. Also, I agree, Trent Edwards was thrown into the role also last year and did not look half as bad as Beck. plus, he is younger. Face it- Beck is a bust and let's move on. I was being fecicious when i said 8th rounder for Beck. That means he is not worth anything. Let's draft another back up or grab one with some nfl experience. I agree, you either have it or you don't and Beck does not. What people are missing here is CAMMORON missed this and this organization gave Beck a chance-7500 throws and mentoring before any of these qbs and Beck still does not get it. he is also older. it is a waste of time. we need to continually build for our future and get younger. that will increase our playoff chances yearly. Some of you need to get over the Beck Man Crush and accept what is in the best interests of the DOLPHINS TEAM. Remember: Parcells wins by building team chamistry. He does not guarantee SuperBowls. If all goes well you make the playoffs. Something Miami has not made in quite some time....GO PENNY, HENNE, PARCELLS and DOLPHINS!!!!!

To Xpensive Wino and the other freaks that keep saying John Beck is old, How old is Pennington? THIRTY TWO (yes thats 32) ooooooh my!!!!! He's practically a grandpa out there and yet you hypocrites don't comment on it. And you say that Henne looks terrific. His stats today - only 50% with an interception. That's not very good my friends.

As a Michigan fan I have seen every game Henne played in. What I saw Saturday is very encouraging. He has always had command in the huddle and that looks to have continued over to the NFL. I have seen him lead his team back many times. I can't wait to see him give it a shot when it matters.

Tin, You're not bursting my bubble. None of the QBs I mentioned are QBs that I would want our potential QB of the future to be like. I didn't mention Brady because jerseyfinsfan already mentioned him. I hope Henne turns out to be terrific. I'm just saying, going to a certain school or playing in front of big crowds doesn't mean you're going to be great, or even good.

"I hope Henne turns out to be terrific. I'm just saying, going to a certain school or playing in front of big crowds doesn't mean you're going to be great, or even good."

I agree. But, it is a start and shows some potential. Usually guys at that level that fail miserably do not make it to the pros as a potential starter. But, I believe Henne is the rightful successor to Danny Boy. The more I hear about him and read about him, that's the way it looks.

I'm just getting excited that we will see the Fins again in a new year. And, I can't wait to erase the embarrassment of last year.

Guys, we will soon be a proud franchise again and we'll be able to drink to that!

tinshaker, sorry man, I gotta disagree. If Beck goes to Canada or anywhere else, he would have to again get used to the NFL when he came back, and by then he would be almost 30 with no experience. If he went to Canada, that's where he would stay. All I'm saying is that everybody knows what McCown can do, he's had plenty of time to show it. At least there's a chance with Beck. Keep him around for a year and see. He'll be 3rd string anyway, and if he does improve, maybe we can get a mid-round pick for him. He would have to get significantly better to pass up Henne, who I think will be the real deal for us. And if he does, then we win that way, too.

And jerseyfinsfan... Just because you remember a QB's name doesn't mean he was good. They didn't go to Michigan, but people also remember names like Akili Smith, Andre Ware, and Ryan Leaf.

Did anyone watch Henne in the bowl win over Florida? I was at that game and it was a loud hostile environment. He made all the throws he needed to and never got rattled. I'm telling you Beck never faced anything like that.

You guys act like Beck will be gone tomorrow. He ain't going anywhere. They need a third QB and chances are he will be it. Given we can afford to eat the contract, McCown is the one on his way out (he was the one doing clean-up last weekend).

To Dolphian: Point well taken. But, I'd rather have all of the Wolverines mentioned than the other guys you just mentioned. I also agree that McCown is a joke. Go Penny, Henne, and if necessary pick up Quincy Carter for a year.Then, draft another youngster. Don't waste anymore time with Beck or McCown. Beck really has little to no value around the league anymore. The other teams are reading newspapers also. Beck is done. Put a fork in him. I could care less about who is QB'ing...I just want to win before I die and I'm only 40. I'm tired of watching the Giants do it or the PAtriots do it. I'm tired of getting beer thrown on me at JETS - FINS games in the Meadowlands. Let's straighten this out, PLEASSSSE for the love of GODDDD.

Parcells takes teams to the playoffs. I'll take that anytime! Hell Dungy is a decent coach with one hell of a team and he's only got one ring. The Dallas team he built is a SB fav this and last year. I'll definitely take what Parcells offers.

I would like to keep Beck but just to train into trade-bait. McCown really disappointed me at Tampa. He just looked really bad for a guy who has played for a while. I can't wait for Penny to show his stuff and honestly, Henne looked the best at Tampa.

Feely had to go. He was injured twice offseason and got paid a lot. Remember everyone... there is not much time before Sept. 7. We have to have the best players ready to go by that time, so nows the time to take off the kiddie gloves and prepare to win!

Beck had his chances...He didn't perform. True, the dolphins were terrible last year. But, how can you justify his poor performances in camp this year. I agree with the posts above. He just doesn't have it. Even if you look at the great quarterbacks that have had horrible first seasons, at least they performed well enough in practice to garner a starting spot the next season. Beck has done nothing to give himself a shot at a second chance. I'd keep him as my 3rd QB but thats about it.

I do believe that Beck will remain as the 3rd string QB this year but anyone defending him getting a better position than that is simply not watching the same football games that I am... or that his coaches are...

Man looks like I caught a few nerves with my Beck comment. JBone you're an idiot for calling me out saying I have a Beck-crush. I, like everybody else, want to see the Phins win. I'm sick of losing.

Last year Beck went into camp with Trent Green taking most of the snaps. He didn't play a full season as you stated. He played roughly five games - all of which were behind a line that any one of us could have gotten by. Yes he fumbled, but he was also running for his life. This camp he's had to split his snaps between 3 QBs. So don't give me this crap he's had his chance. He hasn't been given a shot like a 2nd round QB should. I saw some of his games in college. The guy has "game" if given a proper shot. Not even the best QBs of all-time had good first seasons (see John Elway).

Thanks Ken in San Diego. I thought I was just 95% ignorant. Care to expound on your reasons? Or are you one Beck's pissed off wives. Remind me again are you the top or bottom. I am guessing bottom. Have a good day!

I agree that McCown seems to be the odd man out at this point... and that Henne looked the best the other night as the scoring results indicate... I don't really have an opinion on Feeley... seems kind of a strong move but you kinda got that feeling with some of Parcells comments regarding injured players and Carpenter looking fairly strong the other night... I don't really care about kickers and am surprised at myself for even having a comment about it... defense needs to man up though... 15, 17, 18 and 20 play drives in 1 game will equate to 0 wins and I would like for them at the very least to double their wins this season... that should show progress and keep the Dolphins in the Tim Tebow competition...

Didn't Henne beat Tebow?

I guess that they sould cut McClown for the best performance in the camp issue... but what would happen if Penny gets hurted? we will be on the same situation of having a young QB and the risk of making him play in a hard season, so the best thing to do is to trade Beck to anywhere, it's better for him and for the team.

And we will get something for the CAM CAM mistakes.... at least something...

Brett... LOL... you are not seriously contending that Beck could be a future HOF QB are you?

...i would absolutely characterize that as a man crush...

...get over it... Beck has had plenty of time to show his mettle... something tells me that Parcells would not push Beck to the side if he thought the kid had something to offer... the mere fact that he is still there discredits your suggestion that he is not getting a fair shake...

Go Blue... touche my friend... i myself am developing a bit of a man crush on Henne... VERY impressed with this young man the other night... actually... down right excited over this kid... seems to have that "it" factor...

Didn't Henne beat Tebow?

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