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[UPDATED] Tues. morning practice report

Easy morning for Josh McCown and John Beck at practice this morning. Neither quarterback took a snap in team or 7-on-7 work.

Basically, the Dolphins are showing their hand with the Chads. Or as Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland calls them, "Penny and Henne."

One is the Mr. Right Now. The other one seems like Mr. Right for the longterm future of the team. Coach Tony Sparano said it is pretty obvious that Pennington will play versus Jacksonville Saturday evening. I would imagine, based on the work so far this week, either he or Henne would start.

Pennington took 33 snaps this morning. He was 5 of 9 with a TD to David Martin. Henne took 25 snaps and was 4 of 8 with a TD to Ted Ginn.

By the way, the catch by Martin in the corner of the end zone was the best play I've seen from the tight end since he's been a Dolphin. The throw to Ginn by Henne was zipped between two defenders on a slant. Good stuff on both counts.

Receiver Anthony Armstrong, who had a good night on returns Saturday, seems to be in the mix on starting kickoffs now. He got as many reps with the first-team kick return team as Jayson Foster and Ted Ginn Jr.

Matt Roth continues to work at OLB, getting ALL his snaps at that position.

Rookie Donald Thomas continues to run with the first team OL, at right guard.

Speaking about the decision to cut Jay Feely, Sparano said the veteran simply got beat out by rookie Dan Carpenter. According to Sparano, Carpenter has connected on 93 percent of his 40 field goal tries and until he missed one in practice today, he had connected on 23 consecutive kicks.

"The numbers weren't close," Sparano said.

Sparano also noted the Feely has, "been hurt twice," since the spring, the most recent a groin injury that sidelined him the past week or so.

On the injury front: Vonnie Holliday (hamstring), Michael Lehan (ankle), Joey Porter (back), Charlie Anderson (hamstring) missed the practice. Ricky Williams seemed to tweak his ankle on one play but returned later.

Sparano said he expects Porter back on the field pretty soon -- I would guess as early as this evening.


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I mean I've followed him for 4 years so of course I am biased but very hopeful he will do something good here. But the best part I'm not a Dolphin fan but want him to do well.

Sorry for the double post

OScar... good argument... but McCown hasn't even shown that he could be relied on for ANY kind of relief... i think that i'd rather rely on Henne and Beck...

Nobody "beats" Tebow; they can only delay his victory!

I laughed my ass off on Jay Feely's commentss.

Hope that was the real him cause it was funny enough.

Go Fins, we keep on moving to the next level, and we will have a comeback season you'll see.

There is no such thing as an 8th rounder you fools! The draft format is only 7 rounds. I say if we have to cut a QB, cut Josh McCown. He's older than Beck and he has had his chances to show he deserves to be a starting QB in 4 different stops. He couldn't beat out Jon Kitna at the Lions, he couldn't even hold off Daunte Culpepper in Oakland. At least Beck should be given the oppurtunity to see what he can do, McCown has been given several shots and has proven he is nothing more than a back up.
Look at Drew Brees the light didn't come on for him until his 4th season in the league. Everyone wanted to label him a bust after his second year. Now he's a perrenial pro-bowler and the Saints are a favorite to make the playoffs. I say the jury is out on Beck, lose McCown and see what the younger guys can do a season or two after they determined Pennington is washed up.

sound liek yall have man crushes on parcells or henne , henne played one game which was his last and yall think he is the next tom brady , brady got randy moss , dion branch wes welker come ppl , i dont want when heen taks to the shot gun and pi** his pants because he dont know what hes been doing, and besides trnt edwards had a better team last year we were injury prone i dont eve think the water lasted the whole season. hope yall parcells lovers be see the light.

mccown is a clown he cant play for jack , chad p well well see what he can do soon enough . hope not 1 and 5 starting the season and yall start calling for the tuna to get cooked

How about bringing John Lynch and Stewart Schweigert into camp to battle the current secondary. Isn't this staff about trying out any and everybody. Doesn't hurt right!?

i just found this too funny to pass up... i guess this will bring the jets back to earth a bit http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/08/12/jets-plan-crackdown-on-gate-d/

Fines - I brought up the John Lynch factor to Darlington after he was released and while he didn't rule it out he thought Lynch was going after a SB contender which rules us out.

bangee - go back to school. Please.

Brett - how can you say you don't have a Beck crush when you've already envisioned your future together?

Obviously Edwoods thinks he's pretty funny with the "Beck's wives" thing, since he uses it in all of his posts. Dude, get some new material.

Beck and McCown will play against each other for the rest of camp to see who the 3rd qb is, none of this 4 qb nonsense, the fins will just keep 3. THerefore in my eyes mccown will really have to shine to stay, Beck has growth potential where you can say that even if he was slightly behind MC you might still give him the roster spot. It will have nothing to do with whose "man" he is, Parcells wants his legacy of rebuilding teams to remain intact even if it means using the last guys "man" to do so.

If it comes down to McCown or Beck. Say goodnight to my lil Beck. Although I believe McCown is not good, he is outperforming Beck right now and we need people who can play, not wait for 4 years to develop and then hear well, the guy is 31 years old so...blah,blah,blah. Draft another QB next year and let's move totally past the CAMMORON Era.

JERSEYFINSFAN, we draft Tebow next year, then 'develop' him for a couple of years while Henne gets 'too old' and so the cycle continues.

Let's get back to the real story here. What are you going to do now that you can't start tailgating at 6am anymore?

I'm sure Lynch would rather go to an Indy, Diego, etc.

Brady Quinn has a 56.8 QB rating. Just thought I'd point that out.

1st, to Brett, Beck hasn't been given the chance a 2nd rounder deserves because he wasn't worth a 2nd round pick. He's the 2nd coming of Chris Weinke.

2nd, do beck supporters think Cameron should still be coaching? You seem to think we should keep Beck around for more than a year because the QB position takes a while to learn but apparently 1 year is enough to learn how to be a successful head coach. This I do not understand.

I'll admit, I'm a Henne supporter with a bias towards him since I'm a Michigan fan. Though at the same time, I've watched him for 4 years and have seen how he plays. The biggest difference between Beck and Henne is in their demeanor. Henne plays to win. Beck plays not to lose.


how can you say beck didnt get a "fair shake"?

he had EQUAL time with the first stringers. the
rotation sparano set up gave ALL the qb's equal time and reps.

BECK got the FIRST START in the first GAME so how has he been treated unfair?

he just hasnt shown what henne has through out camp and in the first game. its the whole body of work with the finz that they have based it all on, including last year!

beck just ISNT doing it brett, and folks have to let go of that. beck just hasnt done enough and the finz dont have 2 years more to wait on him.


if we are not going to the playoffs or the
superbowl, then i want a GREAT draft pic.

we would have to be the WORST TEAM in the nfl, again, to have a shot at him.

but....... i wouldnt take him. the trade value for TIM TEBOW is going to be OUTLANDISH!!! this guy will warrent a big time trade to the top of the draft, and it wouldnt suck to be in the position to collect on the fortune he will bring in trade. but, we will have to suck big time to be in that position. [and we just could!]

WE NEED WR'S!! michael crabtree is the guy [right now] that we should all hope is there when we pick. this team will NEVER win unless we can start puting up scores and YOU CANT DO THAT unless you have playmakers at the wr and te position.

i dont care if jake long and half this o-line are a bust. come next years draft and off season, the dolphins better use picks and HUGE money on playmakers!!!

Beck has practised himself off the football field. He currently doesn't feel the timing required to be a qb. It explains the dropped the too quick reactions. He needs to go and get drunk and get in a fight in a bar.

Tim Tebow is the Southern version of Alex Smith. Let me know when he's done anything in the League.

John-The 8th Round Draft Pick comment was a very good attempt at sarcasm, as in "Hey John, you're REALLY knowledgeable when it comes to football...

Thank you for the practice update Armando. At least someone at the Herald is paying attention. Also everyone needs to realize that the professionals are making the decisions and just because Beck is a good guy doesn't mean he should be a good QB. He hasn't been able to beat a rookie who is much younger than him so what does that tell you? We are trying to build a winning football team so stop making this into a popularity contest. And to the people who keep referring to McCown as McClown why dont you grow the F up. You don't even know the guy and he hasn't played one doiwn for the Dolphins so stop being ignorant and act like an adult for once in your life.

Oh, by the way...


Stories like Donald Thomas are fun. Here's a guy, sixth rounder, low expectations...great stuff.

I spent 18 years in Utah watching BYU football. They play schools 1/4 their size and run up their stats. Almost invariably, they go to an obscure bowl and get their butts kicked by a fourth-place finisher in a real conference. That's where Beck came from. Please, no more BYU players!

I'm going to stay home. I only go to one game there anyway Fins-Jets so it's no big deal. Being a Fins fan in Jersey, I can't tailgate with those guys anyway. They throw beer,hotdogs, pretzels, soda,etc. Classless Jets fans. I attend more Fins games than Jets. I also think it's justified that they came up with that rule. These knuckleheads get way too drunk and start fights with opposing fans. Terrible New Yorkers. Only a few more years til I come to South Florida for good. PS- I like the TEBOW thinking. The kid is a monster.

man I'm tired of QB conversations I can't even force myself to read the whole thing, Mando/bloggers they're are other players on the team


Your 12:40 pm post was classic.

I have to agree that Beck has not progressed or impressed in 1 season and 1 training camp. I am starting to to look more at Henne and see a little more upside in him.

Those 2 completions he had in Saturdays game were big-time throws. I have not seen Beck do that yet. I saw a little more poise out of Henne than I have ever seen in Beck.

I know Beck has had a raw deal. But, he has had opportunities to show his stuff since last year, and I'm have not seen him do anything to have any confidence in him.

I would not mind keeping him as 3 QB, though.
McCown should be the one to go. He sucks.

I'm a cowboys fan, so I've had to watch the big tuna up close and personal. He's one of the types that will sometimes make a decision about a player, and will never let go of that opinion. He does not treat players with equal respect (even if they do everything they can to deserve that respect). This is exactly what happened with T.O., even though T.O. hasn't caused any problems in Dallas. He's treated Ricky Williams the exact opposite, even though Ricky has done worse things to his team than TO ever has. This is exactly what has happened with Beck as well. The Tuna wants "his" quarterback. I just hope the dolphins have more luck with Pennington than the cowboys did with Testaverde and Bledsoe.

If Henne had been drafted last year, and Beck this year; I think Henne would be the man out and Beck the man in. Beck has had to deal this entire offseason knowing the coaching staff doesn't really want him.

People tend to forget that Henne played at Michigan so he is more NFL ready right out of school than Beck. If Beck played at Michigan, he would blow Henne away. Trust me, these guys know it.

hey Tinshaker do you have a life , sure ur not the one with a man crush . sound like uj have a thing for Michigan Qbs .

McClown. Come on loosen up that is a harmless nickname. Besides the guy was holding wood while his bro was wielding a chainsaw. For that incident he should be called McMoron, but Cam Cameron already has the copyright to the moron moniker.

Never could keep AJ Freely, Jay Feely and J. Feidler straight. Now I don't have to worry about it....

Prior to Tom Brady, BOB GREEZY was the last Big Ten QB to handle more than a clipboard in the NFL. Nothin like a 30 year dry spell....

Bottom line: accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes. Huizenga has made a bunch of them. First, by not keeping Jim Bates when Wanny quit. He is the only guy that motivated this offense. Go back and check the stats and game logs. Cam botched last year's draft. That's it. He tried to fill in too many positions and thought he could strike lightning with Beck and Ginn. It's not to be. Ginn has upside and Beck is an old rookie,ala, Drew Henson. It's over for Beck. Let's look toward the future with new QBs and stop backing a player just b/c we think he did not get a fair shot. When Marino got thrown into the role he excelled. The kid's got legs so stop it with the line (althought the line was pathetic) Bottom line: you make your destiny when your # gets called. I remember Beck saying he wasn't ready last year. At 27 y/o when are you ready. Trent Edwards did not say that. He played fairly decent. Come on already - enough of Beck - cut the losses and let's concede to whatever the Trifecta want. They know best.

"Barack" Henne (he who can do no wrong) looks okay for a rookie, but is hardly lighting it up yet. I don't really care whether or not he played at Michigan, as Michigan has had plenty of busts, and has also had its share of embarassing letdowns in recent years with Henne at the helm (recall Henne completing 51% of his passes for a whopping 6.3 ypc average versus Appalachian State; or his 32% completion rate against Ohio State for another whopping 2 ypc). He isn't perfect by any means. He has a good skill set, and will likely do better in the NFL than many of his MU predecessors at the position, but I'm not at all convinced that he will be a viable #2 QB for at least the first half of the season.

My feeling is that Beck should be released and go somewhere where he can be developed and used. He's got a lot of talent, but is in a mess of an environment here. McCown would be a better option as #2 or #3 because of his experience.

Hey Armando!!! why do u dislike Soliai, u never say anything positive about, even when something is reported positive for him, u always have a little negative to say about him. I keep telling u that hes not going anywhere I know for sure that Parcell, Sparano,Ireland, and also the coaches like him. Do u know why?? because when he was a rookie, he wasnt coach to the position that he was drafted, even the coaches last year have no knowledge in training him to be a good NT for the Dolphins they didn't how to coach him, because they have no experience, but when Parcell came with his coaches, they see a future for this guy Soliai with the Dolphins, because u know why? this guy is an NFL future, he doesnt know u, I dont know him, but I like the island (Samoan)nfl players because they are discipline and very respect. This guy was only playing defense for 1 year in Utah University before he was drafted 07 to the NFL last year, so please give him a benefit of a doubt, that he can help, together with the other Samoans in the team, and the whole Dolphin team turn things around for us this year.Lets go Dolphin.

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