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Observations from Monday's practice [updated]

There is news out of Dolphins camp -- other than simply Chad Pennington being named the starting quarterback.

Here's I can tell you:

Yes, Pennington was named the regular-season starting quarterback by coach Tony Sparano. Sparano made the point that the offense is so young, with a second year receiver and center, two rookies on the offensive line, and other inexperienced players throughout, that Pennington was the logical pick.

In a column I wrote in Monday's Miami Herald, I tell you how Pennington has basically snatched the leadership of this team. Read the darn column.

Pennington's reaction to be named the starter?

"I'm excited about the opportunity to lead this team," he said. "We've worked extremely hard over the last two weeks. And I'm proud to be a Miami Dolphin."

Other stuff going on:

Joey Porter was not working during the portion of the practice I was allowed to view and Sparano said he visited the doctor today to have his back checked out again. Charlie Anderson was working with the first team at the weakside linebacker spot.

Linebacker Edmond Miles who left Saturday's game with a knee injury is apparently fine. He is practicing today.

Free safeties Chris Crocker and Jason Allen are sharing first-team snaps, suggesting the Dolphins view this competition as ongoing.

Ronnie Brown is sharing first-team snaps with Ricky Williams at running back.

Although the Dolphins must trim to 75 players by Tuesday, they don't really have to cut anyone. They're already down to 72 players. So they may be adding some players. Everyone was present and accounted for today -- including Rutgers undrafted rookie right guard Pedro Sosa. Sosa is wearing No. 78.


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thanks as always Mando


This just in: According to many Americans, Chicken tastes good. We will keep you posted as this story develops.

Joey Porter's inability to practice tody will haunt this franchise for decades.

Can you tell if the O-line penciled starting line-up is the same as last week??

I guess we're leaving those 4 roster spots open to pick up some players after the league-wide cut down. If I had to guess I would say we'll be looking for OT, WR, TE, NT, LB, DB.

I know the Fins played a crappy team but, man, they sure looked good on Saturday! I hope this is a sign of good things to come!

I was so excited I went and got some more gear at www.miamisportshop.com!

Armando, if you're at practice, can't you just ask who's #78?

Surely if there's a new offensive lineman, that means the roster count is 72. Surely.

Mr. Bungle, I thought the same thing. It was probably sparano in pads....


Lame attempt at advertising.
Just put the link up, don't add the fake "i was so excited over a preseason game that I spent $60 on a coaches polo that cost $3 to make"

We've either improved tremendously or the Chiefs are really, really horrible.

Here's hoping its a combination of the two, and more towards the improvement side!

And another note, If anyone spends $74.99 on a replica tedd Ginn jersey, and you arent a relative of Tedd Gin Jr, I will personally slap your face.

H.C.D., it's definitely a combination of the two, but keep in mind, last year's team wouldn't have dominated like this. The defense was playing like it was a video game set on Easy.

@Bryan Cox....what if I get a better deal than $74.99? Or what if I get an authentic instead fo a replica?

I'm no relative of Ted Ginn Jr., but I am a fellow alum of his school, a Dol-fan and someone who believes the kid could end up being a very good, if not great, player.

Sure, I'm among those who went 'WTF?' when they picked Ginn over Quinn, but that was more based on Miami's need of a QB than over any perceived lack of ability on Ginn's part. Hopefully he'll make 'the leap' this year instead of waiting for Year 3, like most receivers.

Armando, can you tell me where Pedro Sosa was working today?

The no 78 you're talking about is Pedro Sosa, the former Rutger tackle...He was signed earlier on today...

This Just In....

Mike in Orlando promises to blow Ted Ginn Jr. once for each time he scores a touchdown, TGs reply "this sux"

Thanks Mando, will check back after 2:30

Chris Nelson. He was working in Davie. Probably at Offensive Tackle. Next question...lol.

Richmond Webb is back

Hmm...he wasn't great towards the end of his career...that said, might work out well because DE's won't want to hit him very hard out of respect for the elderly.

Bryan Cox,

Don't care what you think but, you're still one of my favorite Fins of all-time, just for the sheer entertainment value.

Of course, we all know its not your real name so, that too is lame.

Ramon: the OLINE is LT Jake Long, LG Justin Smiley, C Samson Satele, RG Donald Thomas, RT Vernon Carey.

MSS, as full disclosure, Tinshaker is also not MY real name....

Bungle: Actually, no I can't just ask who No. 78 is. The media relations department didn't know and I cannot yell out to Tony Sparano on the practice field or simply walk out to the huddle and ask the kid his name.

I found out after practice and the blog has since been updated.

if u r not a fin fan u just suck were the best team ever

Ha! Well, I guess I'm the only one using my real name on this blog. MSS is my real name.

Ok, fine, its not. Lame as well.

'Mando--how badly has Henne regressed at practice?

McCown and Beck were playing cards on the sidelines today, must have been bored to death:-)

Armando, then Omar must be related to the guy, because he reported it hours before you. Of course, he also made some racially insensitive remarks yesterday, but it's all about 'balanced' journalism.

But seriously, could you do me a favor and not update between Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon, I want to watch the NO game on Directv without any spoilers!

Dallas released a QB today...but they still have 3 on roster...not looking good for Beck...after Saturday's game I'm convinced that John Beck works for (or owns shares in) the company that makes the blooper videos.

Tin: Answers to your posts

1. Sometimes guys find out stuff before me. I'm not always going to be the first one to dig stuff up.

2. Sorry, but the blog will be updated many times between Thursday and Sunday. We'll miss you.

3. Dallas is no longer interested in Beck, apparently.

Manuel Lebor: I wouldn't say Henne has regressed, I would say he's a rookie and rookies are usually inconsistent. He's no diferent.

NHFINSFAN: They were playing Go Fish, or is that Go Fins ...

I know, Armando, just giving you a hard time. I know if it was someone of real interest like a vet WR you would've gone and put on your replica Joey Porter jersey and snuck onto the field to get the scoop!

Since it is the fourth pre-season game, I suppose I could forgive myself a few glances at the Miami media before seeing what will essentially be a scrum game. Maybe John Beck will start!

Glad you mentioned it.

Chad Pennington will start against New Orleans as will all the other healthy starters. They might play a series or two.


Why does everyone say Henne had a bad game or he regressed last game? He made a bad throw on the interception and he had a few drops. The team was up 17 and they ran the ball alot so he didn't get to showcase his arm like the last few games. He wasn't good but I wasn't worried about his play. People should actually watch the game and not just look at the stat line and come on these blogs and make tirades.


I have a question that I know you cannot answer since you are not a NY Jet beat writer. But why do you think the Jets cut Pennington so quickly rather than trade him for something even as miniscule as a 7th rounder?

Besides Miami, Chicago, Kansas City (with Herm Edwards mind you), Baltimore, Tennessee, and to a lesser extent, Atlanta, all had *BIG* questions at QB two weeks ago. What in the world were the Jets thinking letting this guy go for nuthin'?

Appreciate your thoughts.


To anyone who happened to see both Cleveland-Detroit and the FISH-Chiefs games over the weekend, can I please ask them to GIVE ME A BREAK about he Quinn-Ginn comparisons already... Brady Quinn looked like a deer caught in headlights last week and no more ready to start a real NFL game than John Beck is (oh wait - Beck DID start 4 NFL games last year, so he's ahead on that front). Ted Ginn appears ready to break out this season, now that he doesn't have to come off the bench AND has a QB who knows how to put the ball on the money most of the time.

As for the REST of the Ginn family, I'm sure they do a great job of boosting morale in the stands of all of those people around them :)


What do you say the odds are that Beck is a goner (vs McCown)? 60-40 Beck, or even higher?

Matt: The Jets were working against the clock. They told Pennington they would either trade him or release him by the time Favre joined the team.

1. It had to be a concurrent move because of salary cap implications. New York had to clear Pennington's contract and make other moves to fit Favre's huge contract under the cap.

2. They didn't want Pennington having to be in the same QB room with Favre for team chemistry reasons and because they did appreciate the service Pennington provided. Waiting for a trade to happen would have forced them to keep Pennington around for a while much like the Dolphins did with Olindo Mare when they signed Jay Feely. It was uncomfortable and the Jets didn't want to do that to Pennington.

Mitch, we know Beck is already on the trading block, so why ask that question?

Yo Cox!!! if anybody spends $75.00 on any jersey you haven't heard of E-bay...

Mitch: I think you state fair odds as things are. It is not a slam dunk the Dolphins get rid of Beck over McCown. It's is more likely, but not absolute.

Mitch: I agree with Willi. Wow, pretty good insight.

I agree with the last statement,did you see Quinn?? All you Ginn bashers can now look for a rock to crawl under!!!

Thanks Armando!

rican dolphan,

Go ahead and get yourself a jersey on ebay if you don't mind smelling Big Joe's B.O. after he wore it playing at last year's community Turkey Bowl!

I saw the KC game and I didn't think Henne played well. He looked a little lost and was not accurate.

Give the kid (Henne) a chance. He's shown good presence in the pocket and he throws the ball right at the receivers numbers. He's going to stumble a bit but, that's expected. I think he's definitely the QB of the future for this franchise.

I haven't see enough from Henne to think he's the future for this franchise. However we do know he'll be given that chance.

I got my brand new wrapped with tags Ricky Williams 2008 jersey on eBay for under $20. And before anyone asks, yes it is a real replica reebok jersey with all the stitching, etc. Of course it doesn't hurt that I bought it ages ago before demand became high for it. The only B.O. on it is my own, and if I may say so, I have a rather pleasant natural odor.

Mr. Bungle, it looked to me like the Ernest Wilford's of the team could not get open for Henne. I don't want to mention names (Ernest Wilford) or point fingers (at Ernest Wilford) but only Bess created some separation at times. I would really like to see Henne behind the first team o-line with first team receivers. Let's be honest the second team OL is meant to come in and be able to play on the same level against the opponents second team as the first teamers play against first teamers. Every game they've been pushed around and haven't given Henne much time. It would be nice to see him in with the ones at least for a couple of drives, but it doesn't sound like we'll see that. Pennington missed a game so he needs the work more.

So on seven throws, you conclude that henne was lost? C'mon dude. The sample size was too small for that. 2 more completions and he would be over 50%. Armstrong and one of the backs had a drop. Would you still say he was not accurate?

Wasn't it the 2nd string OL that opened up that massive hole for Parmele? I thought they actually played pretty well and gave Henne time. They did not allow a sack in the game. I didn't think Henne looked sharp. It's understandable though, he is a rookie. It's going to take some time.

Henne was not accurate Saturday night. He's not always accurate. He wasn't always accurate at Michigan.

That was probably by design. He only dropped back seven times. That line is a death trap.

Okay that's it Mr Bungle, let's arm wrestle right now!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Dolphins fan and a Parmele fan (I jumped so high off the sofa I entered orbit) but if you watched the game you'd see that the Chiefs linebacker blew the assignment and there were a couple of good blocks (i think Camarillo's turned a 15 - 20 yard gain into the 80 yarder). I know Parmele said it was all the o-line, but I'm more inclined to think it was mostly speed and WR blocks. In any event, I'm not saying they didn't have any moments, but overall I'd stick to my analysis that they are not performing on par. As for the no sacks thing, that's a funny stat because Henne got hit several times but got rid of the ball before taking the sack. Even Pennington got creamed on the touchdown pass. I would like to see the lines, both of them, increase their containment for another 3/4 of a second or so.

I concur.

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