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Observations from Monday's practice [updated]

There is news out of Dolphins camp -- other than simply Chad Pennington being named the starting quarterback.

Here's I can tell you:

Yes, Pennington was named the regular-season starting quarterback by coach Tony Sparano. Sparano made the point that the offense is so young, with a second year receiver and center, two rookies on the offensive line, and other inexperienced players throughout, that Pennington was the logical pick.

In a column I wrote in Monday's Miami Herald, I tell you how Pennington has basically snatched the leadership of this team. Read the darn column.

Pennington's reaction to be named the starter?

"I'm excited about the opportunity to lead this team," he said. "We've worked extremely hard over the last two weeks. And I'm proud to be a Miami Dolphin."

Other stuff going on:

Joey Porter was not working during the portion of the practice I was allowed to view and Sparano said he visited the doctor today to have his back checked out again. Charlie Anderson was working with the first team at the weakside linebacker spot.

Linebacker Edmond Miles who left Saturday's game with a knee injury is apparently fine. He is practicing today.

Free safeties Chris Crocker and Jason Allen are sharing first-team snaps, suggesting the Dolphins view this competition as ongoing.

Ronnie Brown is sharing first-team snaps with Ricky Williams at running back.

Although the Dolphins must trim to 75 players by Tuesday, they don't really have to cut anyone. They're already down to 72 players. So they may be adding some players. Everyone was present and accounted for today -- including Rutgers undrafted rookie right guard Pedro Sosa. Sosa is wearing No. 78.


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You can't judge a player's game on seven throws. I'm sorry. That is just not a big enough sample. You sound like Stugotz.

Capt. Doom, seriously? Gay jokes? Is that the best you can do? Maybe you should stay away from mommy's computer.

Mando, thanks for the update on our mystery #78.

Tin, the OL doesn't always keep the QB off the turf. Lots of QBs get hit. The line's job is to give the QB enough time to get rid of the ball. QBs know they're going to get hit sometimes. I thought the 2nd string OL was okay.

Anyone remember that run John Avery had against the 49ers in preseason in his rookie year? Man, I was at that game and my buddy and I thought John Avery was going to be the shiznit.

Also, regarding the o-line discussion, just because a qb is getting touched doesn't automatically make that the o-lines fault. There are a couple of situations to remember. 1. The play may be a short pass play like a two slant from the outside but the first and second read may be covered. Meaning it is up to the receivers to get open in order for the play to work and if they're not the QB has to hold the ball longer than normal. 2. The QB misses an open read and goes through the rest of his reads before coming back to an open receiver. Sometimes QBS make the wrong pre-snap read and focus on a receiver longer than they should thinking he should be open. So it's not always the lines fault. Am I the only one noticing Jake Long blocking multiple players on run plays? He pancakes the linemen and then runs after and neutralizes a LB. The guy is good and will be a great tackle for us for a long time if he can stay healthy.

I noticed something that Pennington said in a Q&A and in my opinion, and I have written this a few times this summer, it is the very reason why Beck has been struggling. "Once you get out in the heat of the battle you can't think, you have to react. The moment you start thinking, the plays over, the plays already happened and normally bad things happen". In college you have that time to think during a play but not in the NFL. This is why he struggled so bad in the 3 second drills. I'm not so sure that this is something you can teach a QB, you either have it or you don't. I could be wrong ofcourse and maybe with some maturity he will start reacting quicker but can a rebuilding team take that chance?

I think what Mr. Bungle is getting at Marcus...is rooks have bad games, and Henne is the soup dijour this year, and everyone is getting a little over excited about him. Beck played just as well last pre-season with a worse O-line. (marginally). Everyone says Beck has passes batted down at the line and gives him a ration for "checking down". We in the KC game Henne had a pass swatted like a fly on the wall by the D-line, and the checkdown he threw in the flat was not the best placement. After watching him in the previous two games it was a poor showing for him. He was missing his boy Kircus, but Armstrong and Bess were still in there.

I thought he looked out of sync too, but shoot...it's only his 3rd preseason game. No worries. Let's just be fair about the assesment. It was sub par for him.

Beastfiend---GREAT f-ing point; I remember that well, & felt the same way. Somewhat less memorably, but along the same lines, I remember Charles Jordanmaking some spectacular grabs in pre-season, only to disappear when 'the lights came on.'

It was a damm funny gay joke though!

I second the notion that the oral sex Ginn joke was funny.

The Bungholes are looking for a receiver....
Send Ernest "can't catch a CAB" Wilford up to Cinci for some CHILI DOG's.
He and Chris Henry can tie knots in each other's hair...

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