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Chad Pennington agrees to deal with Dolphins

The Dolphins have agreed to a multi-year contract with former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington, according to two NFL sources.

Pennington is expected to fly to South Florida Saturday or early Sunday, meaning he might be present when the team plays the Tampa Bay Bucs in its preseason opener at Dolphin Stadium. That assumes Pennington passes his physical.

Terms of the deal are not immediately available, although Foxsports.com, which first reported the story, says it is a two-year deal. The Dolphins are neither confirming or denying the report, which is code for it is true.

So this much is certain: It is hard to see a Dolphins team with Pennington, Josh McCown and John Beck on the roster. One of those latter two will be gone soon.

It is possible the Dolphins will try to trade either McCown or Beck once the coaching staff is convinced Pennington is better. That may not take very long. The Dolphins, I am told, didn't give Pennington any guarantees he would be the starter the entire season, but expect him to be the starter in the regular-season opener versus ... the New York Jets.

This move, by the way, is fraught with contradiction.

The team spent the entire offseason ignoring starting-caliber talent in free agency simply because some of the players were over 30 years old. The idea was to sign players that would still be in their primes in three or four years when the team came out of the talent darkness it is currently in. Pennington, 32, is not likely to still be around then and his contract confirms that.

So what gives? If you want to upgrade the QB spot, this moves does that. Great! But then the question becomes if you decided to break your own rules on the QB position, why didn't Bill Parcells upgrade the other areas of need with veterans? You cannot have it both ways.

Either the Dolphins were wrong at the beginning of free agency by not adding high-caliber vets then or are showing their desperation now by adding Pennington.

One can make the argument the Dolphins are brining in Pennington to upgrade but also to mentor Chad Henne. Well, they also could have signed Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca, also 32, to upgrade the offensive line and mentor players such as Donald Thomas, Justin Smiley and Jake Long. They might have tried to sign Randy Moss to upgrade the receivers corps and mentor Ted Ginn Jr.

If the argument is made for Pennington, it can apply to the other positions, otherwise the Dolphins are showing they have no long-term plan they will stick with. Either they are building with youth or they are not. Either they are going all-out to acquire the best available players, no matter what their age, or they are not.

This addition also shows that the entire offseason of working with Beck and McCown was at least, in part, a failure. They both threw some 5,000 passes with Miami coaches in the offseason and the team was confident they were good enough to compete for a starting job.

So what does the team do after the first two weeks of training camp? It looks to Quincy Carter as a possible option at quarterback when no other team would even give him a workout and then chases Pennington despite the fact he was just discarded by the Jets.

Makes me wonder how the agenda can change so quickly. Makes me wonder if this isn't something of a return to the days of double-minded personnel acquisition.

Anyway, Miami adds Pennington to the group of the past three Miami signal callers that were added at a high price. Two failed. We'll see about Pennington. The list:

Player...............Previous team........Problem....................Result

Pennington.............Jets...............Weak arm/shoulder.........????????

Trent Green.........Kansas City..........Scrambled brain....broke more eggs

Daunte Culpepper.....Minnesota.........Spaghetti knee.......Could not move



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All Jay Fiedler did was WIN! Chad P was doing very well in camp so far this year. Denny Green got fired cause he put his trust in McClown early on and had to abort after two years after it was too late. McClown couldn't even beat out C-Pep last year. The "knee" is the only reason he got any pt.


You are right on the money. This deal makes no sense at all. If they wanted a QB to be a starter, help the team win some games, and mentor the younger QB's then they should have pursued Favre. But Chad Pennington??? Come on!!! How could any Dolphin fan in their right mind want the much maligned ex-Jet???

Just a terrible move for the organization and its fan base. If Parcells wants to spend almost $12 Million over two years, is this really the best allocation of that money??? It makes me wonder what they thought they were getting when they signed McCown and decided to keep Beck. I'd rather Parcells gets some O-lineman and how about a WR that can start???

If this were the offseason, would ANY of you picked McCown over Pennington as a free agent - - no, I thought not. So the only problem now is who is gone, and can Heene &/or Beck develop into quality starters while Chad holds down the fort. McCown is McCown, no room for growth, no track record equalling Pennington's.

Jay Fiedler hardly ever won a game for us. Our defense then was STOUT - Lamar Smith gave us some good ground yards, our special teams were good - but Fiedler never really did anything outstanding.

The only game I remember being proud of Jay Fiedler as a QB was when we beat the Raiders at home with his nice scramble in the fourth quarter.

I like Jay Fiedler as a person - but he never did anything in the NFL when he left here either.

I sadly do remember when he helped whoop us in Jacksonville - Jimmy & Danny's last game as a member Miami Dolphins.

"One can make the argument the Dolphins are brining in Pennington to upgrade but also to mentor Chad Henne. Well, they also could have signed Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca, also 32, to upgrade the offensive line and mentor players such as Donald Thomas, Justin Smiley and Jake Long. They might have tried to sign Randy Moss to upgrade the receivers corps and mentor Ted Ginn Jr.

If the argument is made for Pennington, it can apply to the other positions"

You're just fishing for arguments or are you that obtuse? Penny is not nearly as expensive as the other vets you mention. Guard is supposed to the easiest OL position to pick up. And experience in QB is much more important than any other position. Considering all this, Pennington is a great value. If you're going to break the rule regarding age on your team, it's QB where it makes the most sense to do it.

please, Armando. Don't be such a whiner. there's no contraversy here!

clarification on previous post;

I said "Guard is supposed to the easiest OL position to pick up" meaning why should the 'phins reach to get Faneca? He's overpriced especially considering his age!

Jay Fiedler's stint with the Miami Dolphins featured mediocre regular season performances (66 TD passes to 63 interceptions) and poor post-season performances. He threw one touchdown and seven interceptions with a record of one win and two losses in post-season play while with the Miami Dolphins.

Faneca is a stud and signing him would have also lessened the Jets. Expensive? So what? The Dolphins still have like $17 million under the cap. They could sign three Fanecas. Or a Faneca and a Randy Moss and have change left over.

And Joe, are you going to argue that receivers don't need mentoring? Don't be a retard.

What is all the complaining about? Pennington is coming in to serve the same exact roll that McCown was going to fill. Start for a year, mentor Henne, get replaced by Henne, get shipped out. The only difference is Chad will be better at it, MUCH better.

Anyone that thinks McCown is a better option over Pennington while serving the same roll, is delusional. He has a "noodle arm" so what, in case you have been lost is la la land during off season and training camp, this teams offense is being built around quick 3 step drop backs, short quick throws, smart quarterback play, few mistakes. This is exactly the strong suit of Pennington, its why he is so accurate.

So the long ball every other play isn't going to happen because of his weak arm, ok? It wasn't going to happen with McCown either because...well he just isn't very good. So again nothing has changed there.

And as far as his $12 million contract, seeing as no one knows all the details, I am betting a lot of the money will come from certain goals needing to be attained in order to get all of it.

So in conclusion we have a new starter in Pennington who is a better a option in every single way imaginable over McCown, who will start for about a year, mentor Henne and maybe even Beck, hand the reins over to Henne, then get shipped out to another team...oh, and give us a very good chance to get to 6ish wins, maybe more this year and not be the laughing stock of the league...again, you know because the Dolphins were the first team to go 1-15, and we lost every game by 50 points, so of course we were the worst team ever, just like everyone has made them out to be...blah blah. I'll take it!

On a side note, so what that he is 32, this doesn't change one thing about rebuilding, all it is, is a much better version of McCown serving the same roll, nothing has changed besides age and cost, oh and skills.

This IS a rebuilding period for the team but with an unseasoned qb at the helm, it could have been a hellish season to endure , like last year. Chad will win a couple more games than the young guys so that we are all not praying for our first win at the end of the season. Also the young qbs ( Henne) will be given the chance to ease into the job and not have his confidence blown worse than BEck's was last year. The move costs nothing but money. I see no downside or contradiction.

I disagree that the same age philosophy for free agents applies to both QB’s and other positions for 2 reasons:

1. QB is not as physically demanding as other positions. Brains & experience is more important than peak athleticism.
2. Younger QB’s require a great deal of mentoring. Pennington has had more success and will be a better mentor than McCown.

I don’t see Pennington as a win now addition. I see his addition primarily as a better QB therefore better mentor decision.

I don't see this in any way as a departure from the team's original plan. The plan was, get young guys, including a QB and find a vet QB to caddy the offense until the young guy is ready to emerge. McCown wasn't the right guy to hold down the store front and when Pennington became available, he became the best option available. If Beck and McCown are so bad that the staff can't trust either of them for even a few games, then obviously they need to go.

Guys, we were 1-15, take any talent you can get your hands on and coach the heck out of it and see what happens. That's also why we should bring in Terry Glen and see if he's got anything left in the tank. If nothing else, he lend some veteran leadership to our very young receiving corps. And who knows, he might be good for 30 or 40 catches and some third down conversions.

Baby steps forward are still steps forward.

One other thing:
While we did ignore some over 30 talent in FA, none were worthy QB's over 30. Had there been a worthy 30+ QB available, we surely would have brought him in and ignored age.

Now we just have to brace ourselves for all the dumb "hanging Chads" jokes because we play in Florida.

I would have rather we let Herm in KC get Pennington and take Damon Huard when Herm released him. That was marino's fav and he still plays better than Brody C and any QB's here.

How old are you guys saying "I can NEVER pull for a former Jet!"?I'm 43 and have been a Miami fan since I was 4,he's a good and decent man who is one of if not THE most classy players in the NFL and he can't help who drafted him and he WILL help our team.

Were he some selfcentered and worthless POS like Vick or Pacman or a cancer like Chad Johnson or Shockey or T.O. then I could understand,but a guy who NEVER acted like a "real" Jet or Jets fan... I just dont get your gripe.

Yeah..he "sucked" alright..when his line was about as porous as the Texans during Carr's reign,funny how he was a "bust" but is doing GREAT with the personnel at NY,and Curtis "My favorite" Martin was gone but other than that,he himself NEVER lost a game for the Jets.

The ones who dont understand this move DONT understand one VERY important thing and that being that Coaches can teach players at EVERY OTHER position techniques that will improve their game tremendously but you CANT teach a QB the right mindset to protect the ball,they either have it or they dont and Chad Pennington has that trait and according to stats,he has it more than ANY OTHER QB with over 1500 passes in the history of the NFL.

One more thing you dont understand is that 99.6% of NFL QB's need ADEQUATE time to be groomed on the "teachable" techniques instead of "Just throw him in there and let him sink or swim!" because without protection even the "mighty" Tom Brady looks like a bum and he's a seasoned vet so this move is to not only protect the ball,its to also show Beck and Henne the proper way to run an Offense AND allow them the time to develop while our OL gets solid so that when either one does take over,they wont be seeing ghosts coming from their blindside for the rest of their careers.

Mando and everyone else. McCown and Beck are not even close to being the answer. I don't care if Beck throws 10 million passes in the offseason he is not the future. So its Henne, who at this point needs time, otherwise its back to the draft. We got Pennington for basically nothing, and regardless of where he came from, we are better at QB than we were yesterday. Just pray that Henne turns into what we hope, otherwise, its years and years to go.

Anyone who thinks McCown or Beck are a better option, go be a Bills fan and root for JP.

Mando, the Pennington situation is different than everything else you mentioned, keep it in perspective. Maybe the Dolphins should trade for Favre and then ship him to the Vikings....good thing you were the only one to think of that one.

what makes you better than Bill Parcells and the rest of the Dolphins staff, did you have actual experience in personnel matters or coached football before? just shut up and see how it goes before you open your mouth again.

Favre wouldn't mentor our young guys(didnt mentor Rodgers). He costs more, throws way more ints, and is older. He has the Madden curse, a stronger field of competition and learning a completely new system to worry about. He was awful the last time he didn't spend the offseason working and practicing. He is very rusty and has already commented on not wanting to go thru all the work being at GB would have entailed.He will not get the Jets to the playoffs and will end up costing them way more than he delivers. Not a good option here.

Chad costs less, is very accurate and doesn't turn over the ball. He will be the perfect complement to our new system. He will get us wins(hopefully one at the beginning of Sept.) and will mentor our young guys into much better players. He just costs us a little money. He is fragile but a very solid decision I think.

Does everyone actually believe the current Dolphins QB's were going to beat other teams with the "long ball" every week? Our receivers are having a hard time getting separation. Let's be real.
Signing Pennington is a great move. He has one of the greatest play fakes ever, and with our running game, all he'll need is a little dunk to Hagan or Ginn and gain yards after the catch.
Sorry that Beck will probably be let go after seeing all the hard work he has put in, but let's face it, he just hasn't cut it.
Henne is the future and will be much better learning from Pennington rather than McCown or Beck. GO 'PHINS!!!!

Whats wrong with you guys. Have you guys seen the video of Beck. This guy is just not an NFL quarterback. Watch all his games, watch his practices. Happy feet people, Happy feet. I have been watching football a long time. Anytime I see someone with happy feet, they end up being a bust. That means he is not calm under pressure. Unfortuanately thats what he has. I really wanted and hoped it was the offensive line but I still see it today. Beck is done guys. Bring Chad in, teach Henne.

Armando get off of Faneca's private areas! There's a huge difference in signing a qb for basically a 1 year deal versus signing a guard to a long term deal with a 10 million signing bonus. It's not a double standard because Parcells picks up 'his' guys and he has a pretty good track record doesn't he? And who else was out there besides McCown anyway? Culpepper? Leftwhich? C'mon man give me a break. You can't just sit there and hate on everything BP does because it's not what you want/think they should do. Don't forget that Pennington has worked in this offense before and can give Miami info about the Jets schemes.

A question for Armando. Which q.b will bring a better return? Thats the one I`d trade

It's a good move. The Fins are looking for a leader at QB, and Pennington is a proven leader. McCown and Beck aren't leaders.

Henne has the potential to be a leader, but he's too young to lead right now.

So having a leader at QB until Henne is ready is a good thing.

Is Terry Glenn coming or not?

I like this pick up, it improves the offense so much more... We have some type stability in at the qb position what was truly needed. SO come on guys you were crying about the qb situation last week be greatful they went out and improve the roster....Shock the world Dolphins...Lets make it to the playoffs...

Noodle arm , but he is smart.
Hey I know .....why didnt we just sign Mike Martz to be our qb since he can disect a defense in a split second, throw a noodle dump pass to Ronnie, and hope that young O-line plugs gaping holes through the interior of the D and BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE !
Chad Henne......get ready by week 4 cause noodle arm ( although smart, accurate ) is broke down and will likely break.
I bet Ted Ginn upon hearing such news puked at the fact that deep skinny post is erased for in and out noodle dump for a positive 6 yds. if and only if safety dont blow up your cheeeeet !
I guess week 1 looks prmising at least.

very interesting, check this out --


I'm ok with the deal.. it's typical Parcells move - rememebr he dragged an old QB to the c'boys as well, and stuck with him over Romo 'til it just couldn't pass muster anymore..
hey Armando.. want a spellchecker? frought.. brining...

Bravo Carlos!

I have been saying that myself about Beck.. His pocket skills are weak and he does have happy feet. Watch the film people! He looks lost, Freaked out! Shuffles around like Sam Davis Jr. on stage. And I don't want to hear those that say the OL last year was his problem. It's called indecision

This is a tough nut taking in a JET but he does bring accuracy and our running game will make us all happy. Besides if I have to hear that stupid freaking "Squish The Fish" chant one more year Im going to lose it.

Go Fins!!!

I'd be more interested in knowing what the Jet fans think of this move? Is your ex-QB worth getting rid of McCown or Beck for? For that matter, do you Jet fans think you have a QB to lead you to the promise land now? I know you have a great QB in Favre but he is good for at least this season and beyond that it's anybody's guess? Who do you turn to after he decides to retire at the end of this year? And there is that side of Favre that is prone to interceptions...that's who I hope shows up to the season opener!

As hard as it is to have a former Jet as QB it is a good sound move, do you seriously think McCown could do a better job than Pennington? I just hope they release McCown and not Beck unless they get a trade offer. Pennington will be the stopgap until he gets injured (highly likely) or Henne is ready to take over which I think will be sooner than people think. Armando and you other guys moaning about Faneca and Moss, they were never coming here ever no matter how much money we threw at them, Faneca will retire in a couple of years leaving the Jets high and dry and Moss just wants a superbowl ring so Parcells and co made the right decision not to go after them.
I do agree with the guy who said the Tampa game is now highly important for McCown or Beck, if McCown doesnt play at all then we know he's outta here.

come on people we have to have a leader on both sides of the ball. penny is a proven leader i thought the mccown signing was crazy in the first place. and i think bill knows it now too you have to bring someone in for these two qb's to learn from and josh was not going to teach them anything.

This is addition by subtraction. CP has had better success against us than any QB in the league the last decade, including Brady. His arm an injury history make it clear he's a short-term answer, but his experiance, intelligence and understanding of Hennings offense are all assests.

I think this also makes it clear how little of a rope Beck has left. If he sucks this weekend, he's probably gone.


I agree with your logic to an extent, but you could also ask what purpose did signing McCown serve since we all knew he was a stopgap for Beck or Henne.

Pennington now fills the role McCown was to play, and he's a significant upgrade. So in this light, it has to be viewed as a good move.

Furthermore, Pennington is actually a credible QB in this league. Hopefully this works out. If not, Beck should stick around and get the opportunity to show what he has.

And if Beck can't get the job done, let Henne show what he can do.

Overreacting much?

We are well below the cap and apparently McCown was not cutting it. Pennington is just replacing McCown as a 1 or 2 year stand in. Same as it ever was. They feel more comfortable with Pennington as a bridge . . . so, get rid of the trash you don't like and bring in the trash you are fond of.

Pennington will work up to the point he gets hurt, which he will. All the concerns about Green and Culpepper's health, when the Fins signed them, and Pennington has a much less reliable health history than either of those 2. Once he is hurt and assuming McCown is gone, you are stuck with Beck or Henne for the rest of the year or try to sign some has been at the last minute to come in. It is too soon to give up on Beck. It took him a couple of years to figure out the BYU offense.Playing in 2 different NFL offenses in 2 yrs and with the sorry lineup we had last year on offense, it is just too soon to know whether he will pan out. Henne might be the guy down the road but who knows.

This is going to be a fun season. And a lot of close games. Pennington brings accuracy and leadership. Noodle arm? He threw a couple of bombs on us over the years. I used to pray that he was hurt when we faced them because he killed the phins everytime we played him and frustrated the heck out of me.
Would I be a traitor cheering him on? Lets get real!!! This is modern day sports.
The upside.
It didn't cost us a draft pick. He is an accurate thrower. We had cap space and needed a QB.
Isn't the agenda to win? You teach young guys to win by winning. 1-15 teams remain low end bottom feeders for a long time. Look at Detroit, Arizona and others that have been perrenial losers. You can't win with people that accept losing with the excuse they are learning.
BTW first and second rounders eat up more cap space than vets. Long makes more money. Its like Al Capones muscle making more money than Al. Go figure.

i feel like crying. why do we continue to get the re-threads. Miami is like the re-thread capital for end of career players. its like a retirement comunity at camp every year. if the coaching staff need "mentors" for beck & henne what does that continue to say about the coaches? Every new regime says they will rebuild. Half way through training they start this crap again thinking THIS year we have shot since "a veteran" is available. Don't forget HE GOT CUT!

Tonight one qb will step it up to keep their job. It may not be who you thought. Yes we are rebuilding but there is also the win now attitude. I hate the fing jets. Hated chad but no way a near as brady. i dont care if we go 2-14 as long as we beat the pats. just to shut all those bandwagon jumpers up. beat they felt dumb buying those superbowl shirts ahead of time just to watch them choke. not to sure which qb will be gone but i think we all don't know what the hell is gonna happen. the tuna has done some weird stuff. so after tonight and the follwing week we will know more. but i agree who ever screws up tonight is gone. i still think beck has a shot. chad has looked good being a rook. but someone said it best. practice is just that. and who are they praticing against? let us see how the do against a real team for a change then make up our minds.

The Dolphins sure let the fans know how bad the QB situation was: terrible. If the QBs were that bad then it makes perfect sense to bring in Pennington.

The Dolphins sure let the fans know how bad the QB situation was: terrible. If the QBs were that bad then it makes perfect sense to bring in Pennington.

It's because Parcells is familiar with him. Can't you see that he's signed his guys? I mean look, Josh McCown is 29 years old and this is his 7th year. Pennington is 32 years old and this is his 9th year. Now you tell me if they were both on the free agent market at the same time back in March, who do you think the Dolphins would have signed?!?!?! Parcells drafted Pennington, and he had no ties to McCown.

Pennington.. Because they know him. That's why we've got so many ex-Cowboys now too. We gave up NO compensation, the guy gets released and we improve our team. I don't know why you wouldn't be on board with the decision.

I believe you are overthinking this issue, as Nick B. points out in the previous comment.

It's more of the devil one knows...they all know Chad P. from prior experience. Nepotism, or whatever it's called when you hire a friend, is a part of the American business way.

The same thing applies to McCown when they brought him in...it's just that Chad P., when healthy, is better.

It's why Thomas and Taylor aren't around...they were too powerful of personalities who owed nothing to the Trifecta and therefore are potentially dangerous to their authority. Now, someone like Porter, who had a non-stellar year, still has something to prove so he can stay.

Relax Armando. You didn't react this way when they brought McCown in, did you?

Like this move short term, he's a pro and Henne can learn.

Send McUnnown to Pittsburgh for a 5th now that Batch is gone.

Also.. Bring in Quincy Carter - go into the season with 4 QB's and once a team looses a starter or back up then Trade Beck to said team along with the 5th from the Steelers for a 2nd round pick...

This is a GREAT move (assuming the shoulder is sound).

Investing big money in veteran free agents like Faneca and Moss would've done little or nothing to help this team develop (see Moss on Raiders). But adding a smart, competitive, experienced, successful leader at QB makes all the sense in the world for this young team, and will be especially beneficial to Chad Henne and Beck (if they keep him).

If everybody in this offense plays like Chad Pennington (smart, disciplined, fiery, fun) it will jell faster than anyone thought. You don't win games with arm strength, you win with decision-making, savvy, and competitiveness. The LAST thing this team needs is a vertical passing game.

AND... let's not discount the value of of the edge CP brings in facing the Jets twice a year, not to mention the rest of the AFC who he knows as well as anyone. 6-10 wouldn't be so bad if it meant a sweep of the Jets, Bills and Pats. Plenty of Dolfans would take that deal right now ;)

As long as his shoulder is sound, he should be able to provide stability, competitiveness, and leadership to a team that desperately needs all three things, for at least the next two years. Then, when the roster is re-stocked, he can turn the reins over Henne or Beck and play a back-up role or move on.

It makes perfect sense to me.

Well, this puts everything in perspective now this only means that the quaterbacks Miami have except Henne, suck and well some one will be traded or released after saturdays game, good luck gentleman. Now for you cry babies this is just a way of getting back at the Jets besides Chad is a much better QB than Josh, hopefully also we can beat them twice this year that would make my day definetely.

This makes sense as he does have institutional kowledge of the Jets and AFC East. The way I see it Beck is on his way out (via trade) as we will have two experienced QB's and Henne in development. Beck is expendable. Suddenly we have a little stablily in the QB picture.

I'm not happy about this move. Like Arrrrrrrmando said, it's wrought with contradiction. Our QB's must really, really suck if they decided to bring Pennington in.

On the plus side, we didn't give up any draft choices, he's not really breaking the bank since we're still under the cap and he's a proven winner and leader, and it just made the Jets/Dolphins game the marquee game of week one with Favre vs Pennington. Maybe Pennington can get us a win against his old team.

On the down side, he's had two rotator cuff injuries in the last two seasons, he can't really heave the ball, and I believe it disrupts this whole "youth movement" plan that was supposed to be happening with the Dolphins roster.

I really like John Beck. The man has handled himself well, he's never made any excuses, and he's worked his butt off to get better, but I think his window of opportunity has gotten much, much smaller. He will have to "wow" us tonight. I think if anyone should be the odd man out, it's that lame duck McCown.

My .02

This is a good move, short term. He will serve as a perfect mentor to Henne. Play McCown and Beck tonight, and keep the guy who sucks less.

WTF!!!!!! they spent the whole offseason trying to get Beck to change his mechanics and talking about how it was a 3 yr process and they would have patience. Now they blow the whole thing up before the 1st exhibition game and dont even give Beck or McCown a chance to compete against live action. This stinks and cast a big shadow over the explanation why they cut Thomas or traded JT. Something Mando doesn't talk about. How do you explain that Thomas was too old and you wanted to get younger on D but then sign a 32 yr old jello-armed QB? BULL$H*T!!!!!!!!!

I think this is a good move for the Dolphins even though we are rebuilding. The difference here between Feeley, Green, Culpepper people is that we threw away no picks to get Pennington. Part of the rebuilding process for a team is learning how to win and with Pennington there not making stupid game-changing mistakes, we should win our share of close games which will build a young team's confidence. In my opinion he is the best QB we have had since Marino retired, and he is the consummate leader and professional needed to help mentor Henne and a young team.

I don't think this move is a contridiction at all. I think that they believed that either McCown or Beck would step up and be ready once training camp started, that obviously wasn't the case. It's more like "we are going to go 0-16" with one of these two guys. Hey it could be worse, they could have signed Quincy Carter!

C'mon fellow Dolphans... let's make some lemondade out of the lemons. Pennington has more experience than McClown. He is a short-term "caretaker" for Beck and Henne. The future could be Henne or if we continue to suck we get Tebow as our first pick and future. This is not a bad move at all. We don't know the guaranteed money so this won't put a dent in the Cap. We should win 4-6 games. It would not matter who is QB. Yes, we are picking up junk, but that is what is left. How do you think the Jets are going to feel when they go 7 wins this year and spent over $126 Million on Free Agency and give up draft picks. Sounds like they will be in Cap Hell for years while they slide down. The Fins are being built on fundamentals... basic skills in camp, solid drafting with Free Agent Youth and a simple smashmouth playbook. Keep the faith. We will get the last laugh over the Pats and Jets. Unfortunately, the Bills are doing some sound things too. Football is cyclic. Hmmm.. does this remind you of the 70's. Dolphins and Bills will dominate in 2 years.

Here is a thought: Defense is looking better than expected...Running game is looking better than expected...Hence, given that if the phins can grab a typical Parcells QB that controls the game, we might be able to accelerate the development of a winning attitude in Miami and might be able to make a run at the playoffs.

Here is a thought: Defense is looking better than expected...Running game is looking better than expected...Hence, given that if the phins can grab a typical Parcells QB that controls the game, we might be able to accelerate the development of a winning attitude in Miami and might be able to make a run at the playoffs.

For those who think this was not a bad move...

What if Henne (Parcell's QB of the future) "when he's ready" turns out to be a bust, we will be back in square 1 with a 33 year old injured QB and some other QB: Beck or McCown. McCown has proven to be mediocre, and Beck will apparently never get his fair chance.

What is the risk of playing Beck this year? Zero. If he is not the QB of the future, we'll at least find out for sure. Why is it they can discard the guy after 4 games last season? Aren't they wanting to keep Henne off the field in his rookie year because "he's not ready"? Well neither was Beck, so it's really unfair to judge from last year (with a very weak OL).

I really feel strongly that playing Beck this year can potentially take us to a situation similar to San Diego a few years back...Having 2 quality youngsters Drew Brees AND Philip Rivers.

Why cant we release Shamando?

johnny go jump in a lake

Pennington is a waste of time and money, he isn't going to get us into the playoffs and isn't going to help Beck get better who should be getting a chance to sink or swim b4 we throw him out with the trash....THIS MOVE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Henne doesn't need to play this year until after the midseason point but now Beck's confidence is completely shot and we have a jello-armed QB and journeyman to rely on for this year. HORRIBLE!

First, Pat in London, "Mcunknown" was hilarious. Second, to all of the people saying "why didn't we just trade for Favre" please stop being so ignorant. Favre wants to play for a playoff team because he is only playing 1 maybe 2 more years. He DID NOT want to play in Miami and he is a HORRIBLE mentor. Third, Moss to mentor our receivers? Armando have you forgotten that EVERY TIME Moss has played on a losing team he has acted like a gigantic baby? Leaving games early, whining to reporters, dogging it on blocks, sitting on the bench alone with a towel over his head, etc. This is not the type of player we need teaching the young guys. He would be a cancer to a rebuilding team. This was the real reason they didn't look at him. And last, to the question of Faneca not being signed. Maybe they should have signed him but that's in the past and we should really move on. There are 15 other teams that should've signed him but for whatever reason did not.

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