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Baltimore Ravens eyeing John Beck [updated]

The Baltimore Ravens have issues at quarterback as reported in this article by my friend Aaron Wilson. Troy Smith has a tonsil problem, Kyle Boller has a shoulder issue, and Joe Flacco is a rookie.

So the Ravens are casting longing glances at other quarterbacks around the NFL -- including Miami's John Beck. The Ravens have had at least one conversation with the Dolphins about Beck. They also like San Diego's Casey Bramlet, who was on the Dolphins practice squad at times last year.

All this as a guard against Boller's shoulder injury sidelining him for an extended period.

Nothing concrete was apparently accomplished Wednesday but it is unlikely Baltimore would go into the regular-season with only two quarterbacks. That raises the possibility former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, who likes Beck and helped draft Beck last season, would put his protege high on the list of possible answers for a team with quarterback questions.

The Ravens would obviously like Beck if he is cut by the Dolphins, but that may or may not happen. So Baltimore is apparently considering offering something in trade for Beck because he has obvious value to that team. Bramlet, meanwhile, was cut Tuesday so if he clears waivers he could be added to the team.

Both Beck and Bramlet know Cameron's system and could be plugged in fairly quickly if an emergency develops with the starter. Obviously Beck would be considered a better option because, having seen Bramlet throw in camp, he's not exactly a star.

This is a situation that bears monitoring.


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This would be a good situation for Beck, who doesn't deserve the screw job he has gotten in Miami. But the Fins need to get SOMETHING for him in return. Stick to your guns on this, Trifecta.

I'd say this one is 95% gonna happen.

Starting by saying I'm a big supporter of Beck, as today, John Beck lacks of worth for any NFL team.
His execution has been worst every time he starts. If I were in charge of Ravens, I would look everywhere else.
Cutting him doesn't sound too good for me. I still think John will transform into a good player along this season, but his current development is very poor.
If Miami can trade Josh McCown to Baltimore, I'll scream "Bill Parcells for President".

"It doesn't mean something is in the works right now. But this is a situation that bears monitoring."

What a scoop! That's some top-notch reporting there, Mando.

Bob Woodward, don't read the BLOG if you're expecting 'reporting'.

Armando, I thought you had taken the day off, the Herald has been silent today.

Mex Dolfan, how is Beck going to develop anymore with the Dolphins this year? If they keep him, and trade McCown (no one will offer a trade for McCown, btw) he would be the third string QB. It's unlikely he would get anymore opportunities. The last couple of games he looked like he just didn't have the interest in learning anything from Pennington's sideline meetings. He kept far away from everyone else.

Cam and Beck SHOULD be reuinited. They deserve each other.

DolphinLover, if they were a celebrity couple, we could call them "Beckham"

That joke would go over better in Europe....

Are any of you commenters Dolphins fans? How you can look at John Beck over the last 2 years and STILL think he has any skills above maybe a water boy in a Youth League is beyond me. Did you see his first play against the Chiefs. Poor snap (not necessarily his fault) and almost lost the ball. This has happened to him (again, not always his fault) OVER and OVER again. Maybe he just has bad karma (or his Mormon magic underwear is creeping up his butt), but I don't want him anywhere near the Dolphins locker room this year. PLEASE TUNA, first nibble you get for Beck, CUT HIM LOOSE!!

If we can get something for him, go for it. Just don't let him go away. He costs nothing compared to the guy we signed as a free agent.
Maybe he gets a better chance with Cameron in Baltimore.

Ray Lewis and the defense would eat Beck alive. If he turns the ball over like he did last year when pressured they'll have a fit!!
Thanks for waking from your nap to give us this info.....


It would be Beckron.

i'd love to see us get something for john, he deserves a chance somewhere, just don't know how he fits with the dolphins as of today or tomorrow.

Boy local reporters have been on a mission since July to run this kid out of town on a rail... with several so eager, you wonder if they have the tar and feathers in their car trunk.

Why not wait an see what the people actually running the team do with the kid, rather than speculate with the media who've already had Beck traded or cut 2 or 3 times this off season.

Personally I have a hard time believing experienced football people are going to put all their egg's into one basket in a game where a freak injury could spell the end of a career in an eye blink.

Either your building for the future, in which case you keep as many young developing players who you feel may have the talent to start down the road.... or your playing for now, and you keep the 7 year vet who obviously won't ever be any more than he is now, but can win you a game or two in a pinch if your lucky.

So far Beck has been near terrible at every moment he's been on camera. He talks a great game but plays a horrible one. I want to like the guy but ultimately, I want to win. He make take a very long time to develop and if Tuna and Co. are not willing to wait, they should unload the guy and get something for him. Afterall, he is young and cheaply priced and might fit elsewhere better than he seemingly does here.

On a different note, I'm totally bummed that Zach is in Dallas. He's played so well so far in pre-season that it makes me wonder why he wasn't given a legit chance to play for the fins. He's been a tackling machine in Dallas in the few snaps he's gotten.

Well I think John is experimenting a torture on the sidelines because of the way things are working on, but he needs more development to win the required level.
Don't misunderstand my words, he needs some developing WITHOUT all the pressure about being starter as soon as possible. Chad Henne is enjoying the confidence but hasn't been under fire against Pats not Jets nor Bills.
Last season as rookie, he was over pressured to execute behind a terrible OL, this preseason was been too hard for him because he must prove his worth while learning a new scheme, and he's not ready yet.
As I see it, all he needs is some room to grow.

I think the Ravens would surrender a 5th for Beck, and the way this new regime drafts they can do more with a 5th than RandyCam could ever do with a 2nd rounder..

This team needs to move on from Beck, first off he is a single digit number quarterback, and his number is 9, the last time we had a guy with that number he stunk....

Although I hate the damn Jets, Pennington is going to be ok, after all Parcells drafted him when he was there... He noticed something. Nevertheless, give the bum away to the Ravens.

yes he was very aloof...no idea if it was by design or not

"As I see it, all he needs is some room to grow."

Aww, how sweet. Okay back to reality. He sucks. He has had chance to prove himself. He failed. It's not to say he can't redeem himself at some point, but he will not get that chance in Miami because of Chad Henne. If we keep Beck over McCown, he will be the third string and probably not get any opportunities to play. He needs to go somewhere where he can compete to be a #2 so he gets that 'development'. But he needs to get some therapy or something and realize he's probably only got one more shot to impress someone before his playing days are done.

Hey twgyer - Zack does not fir the profile of a linebacker in the 3 -4 defense. Too small - gotta be monsters!!!

tinshaker...look what you started with the Cam/Beck jokes!!!

How bout this one. How many coaches does it take to improve a rookie qb?

first you have to have a coach to fail forward fast

secondly, you have to have a first round draft pick with a family you can glorify

thirdly, you must have a coach that thoroughly mystifies the fans inthe tent on draft day by announcing a longsnapper as your number one pick....what? huh? oh, I stand corrected ... that was a special teams player as the first pick. ooops!!

anyone have a fouth and so on?

I'm with miamitoby about Zach, he's making an amazing job in Dallas, and I think Parcells was preparing a team for 2010 and Thomas may appear to be out of his prime by then.
My point here is that ZT could have been traded, meaning something in exchange. Of course the fact is that unlike Jason Taylor, who is the encyclopedia picture of "Defensive end", Zach Thomas doesn't fit the average image of ILB, and the price wasn't right for anybody.

Q:it makes me wonder why he wasn't given a legit chance to play for the fins. He's been a tackling machine in Dallas in the few snaps he's gotten.

A:Zack made too much money, is too old, small and 1 injury away form retiring. Yes, he can still play but for how long?

So,Beck knows Camoron's system does he? What did they call it last year-Beck,fumble the stupid ball instead of throwing another interception?

Armando is an excellent reporter. But it is not like he's covering Nixon. Actually, the way the Dolphins have sucked lately, it's more like he's been covering Jimmy Carter.

But wouldn't McCown be a better option? The Ravens would need a experience play caller!

Last i checked Baltimore didn't make the colossal blunder we did and hire that guy as a head coach. We've experienced his personnel know how first hand. The guy is an offensive coordinator, he's not pulling the trigger on any deal. Please let's never speak of Camus Camerionus ever again...

I've said from the beginning, releasing Zach Thomas was and will hopefully always be the biggest mistake the 'Trifecta' have committed. Yes he's old. Yes he's small, Yes he had injury issues, though apparently Cam held him out last year despite him being okay to play. But besides all that, how could they not get a draft pick for this guy. At least a conditional 4th rounder? I'm a huge Zach fan, and would want him on the team, but from a business side, just letting him go for free was the dumbest thing I've seen in ages.

Tunaknowsall - it should be Camus Cameronius.

DC Finatic you are an ass

Why all of this ...he deserves a chance to develop garbage. Beck is not a good player. Period.

Look, Cam/Muell's only potential star from last years draft is maybe Satele and Ginn Jr.

He doesn't deserve a shot just because he was a second round pick...poor scouting. There are a lot of first day busts in the NFL. Beck seams to be a nice guy but sucks as a QB.

Good riddance

Liking Beck as a person doesn't mean you should put on your "football goggles" and get into bed with him as your QB. Objectively speaking, he has many passes batted down and he has fumbling issues. If we had drafted Trent Edwards last year, everyone would love him. The point is, we like him and root for him because he's on our team, not because he's a great QB. If we can get a draft pick for him, make the trade. It's obvious that Beck doesn't fit into the new regime's plans.

There is no way Beck or McC gets cut. Period.

They will carry all four into the season because sooner or later - someone is going to need either McC or Beck. Hell it might even be the fish!

Why would the Fins cut either one? So they can make room for one more skill player? QB is the top skill position in the NFL and the one most likely to yeild draft pick(s). What other position do they require more urgently? All you Yahoos think they will only win 4 to 8 games so why not keep the QB's.

You people need to start eating your "smart" pills.


Did any of you read the article in which Mando stole the idea of Beck going to the Ravens? It also mentioned 2 other QB's that might be of interest. So, if it does happen we'll get the "see, I told you so" from Armando. Amazing, just amazing.

Have you heard about the Dolphins taking a look at Ricky Manning Jr.?

The idea of Salguero "stealing" an idea from an article which he links to is not only ridiculous, it really is an example of someone being a retard to suggest it.

Salguero not only credits the article but goes beyond it.

Note to the anonymous retard: Do Earth a favor and do not reproduce.

It would be great for Beck. But what are we expecting to get in return?!? 3rd/4th rounder?? A D-lineman?? That's what I want to know... what's the rumor on that??

Do me a favor , Mr. Truth, F-off and die. It doesn't take an F-ing genius to figure out that Cameron might be interested in trading for a player that he drafted. Armando couldn't figure out that for himself? Most Dolphin fans I know figured it was a possibility long ago. I'm glad Armando woke you up, however.

They are not going to trade for Beck or Bramlet because Bramlet got released by San Diego and they can sign him without having to trade anything. They can wait to see if beck gets the axe as well. No one is going to trade us anything for a guy they know isn't going to be in Miami for long...

Mex Dolphin. Parcells likes his veterans, not other peoples veterans. Zach was going to get paid 5.5 mil this season and is a lock on getting hurt again. face it, he's old, he's a MLB with chronic concusion..what is wrong with that picture?
J Taylor is a very good pass rusher and an ok run stopper. In all fairness, JT can get pushed around by a big tough athletic LT--like Jake Long in the run game.

Have you guys not noticed that Miami drafts -2- DE's and brings in another as a free agent?

Parcells was shopping the bald dancer before the draft.

yes Beck is up for trade, won't get cut tho. Cameron will try to get him to Baltimore.. the bottomless pit for nfl QB's.

keep your fingers crossed with penningtons health, the season goes as he goes. Henne starts all 16 games, look at 2-14, with penny 6-10

I Think Cam owes us this! He certainly screwed us enough (though not intentionally) he could be decent and give us something back. LOL

I'm a loser baby
So why don't you kill me
- Beck

the ravens claimed casey bramlet off waivers tonight. so much for that.

Off topic here but what do you think Marriman's IQ is? 80 being borderline SLOW; 150 borderline GENIUS; I think 42

Wouldn't it be ironic if the Ravens signed Dante Culpepper so he and Cam can be reunited? Any draft pick for Beck is better than nothing.

That's the Ravens for ya. Rather than trying to get a QB with some experience like McCown they want a guy who knows Cameron's system. Someone almost Rookie status and has looked like poop on a stick in training camp and a horrible passer like the kid from San Diego. This is why the Raven's offense has been the pits every year. Even the year they won the offense didn't show up until the playoffs. Gee Just stick Flacco out there and pick up an old starter from somewhere as mentor and backup. They must stock up on morons for the coaching staff. They should have gone after Pennington when he was cut.

Ken in San Diego: How can you say Beck got screwed? He was given every opportunity to shine and he didn't (couldn't) step up. I've been as big a Beck supporter as anyone, and was hoping he would show something. But he hasn't. The best thing for him would be to start fresh with a new team.

But if we have to choose between Beck and McCown, i still say Beck should be our option. Which means only a 4th or better for Beck.

Don't feel too bad for Beck as right now he is making way more money than most of us will ever sniff at. Second, he was a second round pick. I don't think Baltimore will give a second for him, but maybe a 3rd or more likely a 4th. Snap it up, the trifecta has had some good late round picks in their first Dolphins draft. Build it up for the future. He obviously is not in the long term plans of the Dolphins. Let him go back to Sham Cameron.

Why does Cameron like Beck so much?

Mitch: First, I like Beck. I don't like how he has been handled. Cam Cam, the worst coach on the planet, planned to make him carry a clipboard all of last season. Cam Cam, who allegedly is the greatest QB coach at least in his mind, did not waste much energy helping Beck learn and grow in his rookie season. If Cam had worked with Beck in the same manner than Henne has been embraced this rookie year, then Beck might have actually been ready to play in his rookie season. Instead, Beck was thrust into action at the worst possible time, on the road at Philly and at Pittsburgh when the weather conditions were atrocious. And things have not gotten better. Cam Cam is fired and long gone. Beck is now saddled with a new owner, a new coaching staff and he is the odd man out. How would you feel?

How can you say he has had his chances? He got screwed over last year, and this year, right when he was starting to show signs of life, of having started to assimilate the new system, and show promise, the team signed Penny, and took away ALL of his reps. Not just most of his reps, ALL OF THEM. He looked good in the Jax game, but never saw a sniff of a chance after that. If Sparano wants to raise his trade value, he should give him a big dose of time tonight.

You spelled Baltimore wrong in the title Armando...

Beck keeps dropping the ball because he has very small hands which bodes poorly for a quarterback.

Brandon Fields is also a star the last regime drafted.

Tree, Beck didn't look good in the bucs game. he only threw two good passes.

Just in case. I just saw a post on Dolphins make me cry website that The Ravens went for Casey Bramlet. Oh dear if that's the situation it looks that not even the equivalent of a Tenth rounder will get for him. Maybe the draft will get that far one day. When you suck, you truly suck. Amen.

Update. Just rumors on the Bramlet thing. Checking Ravens Forums some are mentioning possibilities on Chris Simms and guess who also: Flaunte Vanity Un-Culpecker.

Armando, continued good job of reporting. I look for your reports each day. So we will go into the season having 2 "Chad's" at Quarterback, how appropriate for a Florida Team !!

Jimbo, my thoughts were focused on the way ZT left this team without meaning at least a 6th round pick.
If we have exchanged him for Ferguson it would have softened things, but Dallas didn't agree to pay his original contract.

According to NFL.com, the ravens signed Bramlet yesterday.

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