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Brown on the way out of Miami? [updated]

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has just reported (sort of) that the Dolphins might get rid of Ronnie Brown before this season begins.

I'm saying Mortensen sort of reported it because, frankly, he backed into the whole subject. The Monday Night Countdown show was doing one of its cheesey segments, this one called 'Sink or Swim,' in which the pundits were giving their opinion whether certain players would succeed or fail this year.

Mortensen was asked about Ricky Williams and while talking about how he would "swim," he went on to say that the Dolphins are so pleased with Williams he "would not be surprised if Ronnie Brown sinks," to the point where "he is playing with another team this season."

Mortensen's reason for Brown being out of here is that the player is "struggling" this preseason.


Before I go on, let me tell you that Mortensen was at Miami's preseason game against Jacksonville Saturday evening and he did spend time talking to general manager Jeff Ireland. So one presumes this comes from Ireland as the source and not just out of sheer speculation.

But it is possible for a GM to sometimes think out loud without having any real expectation of following through on an idea. I also doubt Ireland would expect to see the idea unveiled on national TV.

I would think if Mort, an outstanding reporter by any measure one uses, had the story nailed, he would have come stronger than he just did. I think it would have been his lead comment, not following the Williams sink or swim bunk.

Having said all that, it is true that Brown is clearly not Miami's best RB now. That is Williams. It is true Brown has failed to play all 16 games in any of his three previous seasons. Update: Brown is at practice Tuesday morning and is wearing a significant cast on his right hand that goes halfway up his forearm and wraps around the sprained thumb. He was catching passes only one-handed during the open portion of practice that the media is allowed to see.

Anyway, it is true Brown will be in the final year of his contract in 2009 so the idea of getting something for him now might be attractive.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would simply whack a guy that talented. And I also doubt any team would give the Dolphins the first round pick they invested on Brown in 2005 when you have a glut of running backs still on the market -- including Shaun Alexander and Cedric Benson.

So we shall monitor this one to see if Mort just dropped a bomb or simply lit a lame firecracker. My expectation is this isn't going to happen. And it shouldn't.


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Boom goes the dynamite.

yea i was watching this on espn, he also reported that Williams should swim in another team next season. So what the hell he expects the dolphins to trade Ronnie brown this season and then let Williams go next year. This report was just ridiculous. I dont see bill parcells getting rid of our best running backs

On a team bereft of talent I don't see this happening no way, no how. Williams flaky history and lack of an adaquate backup make this theory pretty easy to dispute. Unless there is something they see in Cobb & Parmalee this is just media fodder...and obviously I have taken the bait.

I don't buy that for a minute... Now maybe if Ronnie has a bad year and can't return to his level of last year before his injury, maybe he won't be around next year? Possibly. Gone this year, before the season? I don't believe that at all.

Mort's comments were that he would be out because he is "struggling" this preseason? He is 10 months off of reconstructive knee surgery. He isn't struggling, he is recuperating. By the end of the season, Ronnie will be 50 percent, or more of the running game. I usually respect Mort's opinion, but this time he needs to put the stuff down a little sooner before he broadcasts.

Not gonna happen. Unless Baltimore comes with a one or Arizona trades Anquan and draft pick, you and Mortensen can forget it. Ronnie won a national championship as a backup. As a senior! After we extend Ricky later in the season, we will be setup to contend for a Super Bowl with Ricky and Ronnie for the next few years. Besides, he tore his freak'n knee up less than a year ago. Ya might want to wait till he is 100% before you even think about a trade.

I just can't see this happening. It seems like Mort was just throwing ideas out and really didn't have any basis behind it.

"So one presumes this comes from Ireland as the source and not just out of sheer speculation."

Why? The lack of a source has always stopped you from publishing wild speculation.

How about trading Ronnie Brown for Steven Jackson?

Ronnie struggling? How many carries has he had this preseason...in a mere two games? C'mon, that answers the question. It's just silly. How do you struggle in two games where you had less than a handful of carries. You don't even have a chance to get on track or get in a rythm. Ronnie has not played enough to struggle. He has made a few brief cameo appearances. Tony put him in there to get a little contact. That is all. Ronnie will get better, and stronger. He'll be ready. Go back and watch some film from last year. Ronnie is a beast. Come on guys!!! What is more, his knee injury was a partial tear. It wasn't the most serious in this category of injury. It wasn't nearly as devastating as the one suffered by Daunte Culpepper.

Well done in putting those comments in perspective. Honestly, anyone who has watched Ronnies professional career knows that Ronnie Brown is always a slow starter at the beginning of the season. It normally takes him until game 3 of the regular season to get up to speed. Last year, they worked him a little more w/ action on special teams and that seemed to get ready for the season quicker.

Having a Ricky Ronnie combo fits very well with this teams philosophy and Brass' recent track record in Dallas.

Before Ronnies injury last year, he was the top back in the NFL.

Mort has been wrong before, Ronnie hasn't played that much. Mort is talking out of his rectum.

Congrats Armando. The finheaven nerds are on your blog!

This sounds real:

1st: One reason the Fins have been playing Brown this early off of the knee injury: To show other teams he's ready to contribute this year.

2nd: The Fins are clearly building for the future.... Brown may not be in that picture, so trading him now would benefit the Fins the most.

3rd: They have tons of cap space, so trading for a talented RB that is disgruntled over money with another team would be easy to do.

I don't see Baltimore giving up a high pick when they just drafted Ray Rice, the kid out of Rutgers. He's looked great in pre-season. And McGahee is no slouch when healthy.

The 'Zona thing could be more realistic when wishing and hoping. Boldin does want out of Arizona and would be easily worth Ronnie Brown in my mind. Boldin has put up great numbers over the last 5 seasons with nothing more than journeymen QB's and a couple part-time starters (Warner/Leinart). That said, I can't see anyone trading a lot of value for the guy right now when there is no proof that he will recover and be the stud he was at the beginning of last season.

I think Ronnie needs more time and should be back to full throttle either near the end of the season or early next. For now, we need to hitch our wagons to Ricky again and hope he doesn't disappear again. So far, he looks like a 25 year old back but with the experience of a guy in his 30's.

Ricky come back to the Argos! You guys can keep Ronnie!

The last time people dissed Ronnie Brown, they ended up watching a guy who leads the league. Do I think Ronnie is gone once his contract is up? sure. But right now makes no sense whatsoever. We are not hurtin for cash and ronnie is the guy who makes the O run in the passing game.

This is just more crap being started up with this franchise. Still waiting for the Beck trade to happen....

Mort did not say Ricky would be leaving also. Armando did not say that either. That is just wrong.

ESPN has some of the worst ainalysts ever.
My kids could tell you more about the league than those NUMBNUTS!

Not happening...Ronnie is gonna prove everybady wrong (yet again) and extend his contract with the Fins next year...It would be great to have Boldin here but at the cost of Ronnie...Our receivers will come around but Ronnie only comes once...

I would think that they could use Ricky and Ronnie could rehab a bit more this season and come back slowly....keep Ronnie, he is a beast!

Mando jumped the shark with this article

You guys sound like my buddy who can't look at the big picture...we're building for the future, Ronnie can't ever finish a season, decent back but injury prone and fumbles quite a bit. My only problem is I DON'T trust Ricky, but just look around the league and waiver wire Running backs come and go, if we could trade Ronnie and 4 or later pick and get Boldin I say do it harder to get a great WR than a decent RB or 2 that can get the job done....

Stop reporting BS from on air off-the cuff statements, it makes our fanbase look soft! Stand behind the players we have and cheer for them dammit! Don't care about who they date, how much money they make, or anything else... Block, tackle, catch, throw, kick, punt WIN! Go Fins!

anyone watching Quinn play tonight? Looks better than Ginn and his momma....

Who cares

brady quinn is playing pretty damn good tonight. what a shame....

Good stuff. Interesting. Now Mort is on the line. Will he be right or wrong? I for one will remember it and remind everyone every time I post.

Brady Quinn sucks.



I put my nose to Jeff Ireland's butt and sniffed out a rumor which I reported as a possibility. My bosses think I'm a genius reporter and are happy and I continue to be employed. Meanwhile, it doesn't really matter if this rumor comes true or not because it's TV and no one really holds anyone to account.

Can anyone tell me whether Ronnie Brown has ever made it through an entire season without some kind of sidelining injury? He seems to be made of glass.


I said this early last season...that Ronnie Brown should be traded. My thought was that it would be five seasons before the Dolphins could be rebuilt into a Super Bowl caliber team, by which point Brown would be nearing the twilight of his career. The theory was trade Brown for a first rounder (ideally to Tampa Bay, who had just lost Carnell Williams), and then draft a running back high in the 2008 or 2009 draft. That back would still be in his prime when the rebuilt Dolphins achieved a Super Bowl caliber roster.

Basically my thought was that any player on the roster who would not be at or near their prime five years from now should be traded immediately to speed up the building process. This is exactly what the Dolphins did do with Chris Chambers and Jason Taylor. It's what should be done with Ronnie.

I don't buy it...

Why would we?

Ricky Williams looks awesome. But given his past, and the fact that he probably can't or doesn't want to handle a full load, he's not reliable as a feature back throughout a whole season anymore.

We have no salary cap issues. Period...

We drafted 2 running backs, but only one shows promise, and the other is off the radar.

Cobbs is a good option for backing up a feature back, but he's neither change of pace or does not play other roles too well. He looked shaky on the return team.

Ronnie is still a young RB that has some good years ahead of him. From what I can tell, he loves football and work extremely hard. He fits this teams plans.

Brown may not have a stellar year. That may be a good thing, because we can offer him a new contract at a cheaper price and he will most likely be 100% in 2009. That's how it is with most backs returning from an ACL injury.

I like Mort, but I think this is purely unfounded.

pray that this is a cheeze fart. ronnie getting traded.......wow......

that would be the dumbest move ever....sign ricky now for two more years....and ronnie for 4 more years...anything else would be stupid. we just got a line folks.....think before u speak... morton roll tuna was way ahead of the two/three back curve....

acl/pcl/mcl are so common now.....just does not make sense

we also gave away donald lee & huard which were not in the same league with ronnie or ricky....

dumb ass rumor mort......sorry

Mort's full of crap. Ricky's damn good, but he cannot be counted on. He's on the wrong side of 30, he only wants to play a few years and he's one slip-up away from not being allowed to play at all. That is not the kind of guy you center your offense around, and doing that is the exact reason our 2004 season was so disastrous after he retired.

Ronnie, meanwhile, is under control through 2010, he's young and he's a Pro Bowl-caliber back. The Dolphins would not get enough value for him via trade. He's not going anywhere.

Honestly, I don't see it happening ATM. Now later in the year this rumor might have legs. Ronnie is a beast when healthy but thats only about 65% of the time. His abilites could get us a very good draft pick. RBs are a lot more common than they once were.

It really just depends on how well he fits back in when healthy. If he fits well, then why try to start another project? Two backs are the way of the future.

you are an idiot Tony Cane. What you know about football would fit in your ass.

5 years?

Who builds for 5 years?

Whatever man...take some offhanded comments on a show and make a story out of it. Report something tangible.

Trading Ronnie Brown away would be like trading your $100 for $50. It just doesn't make sense. Ronnie should be the workhorse. Ricky shouldnt get the bulk of the carries in any games. Ronnie needs carries to get going. He never does good if he comes in as a change of pace. This would be a step backwards if they traded him.

If you can get a first round pick then I would trade Ronnie, he is a good player but seems to be injury prone. We are rebuilding and he is more of a luxury, that said I would only trade him for a first round pick.

You guys are such homers...

Why not trade Ronnie Brown for a couple of draft picks. Ricky Williams is a better RB anyway and he gets the league minimum. Ronnie Brown is a season away from being what he was before the injury. You can turn him into a couple of draft picks and get some receivers.

Grow up...there is no loyalty in this league, its all business.

Who builds for 5 years????

Dallas Cowboys of the 90's., Patriots, Giants, Indy. All those teams took at least 5 years to build. The Dolphins are a mess, its going to take that long to build. There will be good teams along the way.

these were the same morons that were pimping john beck all offseason. this is the dumbest fanbase in the league...

Brown for Boldin--Tuna, make it happen.

Do you get paid for this Armando? Please read your own article.

A couple of draft picks, Canesjunkie? Like a 5th and a 6th? Surely no team would give two high draft picks for an unproven running back. Surely every GM in the league understands that the running back position is the easiest to fill and has the shortest shelf life. Running backs know all to well that the NFL stands for Not For Long.

On second though, perhaps Spielman up in Minnesota still doesn't have a clue. He'd probably pull the trigger on a trade for Ronnie Brown, in spite of running back being Minnesota's most solid position.

Spielman may even give up a 2nd rounder; but, Canesjunkie, get off the beer bong and realize that Ronnie Brown ain't worth that much on the free market. He's slightly above average.

(T.O., a perennial Pro Bowler, went for a 2nd round draft pick.)

Antonio, this isn't an article. It's a blog. And cut Armando some slack. He was most likely an ESOL student as a child. Sheesh.

Fixed this one:

"Ronnie won an SEC championship as a backup."

armando...you are SO much better than that..Ronnie tore his knee in October ..it has been less than 10 full months since the injury.. everyone knows it takes time..#34 will be the primary ball carrier for at least the first 6 games this year and they will slowly work ronnie into the rotation.. If we know anything about the trifecta, it is that they like to have 2 solid running backs..Before the injury, ronnie was a top 5 running back in the league. This rumor is one that is just not worth reporting and you know that Armando..

I heard Ronnie Brown once glanced at a copy of the Book of Mormon, and once had a Steve Young rookie card, so we should get rid of him and Beck!

Eric the bigot in miami

I think I am about to vomit. I can not go through another season like last year again. I think back to a few years ago when I heard Ricky quit football for pot. Now we are going to trust this guy??! Thats great if he is playing like he should of all along, but Ronnie had a pretty good season last year on a crappy team. He did it all alone. Now we might let him go for Ricky? How many more years does Ricky have left in him. I like the decisions we made so far, but I think this would be the first bad move. I know Parcels likes building offense and defensive lines but you do need some quality people behind them. Running backs like Ronnie are hard to come by.

Williams is the superior back right now. But he is not good enough to risk trading Brown, who given his tentativeness and slow recovery would not be worth a third round draft choice.

Brown can play if he sets his mind to it. Ricky has had mental problems but now seems devoted to football, Brown needs to get his act together and be the explosive back he can be.

I don't know about this one. Why trade a stud like Brown considering Ricky's flaky past with the team? Also, Ricky is getting up in years and they can't say for how long he'll be productive...and there's his past. A healthy Ronnie Brown in 2007 would've gone over a 1000 yards and possibly made the Pro Bowl.

Armando, your blog rumor has made the column of the NFL's national enquirer aka PFT. :o)

morts just blowing a steamy pile from his a-hole located directly under his nose,

Can everyone PLEASE stop talking about Brady Quinn! WHO CARES!!! He is not on the Phins and won't be, so quit your b*tchin'.

Are we supposed to look at every single previous draft and say would of, could of, should of? If that's the case, why is no one complaining the Dolphins didn't do what they could to get Peyton Manning, or do what they could to get LaDainian Tomlinson. I would rather have had those two on the team above Quinn any day. Enough about Quinn already. We have Pennington finally running the offense the way it should be and we have Henne who is going to run it in the future.

Anyway, if they want to run a Smashmouth type of football game (Ala Csonka, Kiick, Morris), getting rid of Brown would be a huge mistake. We need to eat up the clock, keep opposing teams offenses and our defense off the field. The only way we can effectively do that is with a solid running game. Not going to be easy with only one true running back though.

Mort, you gotta lay off that pipe son.

I think this story has legs given Bill Parcell's track record (albeit as a coach). None of this guys teams have ever had an over-salaried RB.

Chalk this one up to Ireland and Parcells floating rumors to see what they can get for a guy.

Everyone knows Ricky is more talented than Ronnie...and that we overpaid for Ronnie. But Ronnit is no slouch and we have nothing behind him. Cobbs was struggling out there against 2nd teamers.

If Parcells secretly wants Shaun Alexander, then this would make sense. Otherwise, this is just a rumor to see what type of phone calls they can get.

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