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Brown on the way out of Miami? [updated]

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has just reported (sort of) that the Dolphins might get rid of Ronnie Brown before this season begins.

I'm saying Mortensen sort of reported it because, frankly, he backed into the whole subject. The Monday Night Countdown show was doing one of its cheesey segments, this one called 'Sink or Swim,' in which the pundits were giving their opinion whether certain players would succeed or fail this year.

Mortensen was asked about Ricky Williams and while talking about how he would "swim," he went on to say that the Dolphins are so pleased with Williams he "would not be surprised if Ronnie Brown sinks," to the point where "he is playing with another team this season."

Mortensen's reason for Brown being out of here is that the player is "struggling" this preseason.


Before I go on, let me tell you that Mortensen was at Miami's preseason game against Jacksonville Saturday evening and he did spend time talking to general manager Jeff Ireland. So one presumes this comes from Ireland as the source and not just out of sheer speculation.

But it is possible for a GM to sometimes think out loud without having any real expectation of following through on an idea. I also doubt Ireland would expect to see the idea unveiled on national TV.

I would think if Mort, an outstanding reporter by any measure one uses, had the story nailed, he would have come stronger than he just did. I think it would have been his lead comment, not following the Williams sink or swim bunk.

Having said all that, it is true that Brown is clearly not Miami's best RB now. That is Williams. It is true Brown has failed to play all 16 games in any of his three previous seasons. Update: Brown is at practice Tuesday morning and is wearing a significant cast on his right hand that goes halfway up his forearm and wraps around the sprained thumb. He was catching passes only one-handed during the open portion of practice that the media is allowed to see.

Anyway, it is true Brown will be in the final year of his contract in 2009 so the idea of getting something for him now might be attractive.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would simply whack a guy that talented. And I also doubt any team would give the Dolphins the first round pick they invested on Brown in 2005 when you have a glut of running backs still on the market -- including Shaun Alexander and Cedric Benson.

So we shall monitor this one to see if Mort just dropped a bomb or simply lit a lame firecracker. My expectation is this isn't going to happen. And it shouldn't.


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Who in their right mind wants Alexander? Sure he was tops a few years ago but is also injury prone and older than Brown. Whats the benefit?

That has to be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. Ricky is basically a gamble of a RB and they have no viable alternative/backup behind Ronnie. Let's not forget that one more screw up, and Ricky is basically "retired." Who would chance that? Only a coach that wants to be another one year coach.

Could Ireland have put that outhere to see what ronnie brown is worth.Running backs dont last long especialy phisical backs.

Brown for Boldin......hmmmmmmmm

OMG I can't believe some of you people. Mando is just returning the favor for ESPN picking up his cockamamie story about the "Rift" between JT, and the Trifecta, and helping to push it to it's ultimate end. By the time the media got done with the story, there was no other option for either side. Now they are starting up on Brown.

Remember, those of you who think we can get a first, or multiple high picks for the guy, or Boldin, and a pick, that RB's are pretty easy to pick up. there are guys who believe they can still go just begging for a job right now. Why would any team give much for Brown? Don't get me wrong, he is great, and I want to see him in our uni for years to come, but realistically, the trade market for guys not named Tomlinson, or Peterson(from the Vikes, not the Bears,lol) is pretty slim.

Why would Mort go there on Ronnie? This seems like Tuna throwing it out there through Mort, his ESPN mouthpiece.

I wouldnt be surprised if this happens. I know he is coming off and injury but why not try to trade him to AZ for Boldin and a pick? Hey if the price is right they should make the move

Wait a second, silence. Is that Parcells laughing at this stupid article. hahahahahahahaha Yep. That is the dumbest rumour I have heard. If it was Wannestache or Cammoron, I might have believed it. Ronnie stays this year and carries for nearly 1000. He is a regular by game 4
Dumb da dumb dumb

Well, at least now we know where Ricky's stash went...

I was at the Cleveland-Miami game last year, right after Chambers was traded. I turned to my brother-in-law and predicted that both Jason Taylor and Ronnie brown would be gone eventually.

Anytime new people take over a business, there is a tendency to clean house, especially of star performers. They are, for new bosses, unpredictable, difficult to control and simply not the people the new bosses would have hired.

Everyone being expendable ensures discipline (out of fear) and it is clear the new regimn likes it's discipline...a lot. So I don't see why Brown is a given on this team.

In a related story, Tom Brady hasn't been productive this preseason and Mort predicts that he'll be traded or cut before week 1.


This is all ESPN hype and crap. Ronnie Brown is back a month early from re-hab (which is why his pre-season isn't going so well) and who would take him for a 2nd round pick (which the dolphins would want)? Also, he just hurt his thumb (sprain). Last year, the Dolphins couldn't find a quality running back (and now they trade Lorenzo Booker and now Ronnie Brown)? They trade Chris Chambers, let Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor get traded. If one more quality Dolphin is traded, I give up. I'll switch back to the Jets (after a 39 year Dolphin bandwagon ride-my family is from Long Island). But seriously, Ricky is one puff away from league suspension at any time. NO WAY they trade him

Does anyone know if there is still training camp today? and if so is it open to the public? I have the day off because of the storm and would love to catch a practice.

Seems your story has us losing both of them by the start of next season...makes no sense. Ricky is in his 30's and Ronnie is young. Ricky can give us this year and maybe two more as a tandem back. He'll be the storied old vet in that last year when we move through the playoffs.

i think ppl forget how we are the baby cowboys and they played to rb last season why wouldnt we why not have one explsive back and one normal back. both are great in there own way but you cant just throw ronnie away he will be a stud in this league trust me

we need ronnie alot more than a couple of draft picks. we already have enough. let's play this year or at least the first game first.

mort, stick to the facts. ronnie & rick......period...750-1,000 yrds each. just how many come in the passing game is the only question.

That's crazy talk, not a chance, Mort is smoking something.

hey I agree with jeremy here guys, the bottomline is this! I have never liked ronnie even though he had a good season last year. The guy is too injury prone everytime he runs i hold my breath!!

He does fumble alot in CRUCIAL situations. And most of all he is a typical north south run into the pile style of runner not explosive or fast enough to break big runs!!!

Ricky has fumbled alot but other than that he is everything ronnie will never be! I hate to say that but were building for the future and ronnie jus doesnt have it!! I say trade him for boldin if we get boldin we will at least get more production from our wide receiver core! At this point ronnie is useless to us he's injured already and still getting more injuries and he has definitely lost a few steps!!!

Its comments like this one from Mortensen and ESPN's overly partisan NFL anal-lysts is why I stopped watching ESPN's NFL coverage YEARS ago.

Berman, all of them are tools.

Its comments like this one from Mortensen and ESPN's overly partisan NFL hosts is why I stopped watching ESPN's NFL coverage YEARS ago.

Does anybody know how tall Coach Tony is? I watched the game via replay on NFL network and saw Kim B interviewing him at the half. I know Bokamper is 6'-6" and Tony look like a trophy next to him.

Just curious...

Here's a link for that dude posting here who thinks we're all crazy for mentioning Anquan Boldin as a possible get: http://www.nfl.com/nflnetwork/story?id=09000d5d80a1a2bb&template=with-video&confirm=true

Hey, the only way that Brown will not be a Dolphin this year is if he retires

Wait a minute..... that sounds familiar

Stop all this Brown for Boldin nonsense. This isn't Madden. No way the Cardinals are going to trade Boldin straight up for Brown. A running back that is coming off a knee injury. Jose Cansnitcho said it best, that running backs have the shortest shelf life, and low trade value. In fact, I can not remember the last time a RB was traded for a high pick. What did the Giants get for Grant? A sixth rounder if I am not mistaken. He might have been more of an unknown than Brown, but also was not coming off an injury. So keep dreaming of Boldin for Brown, because thats all it is, a dream. Besides, I get the sneaking suspicion that neither a 31 year old Ricky, nor an incompletely healed Brown will make it through the season without getting injured. By the middle of the season it could be the Fins looking for a running back.

No doubt the 'Fins are a bit unsettled at RB right now, and it will be interesting to see who ends up on the waiver wire (Giants seem overloaded). Cobbs (God bless ya) ain't the long term answer, and I'm not feeling Parmele nor Hilliard at all! Can't see us getting a top tier "banger" in any trade at this point, so my best guess is that there will be several stones overturned in a few weeks and a gem will be found soon.

Does anyone know what the shoveling/winding up celebration the defense is doing?

Dolphinz05..ur out of ur mind..if any1 has a fumbling problem, its ricky..that being said, they're both great runners. just totally different styles. at this point ricky runs around guys. true, bcuz of this, he has potential to break off some big runs but he doesnt always get the hard yards. Ronnie runs over guys (raiders game)and keeps the chains moving. watch some games from last year and you'll c what im talking about. i'm just glad bcuz i think we have a coach who will FINALLY emphasize the running game and run more instead of passing all the time like we still have Dan Marino.

Whats wrong with featuring Ricky most of the season with Brown coming off the bench and by late season or next Ronnie is at 100% ready to go

You guys miss the point. My thought on trading Brown last year was that he was leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage, Tampa Bay had just lost Carnell Williams, and we could have potentially pulled a sweet deal. As for five-year plans, at the depths of last season how many of you thought that the Dolphins could be rebuilt into a Super Bowl caliber team in LESS than five years?

So if five (now four) years is plausible, what kind of contributer will Ronnie Brown be at the point if we hold on to him? Someone like Tomlinson or Emmit Smith, still performing at high levels? Or broken down? I still say if we can get a first rounder for him the deal should be made. Draft a running back when the rest of the team has been rebuilt to something closer to a playoff contender. Halfbacks are relatively plentiful in the draft and have the shortest NFL acclimation time of any position.

And yes, the Patriots have some old players (Seau, Vrabel, Harrison) on their defense, but that is not the core of their team. And yes Moss too, but he is a superlative player who may be the best ever to play his position. No one is saying this yet about Ronnie Brown.

If we are serious about moving Ronnie Brown... let's send him to Arizona for Anquan Boldin.

when he got injured he was leading the league in all purpose yards even after a slow start, and wat if ricky gets hurt or wears down during the end of the year
theres no way that they could get a fair deal for a guy coming of a knee injury (daunte culpepper)

Trade Ronnie for Boldin somehow and then sign Shaun Alexander. Ronnies overrated. His "big" games came against the worst defenses in the league last year. Get over him people.

can't have a one-two punch with one fist, ain't gunna happen. Because of the backfield, receivers will be open, Pennington go's to the pro bowl Dolphins will surprise

Let's say a big firetruck collides head on with the big R to the B. I would not want to be that firetruck. Ronnie can't be stopped. The dude is a beast. Ricky too. One time I was at Flamingo Park and I saw Ricky knock down a tree; he can't be tackled.

Go Fins!

this actually makes PERFECT sense and the
finz are DUMB if they dont do this [providing there is ANYONE who will give somethig for brown].

brown, outside of 5 games has NEVER lived up to his #2 pick, 30+ mill deal. and with the bulk of his contract coming up, and no hope in
site he will be worth that, it is ABSOLUTELY logical that if they have someone who will want him [big if] they should do it!!

wasnt the arguement to NOT take mcfadden "you can get good rb's anywhere in the draft"?

well, think of the production [NOT potential],
the actual production we have gotten from brown, and the time he has actually been on the field and we should be able to find a back to go with ricky that can beat those numbers, right?

this will take another HUGE chunk of salary off the cap to.

now reality time: unless some team has a major
injury issue with there backs and are desperate, i dont see any team that would give up more than a 6 for brown. now, i think they will wince hard at that, but, ronnie isnt the trifectas mistake. and, it gets us another pic and gets rid of huge money giving us room for more free agents so i think, just as mort said, by the early part of the year [before the trade dead line] ronnie brown is a gonner!!

I told you before this topic was going to come up and not only has it came up but now the story has grown wings and it is flying around the Dolphins facility. I told you once and I will tell you again, Ronnie Brown is not a FEATURED BACK, he is a running back that has a body sculpture of something out of a magazine, but that doesn't really mean anything in the NFL, he is on his way out and believe you me, he will not be in Miami after 2009

All I have to say is of course if the media and fans stir up enough stink something might happen. I just want you to think about something.....at this time Ricky is the bomb...at the point Ronnie is still getting up to par (after surgery) This normally takes a full year to recover to 100%. Give me a break....Parcell's please ignore these fools and keep them both. Rick now and Ronnie will be awesome next year. INSURANCE POLICY BABY

I think it depends on his health and how the Tuna feels. Right now, he's cleaning house and no one's safe. If he thinks he can get some quality out of trading the big back, I'm inclined to think the Tuna will have no problem making the move. Although, Brown is just about their only big name guy on their roster since the departure of Thomas and Taylor (even Feeley)...maybe he's talking to the Marlins organization too much.

That is the dumbest speculation I have ever heard! Ronny Brown isn't Ricky Williams but why would they trade away a guy who has only played a couple of seasons and is a top draft pick! Ricky is the better running back right now, and Ronny might never be Ricky, but Ricky only has a couple of years left tops!
With most successful formulas being a 2 headed running back system why would they get rid of him? To say that they are by a random comment made by an announcer is absurd! Besides don't you think that it would be all over ESPN? This is a typical reporter trying to create a story that will put him on the map. Dumb!

What a bunch of horseshit.

Who was leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage when he got hurt last year? RB!

Is the Trifecta that frickin consumed with running off anyone and everyone THEY didn't draft or sign?

What a disgusting excuse for "journalism." I'm just not sure who to be asjamed of - Mort of Armando. Give me a break.

Imagine if the saban had drafted braylon edwards instead of brown and cromartie instead of jason allen. What a wr and cb combo would that be?

what ever happens i trust phins managment this year, but if we do trade brown.....man it better be for something good, i hear this stuff about boldin, LOOK! a RB gets 10-18 touchs a game, WR get 3-6 at most, money is not a problem for us so thats not an issue,,,, so i say keep him, but if we do trade him, get a pro bowl middle LB,

this idea of trading ronnie brown would be a mistake. He is a up and coming star. I like ricky willams but he has a lot of bagage. Ronnie brown is the star of this team

" After we extend Ricky later in the season, we will be setup to contend for a Super Bowl with Ricky and Ronnie for the next few years "

LOL. Dolphins are 4-5 years away from that.

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