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Some nuggets from Wed. morning presser

If you read this blog yesterday you saw the recount of an exchange between Bill Parcells and cornerback Michael Lehan. It was pretty clear that Parcells was tweaking Lehan.

Today, I asked coach Tony Sparano about Lehan and it seems clear, reading between the lines, the team is drawing near to that moment when they want the player who has nursed a high ankle sprain for over two months to get back on the field.

"Pretty soon it becomes important," Sparano said. "We're getting to a point right now where we're trying to make decisions as we get on with this thing on this team ... We need to see Michael out there ... We want to see Michael out there."

Lehan has been working off to the side and, according to my eyes, has been moving quite well. He was cutting pretty aggressively yesterday. "It looks like he's making great progress right now," Sparano said.

And it says here that progress needs to translate to getting back out there. "There's a lot of things taking place out there right, the competition is going on and he hasn't been out there," Sparano said. "There's a lot of things going on. Once he gets out there and he's healthy, I think he'll be fine, but he has to compete just like everyone else."


Don't expect to see Charlie Anderson (hamstring) on the practice field any time soon and he is not likely to play Saturday. Vonnie Holliday, nursing the same injury, is "probably close" to returning to practice so I believe he may play Saturday.


Expect Ronnie Brown, Jason Allen, Derek Hagan, Ted Ginn Jr., and the entire starting offensive line to get more playing time against Jacksonville Saturday night.


I asked how far along Chad Pennington is in learning the play book because it is not as easy as it looks. The answer is he missed all the installation of plays from early in camp and is expected to pick those up on his own.

"We're not able to go back and start from Day 1," Sparano said. "He's had to absorb that on the fly."

Sparano said Pennington has gotten all the "basic information," meaning he knows formations, the coverages, and obviously Miami's terminology.


Coaches are pleased that Ernest Wilfork this week has recovered from two pretty bad weeks of practice. He has improved visibly the last couple of days.

Sparano also said he has noticed rookie linebacker Titus Brown more of late.


By the way, tight end Aaron Halterman, waived injured earlier in camp, went through waivers unclaimed and his agent was unable to negotiate a settlement with the team. So he is now Miami's second player on injured reserve joining Tab Perry.


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Armando, Wilford wouldn't have to do much to improve from "invisible!"

So did Sparano say anything about Bess jumping over him on the depth chart?

Is there any word on how the dolphins will rotate the four QB's during this weeks preseason game? Here is another thought, do you think they will rotate only three QB's giving more appropriate playing time to the ones they will be keeping since they are not even practiceing Beck or McCown.

It is Wilford not Wilfork. Wrong player, wrong team.

Armando, Wilford wouldn't have to do much to improve from "invisible!"

So did Sparano say anything about Bess jumping over him on the depth chart?

Rest ronnie and ricky, a couple of runs for each and then get them outta there!

We've heard the rumours of Beck being traded to Dallas. Any truth to it? They are looking for a back up qb.

It's a mistake to play Ronnie at all this season. The man is DFade II, this year.

Play Ricky. I don't know why, but I really like Ricky Williams.


Any sense on how happy Sparano is to have Pennington? Was Sparano part of the decision or was Pennington "forced" on him?

We all know Armando was a patriots fan (actually I thought Jets)

Ernest Wilfork for the win! As freud would say, tell us what you really are thinking of!

I get it...Cheech & Chong...and Ricky Williams...because of the pot thing, right...wow, that's original.


Can't wait to see Penny on Saturday. I don't want to expect too much too soon, but it feels good to know we have an experienced field general out there for the first time in a while.

Too bad Pit picked up Leftwich to replace Batch...I was hoping that would be a "perfect timing" situation to deal McCown. I hate to wish bad luck on anyone, but I hope another situation presents itself so we can get at least a late-round pick for him or Beck.

Any other trade rumors you're aware of? And what's this about the Phins changing their logo and/or colors? Not a bad idea...further change for changing times.


I think its ironic that Sparano was so disappointed about the number of offensive plays he couldn't run. Maybe he should keep the starting D in a little longer this week against Jax. I'd like to see a lot more of Ferguson this week.

Torbor jumped off the TV screen last week - he was a wild man out there. I'd like to see Ayodele and Torbor in there together. I just don't see what Sparano sees in Chowder, I mean Crowder. He's been like the invisible man the past 3 years. I guess they're hoping he has a breakout year so they can get compensation in FA next year.

With Jason Allen, Croker, YB and Will Allen the Fins are going to have a very hard hitting secondary - look for a lot of FAC's - fumbles after the catch this year.

y-not, why is it ironic? We were kept off the field for too long and he didn't get to see all the offensive situations that he wanted to. I don't see the irony. I agree with you on Torbor, although he might have gotten more snaps as a result of the early injuries at LB. I assume he will get more of the same this week.

aww sh**, if the Phins play as well as they did on Madden 09' last night at my house, we're in for another undefeated season!!! Henne has a hell of an arm and Wilford can actually catch! Not to mention the running game! Perfect Season in '08!!!

zeninzion, LOL!

now for the real question, did you change the uniforms?

Change the uniforms??!?! I must have missed that! I only have the ps2 version so its pretty different than the demo i played on ps3. Kinda disappointed in that aspect. But its still sick! Henne is the MAN!!

Crowder is a good inside LB. He makes a lot of tackles. He's just not a dominant playmaker.

I haven't read or heard anything about Dallas being interested in John Beck. Any links or sources?

the Dallas thing was a rumor I think some blogger made up, he said he read it in a dalls newspaper but being that no south florida reporter has responded to it I think it was made up

Ricky was the man on saturday what an effort

the D stunk it up on saturday as soon as ferguson was off the field we had zero pass rush, Solai has got to go. they rushed on us like it was last year, and we couldn't stop a 5 yard pass for our life. My inital exitement turned to a slight depression very quickly. Can't wait for saturday to look for some improvement while it still doesn't count, oh and can we score a TD please

Phinatic where have you been, it's Wednesday and you're now responding to the game? Very right about the 2nd team defense tho. The 1st team looked very impressive so the uninspired play of the 2nd team really stood out that much more.

If you watch the official practice highlights during interception drills you can see Crowder put his hands on the ball five or six times before he gets control of it. Apparently he dropped one or two today as well. He may be near the ball during the game but he hasn't been able to be a play maker as mentioned above. He needs to get these little things shored up in practice because we know how athletic he is, he just needs to add that extra effort into his game. I thought it was a bad sign when during an interview, when asked about Crowder's ability to be a leader, the team mate responded with 'hmm...he's a funny guy' and then couldn't say anything more than that. As much as the media promoted Crowder to step into Zach's role, it seems more likely that guys like Ferguson and Ayodele and the reluctant Holliday will have to be the leader's on D.

sorry shaker, been busy with work and after reading the blogs thought the discussions were kinda one dimensional. Crowders good, but not a star and I don't think he will ever be. But he is someone solid and a role player, he looked a lot better with ZT standing next to him, but don't they all. You just need to put pro-bowlers next to him but I don't think he'll ever be one himself

Well I'll be looking forward to your analysis of the Jacksonville game the day before the KC game. jk

I would argue that standing next to ZT makes most people look bad, but I know what you mean. Like I said, he has the ability and the fundamentals, but he needs to have that je ne sais quoi to be top level.

One thing I'll say about Crowder is he's entering this 4th season. If you go back, Jason Taylor didn't really become JT until his 4th season. There was also a LB by the name of James Farrior who was a bust under Parcells with the Jets for 4 years and became a pro bowler in Pittsburgh. So you never know.

Henne and Penne were awful today in practice. By not getting all the snaps it seems that Beck and McCown are moving up the depth chart.

funny one shaker, very true regarding farrior. He is a quality player and definetly a starter and I love his personality. We'll see how he develops and I think it is a contract year for him

Yeah I think he definitely has the potential even if he doesn't play pro-bowl quality football to be the most quotable Dolphin this year. He currently owns that title thus far with his comment about not liking any of his offensive teammates.

Yeah I think he definitely has the potential even if he doesn't play pro-bowl quality football to be the most quotable Dolphin this year. He currently owns that title thus far with his comment about not liking any of his offensive teammates.

Yep..just about EVERYONE but us has scored at least 1TD.
Wouldn't it be nice...especially if we just pounded the ball down the Jags throat? Highly unlikely, of course, especially with us trying to establish the pass with "Henne and Penne" (forgot who said that...great!)
I actually feel very good about our quarterback situation with those 2 guys.
Noticed we picked up an AFL linebacker. I bet he sticks.

Actually we were ranked 31st after the first week which means that out there somewhere is a worst offensive team than Miami's.

I want to see Chad"Big School"Henne against JVilles 1ST Team Defense instead of playing against Practice Squad players and being crowned "Our Future Franchise QB" for doing less than what he should've done!

Tinshaker - let me elucidate.

It was ironic because it was Sparano's own fault that he didn't get more snaps - he pulled the big boys after 3 plays hence he could not get the offense back out there enough. Call it a self inflicted wound.

Its ironic when you complain when you shot yourself in the foot! :)

Just like Beck, if I were Ginn, I'd be listening to what Sparano is saying about Wilford.

IMHO, Ginn is a BUST as the #9 overall in the 1st round.

My vote is to trade him for a 4th or 5th...if we can get that.

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