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Sparano shows displeasure with pass catchers

For the first time since Tony Sparano has been doing press conferences as Miami's coach, I heard a twinge of annoyance bordering on anger in his voice today.

Sparano just did his presser for today and he is clearly not happy with Miami's receivers and other pass-catchers. "We dropped 10 passes in practice yesterday," Sparano said, his voice rising slightly. "We dropped too many again today.

"We go into a game and don't catch the ball, I can get anyone to do that."


Sparano is obviously displeased with the receivers, but the running backs have been dropping an inordinate number of passes, also. Not good enough. Sparano said he didn't see this problem in offseason camps and OTAs so he thinks it is "a concentration" issue.

The problem is affecting other areas of the offense. Partially as a result of poor receiver play, Sparano said the two minute situation work Tuesday, "didn't go so well." The team will work on it again this afternoon as a result.


Sparano said kicker Jay Feely's injury is a sore groin. He is not sure whether Feely will be available for Saturday's preseason game against Tampa Bay or not.

Asked why it is that Feely has a competition on his hands despite hitting like 1,248 of 1,250 kicks last year Sparano said, "It's a competition. That's how it is."

The coach also said the battle between Feely and rookie Dan Carpenter is "very even."


Sparano is weighing whether to start rookie Donald Thomas or veteran Trey Darilek at right guard against Tampa Bay. "I'm not sure yet," he said.


Finally, Dan Marino is denying an intouchweekly.com report that states he will be on Dancing with the Stars. Marino called the Dolphins today and vehemently denied he's doing that. He will not be Dancing with the Stars.


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Ginn is starting to bug me worse than Beck. No. 9 overall, and he's not making a mark in his second camp! WTF? Cameron looks worse every day.

Remember...he drafted him for la familia!

Oh no, we suck again!

Wow, Armando beats PBP to the punch!

If I were Sparano I'd be spitting angry. It's only practice and they can't hang on to the ball. To be honest with you, after watching the video, Hagan, Camarillo and Bess seem to be the only ones even putting out an effort. I think the other guys either think they're above training camp or don't think they have a shot. Ginn/Wilford the former, and Dunlap/Armstrong the latter. They seem so lackadaisical in practice. Hagan is springy and leaping for balls, whereas Wilford is half jogging and looking bored. Something must be behind this mentality that we don't know about because I find it hard to believe that these guys wouldn't put forth maximum effort in a fairly even competition. Example, everyone thought Ginn would be the 1, but there's no reason to think based on TC that he's even a 3.

I say start Hagan and Camarillo on Saturday, maybe it'll spark the offseason top two into putting in the effort. As for Bess, he was amazing the first week and has been dropping balls left and right the second week. Consistency is lacking on this team big time, and something needs to change. Maybe it's time for Sparano to kick it up a notch by cutting a couple of guys.

Good thing we don't have Chambers or McMichael anymore...Those guys SUCKED! *sarcasm*

Good post Armando. I don't want to make exuses for these guys, but it's easier said than done. I think heat/exhaustion is attributing to the lack of concentration out there. It's also not easy catching balls from three different QBs. Each one has a slightly different spin, velocity, and trajectory.

Randy Mueller drafted Ginn and Beck, he made the final call. It wasn't Cameron's call.


Wow, I hope that post was meant to make us laugh. NFL receivers better be able to catch in hot or cold or wet or dry weather. Exhaustion? So we shouldn't expect any catches in the fourth quarter of games? Honestly, get real with the three different QBs theory.

Oh no, we suck again.... LOL

Hagan , Ginn, Bess, Kircus, Foster and Cammarillo.

The new Smurfs. (Except the taller Hagan)

Brett doesn't even want to play anymore. I am just a selfish media-monger who can't stand the thought of FOX or MNF cameras not showing me in the stands every five seconds.

Mr. Bungle, I found you!

Speed does no good if you can't catch! How about a trade Beck for Mike Hass. Straight up. Not the fastest guy but some of the best hands in the NFL IMO.

Okay, Bunghole, you're right again - - Cameron had NOTHING to do with drafting Ginn No.9 overall. Happy? That makes the pick so much more palatable, does it not? Do you EVER see things for what they are, as opposed to what you want them to be?

yeah the receivers are making the Qbs look bad. However this may be attributed to the first team reps being distributed to three different QBs not allowing them to reach some continuity in timing and knowing where the WR is. Hopefully after we have a consistent #1 QB this can change, however we might not have the same #1 QB by the end of the year. the lack of talent on both sides is probably contributing aswell. I'm not expecting anything special from QBs or WR this year

manuel could your name be marcus. for someone telling someone they spend too much time on blogs you might want to look at how much time your spending insulting someone on blogs

OK, I will let Brett play in Miami, but only if you promise to mention me at least once an hour in every Miami-related blog and I must be mentioned on the radio once every five minutes. Also, I want every Miami-area TV station to show me and give a news report about me at the top and bottom of every hour.

Tinshaker and Co.
I made a comment yesterday after 3 visits to camp that Ginn looks lazy out there. Meaning in between plays he is sluggish and slows NO urgency. Same with Wilford.

I've seen too many balls dropped that were good throws, right in their hands. I don't think you can blame that on QB rotation. Just lack of focus and effort.
I agree, find a way to light a fire under these "underpreformers".

Phinatic---???? While I sometimes use other "noms de blog," I never use "marcus," I actually do not post that much, and I have never criticized anyone for spending to much time on this (or any other Fins) blog. The only reason I criticized Bungle here today is because I think it is ultimately irrelevant whether Cam or Randy had "final say" on Ginn. First, Cam sure as hell sold the pick to the public, & second, the relevant thing is that Ginn ain't steppin' up. I'm as much a Fin fan as you, and I will not be cowed into uncritically accepting the wisdom of the Ginn/Beck draft. If Ginn's your cup of tea, great! I hope he develops, but I've got a feeling...........

Well, not everyone's as slow as the Herald in getting news out. NFL.com just released this story about Miami QBs. The story contradicts the months old video attached to it. Good stuff.


Phinatic, here you go again. I left you a response on the other blog. I would like it if everytime you use my name, send me a check. Seems like you can't keep it out of your mouth.

That NFL.com stuff is from early this week. Everybody knows the Dolphins put out their depth chart Monday. I read it on this blog and in the newspaper. Tinshaker put up the crack, boy.

sloan - not to make you eat your words, but the date on the article is the 5th, which was yesterday, and it just made the front page of NFL.com TODAY as in the 6th. Meanwhile, the video is from the minicamp and has nothing to do with the current state of things. Go sloan yourself! That's right, I said it!

Um, Tinshaker, you are wrong on this one. Sloane is correct. The depth chart came out Monday. It was on this blog on Monday. It was in the newspaper I got on my porch on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday. Day old news.

The Herald story that appeared Tuesday: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/football/miami-dolphins/story/629499.html

I don't suppose any of you could actually READ. I know the depth chart was released on Monday. I'm not talking about that. My original post was about how NFL.COM wrote about it the following day, i.e. Tuesday, and the video they posted to go along with their story on McCown being named the starter was actually filmed during minicamp in June. Next time you want to sound intelligent, try reading the post before you respond to it. Go stick your willi in a chirino!

Not to change the subject but how awful is that Greg Cote article? Does this guy know anything about football and/or writing?

Where is the blogger that impersonates and rags on Cote? That guy is friggin hilarious. Oh yeah, for the umpteenth time, both Mueller and Cam are to blame for last years horrific draft. Cam wanted more speed, was familiar with Ginn, and thats why Mueller drafted him. I have said all along that it was one of the most wasted top ten picks in many years. A first round pick for a kick returner and at best a #3 receiver. The pick is right up there with Matt Jones, (I know he wasn't top ten but still awful) Mike Williams, (Detroit, nuff said) and Troy Williamson, (supposedly showing some flashes in camp, but still waiting to see it in regular season).

Cote is a good writer whose pretty words say basically nothing. Been that way for years down here.

Right on, edswood--wish I coulda said it that concisely myself.

jets get brett as of thurs 12:01 am

what a great non-move by dolfans. i played agains brett in MS (HS) and hate to see this......but....no make 'em cents in MS talk.

Maybe we can get Pennington off waivers--he would be better than what we have now

Pennington is trash. Beat up, never healed trash that hasn't been good in years. Yeah, he'd solve a lot of problems. Can't even keep his job in NY before Brett. Edswood you are correct on all of the above and I really miss that guy. He is funny as hell and writes much better than Cote. Ginn and Wilford better watch out because Tuna has a good memory and next year they may be out to pasture. Work your ass off or get the hell out of here.

Well there goes the Dolphins chances of starting 1-0!

sorry for the misunderstanding manuel

I hear all these excuses why the Dolphin receivers are dropping passes.

Heat exhaustion?
Different QB's throwing to them?


Running pass routes that create separation from coverage and CATCHING THE BALL is more of a function of discipline, concentration, repetition, and habits. CB's like Will Allen and Andre Goodman look good because these receivers give away their routes like a Western businessman getting snookered by a female Chi-Com intelligence agent playing the role of a Suzie Wong.

Jerry Rice had less speed than the WR's drafted before him. He made the most of his opportunity to be the standard bearer by the discipline and hard work he put behind it. Look at Paul Warfield who made the most of his limited opportunities to catch passes. (The Browns and Dolphins of his days playing used their great running attacks more.) BOTH ARE HALL-OF-FAMERS BECAUSE THEY PUT IN THE WORK.

I personally relate more to Nat Moore. Both of us experienced what it was like to be walk-on's (he as a Gator & me in high school). It all comes down to putting in the work and making plays on the field.

I want to find out if any of these guys that the Dolphins have will stop making excuses and show a propensity to make plays. The first test is this Saturday.

Sparano & I are madder than G.S. Patton. If these guys don't shape up, the Turk will be knocking on their door asking them to bring their playbooks with them.

did you see the catches made by chambers in the nfl video O my sh*t and welks for the pats those two moves were so disappointing... atleast start Henne since we got rid of chambers for him

Where were those geniuses who picked running back after running back during the draft while Mario Manningham was available- It is great to have competent quarterbacks like Henne waiting in the wings, but really,someone DOES have to catch the ball-Henne to whom? These geniuses need a lot of help..Well, 2 wins this year might still be a possibility. Hope springs eternal.A long suffering fan. GJM

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