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Sparano shows displeasure with pass catchers

For the first time since Tony Sparano has been doing press conferences as Miami's coach, I heard a twinge of annoyance bordering on anger in his voice today.

Sparano just did his presser for today and he is clearly not happy with Miami's receivers and other pass-catchers. "We dropped 10 passes in practice yesterday," Sparano said, his voice rising slightly. "We dropped too many again today.

"We go into a game and don't catch the ball, I can get anyone to do that."


Sparano is obviously displeased with the receivers, but the running backs have been dropping an inordinate number of passes, also. Not good enough. Sparano said he didn't see this problem in offseason camps and OTAs so he thinks it is "a concentration" issue.

The problem is affecting other areas of the offense. Partially as a result of poor receiver play, Sparano said the two minute situation work Tuesday, "didn't go so well." The team will work on it again this afternoon as a result.


Sparano said kicker Jay Feely's injury is a sore groin. He is not sure whether Feely will be available for Saturday's preseason game against Tampa Bay or not.

Asked why it is that Feely has a competition on his hands despite hitting like 1,248 of 1,250 kicks last year Sparano said, "It's a competition. That's how it is."

The coach also said the battle between Feely and rookie Dan Carpenter is "very even."


Sparano is weighing whether to start rookie Donald Thomas or veteran Trey Darilek at right guard against Tampa Bay. "I'm not sure yet," he said.


Finally, Dan Marino is denying an intouchweekly.com report that states he will be on Dancing with the Stars. Marino called the Dolphins today and vehemently denied he's doing that. He will not be Dancing with the Stars.