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Sparano: 'We may keep four quarterbacks'

Coach Tony Sparano just said that contrary to speculation, the Dolphins may not cut any of their four quarterbacks. It just might be a very crowded quarterback room if the coach is being honest.

"Throughout the rest of training camp ... we'll see how things go," Sparano said. "I expect that we'll have four quarterbacks for a while. We may keep four quarterbacks. I mean, that's the truth. We might just keep four quarterbacks at the end of this thing. I mean, the team we just played has got a bunch of them."

It is hard to fathom that the same coach who has been working guys at multiple positions, including trying veteran defensive linemen Vonnie Holliday and Matt Roth at outside linebacker for what he calls "position flexibility," will use a roster spot on a QB that would never have the opportunity to play or even run the scout team.

Anyway here is some other stuff off of Saturday night's 13-6 loss to Tampa Bay:

*Ricky Williams, who has not played a preseason game since 2003, looked excellent. He rushed five times for 31 yards -- a 6.2 yard per carry average. "It's a preseason game and I just wanted to come in and get a feel for it again and see where I was at," Williams said. "I did OK, but like the rest of the team, I have a ways to go."

*Ronnie Brown, who rushed three times for 4 yards, had a successful evening in that he didn't get hurt and probably is more confident about his surgically repaired knee than he was before the game. "It's kind of weird," Brown said. "I felt good throughout camp and just coming in today, every now and then I got a little soreness. I expected a little bit of that during the game, but coming out I felt really good. I was surprised. It's kind of like, 'Hold on. Where the soreness at?' But I have a lot to build on and I think that was just the first step on getting ready for the season."

*I really like Josh McCown as a person. He's salt of the earth material. So it is tough to see when good people have to face tough situations. McCown faced that in the fourth quarter and in the locker room afterward. In that fourth quarter he played behind the last-team offensive line and with players who are not going to be in the NFL next month. He nonetheless completed 5 of 8 passes for 35 yards, which amazingly gave him a 72.4 QB rating, the highest on the team.

Afterward, McCown faced questions about his future with the Dolphins from media assuming the Dolphins will keep only three quarterbacks. "They said over and over they're going to do what they have to do to help this team win," McCown said of Miami's addition at QB. "For us as quarterbacks, that's just part of it. It doesn't change anything. We were competing before and we're still competing."

*The Dolphins defense has the makings of a unit that will be better this year. But ... This is a unit that has to find playmakers. Granted neither Joey Porter nor Holliday played tonight while Roth played out of position at OLB. But the team has to identify players that will make big plays on third down so they can get off the field. The Bucs were 11 of 20 on third down tonight (a completely unacceptable 55 percent success rate). As a result they ran 76 offensive plays to Miami's 47 offensive plays, while holding the ball 36:11 to Miami's 23:49.

*During Pennington's press conference, he addressed the universal criticism of his arm strength. I thought it was a very insightful moment when this guy admitted he has heard the talk of his game's weakness and talked about what he's done about it. Here is what he said:

"I spent a lot of time this offseason really taking a look at the criticisms of me as a professional and seeing what I can do in bettering myself. One thing I tried to do was totally change my mechanics. I wanted to create the consistency on the down-the-field throws and velocity on the ball. It's never been a question on the velocity, but the consistency is where the criticisms always come from. It's a work in progress. It's hard to change something you've been doing for 25 years, but I found some really good results in training camp up to this point."

*The Dolphins reported two guys on the injury report. They were Charlie Anderson (hamstring) and Kelvin Smith (knee). The seriousness of the injuries will be fully determined later Sunday.

*Finally the column I wrote off the game centered on the Dolphins' receivers. They are struggling right now and you should read the offering to understand how bad it is and why improvement is needed. I also offer a possible solution to the problem.


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Well, anything positive is an upgrade than the disaster last year carried. I'm more excited about Chad Henne's future with the team and future as the Dolphins QB…which could be much more active than an simply being an ear for Pennington to mouth advice to. My confidence in Pennington is minimal, same with Beck and J-Mac. I wasn't able to watch the game, but the more passing yards from a Phins QB, the better, regardless of completion percentage or passer rating. I'm thinking Henne could be the starter late into the season, but if they are out of contention (as almost the entire world, including those who don't even know what American football is, predicts), it might be easier for Henne to sit, watch, and learn from the bench for at least year before throwing him into the water with hungry sharks without giving him the right tools to fend them off.


I think that the last few entries underscore important issues, specifically the apparent paradox of seeking for younger, pre-prime players while actively pursuing Pennington.

I know the last thing the Dolphin nation needs to do is speculate on quarterbacks...but why the hell haven't we picked up a quarterback that has marveling potential that's itching for a chance and also a back up with a proven system?

Marques Tuiasosopo is a guy I think needs deep consideration. He's excitable, a great leader, has a cannon for an arm, pretty accurate, and one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league. I'll admit it, I'm a huge Tuia fan. I loved him at Washington and I saw him in his NFL breakout game on Monday night where he was a yard away from a comeback game knocking off the Chiefs. I've watched him this preseason with the Raiders and the guy just looks sharp and has a finessed lunch-pail quarterbackness that makes Big Ben look like an amateur.

I hope that if we end up releasing (trading, etc) McCown and have a need to pick up a QB that can help us out and do his damned job next year...I hope we peer into Marques...

What do you expect coach to say.... he is trying to preserve trade value of the QB.

I am going over to the view that the trifecta is brilliant. They SHOULD keep 4 QBs on the team now, and maybe through the 53.

We know QBS go down. At some point a practiced up McCown is worth something to some team. Of course the Phins could start Chad P need to go to Beck and McCown and reach Chad H because of injury and not because they want to start the kid. Of course we trade if we get an offer. Briliant is what I would call signing McCown and say getting a 4th-6th 09 pick for him. Its like making picks.

We know that bottom of the Phins team will change as waivers/cuts hit. This QB thing is a similar complication that the trifecta can handle well. Genius.


WTF are you talking about?

Sparano: 'We may keep four quarterbacks'

Meaning: 'We're going to try to trade Beck'

i was not thrilled with the o-line or the linebackers. sure missed vonney & joey. were either hurt? or was uncle tony BS'ing about playing everybody?

too many pentalies..again.. receivers had little or no seperation.....again..

henne looked pretty damn good

gonna watch the replay at 4

Excellent post Salguero. You should take my job at sports illustrated because I suck.

It is morning and I smell -- just like the Miami defense last nite.

This team has a long way to go - but Parcells and company will get them there.

Our team is much less talented this year - but I already see them playing harder and tougher.

The fourth quarter was an aborration - our scrubs vs. Bucs scrubs led by an NFL starting QB (Sims / Griese). The Bucs are so much deeper in talent than Miami - and that was so evident in the latter quarters.

Henne is the first Dolphin QB I can remember that has real promise since the #13 era. John Beck will never develop into an NFL starter. McCown can start for this team (this year) - but won't be given a shot.

Pennington, Henne, - then I don't know who's the number three QB. If Penny & Henne went down - I think McCown would be best to give the Dolphins the best chance for winning.

And bottom line - winning is what it is all about - and something we're not very used to anymore.

Ronnie Brown will always be an -C Average back, the Dolphins didn't do they homework on this gut out of college. There is one thing that can't be taught in the NFL and that's Down Field Vision where a running back gets the hand off and has the ability to get up in the hole and see the entire field where they are able to make one or two guys miss. Ronnie Brown doesn't do that, he always seem to get hit by the first guy. The Dolphins insist on making this guy the featured back, something that he wasn't in college (hint C.Williams). After this season, Parcell will realize that and changes will be made. the Dolphins will need to take a serious look at drafting a running back of the future. Ricky Williams will hold down that position for a few more years until his body catches up with his age, but then a decision will have to be made if the dolphins plan on building for the future instead of the NOW.

Ronnie Brown will always be an -C Average back, the Dolphins didn't do they're homework on this guy out of college. There is one thing that can't be taught in the NFL and that's Down Field Vision where a running back gets the hand off and has the ability to get up in the hole and see the entire field, where they are able to make the first defender miss. Ronnie Brown doesn't do that, he always seem to get hit by the first guy and that's not a sign of a RB that will be around for a long time. The Dolphins insist on making this guy the featured back, something that he wasn't in college (hint C.Williams). After this season, Parcell will realize that and changes will be made. the Dolphins will need to take a serious look at drafting a running back of the future. Ricky Williams will hold down that position for a few more years until his body catches up with his age, but then a decision will have to be made if the dolphins plan on building for the future instead of the NOW.

IMO sign Chris Henry. He has baggage, but so did TO, Tank Johnson, and many more who have been given 2nd or 3rd chances (Ricky Williams).

We would not have to give up any draft picks, we can give him a incentive heavy contract with good behavior clause, and have get a receiver who demeands a little respect. Then if Wilford or Hagan do not come around, can them.

This would elevate our receiving corps and come with little or no risk. Also, if he hasn't grown up and screws up again, he knows his NFL career is probably over.

If not trade the J.T. #2 for Boldin.

Mando, you know what ticks me off a bit, the fact that you said he should go to the bench on asome other team and never come to the dolphins, and the fact that he is here.

Well, i know you dont work for the Dolphins but dig in for more sources, i want to keep relying on your POV.


McCown & Jay Feely to Cards for Bolding & a back-up tackle: Book it!

hahahahaha. Tell me thats a joke Spielman Jr. Please tell me thats a joke. It would be a great trade - for us. Arizona would be the laughing stock of the NFL for doing such a thing though. haha. McCown and and an old field goal kicker for Boldin...ahaahahah CLASSIC!

this looks early on much like the fiasco of last year!how the hell can you pay a guy like wilford to do anything but wash jockstraps?he couldn't even start in the cfl!the so-called genius of parcells is not looking very good so far!pennington?even before the injurys his arm was suspect!the opposing teams will shorten the field to 20 yards and the lack of talent at receiver,will mean no running room either!i predict 4-12 at the very best!

McCown is the one who will go. He has already shown what he is, (4 teams in 4 years) Why would anyone want to keep this guy?! His experience also gives the guy greater trade value. Pennington is the stop gap and Beck and Henne continue to battle through the year. Next year we get another QB to coach up and get rid of the Beck Henne battle (Beck?). Tuiasosopo??? You got to be kidding!

Mando--someone has to call out Mandich for his hypocracy/chicken-shit attitude toward Pennington, and iy might as well be you, since MadDog is a competitor who never credits you. The day before the deal, he obliterated Pennington, notably saying "he throws like a girl"; Last night, he was all 'well his only flaw is his fastball is in the 80s, but otherwise he's a great leader & super smart & etc.' What a phony!

I not sold on Chad Pennington, comming off of a 1 and 15 season last year with the Jets does not give me a great feeling. I'll make my decision once the pre-season is over and we see what he can do!! Obviously the Jets didn't want him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mando, you rock. thanks for the updates, will be calling in to 790 later today from here in NY.

FinFan, Pennington is here for exactly what he did last night. He began mentoring the young QB's. I wasn't sold on the guy until I read about that. He's here to make Beck, and Henne (and maybe McCown, as well) into NFL QB's.

Thank you Tree. So many people forget the 3 year philosophy of Parcells. Give him 3 years people! Chad is a perfect teacher and might help install confidence and unhappy feet with Beck. He might even make McCown into a good QB. I really don't care about this year but I think we will surprise teams by the end of the season.


Though I was drunk, and I am now too, I think I was pretty cogent in what I was saying.
I think if we're looking for break out QBs we should go to Tuia. He's got talent and the money we got won't get a proven QB but we should attempt to find someone that has the capabilities necessary to lead a team. Tuia is better than any QB the Dolphins got.

Like I said, I don't think QB speculation is what we need.
I hope Pennington pulls it off and I think he is a good addition to the squad and I see immediate success for the Dolphins.

Dolphins may keep 4 makes sense only because...

Pennington is going to get injured. he always does. He's made of glass.

so the question is .. why give him that much money to come in for 3 weeks, then go down?

As for "upgrading" by going after Marqes Tuiasosopo... uh.. that had to be a joke.

Beck is good - and will only get better. i "could" see him as the future QB of the dolphins. unfortunately all the fans have a woody for Chad Henne . .. who's also got great potential.

McCown will only be a backup.

quandry. . . you can't keep both. Beck & Henne.

Trade Beck while he still has value and get him into a situation where the fans havnt soured on him.

He was thrown to the wolves. the guy starts 5 games last year in the end of a disaster season on his rookie season, and all the fans see is, they lost and its Becks fault. That entire '07 dolphins squad was terrible.

Henne is now the savior.

think we should try trade for boldin and get chris henry , the recievers need more work cut wilford he is a joke give ginn time and hagan their the future cut mccown we should be well on our way . we looked good .... the future looks good

Maybe Henne IS the savior... he looks ready to go right now. Trick is, he seems to be using his brain.

Whoever does NOT kiss Parcell's butt is GONE. Too bad the Fins don't play the Redskins, I'D LOVE TO SEE JASON TAYLOR take out all FOUR QBS!!!

Yea chad henne is the savior did anyone watch him last year? he sucks why do the phins think that 2 guys from the most underachieving teams in the country will do good in the NFL? Henne has a slow release, and he is easy to read when he is going to throw the ball. have some faith in BECK he is going to be the man! the guy has a cannon for an arm he has his head on straight dont listen to these lame ass reporters here in miami. if you watch a training camp practice beck looks the best. i really wouldnt mind if he got traded the phins suck and he is going to be great

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