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Steve McKinney released, more stuff here

Offensive lineman Steve McKinney has been released by the Dolphins and we are starting to see something of a pattern with the release of veteran players.

As soon as the Dolphins are certain a veteran player will not be helping the team, they're outta here.

That, believe it or not, is a move these veterans should appreciate. Just like Jay Feely last Monday, McKinney still has time to get his affairs in order and pick up with another team. If the Dolphins kept him longer, his chances of latching on elsewhere would decrease by the day.

The Dolphins have just a few veterans that might deserve the respect of an early release if the team has no plans for them. Among the vets that are fighting for jobs with no certainty of making the team are safety Renaldo Hill and tight end Sean Ryan.

By the way, is it me, according to the official game book from Saturday's preseason game, rookie guard Shawn Murphy did not play. That strikes me as odd. Murphy clearly has been something of a disappointment as a fourth-round pick who has been passed for a chance to play by sixth-round pick Donald Thomas.

But Murphy has been working with starting special teams during camp. The fact he didn't play Saturday is either a sign he is injured or he's out of favor with coaches.

Coach Tony Sparano said Ronnie Brown has a sprained thumb and will not practice today. Kendall Langford, who injured his elbow during Saturday's game, is fine according to the coach. Vonnie Holliday is expected to return to practice as early as today.