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Steve McKinney released, more stuff here

Offensive lineman Steve McKinney has been released by the Dolphins and we are starting to see something of a pattern with the release of veteran players.

As soon as the Dolphins are certain a veteran player will not be helping the team, they're outta here.

That, believe it or not, is a move these veterans should appreciate. Just like Jay Feely last Monday, McKinney still has time to get his affairs in order and pick up with another team. If the Dolphins kept him longer, his chances of latching on elsewhere would decrease by the day.

The Dolphins have just a few veterans that might deserve the respect of an early release if the team has no plans for them. Among the vets that are fighting for jobs with no certainty of making the team are safety Renaldo Hill and tight end Sean Ryan.

By the way, is it me, according to the official game book from Saturday's preseason game, rookie guard Shawn Murphy did not play. That strikes me as odd. Murphy clearly has been something of a disappointment as a fourth-round pick who has been passed for a chance to play by sixth-round pick Donald Thomas.

But Murphy has been working with starting special teams during camp. The fact he didn't play Saturday is either a sign he is injured or he's out of favor with coaches.

Coach Tony Sparano said Ronnie Brown has a sprained thumb and will not practice today. Kendall Langford, who injured his elbow during Saturday's game, is fine according to the coach. Vonnie Holliday is expected to return to practice as early as today.


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i think its the best thing for the dolphns to do keep lettin go of the old player if they are getting out performed by the younger guys whats the point of keeping them on the time? im glad this is what's going on. oh by the way have you heard if there is and truth to the uniform and logo change. because i was lookin at out uniform and they suck the colors suck and they seem to make us look funny how about adding some black to th mix

Go Mccain!

any news on kendall langford yet

The uniforms and logo are just fine, its the players in them that have sucked.


Are the fins expecting to get all OL backups from other team's waivers? What abut the missing starting guard?

I agree that it's a good course of action for the team to release guys early. I bet Feely has a new job before October.

Interesting point about Murphy, but I was never sold on him from the beginning. I always thought that Thomas sounded like more of a Parcells player.

Now, cutting right to the chase, with all of the time that the Chads are getting, does anyone think that both of the other two QBs on the roster could be moving on before the season? Since it looks more and more like Henne is going to be the backup this year and the starter next year, why should the team keep either Beck or McCown?

amando! what do you think about the offense.

If this vet can't get past a 6th rounder then he's got to go. Whoosh...F-McCain

Armando, your herald colleague implied that the release of McKinney means the Dolphins are content to use what they have as the backups now. She must be smoking something because clearly we don't have a backup center now. As far as I can tell Darilek is the only one who's even capable of playing that spot and it's still unknown if he will or won't be starting since he's gained ground on Thomas this week according to reports. McKinney is injured, his timing is off and he's possibly not in season shape, that's the reason they cut him, not because they are happy with the depth at OL which is completely non-existent.

I haven't seen the Jaguars game yet (will watch the replay tonight) but my understanding is that the starters played well but the second team could not open any holes or stop the bull rush. There will be a couple of good Tackles released soon from other teams, but I'm not sure about Centers.

Pavin' the way for my boy Mike Byrne!

At this point I am extremely happy with the way things are getting done by the new regime. Sure they've had some oversights and a couple of minor mistakes (what team doesn't have a few) but all in all they are doing a fine job. What a difference a year makes. Watching the trifecta work is an eye opener when comparing them to the Cam/Mueller experiment. I am quickly becoming a huge Sparano fan and I love that he holds everyone accountable. He gets right in their face when they mess up but the players still respect him because he's honest. Very happy so far. Huss, you don't really want our guys to wear black in the South Florida sun do you? IMO the colors are great because they are original. There are enough blue,green,black, teams in the league and we actually have colors that not only stand out as strictly Dolphin colors, but also represent the community of Miami very well.

Steve - last paragraph of article: "Kendall Langford, who injured his elbow during Saturday's game, is fine according to the coach."

Why not keep McKinney (10 year vet) for depth? I keep reading how the O-line is thin, with weak backups. What happens if one or more of the starters is injured?

McKinney he was recovering from a knee injury when we signed him. He must still be hurting bad. If healthy, I think the trifecta would not cut him loose so early. IMO...

Last post was by me

Actually my post was the new regime and uniform colors post.

Well we have that rook Matt Spanos from USC for center but he is more likely PS material, and I believe two of the second teamers have played that position before so center should be okay. Backup tackle, now thats what scares me

a question for you guys, as far as the final corner spot who makes it? Travis Daniels or Joey Thomas. I'm going with Thomas since he picked off lemon and he isn't one of sabans boys

Have not commented here in a long while. Mainly want to say that I am finally optimistic about this Dolphins team, and the direction they are heading in under Parcells.

I think having an experienced, smart, leader at quarterback is going to be the difference. Good move in scooping up Pennington.

In my view, the team now needs to look for more depth on the offensive line, especially a quality backup for the tackles in case one of them gets injured, which happens in the NFL. I have faith that Ginn, Hagen, Bess and Wilford might be a more than adequate receiver corps, but if the Dolphins can get their hands on a top WR like a Boldin then they MUST do so. RB is definitely the strength of this team -- Ricky is great and Ronnie is coming into his own.

On the defensive side, am not sold on Andre Goodman at the CB opposite Will Allen. The Dolphins should keep their eye on CBs that may come available on the waiver wire. As well, Charlie Anderson does not seem to be the ideal choice at the outside LB opposite Joey Porter. Other than that, things seem good, especially good is the depth at safety, inside LB, and the defensive line.

Parcells is working his magic!

yeah the McKinney thing confuses me too. Especially since he can play the whole interior of the line. I guess maybe he wasn't progressing from the injury quick enough. I don't see how the other backups we have would outperform him if he is healthy. But then again they have seen alot more of him then me

Grey/silver jerseys, teal numbers/names and helmets, and orange stripes on the sleeves. Done. Next subject....

I'm not sold on Goodman either, I much prefer Lehan if he's healthy. Seems to me like saban wasn't as good of a secondary judge as he thought he was. As far as Anderson I don't know if you saw the game yet but Roth looked pretty good there



Keep it to sports...but if you are going to go political I would say you are what is wrong with politics in America. "F-McCain" is not the way to improve thing. By the way I would bet he has given 100 time more than you have to this country. What does that say about you??

Go Phins

Why do we get so many mentions of Boldin on the blogs? He's not going to be traded! Not only that but this regime will not trade a draft pick I guarantee you that.

Sparano said that McKinney was not where he needed to be, so there's your answer. It would be nice if the Herald reporters had actually mentioned any of Sparano's comments instead of playing it out like it's a big mystery. Read the other websites for the full stories.

Phin: Sparano said he was really pleased with the way Goodman played. Thought he did really well.

As to the center situation. Byrne will get some work there, but mostly it is going to be Darilek. He's the guy, I believe will be the first OL off the bench in the interior.

Looks like Thomas is still holding on to his starting job.

By the way, backup tackle to me is a nightmare right now. Yikes!!!!

Mando, any truth on Schefter's report that Cowboys & Giants are interested in Beck and that Cwbys have actually made a late round pick offer? NFL.com news - http://www.nfl.com/nflnetwork/story;jsessionid=CBD244933126A311E2AEADC3BA7EDC14?id=09000d5d80a148b8&template=with-video&confirm=true

Guys, I keep reading your uniform rumors so I have reached out to people that should know to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, tell me everything you KNOW about this rumor.

Picking up back-up tackles and centers from the waiver wire is all good and well in theory. The problem I have is that there are many teams out there that are also lacking OL depth. Therefore, I am having doubts about how many quality tackles, centers, or guards are going to be released. I thought McKinney with his versatility could at least contribute in an emergency. The fins are running very shallow on the OL, and I fear for Ricky and our QB's if we have injuries to our starters. As for Murphy, I have gone on ad nauseum about how he seemed to be drafted too high, and that there were plenty of better options available at the time. However, to give the trifecta credit, Thomas was not even on my radar, and he is a major surprise for a sixth rounder.

Armando, it IS a nightmare, but I foresee a lot of quality backups being released in the next week or so. There could be a surplus of Tackles on the market. For example we play KC next week and they have FOURTEEN Offensive linemen in camp including SIX tackles! Of course, they considered OL their top priority this offseason, but they have to decide on both sides of the line if they keep a vet or one of the two rookies they drafted. If they cut Will Svitek, I say we take a look. We might even be able to talk trade for one of our QBs!


Your post reminded me of the movie Hitch, when Hitch is teaching Albert how to dance. After Albert " twist the q-tip" and then " pitches the q-tip" he tells Hitch, " done, next subject."

This topic of " changing the uniform" is long from over. TEAL HELMENTS..... please.

Goodman is alright, I really like him his first year. But he seemed to regress last year, however our secondary was a mess so maybe you can't blame him

As far as the uniforms, whatever happened to those orange jersseys. I havn't seen those in like 2 years I think. I always liked when they played with those, and if you watch the stands they are a fan favorite

Phinatic, I think you should keep your fashion sense to yourself. LOL.


New post is up addressing beck and uniform rumors.

Mando, any word on Anderson? I'd also love any links to new uniform colors. I'm would be very upset if our main colors change but if they add some small changes I guess it would be OK.

Its you Amando, Murphy sprained his ankle last week which would explain why he isnt playing or practicing right now.

IF they are true to their word about keeping only the best -- Wilford could be next. Bad FA signing as he's been outplayed by Ginn, Haagan, Kircus, Bess and Camarillo.

It's really too bad we didn't pick up OT Shane Olivea before the Giants grabbed him. The kid was very good before his prescription drug problem, but assuming he can get past that, he is a very good tackle, and started for the Chargers for awhile before his problems. If he stays clean, the Giants got a really good one on the cheap.

Adding dark colors is dumb. Get over it already- we have our uniforms and team colors.
All the "new team makeovers" uniforms(except TB looks like a semi-pro league.

All this look "meaner" nonsense is just childish. Just play good ball, that's what is important.

Armando & guys...
Better (accurate) info on this blog than the others combined.
Re the O-Line...Mckinney was cut because the other guys are better and will be better 3 months from now. Pure and simple. Murphy's sprianed ankle/schmankle....he is way behind Thomas, Eke, & Darilek.....and the Thomas pick is turning out to be a very good one. Darilek can and has played center and RT, as well as challenging for the starting open guard spot. 'Mando states Darilke might get more reps this week. If he doesn't beat out Thomas, he will be the 1st guy off the bench. I only worry about LT....depthwise. Darilek may be more valuable as the 1st backup than starting, if that makes sense. But LT is a hold your breath situation.
PS Every team has O-Line depth issues.....you will only get Mckinney type guys relese or off the waiver wire, especially at OT.

as far as the TRIFECTA ISSUE: so far, cant complain the draft loos like a b+, the attituse change is evident and the coaching is an obvious upgrade.

THE UNIFORM ISSUE: leave it the hell alone!! and the LESS orange the better [ask the buc fans if they want to go back to that sissy yellow crap!].

THE McCAIN ISSUE: not to worry. john mccain won the presidency and SLAMMED the lid shut on obama at the saddleback interviews. the difference in maturity and patriotism and reverence for the country was one sided and at times, startling!! odd place to have it, but THANK YOU saddleback church for providing a venue and forum to EXPOSE what needed to be exposed.

I've been talking about the tackle issue all offseason. We have practically no depth or experience there. If Long and/or Carey go down, things are gonna get ugly.

I thought I read Murphy twisted his ankle late last week. That would explain him not playing. If I had heard that, I would have assumed you would have...


My comment was in response to Whoosh's comment. I don't think I've given near as much to the US as McCain has. No more politics.

I got a feeling that Tuna has inside info on people likely to be released from other teams. They were on Pennington quick. They were doing McKinney well by giving him a few days ahead of everyone else.

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