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The fallout from Favre trade to the Jets

Brett Farve is a New York Jet. He was traded minutes ago from the Packers to the Dolphins' AFC East rival for a conditional draft pick.

The Jets say they will release or trade quarterback Chad Pennington by the end of business Thursday. All this assuming Favre doesn't change his mind at the last minute and stays retired. I had to add that equivocation because I spoke to one NFL source this evening who told me Favre's mindset is such that he ebbs and flows like the tide lately.

Anyway, if Favre doesn't have any change of heart, he will likely be the Jets' starting quarterback in the regular-season opener against .... Your Miami Dolphins.

So here are the questions:

Do you think Miami's chances of pulling an upset just got better or worse?

Do you wish Favre had gone to the Bucs instead, meaning he wouldn't see the Dolphins this year?

Do you think the Dolphins should make a play for Pennington? It likely won't take but a seventh round pick to get him from New York. And before folks get crazy here, understand that Pennington would become a free agent if he is released. He will not go on waivers so the Dolphins don't get first dibs on him. He would be a free agent.


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I love it and think our chances are better because he is so undisciplined.

From your reports,our receivers seem to have the dropsies and dont run accurate patterns based on timing verses simply running to a spot and Chad's arm is pretty weak and he needs timing routes instead of slinging the ball to a spot so I dont think he would fit in IMO.

IF Favre doesnt retire prior to Sept.7th,I can only hope that Porter,or anyone else for that matter,sends his selfish butt back to Miss. FOR GOOD because my opinion of him has TOTALLY changed since before this latest drama.

Chances for upset: worse. The Jets already have decent starters at WR in Cotchery and Coles, and upgraded the O-line significantly with Faneca. Favre shouldn't get killed behind that line, but he will instantly upgrade a lousy QB corps.

Pennington trade: no. Pennington was on his way to becoming a fine NFL starter before the rotator cuff injuries, but after two rotator cuff repairs his arm strength is completely shot (it was only average to begin with). Pennington is a good fit for a west coast offense with his accuracy for short passes though. Ironically, Green Bay could really use him--they need an experienced backup with Rodgers and Brohm there.

Favre to the Jets is not relevant to the Dolphins though. 'Fins aren't ready to challenge this year, Favre will be retired by the time the Parcells/Ireland/Sparano plan reaches fruition, circa 2010. I doubt Favre lasts longer than one, 8-8 year in New York.


I am pleased that Favre was traded to the Jets.

I believe that the Jets will not be a playoff team this year, with Favre or without him. Essentially, the Jets gave up a high draft pick for a player who isn't going to get them over the hump and who will delay the process of finding a permanent solution at starting QB.

In the long run, I think this move hurts NY.

The Dolphins chances of winning the home opener just decreased, but to me that's irrelevant. We're thinking long term in Miami, and this will probably hurt the Jets long term.

Furthermore, I think there is a good chance that Favre won't even be very good this year. He's two years removed from being awful and no longer has the offensive weapons that he had in Green Bay.

As for Pennington - If we think he's a better QB than Josh McCown, sure, why not.

Personally it would be difficult for me to turn around and start rooting for Pennington after mocking him and his weak arm for so many years, hehe.

Miami has to make a play for Pennington when you think that just a week ago we gave Quincy Carter a try out. Parcells drafted Pennington and the kid knows Hennings offense. Plus im sure he is gonna want to play the Jets on opening day a prove something to them. That and the fact that he come with knowledge of your opening day opponents playbook. I think the Dolphins sign Pennington and knock McCown or Beck.

The sad thing about all this is if Pennington is signed and Beck is the one released. You would have given up another 2nd round pick. I think with a possible addition of Pennnington & Glenn we could just be looking at a much better team come opening day.

One last comment Im gonna make. Alot of us myself included have named Pennington the Bionic MAn or Noodle Arm, but Pennington is the only QB that we face and frustrates the living hell out of me. The guys has a record for completed passes in the endzones and when he beats us it is not with dink & dunks. Penningtons always beats us with bombs to Cole or McCareins add that to his 86.1 QB RTG and I dont know how we pass up on Ole Noodle Arm

Lol I just checked the Wiki for the Jets and Farve is already listed as one of their QB's in the 2008 Wiki entry. Kellen Clemons appears to be their old starter and I dont think he is going to be the class of the new Jets QB field, they look pretty desperate right now. The Jets will be interesting this year as opposed to the Phins who will also be interesting in a different way. The Jets have maxed out their salary cap this year getting free agents signed for big bucks, but they never adressed the QB position till now. The Phins have a lot of cap space left (a ton actually) and have room to take a run at talented players released at the 53 man cutdown. The Jets are done with free agents, they are right against the cap. It will be fascinating to see what works best, I would still put my money on the Fish. As someone said before, this aint Parcells first rodeo and I think he will pick some talented discards at the 53 cutdown. This Dolphin team is not set in stone at this time by any reckoning. I think Farve will struggle, he was a great talent but has not even met the jet receivers let alone learned to work with them. As all Dolphins fans know lol, Jets Suck Suck Suck. Should be an interesting season anyway, I am looking forward to it as a fan. I hope the Dolphin Parcells approach is the right one but time will tell. Also anyone complaining about the Parcells Soprano team reworking the Dolphins, if u dont like them then give us the name of who you think the Phins should be coached by. Peace Out!

Please stay AWAY from Pennington, should he become available! He has a glass shoulder!!!

I am no Pennington fan but he would defiantly improve Miami's chances of upsetting the Jets. Hell has no fury like a QB scorned.
As for the Jets, while they look great on paper every Dolphin fan knows that you still must play the game. The Jets claim to be taking the same path that the Pats did last year the thing is the Pats only made 4 changes to their line up. Adailus Thomas at linebacker, Wes Welker at slot, Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth at the reciever position. You compare that to the addition that the Jets made to their starting line up being Brett Farve, Damien Woody, Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins, Calvin Pace, and probably Vernon Gholston you have to wonder how much chemistry will be on this team and how well some of these players will fit into the system. The other question is will Brett Farve be the Brett Farve of last year or the year before where he was throwing one INT after another. IMO the Pats sprinkled talent to compliment their core of players where as the Jets did more of a overhaul. Not saying that they will not do good but I am saying they could be a disappointing team.

A big NO! to Pennington. I would rather see Henne get the shot of starting.

Im a diehard Phinfan for 25 years. if we dont start HENNE DAY 1 THEN WE NEED A SHORT PASSING ATTACK! HAGAN AND GLENN will be just as good as a 30yr old coles an jerico catch me.hey solid DEFENCE AND RUINNING GAME WINS GAMES.

The way this plays out for the Jets is this. Favre either bombs out or he takes them to the playoffs. No in between. He will be going for it on every play.
We are rebuilding. If Pennington can help us rebuild and beat the Jets, I would take him. He won't be throwing much anyway. Handoff Handoff, three yard toss.
I hated watching him beat us.
Good luck trying to trade for him. The Jets will want a lot from Miami unless they are looking at the sunshine up their butts after getting Favre.

I told you in February Penny would be our QB!

i say we trade for him i can just imagine that game against the jets. He will play like never before something like how culpepper played us last season that would be great to watch plus i cant complain the guy is an ok qb much better then what we have at the time so i say trade them a 6th round pick and be on with it.

Say no to Chad. NO! Henne is a better option. At least he knows the playbook. Favre won't be a total bust in NY, but I think on opening day, we may have the edge due to the fact that he hasn't seen the playbook, hasn't met his teammates and doesn't know this division. The familiarity of the teams in this division is what makes it so special. Favre hasn't seen that yet. I think the Fins may upset them and equal the win tally from last year in week 1. Go Dolphins!

We are going to have a lot of people rooting for the Dolphins week 1 of the season. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, most people are sick of Favres act. I'm looking forward to being at the sports bar and hearing a lot more fans than usual rooting for the Phins in week 1.

Brett definitely makes the Jets a better team, in the short term. He also hurts Miami's slim chances for wins against the Jets this season. Miami, though, is being built to be a long-term winner, not a short-term winner. The Dolphins weren't going to do much winning this year anyway. No way should we trade for a player like Chad Pennington. If he becomes a free agent and we went to add him to the short-term mix, then I suppose that would be worth considering. What then do we do with Beck or McCown? You can't keep four QBs and Henne isn't going anywhere.

I think Favre as the QB opening day gives us an advantage. First off, he will still only have about a month to learn a new O, and gel with his team mates. Second, He IS the NFL all time INT leader, with the tendency to throw the ball up for grabs if there isn't anything open, and third, His receivers aren't world beaters. Coles is 927 years old, and Cotchery could be a third anywhere in the league. We run the ball down Gholson's throat, and we will do fine.

As for Pennington, I really think you should lay off the hard stuff, mando. Why exactly would we give up ANYTHING in a trade for someone the Jets say they will wave? I wouldn't care if he became a rookie again, rather than someone on waivers, you don't give up draft picks for a guy NOBODY ELSE WANTS ANYWAY. Picking him up will just fill an open slot on the 80 man roster until se cut down. He could be Parcells' illegitimate love child, and he wouldn't pick him up now.

Upset: Worse, much worse. Favre will bring strong leadership to that team. Good move by them.

Bucs: Yes.

Pennington: No. His arm isn't good enough to threaten the deep third of the field.

Why does everybody think when we beat the jets on opening day it will be an upset. I don't see
it as such, I didn't realize the jets was such a
juggernaut. With or without Farve we will beat the jets, they don't scare me and they shouldn't
scare you. They stunk just as bad as we did last
year and we(dolphins) have made improvements as well pluse we upgraded the coaching staff.

This will be interesting to see. The Dolphins and the Jets have taken the opposite approach for rebuilding their team. Jets have paid BIG for old vets. Dolphins have flushed and brought in the bottom 50% of the team, while trimming off the older expensive vets. I think the Jets will be better THIS year, but we will be better off in the long run.

I know in the Woody Hayes era it was popular to say Running wins games. Unfortunately in the new NFL, running leads to early picks in next year's draft. A statistical look at how teams win today will show winners are all pass-first teams. Great running teams like the Vikes get to stay home in January.

You don't have to give crap for Pennington, he will be cut. They can't afford his salary, plus Favres. They only had 2 million in cap room prior to the trade.

A lot of the people posting here must have short+long term memory lost. Pennington has consistently beat the dolphins and has made multiple playoff appearances including an AFC championship game. He is better than McCown(or any other Phin qb in the last 8 years), he knows the system, and he can get Henne ready to take over in a year or two while restoring his NFL curriculum vitae. He'll cost close to nothing, plus Parcels and Pennington have a good relationship. And it would make for good drama in the AFC east. By the way the addition of Favre to the Jets gives me even more reason to despise that yokel chucker!

Oh man Armando, the Phins are rebuilding the team from the debacle that was last year. That is NOT accomplished by bringing in qbs that are at the end of their ropes (Farve or Pennington). We have 3 qbs on the team and one would hope that this regime can find one that will be a good starter(in my eyes it is Henne). We wouldn't be a playoff team this year so the Jets getting Farve means nothing to the Phins.

I like the trade for Favre because we just doubled our win total from last season.


Our chances for an upset just got worse. But this move will hurt the Jets in the end I think. They have enough talent to back into the playoffs now. There goes their second round pick next year, and if they blow it in the playoffs (which is likely with New England and San Diego in the hunt), Favre may finally stay retired.

As for Pennington.. Let him get released. If we can throw a cheap contract at him to get him in camp, go for it. If not, no big loss.

The Jets are obviously trying to win now. They better because they are going to be in cap hell in a year or two and massive cuts are coming. That being said, Favre was good last year but not so good in a couple of seasons prior when we thought he would retire then. So what Favre are the Jets getting?

Unfortunately Chad Pennington to the Dolphins is a very good possibility. Parcells drafted him. I've always respected Pennington as a smart QB but how much does he have left in that arm?

You know what it can not hurt right now to bring in Chad for a tryout if they release him, but I dont think I would waste another pick on a injured player. As for Farve he is one of the best ever and I love the way he plays the game but DAM why the JETS!!!

I couldn't be happier. The only thing I hate more than the Jets..is the overrated QB that thinks he walks on water. I can't wait for the opener and watch the dumb jet fans cheering for him like he's a messiah or something. To me its a great marriage. The Jets Suck..and they just got worse. J-E-T-S- SUCK SUCK SUCK !!!!

Those of you saying we have a better chance against the Jets now are lunatics! You forget Favre has been running child labor down in MS for a couple of months! He will be in NY today picking up the playbook and he has a MONTH to gel with receivers. He will get massive playing time in the pre-season because the Jets don't have a bunch of QBs to work in. I'm not saying we don't have a chance come September, but that our chances have gotten smaller. Although, to be fair, we haven't been able to beat the Jets regardless. Still Favre is on another level, and anyone who denies that is in...um....denial.

The ONE POSITIVE: the Patriots also have to play against Favre twice a year now!

Shortterm gain for the jets but they paid too much to get him. It's obvious that the jets think this year they can make a run at the playoff and they need a QB to do it. Giants won the SB last year and jets have been playing second fiddle to them -- this brings the fan base out and get the city excited. The jets however have mortgaged the future with the loss of a probable first round pick and giving up on pennington. To me Beck and pennington are on the same par so I see no advantage to bringing him in other then to pick his brain as to what the jets are up to in their game planning ie like NE does with our ex-players.

Favre to Jets is irrelevant in my opinion. His addition alone does not make the Jets better than the Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, etc. So even if they back into the playoffs it will be one and done. The chances of the Fins beating the Jets just got worse, but were never great to begin with. The Fins are rebuilding and the Jets will be in a year or two. I just look at this as an opportunity to get a headstart on them for 2010 and beyond.

As for Pennington, he is familiar with the Tuna, so his aquisition would not surprise me. However, I would not be that excited since either him or McClown is just a stop-gap, until Henne or some still to be drafted QB is ready.

pancanfinfan - I understand what you're saying, but to say they paid too much for him is an oxymoron, because they gave up a conditional pick. If someone came up to you as a GM and said you will win the Super Bowl this year if you give me a no. 1 pick, wouldn't you do it? Isn't that the whole point? Truth is, if you do THAT well then you'd have the last pick in the draft anyway, so it's practically a second round pick. If Favre doesn't pan out and bring the wins they only lose a third or fourth round pick. It's actually a VERY good deal by the Jets if you ask me.

I just soiled my pants. Hate when that happens.

DaveinOhio is correct...

why is it when I want news about how the dolphins are progressing in camp, I'm always happy when I go to Omar's blog. but if I come here, all I read about is around the league drama. this is like the TMZ of sports blogs. stick to the fins, we are here to read about them... trust me when I tell you that ESPN will cover all bases on Jason Taylor, or Brett Favre, but they won't even say a word about the fins... that's why we come here... or should I say to Omars blog

I wouldn't have a problem if we pick up Pennington as a free agent but I would not trade for him. Having said that, loosing JT is really big now although we should have a decent shot to beat these guys the first game of the season, remember Frave did not trained the same way this off season.

Chad - I'm not discounting anything you said, although I dislike Omar's rhetoric like "a brotha gotta do this, a brotha gotta do that" (really? I don't need to actually read a sports writer to hear that kind of insight) and Harvey's questions are just retarded. That said, there is much to be gained by reading all three papers different takes (it's amazing to me how they report different players' names as being the guy who dropped the ball and last week they all had a different pass count for the QBs (one said a guy was 2 for 5 while the other said he was 4 of 5, etc).

You kind of have to read these blogs all like witness statements of a crime, and pick out the reliable information based on some detective skills.

And for those of us not sitting at home watching ESPN, and want to get INVOLVED in the discussion, a little league drama/gossip isn't a bad thing. And Favre being traded to the Jets is a big deal for the Dolphins because we play them twice a year! If you are not interested in the subject matter, why take the time and energy to post a comment?

Favre ( tho a vet) still has to learn a new offense & get familiar with new WR's not going to come too easy, tho COles, & Cotchery are good. I think the JETS win seome games this year, maybe sweep miami, lets not 4get they now have favre, T. Jones @ RB, 2 good WR's & a decent O line. Thye may even get NE once this yr.

Armando you need to ask during the Press Conference if Miami would be willing to give a look at Pennington.

Brett Favre will revert back to the QB he was 2 years ago when he sucked. The Packers paid a QB guru $5000 a week last off-season to get Favre in shape and get his reps, and this off-season he's been working out with high school kids. No way he has the kind of season he had last year, and now he has to learn a new system while not exactly being the sharpest tool in the shed. This move was made by the Jets to sell "Personal Seat Licenses" at their new stadium. It's all about the $. The Dolphins will have just as good of a chance to beat the Jets with Favre as they had prior to his arrival, probably better. As far as Pennington goes, he wasn't even guaranteed to be the starter in NY. Why would the Dolphins want an old QB with a week arm when they are rebuilding?

I'm not sure Miami beating the jets can be considered an upset until you see how the teams shape up after game 4 of the preseason.

I think this improves Miami's chances for a win since Favre is going to be learning and playing in a system he is not familiar with and we all know he ain't the brightest bulb in the chandelier! Brett will cost the jerks, I mean jets, more games then he wins since he's a shoot from the hip kinda of guy. Just recall his poor decision making in the last game he played - hint - NFC Championship Game.

I like having him in the conference - I don't think he is going to improve the team this year and the jerks just set their program back a couple of years.

Hell NO I don't want Ms. Pennington!

Our chances got far worse. Favre is an immediate upgrade over Pennington or Clemens because 1) He's better than the both of them and 2) The entire organization will have confidence in him, which is not something Pennington or Clemens had. Did everyone forget the game in 2006? Favre TORCHED us. I think this makes the Jets contenders for the playoffs.

On the other hand, I wouldn't have mind Favre playing against us on a team other than the Jets (or the Bills or Pats for that matter)...

As for Pennington, I say if we worked out Quincy Carter, we should take a loooooong look at Chad...

Pennington? Yes! Much improvement over our current "starter" McClown. And it's not like the noodle arm matters (our receivers don't usually get too far downfield anyway). We just need a surehanded harder-offer to get the ball in Ricky and Ronnie's hands.

Oh and I forgot, J-E-T-S-S-U-C-K SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

Honestly. Who cares? This trade changes nothing about the Jets nor any other team in the AFC East since (and I hate to admit this because I abhor them) the Patriots are still the best team in the division with the best QB and are going to sweep everybody once again. Has something changed or did everybody forget the fact that the Pats went undefeated last year? Besides, believe it or not, both the Bills & the Dolphins have improved as well. As for the Dolphins... Rebuilding says it all but never discount them out of a win since we've never seen 60% of the new players acquired after the Cam/Saban Era debacles. Mr. Farve is now playing in a real division with real opponents and in a very difficult AFC Conference. Besides, who's to say that after Brett gets one good licking by several of the AFC stingy defenses that he simply doesn't go back to Mississippi. As for Green Bay... WOW! Good luck with Aaron 'Duck' Rodgers. There front office just made Randy Mueller & Cam Cameron look like front office Gods.

y-not - "Just recall his poor decision making in the last game he played - hint - NFC Championship Game."

Um, are you saying getting to the Championship game means you suck? Cuz I would take that kind of sucking over last years sucking any day. Let's not forget that Marino (Hallowed be thy name) had an awful game in his last go as well. You can't judge a player over one game. Favre's career speaks for itself.

As for Pennington, the guy was 1 and 7 last year. How is that an upgrade? If we were to pick up another QB it would more likely be a Tampa reject.


exellent post. you saved me a WHOLE LOT
of typing!!

chad pennington, bad arm or not, is FAR
better than mccown who cant unseat rookies,
[one of whom who has been complete garbage].

i'll take 86.1 rated pennington over run off of EVERY team he has been on mccown any day!

and last i looked, pennington was STILL the starter and looking real good in camp before the jets RIGHTLY took advantage of bringing in a hof, all world qb.

give up the 7 to the jets and then go get TERRY GLEEN SIGNED and send the message to these "wr's" that the dropped passes need to end or you will be replaced!!!

BETTER INFLATE THOSE TIRES to solve the gas and oil crisis! is THIS the kind of CHANGE you were looking for? well, its what you will get. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Favre is 39 years old and was given gem of a season last year. Now he squanders it by un-retiring. Older players cannot sustain excellence for long periods of time. He will wear down by the seasons end, and even from game to game. I don't expect much from Favre and I'm not really sure he knows what he's getting himself into playing for a NY team. The big winner in all of this is Minnesota with a great chance to pick up Pennington and make a serious run at a Super Bowl.

I've been shocked how the Jets have handled their off-season. In two years time when the Dolphins are on the up-swing the Jets will be back to there usual place in the division - last.

upset? worse chances
im fine where farve is now because all that media hype and drama that will follow him should have some negative effects on the jets...i hope.

as for making a play for pennington...i think i'd rather let jake long kick me in the face...twice.
im so sick of musical QB games we've been playing over the years. im sick of the band-aids.
we will most likely stink up the field atleast nine or ten times this year anyway, so put the young guys in there and let them learn. every QB throws picks, even the devil himself #12 up there in NE. every QB makes mistakes. learn from it and move on. im tired of people saying we should go after this guy or that guy. if they release chad, its because he's got a noodle attached to his shoulder. PLEASE, NO MORE LEFT OVER BUMS FROM OTHER TEAMS!

my body in DC, my team in Miami. GO DOLPHINS!

because that week noodled armed QB used to pass allover us and throw 40-50 yard bombs all day to Lavernius Coles. He was never week against us. He beat us 85% of the time we faced each other, atleast it has seamed that way. Also, he is a proven winner and playoff performer. We do not have anything close to Pennington on our roster.

Also, I think GB has won this trade by far. 2 weeks ago he was retired and now the get draft picks. As stated above, Favre has worked out with high school kids this off season, and really, that has only been of late. For a long while he was just a recently retired QB. Chances are he will be very rusty, and will be thrusted into an offense that he doesn't know, and players he has no repoire with, except bubba franks. He is a gambling man who IMO will revert to his ways from 2 years ago. But we shall see.

I also believe that, they are screwed long term. Kellen Clemens was supposed to battle to remain a starter. That would have been the best thing for him and the Jets longterm. As we see how much Aaron Rodgers learned backing up Favre, I believe that Kellen will get similiar lack of training. Favre is a STAR, NOT A MENTOR. He will not help develop Kellen Clemens, Favre is all about himself, plus he has no loyalty nor any allegiance to the Jets to help make Kellen any better. When Favre leaves in a few years, Kellen will be no better than he was last year, and Miami and Buffalo's QB's will be so much more developed. Also, those old vets brought in these past few years will be that much older. Bad decision IMHO.

The fins are not even close unfortunately, next year maybe but this year I just hope the Jets crush the Pats and humble the media that dreams of sucking Tom Bradys you know what. We'll be much better next year with one more draft and a couple free agents. Consider this year tryouts,


Let's just hope, as Dolphins' fans, that his head is not into it anymore otherwise, 0-2 against the Jets, again.

I think we get the advantage on opening day. Favre will be unfamiliar with the plays and hopefully force some interceptions towards will and jason allen. I HOPE favre starts on opening day because he will want to show off, play too hard, and throw some interceptions.

Simple answers to decent questions: worse; yes; yes.

In a perfect, or even pretty good world, Penn. woud not be an option to explore, but with the dreck that is Beck & the clown McKnown, Penn. should be checked out. Ugh! But that's where we're at.

Well, it appears we will go after Chad Pennington. If you are a fins fan, you better jump on board!

Chad P? Pleeeeeeeease!

The Dolphin's team motto should be:

"Give us your worse, we will give you Zack, Taylor, Brady Quinn and a player to be named later".

Joe Robbie would be turning in his grave if he was able to witness what has become of his once mighty Dolphins.


Would Miami beating the Jets really be an upset? They were 4-12 last year, and even with all those players they added, the skill positions are average at best. Plus it is a home game in September, it'll fell like 100+ on the field. What do you think the hottest game Favre's ever played in? Plus he has to learn a new offense in 3 weeks that is nothing like the one he played in for 16 years. Honestly,I'd be surprised if Miami didn't win the game. They'll pound the ball right at the jets until the get tired and break like every other team that comes here in September. And as far as Pennington goes, please stop it. That's just Dumb. He's an old QB with an elbow that's blown out twice. No way Parcells touches him.

Do you think Miami's chances of pulling an upset just got better or worse?

About the same. The Fish haven't consistently beaten the Jets in years. This team is in rebuilding mode right now. Prior to the Favre trade, the Fish had a slight chance to beat them but now, I don't see it.

Do you wish Favre had gone to the Bucs instead, meaning he wouldn't see the Dolphins this year? No. Favre does provide an upgrade for the Jets but they're still no better than the Chargers, Jags, Pats, Colts, Steelers. And I wonder which Favre will the Jets get? The 2007 version or the one that struggled the season before?

Do you think the Dolphins should make a play for Pennington?
NO! I just heard on Sirius NFL Radio that the Fins inquired about him.....NO! We have enough journeyman QBs on the roster.

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