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The fallout from Favre trade to the Jets

Brett Farve is a New York Jet. He was traded minutes ago from the Packers to the Dolphins' AFC East rival for a conditional draft pick.

The Jets say they will release or trade quarterback Chad Pennington by the end of business Thursday. All this assuming Favre doesn't change his mind at the last minute and stays retired. I had to add that equivocation because I spoke to one NFL source this evening who told me Favre's mindset is such that he ebbs and flows like the tide lately.

Anyway, if Favre doesn't have any change of heart, he will likely be the Jets' starting quarterback in the regular-season opener against .... Your Miami Dolphins.

So here are the questions:

Do you think Miami's chances of pulling an upset just got better or worse?

Do you wish Favre had gone to the Bucs instead, meaning he wouldn't see the Dolphins this year?

Do you think the Dolphins should make a play for Pennington? It likely won't take but a seventh round pick to get him from New York. And before folks get crazy here, understand that Pennington would become a free agent if he is released. He will not go on waivers so the Dolphins don't get first dibs on him. He would be a free agent.


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Let's get Pennington and trade McCown or Beck for anything that we can get (probably a late rounder) and in a year or 2 give the team to Henne.

McCown and Beck are too innacurate, and even Pennington arm isn't strong he's very accurate.

But I really think he'll go to the vikings, bears or chiefs

Our chances against the Jets probably got a little better. Once the Jets dump Pennington they are going to have to go w Favre no matter what. Which means they are counting on him to come in and pick up the play book, be in shape etc. I have to believe we will get more QB pressuers this year and Favre will be chucking it to our dbs. You have to question Favre's mental state. How vested is he in the Jets? If things dont go well he retires again.
Forget Pennington. Aside from his performances against us his arm has never recovered from his injuries and surgeries. We are better off w what we have.

Jon---that September-supremacy stuff turned into a myth, esp. during the Wannstache error & probably beginning w/ the home opener loss to the Texans a coupla years back. We no longer are a september or early season lock, unfortunately. I think the last time the myth was invoked was when Oakland came to town last year, & Dante ran us ragged. I'm not hatin' on ya, just sayin' that you can't bank on the heat-humidity thing anymore.

Oh where to begin???!!! First, how many teams came in here last September and "Melted" Jon? Uh, let me think, hmmmm, oh yeah 0. Nada. Not a single one. And Tree 2691, you think Cotchery would be a 3rd option anywhere else in the league? You need to qualify that statement with "except on the 'Fins where he'd be the number one receiver". In closing, the SUCK-SUCK-SUCK routine is kind of lame when the JETS have beaten your team 16 of the last 20 games going back ten years.

Chances for upset? Lower - Favre will be jacked ski high for this game as will his offensive line, Miami's rather thin and young defensive line will wear down, exposing are lack of speed at linebacker. Only chance for Phins will be getting a couple of early picks thus deflating Favre and the offense. Oh and Ricky runs wild making an early statement for comeback player of the year!

Sign Pennington? Here's the reasoning:
1. If Henne is the best QB on the roster now then sign Pennington so Henne can sit until Pennington gets hurt and then play the rookie. Waive McCown.

2. If Beck is your best* QB then do NOT sign Pennington and let McCown back-up Beck while Henne gets to sit a year;

* best - actually deemed to be an NFL starting level QB by the coaching staff.

3. If McCown is your best QB, sign Pennington, waive Beck and let Henne sit a year.

Considering that the careers of two very young QB's is being messed with here (Beck & Henne), I'd really suggest playing this weekend and then making a decision on Pennington, if you miss out on him in the interim, then you have a tough decision to make on the next historically semi-decent QB that shakes lose over the next 4-5 weeks. One good thing about admitting you're rebuilding is you don't have to always make a move just because it might IMMEDIATELY improve your roster, long term matterrs now.

I think that the Jets made a big mistake. They are not superbowl bound with or without Favre so why waist a possible 2nd or 3rd round draft pick on him for a legend on the end of his career whom happened to have had a great year last year. The man will be 39 this year. prior to last year he threw more interseptions then almost the whole NFL combined(LOL) you rebuilt a team in NY and use a man that may not even play next year, and definetly the year after. You need a QB to groom and Clemens is not the one so why waste a draft pick on a finished QB.
As for Pennington Miami should trade Beck for him because A- we would get rid of Beck B- make room for Henne next year, C- Pennington is better then what we have right now. D- this city can not live through a Football team that goes 1-15 and a Basketball team that goes 15-67. Pennington gives us a chance to win a couple of games now, and build some of these guys confidense for the next two years, while Henne learns the NFL system. Besides Pennington is a better tutor for Henne then McKown. Beck had his chance last year and showed no signs of greatness, then this summer we still can not see any signs of greatness while competing with McKown and Henne and Quincy come on. trade him so that we can get rid of cap instead of waiting for waiver when we would have to eat that money. Trade Beck for Pennington straight up or for McKown and keep Beck they both suck anyway and Pennington is a much better option.

We can't trade for Pennington because he's going to be cut, not traded!

Also his only win last year was against Miami!

What does that say about him? He's done! Please do not sign him, Ireland! Sparano doesn't want him and neither do I! This could be a very expensive mistake.

Sign Pennington and Glen.. Put receivers on notice and get rid of McCown. There is a reason the McClown has been on so many teams and Chad has not!

remember, a quarterback does not a team make (or something like that). The Packers had a good team with Favre - in NY, he will not have the same cast of characters so my prediction is (not that anyone gives a crap) he will not upgrade the team much if at all. The suck Jets will go maybe 8-8 - I feel they will not make the playoffs but I don't care about what they do unless it's losing to the Fins. If the Fins don't win any other games - lease beat the Jets, the Buffalos and at least one NE - they seem to have NE number and can compete with them (before last year) GO FINS....

I would rather get Pennington then Carter. But that isnt saying much.

DaveinOhio - I'd rather have a cheeseburger than Carter, but that's just me!

Lets hope its 90 degrees on Sept 7. And Humid. Lets hope the Dolphins run the ball down thier throat all day and make them use oxygen early.Lets hope the new conditoning program shows who is able to handle the heat and pressure. Lets hope that our new D can beat up the self centered old qb into the realization that he is not the center of the universe. The Jets short term solution will not bring them the results they want, and may leave them behind over the long run (again). The Phins are on the right path, for the long run.

And, New York wont tolerate much less than excellent. And Farve has been way short of that over the last few years. He may wish he stayed out of football when those fans are done with him.

I wonder how much of a cap hit the Jests are going to take for trading for him? It's going to be fun watching them struggle through cap H-E-Double-toothpicks a couple of years from now. Favre might get them an extra win or two, maybe even into the playoffs, but they're going to pay a high price for minimal gain.

Anyone that believes Mccown, Beck, Pennington or Carter will start before Henne is a BoneSmoker.

Tinshaker - Okay, But Farve's 39 years old and going to a team with 4 wins last year. Despite the upgrade of Faneca, Brett play for a much better team in Green Bay. And it could be argued that the talent he had in Green bay in recieving corps and running game helped him look pretty good --he will not have that in NY. Finally, let's not forget it was favres critical interception last year that cost a good green bay team a chance at the championship. I'm not sold he's the Jets answer.

Favre has alot to learn in a short period of time. I'm wondering if this is another Michael Jordan in and out retirement.

pancanfinfan - First off he's currently 38, and once again you cannot discount Favre's talent because of one interception. Yes it sucked that it lost the game for them, but Marino did the same thing, as did Montana, Brady, etc. QB's throw interceptions, especially when they are trying to win the last game of their season and force one up. The rate of interceptions in that scenario goes up at least two thousand percent. I'm not saying he's the Jet's answer, I never said that. What I said was that the conditional draft choice for Favre was a good deal. Remember you don't only get to build your team through the draft, you also get free agency, waivers, etc. Favre will come in, make his contribution and when he's gone they will get a huge gap under the salary cap to add anywhere from 2 to 6 really good players. In the meantime you get the added memorabilia sales (they've made over a million dollars in ONE day already!), the added press, the added team value in general and the possibility of an extreme improvement in play-off contention. To me, it seems like a VERY good deal for the Jets.

We picked up McCown as a possible starter to fill in until Henne is ready. I do not like John Beck, i'd prefer him as the 3rd QB, it was a poor draft pick, the guy is too nervous and I can never see him being dominant.
I think we should sign him, drop McCown, who has not impressed the coaches or me when i've seen him at camp, Henne's throw looks best and it will lead us to a new land soon. But in the meanwhile, i honestly think we are a playoff competetor with pennington. He can run a running offense and i beleive if this big O line we have can play smashmouth, then we'll move the ball. He is very effecient, not much big play ability with his arm for Ginn to take advantage of deep. We might see alot more of fasano and wilford if pennington plays.. sign him to a 1 or 2 year contract, start him, if he doesnt win, or get seriously injured you cut him.. but they were gonna cut Mccown eventually, hes not a long term answer.
ok so basically, sign pennington, start him and see if we win, cuz then lets keep him and give henne the proper development. Mccown and Becks days are numbered now and after this season. We have alot of cap room to spend, it may be smart to hold off on Pennington and try out a franchise QB if he is available on the free agent market next year.
Our defense isnt going to be fierce this year, we need to sign more young-middle age defensive players.

Tinshaker- Favre was great last year but everyone attributes that to McCarthy making him study, train, and practice more. He was much worse the year before. Favre is going to a team rusty as hell with no training under his belt. He is learning a new system and the O-line is new(but potentially awesome). He is playing in the superior AFC where getting in the playoffs is much harder. He also has to play the best team in football twice(and I'm not talking about the Cowgirls).

Teams will be gunning for Favre because if he goes down... the Jets go down. I hope Porter smashs Favre at least twice on opening day. I can almost guarantee at least one sack and int for Favre that day. He may have played until he could finally pass the best QB ever but he definitely will learn that he didn't know when to call it a career.

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