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The fallout from Favre trade to the Jets

Brett Farve is a New York Jet. He was traded minutes ago from the Packers to the Dolphins' AFC East rival for a conditional draft pick.

The Jets say they will release or trade quarterback Chad Pennington by the end of business Thursday. All this assuming Favre doesn't change his mind at the last minute and stays retired. I had to add that equivocation because I spoke to one NFL source this evening who told me Favre's mindset is such that he ebbs and flows like the tide lately.

Anyway, if Favre doesn't have any change of heart, he will likely be the Jets' starting quarterback in the regular-season opener against .... Your Miami Dolphins.

So here are the questions:

Do you think Miami's chances of pulling an upset just got better or worse?

Do you wish Favre had gone to the Bucs instead, meaning he wouldn't see the Dolphins this year?

Do you think the Dolphins should make a play for Pennington? It likely won't take but a seventh round pick to get him from New York. And before folks get crazy here, understand that Pennington would become a free agent if he is released. He will not go on waivers so the Dolphins don't get first dibs on him. He would be a free agent.