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The highlights from Sparano's TUES. presser

Many of you may remember (although you'd like to forget) that many Dolphins veteran players were held out most of last preseason. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor played six total preseason snaps. Joey Porter hardly played. Keith Traylor made only a cameo appearance as well.

And when the regular-season began the team, at least significant parts of it, were not in football shape. The Dolphins wore down against Washington in the season-opener and soon a glut of injuries hit the team.

This year coach Tony Sparano is a lot less likely to give veterans preseason games off.

"I believe we were 1-15 and we're trying to change the culture," Sparano said. "In my mind, that being said, we do need to go out as a team, be in the game environment, get as many guys in uniform as we can get in uniform, be in that locker room together, come out of that tunnel together, be on the sideline together. Whatever it is we're going to go through in a game together, we need to see all the reactions and get these guys involved as much as we can.

I've been with Bill [Parcells] for a long enough time, I'm not much on saving guys and doing those things. We'll be smart. We'll be smart with some players. But our players know they need to play."


Matt Roth will work at OLB again today. Eventually, both he and Vonnie Holliday may see some preseason plays at OLB. It doesn't mean they are being converted to LBs. It means the team is trying to maximize its pass rush while also maximize roster spots.

"We want to see either one of these guys or both of these in the games," Sparano said. "It's important they get game reps. Just to take a look and help us with some roster flexibility down the road."


In case you do not remember, I wrote this offseason that Ricky Williams was perhaps the best player in practices and might be one of the team's best players.

Well, he hasn't been dominant in pads as he was in shorts. But he's still darn impressive to Sparano.

"When you're out here in helmets in T-shirts everybody kind of looks good," Sparano said. "When you see them in pads and what he's doing here, I've been impressed with him getting to the second level and his burst. I've been impressed with what I see when he hits the line. He's still able to move people when he's carrying the ball leaning forward. So it's good he can make yards that way. I'm kind of anxious to watch him in a game and see him knock some of that kind of rust off."


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So you have highlights of the press conference from tomorrow? It's Tuesday right?

So is the TB/Mia game going to be televised this weekend? I live in Charlotte, so couldn't catch a local feed. Would it be on DirecTV somewhere?

Armando, would it be fair to say that the Dolphins are now in salvage mode with Matt Roth?

For a second round pick, Roth hasn't been all that impressive as a DE in 3 seasons. This is the player the Dolphins essentially traded away Pat Surtain for.

Jamison, they are showing it on NFL network on SUNDAY the 10th! At least it's shown on my DirecTV, as for if the network actually shows what the listing says is another question altogether.

Jj, I also noticed the mistake Armando made...then again, maybe that's why he tends to be late with his updates, because he's sending them from the FUTURE!

It's Tuesday for you guys. I'm in China, where it is Wednesday morning already ...

Just kidding. I'm getting ahead of myself. Thanks for all the wisecracks, knuckleheads.

Armando, we would've fallen for that if you had stuck with it. Until you posted an update from camp of course...

This "new" approach: playing guys in the preseason is one of the reasons JT wanted out of Miami. He was posing on the Redskins sideline Sunday night.... he seemed soooo relaxed.

I think at his age he doesn't want to go through a grueling training camp.... sort of like what Strahan wanted last year.....

this is a completely off topic question but one thats bothered me for years (i went to ohio state and have spent the last 4 years rooting against him) what the heck is chad henne's tattoo of on his arm?

Joe Shanahan - I've never actually seen the tattoo, but there is a fairly popular t-shirt with the phrase "I [heart] Chad Henne's Panther Tattoo", so I assume it's a panther, but can't confirm that.

Tommya, I watched the game and JT actually looked nervous and uneasy like he wished he were in the game or at home. The redskins had half the team in t-shirts which could backfire on them in the season, but there are still 3 pre-season games to go, so the vets might get in there a little. Regardless of that, the Redskins looked as good as the Colts looked bad. And when did NFL QB's become so fat? I thought I was out of shape, but I look like brad pitt next to some of these guys!

yeah they had the pillsbury throw-boy in there, I watched the game too. Still hoping their not any good so we can get a better pick from them

Phinatic - LOL!

What I'm hoping is they cut Colt so we can replace Beck with him.

Giving anyone time off to save them, when you don't even know what you have for a player or TEAM and when they are unproven is basically Camoron. That is my new word for stupid. He was lucky to have won one game.
It is good to see a coach who understands the basics of building a winner. Teamwork.
It is also great to hear the Ricky is still working hard. Maybe a 1000 yard season.

Any Chance ESPN or someone picks up that Tampa/Miami game if Favre gets traded to the Bucs in the next few hours? That's what Mortenson is reporting...

I doubt that Favre would play Saturday (even if traded somewhere today)as coach McCarthy mentioned Brett had an abdominal strain.

LOL @ Phinatic. I have been hoping the Redskins bite it this year as well. I nice 4-12 record would be nice for them. =]

Sparano's comments aren't too surprising considering how much competition there's going to be for roster spots this year.

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