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The post-practice report for TUESDAY

TUESDAY's practice is over here in Davie, FL. and here are some highlights and lowlights:

Ernest Wilford left the field before the end of practice and did not return. He was limping somewhat as he was walking off the field, but curiously started jogging as he got closer to the locker room. The report is the injury was cramps.

Kicker Jay Feely was on the bike and did not practice. He was asked by two reporters what his injury is but declined to answer. He did have an oblique issue in the offseason.

Josh McCown had a tough day. He threw three interceptions during practice including interceptions on consecutive plays. John Beck and Chad Henne seemed to be pretty good today.

Jayson Foster and Selwyn Lymon and Justin Peelle had drops during practice. No biggie, I'm just saying ...

Former special teams coach Mike Westhoff watched practice from the sideline. He left the Jets after last season for health issues and he underwent surgery in the offseason. I am told he would like to get back into coaching next season.

Sat with Sports Illustrated columnist Paul Zimmerman during practice. He's visiting to write his story on the Dolphins. The man most of you may know as Dr. Z is a Hall of Fame voter so I asked him what he thought of Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor's chances of getting into the Hall someday.

Zimmerman said he would vote for Thomas, no doubt, and would even speak on his behalf in the meeting with other voters. Zimmerman said Thomas along with Ray Lewis were the premier linebackers of their time and that is why he is worthy of induction.

Dr. Z was lukewarm on Taylor's chances, reasoning that it will depend on who else is up for election on any given year whether Taylor's body of work will compare favorably or not.

Finally, the NFL today released a Fan Code of Conduct that YOU, the fans, must follow if you hope to keep your seats at Dolphin Stadium or anywhere you watch your team play. When you are attending a game you are required to refrain from the following behavior:

Behavior that is unruly disruptive or illegal in nature.

Intoxication or other signs of alcoholic impairment that results in irresponsible behavior.

Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

Failing to follow the directions of stadium personnel.

Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field.)

Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans.


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Honestly...I am a season ticket holder and using foul language and throwing objects at Jet fans are the few joys i get out of my seats. Please don't take it away.

JT's body of work will match up with anyone. Over 100 sacks, all the forced fumbles, 8 career TDs the most for a DL in the history of the league, and 5 fumble returns for TDs, tied for the most ever with LB Jesse Tuggle.

Well league attendance will be down then if those rules are in forced!

Amen Mr.B

Mark mentioned Jets games, and in his brutal honesty, A jets game is not for a family. They should put that on their code or place a big warnng sign on the ticket window.
A Jets-Phins game is down right brutal. Has anyone at the Herald ever requested incedent reports at the stadium on Jets-Phins day....I WOULD LOVE TO READ THE STAT ARMANDO>!!!!

That Code of Conduct won't have teeth unless stadium personnel ENFORCE IT. I won't bring my children to an NFL game due to the foul language, which is a shame because I grew up going to games in the Orange Bowl and the atmosphere was very fan friendly.

So the Oakland Raiders will play in an empty stadium this year?

Interesting that Dr. Z was cool towards JT. No question JT did harm to his reputation by quitting on the Dolphins. Yeah, he was more honest about it than Nick Saban was but that's all. Traditionalists like Dr. Z are going to penalize JT for it, no doubt about it, especially if JT doesn't wina ring. But hey, it was JT's choice and I'm sure he was aware this would happen. I wish him well in DC.

ANSWER MY REQUEST ARMANDO!!! Will you or can you get incedet reports on Jets/Phins Game day. YOu may be able to pick up an actual news story.

heckling opposing fans is one thing, and part of the fun of a game. But throwing stuff is wrong. I was at a Patriots/Miami game in Foxboro, and the Patriot fans nailed my 8 year old nephew in the face with a chunk of ice because he was wearing a Dolphins winter hat (yes, they do sell those). That's low class...

Since JT is now in a much tougher division, I can't wait for the Fins to make the playoffs before the Skins do. That would be fitting. We just need to take care of that QB position!


I have no respect for Dr. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. He is the same moron that said Dan Marino wouldn't have anybody to coach him in Miami when he was drafted. You should have asked him why Jerry Kramer of Green Bay Packer fame isn't in the Hall of Fame? Until Kramer is voted in it is just a Hall of Shame!

yes throwing is dead wrong but hitting a kid that just sick. i guess thats why i love my directv hd cause if some idot new england fan hit my kid i'd go to jail

Behavior that is unruly disruptive or illegal in nature. Check

Intoxication or other signs of alcoholic impairment that results in irresponsible behavior. Double Check

Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures. Only at opposing Players, and whoever the Dolphins starting QB usually

Failing to follow the directions of stadium personnel. They have rules?

Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field.) If it would help...

Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans. Gold Star Check, especially Pat fans

Behavior that is unruly disruptive or illegal in nature. Check

Intoxication or other signs of alcoholic impairment that results in irresponsible behavior. Double Check

Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures. Only at opposing Players, and whoever the Dolphins starting QB usually

Failing to follow the directions of stadium personnel. They have rules?

Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field.) If it would help...

Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans. Gold Star Check, especially Pat fans

Could be wrong here, but I believe Dr. Z had Will Allen on his All-Pro team last year, ahead of Cromartie, who had about 10 picks......which I'm saying because it's obvious he doesn't look at just stats when rating players....the man knows his stuff and he's right on about Zach Thomas.

The NFL can't get the players to follow those rules..... how do they expect to control the fans?

thats the same code of conduct from last year (also a season ticket holder). Its not enforced I curse every game as loud as I can ( I try to hold it down when kids are around). Especially at jets games J E T S SUCK SUCK SUCK. As far as intoxication umm no comment

also noticed you didn't praise Beck for his improved play over the last couple of days, guess it doesn't support your opinion

So the Fan Code of Conduct, that means the Jets and Eagles will play in empty stadiums?

I guess Jets fans won't need to buy those PSL's afterall.


(And I live in NY!!!!)

Everyone's talking about Beck's improved play but I read he got sacked/intercepted as usual. Are we reading the same blogs?

You know how Coach keeps stressing consistency? I think it's fair to say that the most consistent QB thus far has been Henne. His mistakes have been far fewer than the competition. I understand Sparano's anxiety at Henne taking too many risks, but at the same time if he makes the throws, how much of a risk is it? Is it risky for Beck to roll out of the pocket and try to throw it over the middle? Of course, but is the risk as high for someone like Henne? probably not. Brennan took some risks on Sunday but ended up going 9 for 10 with 2 touchdowns and zero picks in his first NFL series. Then his coach probably told him off for it. The risks are part of the game, you take them out, the sport becomes work instead of a game.

Either way, we have to wait and see it in the pre-season from Henne. If he continues to improve and make plays, Sparano will have to start him.

Ha ha....code of conduct.....they should try that in the Meadowlands...I lived in NJ and that's one hell of a sewer with the worst animals in the NFL....girls in jet gear going to leave their seats to the sound of "show your *its"...and no one with an opposing jersey going unbothered. I will not miss those animals as I have recently moved to Las Vegas....goodbye jet pig dogs...my hate will live on scum!!!!

Ray -
You are right. I remember, clearly, the words of Dr. Z while watching the Dolphins 1st round pick in 1983 (I was in high school then. I must have skipped school since I'm fairly certain the NFL draft was mid-week back then).
Anyway, Dr. Z said, "I don't understand this pick. Who do they have down there that can work with this guy?" .
I guess Zimmerman voted for Marino since his HOF election was unanimous.

Okay, can we all stop acting as if Colt Brennan is the next Johnny Unitas. Lets keep things in perspective here. Brennan played the end of the game against third and fourth stringers. A good percentage of those guys won't even make a practice squad. Last year Beck came into games at the end (preseason) and had two winning drives and played very well. Then he had to play against starters and we all know how that has worked out so far. (Side note; he has been improving and I REALLY am rooting for him!)My main point is that it's too early to tell. If Brennan does turn into the next Johnny U. it doesn't mean the Dolphins made a mistake by passing on him, it means every team except the Redskins made a mistake. And really it doesn't even mean anyone made a mistake, just means that Brennan played better than anyone expected. Lets not turn this into an excuse to bash the Dolphins. Lets go Johnny Beck, time to take this job, you put in the work now it's time to let your instincts take over. We're rooting for you, go get em'!

Chad Henne didn't look good today. He threw two interceptions and threw two other bad passes that were sure interceptions which were dropped by the defender. John Beck has shown a clear superiority over McCown and Henne in the last two days. Let's see how it goes.

Good luck finding someone to stack up to JT's body of work Mr. Z. The only DE's who stack up are already in the HOF except for Strahan. He says Zach and Lewis are the best of their era...who is better than JT and Strahan? Nobody!What a dance-a-phobe!

Armando YOUR are a friggin child....really DR Z to back your hatred for JT? JT is gone let it go man. And by the looks of it, no one respects Dr Z's opinion...the old coot is senile. JT IS a hall of famer - no question.

Mando, one guy rips you for having too much JT love this morning and another guy rips you for hating on JT this evening. Seems to me you're playing it down the middle, big fella.

Guess all the JTphobes can't stand it when someone reports something that JT himself hasn't scripted.

Oh, and about the code of conduct, it's too bad the Dolphins changed their marketing campaign so quick. Otherwise they could force fans to respect the code. LOL

flpd, you're a such a salguero lemming

Dr. Z!?! Hah! That genius condemned Marino, without hesitation or qualification, as a draft day bust. Next you'll be telling me what odds Danny (try to get his line with a bookie) Sheridan has made the Fins for the Super Bowl.

Truth hurts doesn't it Johnnypoo?

All you wipes of crap can kiss my arse.

Yeah it was only preseason, and it was against mostly scrubs, but Brennan did look pretty darn good. He looked much better than the hefty lefty who was also playing against scrubs. Tell me you guys wont get excited if any of our QB's go 9 for 10 with 2 TD's. Though I wouldn't bet on that. I remember Sage Rosenfels used to play excellent in the preseason, but the Fins didn't pay attention, and we only wish that we had him now. IMHO he should be starting for the Texans instead of fragile Shaub. Anyways, my point is the preseason does not guarantee anything, but performing well does count for something.

As for Dr. Z, that guy has been known to be out there. I love ZT, but in my opinion, JT has a better chance to get into the Hall of Fame. If I was a voter I would put them both in, but I am biased so my opinion means even less than usual.

Did you ask Dr. Z why he absolutely sucks at predicting NFL games, despite the fact he only has to pick a handful each week and not the entire slate?

Speaking of Dr. Z's ignorance and ineptitude, it figures he'd be wrong about how much Zach and JT deserve to make it to Canton. I believe both should and will get in, but if one deserves it more than the other, it's JT. Zach has more holes in his game. He was always consistently very good, but never dominant like Ray Lewis. Meanwhile, JT was without question one of the most dominant pass rushers of his generation, and there's a good argument that he's been the best in recent years. He's a playmaker, and more deserving of the hall than Zach.


A question and a comment.

Is it counted a sack when the buzzer goes off before QB unloads the ball?

I would love to see Westhoff back here running special teams. When Wanny dumped him to bring in his conies from chi town it really signaled the spiral down.

I don't hate anyone but I truly dislike Wanny and Coker - both, in a matter of a couple of years, shattered two great football programs.

If Mike Westhoff wants to come back, the Fins should welcome him back with open arms and a big raise. Westhoff should have never been allowed to leave, and the special teams have been going downhill ever since he left

Yes, Jason Taylor's career numbers do match-up favorably with other HOF defensive end inductees; sacks, forced fumbles, defensive TDs, etc...

However, the questions voters will ask is were Jts numbers due to the legnth of his career and was JT a dominant player during his era?

Tinshaker, Beck's INT was on Bess who didn't control the ball and gave it up. Why does everyone seem to be turning on Beck?

Was JT a dominant player during his era? 6 pro bowls and 2006 Defensive Player of the Year? He's currently the active sack leader.

Beck is definitely improving. He needs to really step it up this weekend to give himself a chance to start this season and keep Henne on the bench learning and not going through the same disaster that Beck went through last season as a rook. I'd love to see Beck start and have a solid season and then let him and Henne really shoot it out next year at this time to see who will lead us the next several years. McCown has had a decent career but it's time he open a chainsaw outlet and step away from football.

NYScott, No one is saying Brennan is the next Johnny U, just saying that he was very impressive (did you see those throws?). If Beck goes in and does the same against Tampa, I will be impressed as well. The real question from my standpoint is why the majority is so obsessed with John Beck. What has he done to prove he is capable of being our starting QB? Also to say that the INT was a dropped ball/deflection is completely irrelevant, because in the game if you throw it right to the middle linebacker, or it bounces off a WR's hands onto his shoe up into the air, get's a gentle kiss from God and lands into the hands of a DB, it STILL COUNTS AS A TURNOVER!

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