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Titans showing most interest in Joe Horn

There are rumors the Dolphins are making a play for receiver Joe Horn because, well, he's available.

Agent Ralph Vitolo tells me that he has indeed called the Dolphins to see if they're interested. But he also says as of 6:30 this evening, the Dolphins had not returned his phone call.

Vitolo tells me the Tennessee Titans have shown the most interest in Horn so far and that, "Dallas is also a big possible landing site for Joe."

Horn has narrowed his list of teams he would play for to seven teams and although Vitolo tells me the Dolphins are one of those that I should "stay tuned" to see what transpires, it seems like a stretch for the Dolphins to make a strong play for the 36-year-old Horn.

If this was two weeks ago, I might think it would be likely.

But the truth is the receivers have recovered a little since their difficult start to training camp. They are catching the ball better and, as I reported in an earlier blog post, the coaching staff is thinking Derek Hagan and Ted Ginn Jr. will be the starting duo.

The rest of the receivers corps is still a work in progress but at least the coaches have seen some progress. And that is pleasing to them.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins have settled on keeping their current group of receivers. The Dolphins, with the first waiver claim early this season, will use that on some receivers if they believe one or more guys other teams put on the street are better than the guys they currently have in their locker room.


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We need to go after him hard, just like we did with Chad...If we can get an all pro receiver in here we can make a run for the playoffs this year and shut everyone up!!!!!


I don't know about Joe Horn or not...but I am concerned about Ernest Wilford! Those camp/preseason reports sound BAD!!! They guaranteed this guy 6 mil!!! This guy is either going to have to be traded (yeah right!) or Sparona is going to have to make up a position between SLOT WR and TE! IF he's that bad, I'd take a 7th rounder...3rd string water boy - whatever! I'm hoping he'll come around.

Joe Horn's best days are way behind him he is not Jerry Rice who was workacoholic even to the end of his long career. Let the preseason finish and see what receivers shake out on the waiver wires.

Who are the people saying the Dolphins are making a play for Horn?

No one. That's who. Armando, I hate it when you blog like this. Your own blog states that Horn's agent says "Agent Ralph Vitolo tells me that he has indeed called the Dolphins to see if they're interested. But he also says as of 6:30 this evening, the Dolphins had not returned his phone call."

You never should have opened with your first line. It's irresponsible and gets all the chuckleheads in a lather. You're better than this.

Mando--don't be fooled, or, more accurately, lulled into a false sense of security by a few catches in one game &/or a coupla practices. All of the Fins wrs are still very shaky. Horn should be evaluated, Boldin should be contemplated.

why does everyone think that Boldin is gonna become available????? There is no way Arizona is gonna let him go. They will pay him what he wants and he will be a stud this year...

Shane if you knew anything about the internet you would be able to look on other sites -- such as the Palm Beach Post and the fort lauderdale paper -- which are saying the Dolphins are eyeing Horn like you eye hookers on the corner.

EVERYONE knows this. And Armando is correcting the record and adding some temperance to a situation that seems out of control on the other sites. So grow a clue before you go off all nerdy on people

Yo Willie....When is your new album comming out? LOL

Horn will be looked at very hard by the Phins...As he should

When Lissette gets off my effing arse and lets me sing about my beloved Cuba that was great before the effing communists messed it up.

willi chirino-

What? Are you Armando's agent? His parrot?

Horn's agent admits the Dolphins have NOT called, yet Armando's opening line is 'the Dolphins are making a play...'

Thanks for proving Shane Falco's point...chucklehead.

Hey willi chirino!

Please tell Lissette to get her shoes out from under my bed. She left my place in a hurry last night.


Matt, you knob brain, Armando's opening line is "There are RUMORS the Dolphins are making a play ..." Please read slower so that you after much effort, comprehend.

Meanwhile, Shane, you can keep Lissette. I've been trying to get rid of that tranny for years. Now she's your boy you loser.

willi chirino-

You are correct.

I made a mistake when I read the title to Jeff Darlington's article and presumed that Armando was making the same statement.

I apologize.

Knob brain????

Hey Matt dont be a f@g and apologize to some blog bully like Willi. Be a man, for once in your life.

Go Phins!

I've been watching for the past few minutes while Dolphins #1 and Shane Falco and Matt have been going back and forth with each other and this Willie Chirino poster.

Except that Shane and Matt and Dolphins #1 are the same person. Guys, I can tell this stuff on my software. So what compells someone to have a conversation with themselves on a football blog?


Good call mando! That's freakin hilarious!

Oh my goodness, this just proves you can't freaking fool a Cubano. Ha ha ha.

Meanwhile, Matt, Shane and everybody else residing in the same body -- how is it hanging out with you as your own best friend.

that's too freaking funny...Mando, do you think Hagan is worth picking up as a 4 or 5 receiver in my fantasy team?

At least your popular with a few people even if they are the same person. Must be a jets fan.

The Phins don't really need Joe Horn. Let the kids play. That way they really learn. What did Joe Horn ever win? He played for New Orleans. Give me a break. What is he going to teach? Perrenial losing. How not to win! He would be a waste of money. A really great water boy would be better. Joe Horn. What a joke.

I agree with klndry....Miami is in the middle of a youth movement...lets hope they keep it that way. Joe Horn is likely done and has not done squat in the NFL for two seasons. Mando, I see Miami going after a New York Giant WR that HAS to hit the waiver wire soon...what are your thoughts? And are you a Miami fan? Some of your comments(not necessarily in this story) seem very negative and sarcastic.

If the Titans are interested in Horn then I want nothing to do with him.

If both are healthy then Joe Horn or Terry Glenn would be an asset to the receiving corp as well as a target for Chad and mentor for Ginn Jr. If we have nothing after our 1&2 wide outs then bring in some vets, even aged one loaded with "experience" might be a much needed upgrade to help keep the defense off the field for three quarters of play. Keep the "D" fresh and we might be in some late games with a chance to win because it's unlikely the Phins will blow anyone out this year. The wins will be close and our losses could be... bad.

How about we got after a trade with the Cards for WR Bolton. He wants out and we do have the number two pick from the Redskins of offer as part of a possible trade. Ginn and Bolton would make for a nice of wide outs.

I think you mean Boldin.

Forget Horn or Glenn, call the Cardinals and bring us that stupid former 'Nole, BOLDIN. He's easily worth a 2nd rounder, maybe even a lottery-protected first rounder.

Anquan Boldin would be a great pick up for a second round draft pick.Played at Florida
state and from Pahokee, he has Florida roots and would be grat for the offence. Keepin my fingers crosssed.

just say no - Horn has been washed up for years! Bad apple, can't get seperation, why would we want to add this guy?

Boldin could be had in a trade. Maybe Arizona needs another back-up quarterback?

It's not just a matter of giving up something in a trade. He'd stil want Larry Fitzgerald-type of money once he got here or he'd be disgruntled here, too.

ha let's get Bolton! he could sing us a song

Boldin would be great if we could afford him. Also the guy just renegotiated a contract not too long ago. So we would probably have to keep upping his money every year. Not a very good situation.

Glenn and Horn are old and battered. They would help teach our guys how to NOT get separation. We are already paying Wilford too much to teach that.

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