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Titans showing most interest in Joe Horn

There are rumors the Dolphins are making a play for receiver Joe Horn because, well, he's available.

Agent Ralph Vitolo tells me that he has indeed called the Dolphins to see if they're interested. But he also says as of 6:30 this evening, the Dolphins had not returned his phone call.

Vitolo tells me the Tennessee Titans have shown the most interest in Horn so far and that, "Dallas is also a big possible landing site for Joe."

Horn has narrowed his list of teams he would play for to seven teams and although Vitolo tells me the Dolphins are one of those that I should "stay tuned" to see what transpires, it seems like a stretch for the Dolphins to make a strong play for the 36-year-old Horn.

If this was two weeks ago, I might think it would be likely.

But the truth is the receivers have recovered a little since their difficult start to training camp. They are catching the ball better and, as I reported in an earlier blog post, the coaching staff is thinking Derek Hagan and Ted Ginn Jr. will be the starting duo.

The rest of the receivers corps is still a work in progress but at least the coaches have seen some progress. And that is pleasing to them.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins have settled on keeping their current group of receivers. The Dolphins, with the first waiver claim early this season, will use that on some receivers if they believe one or more guys other teams put on the street are better than the guys they currently have in their locker room.