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Tony Sparano's Friday afternoon interview

Coach Tony Sparano just finished his press conference this afternoon. The highlights:

He said the Quincy Carter workout went relatively well but didn't commit to signing the guy like right this minute. Not at all. "He threw the ball well," Sparano said.

The scrimmage on Saturday will offer an equal number of snaps for the three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Josh McCown and John Beck -- currently in camp. Sparano said the coaches are starting to turn up the heat on these guys as we get closer to preseason.

The coach definitely wants to see one of them step up and win the job and would prefer that player not be Henne right away. Understand what I am saying. The Dolphins think Henne is good, otherwise they wouldn't have drafted him. But they don't want him to be the starter right away. That's putting a rookie QB in a very tough position.

The Dolphins would like to see a spark from either Beck or McCown so those two can take the offense at least at the start of the season. If they keep their spot the entire season, then fine. If they struggle later on, then it would be Henne time.

The team has only a couple of more days -- Monday and Tuesday -- of installation, meaning the offense should be pretty much in place by the end of next week.

Remember the special teams practice this morning I told you bored me to tears? Sparano loved it! He said he learned reams of information from it!

And in case you're wondering, Reggie Torbor, Keith Davis and Charlie Anderson -- longtime special teams players -- were among those who impressed Sparano.

OK, next practice is at 5 p.m. Check back afterward for more stuff ...