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Who will tell Parcells he's wrong? [updated]

I wrote in today's Herald that Bill Parcells is great, but not infallible. Breaking News!

Seriously, it is good he is here and is engaged. But as I wrote in the column, it is highly important that Parcells find someone he trusts that can eventually win arguments against him.


So when he defaults to ideas like: Let's not draft Terry Glenn in 1996 or Let's not sign Terrell Owens in 2006 or Let's bring in Terry Glenn to the Dolphins in 2008 or Let's sign Quincy Carter in 2008, somebody says, "Whoa, there big man. Let's think about this thing."

He had people like that with the Giants, Cowboys and Patriots. He doesn't have that yet in Miami although I believe he realizes it and that is the reason he's brought former Green Bay architect Ron Wolf to camp.

Anyway, please read the column if you can and let me know if you think getting a foil for Parcells is a good thing or not.

PRACTICE UPDATE: The Dolphins worked on special teams for practically the ENTIRE morning practice. That is why it was the most boring professional football practice I have ever witnessed.

How boring? At one point injured cornerback Michael Lehan was rehabbing his high ankle sprain by literally running around in circles.

Anyway, there has been a lot of talk lately about Vonnie Holliday working at linebacker. Let me clear this up for you. The Dolphins are having Holliday get some work with defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni in which he is in the standup position and being taught how to use his hands rushing the passer.

That does not mean the Dolphins are turning 285-pound Holliday who has never played off the line of scrimmage into a linebacker. It does mean they are checking to see if he catches on quickly and might be an option if injuries hit in the regular season.

It is a precaution not the plan for the season. The team did the same thing with Matt Roth during the offseason camps.

One thing this does show, however, is exactly how devastating the trade of Jason Taylor is to the Dolphins this year. I'm not saying it was a bad trade, but I have said it leaves a giant void in Miami's defense NOW.

Were Taylor still here, he would be that OLB rushing from a standup spot and Charlie Anderson would be his backup and Joey Porter would come after that and Holliday wouldn't be in the picture.


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don't think anyone is gonna tell tuna what he should or not do. i think he is generating buzz for q and glenn. showing his softer under-side.....lol

Isn't that what Jeff Ireland was hired to do? He does hold the title of GM. He evaluates talent, runs the scouting department and prepares the draft board.

Definitely a good idea to have someone to keep you in check. But having "yes men" isn't half bad either. in fact, I would view Parcells' role with the dolfins as a "foil" for the 2 men he brought in to shape the team, rookies in their respective posts.

yes men? i hope NOT !!!!

It's impossible to say that Parcells was wrong when he didn't want Glenn or Owens unless you know what the alternative scenarios were and how they would've played out. Which is impossible, of course. Who was the defensive player Parcells wanted instead of Glenn? What kind of career did he have? More importantly, what kind of career WOULD he have had if Parcells had drafted him? You just never know. The Cowboys have been great with Owens and won exactly no playoff games. Maybe without him they go into the playoffs as underdogs but exceed expectations, like the Giants.

I have to say, the column about Tuna needing somebody to play devil's advocate seems like a non-story, since Ron Wolf is apparently that guy. But if Wolf doesn't step up and do the job, Parcells always has the media to second-guess his every move. In all seriousness, this is an article I'd like to see: "What I'd do if I ran the team, by A. Salguero." Rather than just giving every tryout, free-agent signing, or discussion a thumbs-down, just tell us what you think actually should be done. I say it without sarcasm -- it'd be a much more interesting piece, and would generate much more interesting discussions on the boards.

Yeah Armando:

Tell us more about the player's performances and challenges in camp. No one wants to here more drama about how Parcel's thinks. You 're a good writer, but articles like that just lowers evrybody's perception of your abilities.

What's up in camp is what we want to hear!

Geez lafinsfan -

This wasn't that serious of a post.....And this piece didn't seem to have a problem generating 2 full paragraphs woth of discussion out of you.

I actually thought this was interesting to think about

People always need checks and balances,even Parcells, who I'm thrilled is here and I beleive in

Iafinsfan and Rey Rey are right on target, take their advice!
You nor anyone outside the Dolphins inner circle knows the facts,
so focus on the field! That's all we want to know about!

IF the management is seriously considering bringing these banged up, doped up players in for a "look-see", what does that indicate about the current players in those positions who are in camp??? The past week, we hear Beck is really struggling, and here was someone brought in at 26 who should be ready to start. A bust of a #2 pick. And the receivers except for Hagan, from what we read, are marginal at best. Another tough season to endure as we all expected. The "D" and Offensive line might be improved but this team is several years away from being in the hunt for a playoff berth.

Armondo, in answer to your question, certainly not you. You can weigh the pro's and con's of any decision he is contemplating, but to state flat out that he is "wrong" takes a lot of hubris. In my view, Bill can do what he wants. Will he always be right? Of course not, but given his track record I believe he will be right more often than not.

Further, you are assuming that Jeff Ireland never gives Parcell's a counter argument if Jeff disagrees with him? How would you know?

What's the beef with Quincy, it's just a tryout for God's sake. Is this a major error?

You're constant rambling's about "they should do this or that" is getting old. It is old. Like getting Boldin for example. You have no clue as to all the factors that go into that decision, or any other. What players or draft picks a team may want for a player, salary cap issues (OK, we are under, but maybe that money can be best spent elsewhere), what is a want vs what is a need, etc.

Like a previous blogger stated, stick to player profiles and camp developments and analysis. Sticking your head into personnel decisions is foolish. How in the world you think you are qualified to do that is beyond me, with any GM. And how in the world you think you are qualified to criticize Parcell's, especially before his move is played out and the results are seen, is amazing.

I believe DE Tony Brackens was the defensive player Parcells wanted over Terry Glenn. What's strange about that is Brackens fell to the 2nd round three picks before the Pats were up again.

Brackens had 361 tackles, 55 sacks, 48 PD, 25 FF, 5 INT, 1 TD in his 8 year career with Jacksonville. He was a pretty good player.

Armando the way you talk you would think you want parcells job. I just don't understand why you are making such a big deal about glenn and carter. Just remember as quick as they get signed they can get released.

Armando, Parcells is playing head games... He's bringing in guys like Carter and Glenn to motivate the guys in camp at those positions. Imagine what the WRs are thinking when he suggests a 34 year old injured player is a better option or what the QBs are thinking when a guy who's been out of the league 2 years is brought in...

It's classical Parcells sending these guys a message. Step up or you'll be gone. I seriously doubt either player will actually get signed. I love it, Parcells is a master of psychological motivation.

Actually MJZ, YOU have no clue. You don't know who is talking to me and who isn't and how that shapes my opinion.

And you've never done my job so I don't know how you think you can tell me not to critique what is going on why you spend all your time on here critiquing what I am doing.

Finally, I am not critizing Parcells as you state. If they sign Terry Glenn, I will definitely do that. What I wrote the other day is the reasons why it is a bad idea and not the answer for Miami.

What I am writing here is that the guy could use more eyes on and hands on help. If that somehow offends your sensabilities, maybe you need to stop reading me.

On this Quincy Carter tryout, If they sign him it doesn't mean he will make the team. He could come in and push our three to get better and then released. This could be done as a favor to him from Bill. But what if he doesn't get released? What if he plays well enough that he beats out Beck or McCown. I don't see how that's a bad thing. We want to upgrade our talent right? And if neither of those QBs is able to play better than a guy who has been out of the league for 4 years I have to tell you, I would rather not have them under center.

Good stuff, Mando. It is true about the MJZ guy and others. They don't like it when you write what you think about a team you've covered since I was a kid (i'm 28) but they think they know more about writing than you do.

Que se metan el dedo

Somebody named MJZ just got slapped. Seriously, Mando any update on Carter? I hate the idea so I want to know how pissed off I'm going to be with this team.

Armando-Everyone misses a few and you cite Parcells two big personnel mistakes that someone else caught. The bottom line is Parcells is more right than wrong by a large margin in personnel decisions and two errors isn't enough to worry about in his personnel decisions he will make for the Dolphins. You can put together the five best personnel people in the NFL and they will still miss a few.

Looks like they're signing someone because the reports are saying one of our tackles was a no show at todays practice. And what are we worried about if they sign Glenn Armando? Couldn't they just stash our 5th best receiver on the practice squad in case he gets hurt? I know he would be exposed to being picked up by another team but come on already. Our receivers suck with the exception of Hagan and possibly Ginn. Wilford can't even get open against our DBs. But besides those three who is going to be so good that we should be afraid of losing them? Who is so good that he can't be replaced by another teams practice squad WR? Seriously I'm not there so I have no idea but from what all of you guys have been writing no one is really standing out in the bottom group. We're in the first year of a rebuilding phase so I'm of the opinion that it's a little premature to say a move like this is right or wrong. Also taking into account we're going to be a power running team, I don't see how that 5th receiver spot is the make all break all.

Armando and MJZ should put on some pads and settle this once and for all!

To be honest, I don't really appreciate these pieces on Parcells, partly because what someone is thinking in the dark hallways of Dolphins HQ doesn't interest me until it plays out on the field, and even then, I'm more interested in how the players/coaches perform. The other part of my opinion is I generally don't give a hoot what Parcells is doing. It has very little effect on the ability of the players we have. Think about it, if Beck has a bad day, and the next day he has a bad day, and the day after that he has a bad day, and then again has a bad day, bringing in a 4th QB is not going to affect him mentally because he's already slipping out of the race and can't seem to turn things around. It's more likely his mechanics are way off than his mental drive. I believe he wants to be the guy more than anything, he just can't physically get it done. No mind games by BP is going to change that.

As for someone keeping BP in check, He's the top guy, it's HIS job to have the last word. He is the check on the other guys. I'd rather focus our attention on the actual players working hard on the field.

NYScott - are you implying that Davone Bess has NOT been standing out in the bottom group?

Camarillo has also impressed coaches.

The real question is why Wilford is considered the 2 or 3 by the media when his name never gets mentioned in reports. We will have to wait till preseason, but I wouldn't be hugely surprised if the top 3 come season time is Hagan/Ginn/Bess (or Camarillo).

It's funny how in the offseason, all anyone was talking about was the secondary and the QBs and now it seems the toughest competition is actually at WR.

ARMANDO - who is UP at QB this afternoon? I can never keep track. I think it's McCown/Beck?

Mr. Salguero;


Parcells was hired here to MAKE those decisions.

Jeez, lets pay attention.

You are a stupid head!

hi mando!why the hell not bring in quincy carter?his stats are miles better than any of the other qb's in camp!work him out,drug test him and sign him if he looks good!other than henne who is a high pick and a rookie,the other qb's are definitely not untouchable!

I cannot believe some people. You suggest Parcells should try to minimize his mistakes and they say it's ok for him to make mistakes. We all have truly drunk the Kool-Aid. It's been so long since we had a good team, we don't know what is right and wrong anymore.

Somebody asked why not sign quincy carter?

He failed multiple NFL drug tests for marijuana and was kicked off the Cowboys for doing that. Then he failed another test while with the Jets.

Then he was arrested twice for possession of drugs. Yes, he went to rehab but I think we all know that sometimes the monkey gets on your back and may even get off for a while, but it doesn't go away.

Adding this guy is asking for trouble. And, by the way, in his best season he threw 17 TDs and 21 interceptions. So he is a druggie and a bad player, too. Not such a great combo.

No I wasn't implying that and honestly I'm no where near training camp so I can't say who's standing out or who's not. I'm just going by what I've been reading and the word is that they've been inconsistent. If you read my posts you will see that I'm always a 'the glass is half full'(not half empty)kind of guy. I always try to find the good in any situation. Hell I was backing dufus Cam for half of last season! So I'm just trying to find a positive in all of these rumors. If Camarillo and/or Bess give us a better chance at success than great. I just can't imagine that to be the case. I guess time will tell.

Oh no, not the "kool-aid" theory again. Is anyone else sick of hearing the whole kool-aid bit? Talk about played out, it's almost as bad as the high five. Boss who suggested Parcells should minimize his mistakes? Shouldn't everyone in the world minimize their mistakes? What a weird conversation to have. That's like saying, they will win if they score more points than the other team. Kind of obvious therefore there is no need to say it. PS Everyone makes mistakes so it's okay.

Armando I think you got used to seeing the dolphins as a losing team and you are actually afraid to see parcells turn them into a winner. You say he needs help turning the team around that is why jeff ireland is there. He will be there when the tuna finally retires.

Hey Tin! That should tell us how bad our receiver situation is. Wilford IS suppoosed to be our 2nd or 3rd and the only thing we hear about him is that he's finding it impossible to get open. So as someone else suggested, either our CBs are pro bowl material or Wilford just sucks. And if Wilford sucks and he is still considered at least our number three what does that say about the bottom of the list? Wow, it's not looking good so far.

On the parcells thing its always a good idea to surround yourself with the most intelligent people you can find. I think he did a good job of that as our coach's and personel department have good track records as well as expierence. Ireland might not be able to stand up to him yet but he is being groomed to take more of a role as time goes on and percells steps further back

On the wide receiver thing I don't care what going on in practice is it is sometimes quite deceiving. IMO and I stress IMO, wilford will be fine and productive and Hagan will not based on previous production. Bess is going to make the team and have an impact by next year and camarillo better keep up that special team impact. Ginn should have a decent year and Beck will not be dropped or traded this yeay

the qb situation is a very strange position NFL wide. There are a few that have been predicted to be great and a lot more that were predicted to be great and then go bust. Then some second stringer comes in and lights the field up. (tom Brady)
Beck had a shot last year and at times looked like a deer in the headlights. I am not saying that he is done but he certainly appears toast in pressure situations. (pressure is every down in the NFL) He will have to settle down.
So taking a shot with Carter isn't a bad idea. Probably won't accomplish anything but one never knows. He is only 26 so he is still a young man.
As far a Glenn goes, no harm in trying him out either. He may take a couple of reps away from younger players but if he is a team player he may have something to add to the team. That is very important. Seeing a guy that is 34 bust his ass every down, blocking and running crisp routes impresses most younger players. Emulation of success is a key to success.
It isn't a mistake if you have the money to spend. We aren't talking Cpep.
As far a Parcells, I like the guy. He is bringing some tough football into Miami. I am sure that he is wise enough to listen to others. If not, it won't be long for him either.

Why should anyone tell Parcells he's wrong when he hasn't been proven wrong yet? Glenn has played well for Parcells and wouldn't everyone agree that they could use a vet to show Hagen, Ginn, and Bess a thing or two? Even if he only gets 20 catches and plays on a bum knee, he would act like a player coach for the receivers. He hasn't signed Quincy yet so there's no point in talking about it. And you can sit there and be critical of him not wanting T.O. all you want, but after the nightmarish endings in San Fran and Philly, with 2 pro bowl qb's, it's hard to argue he was wrong in his stance. He doesn't have a crystal ball ya know.

LAFINFAN wrote..........

"It's impossible to say that Parcells was wrong when he didn't want Glenn or Owens unless you know what the alternative scenarios were and how they would've played out. Which is impossible, of course. Who was the defensive player Parcells wanted instead of Glenn? What kind of career did he have?"

NOT imposable at all LAFIN!! the player that tuna wanted in that draft was DARYL GARDNER who as we know became a miami dolphin.

and gardner is OUT after a lackluster career and TERRY GLENN is still playing at a high level.

take what ya want from that.

I DO AGREE that parcells has some issues. like not wanting glenn and a host of other offensive playmakers is eye opening. i have worried about that since day one of tuna in miami.

i give parccells a slight pass on the T.O. thing because of all the heartache he gave EVERY OTHER club he was with. but, i dont think that his past was the issue, i think it was more of jerry not staying out of the personel decisions like he promised to do.

when T.O. came available, jerry jones locked in and bill had NO say so, which led to the final straw and bill hitting the highway.

its funny because bill said after he was hired that this leauge was a TALENT AQUISSITION buisness [he is right] but he sure has passed on or not inquired about a whole lot of talent over the years and some has been passed over here recently also.

this is the thing that has KILLED the last 10 or so years of dolphins football, finding reasons to NOT bring in talent rather than finding reasons TO bring talent in!

i hope that sparano can curb some of that.

WOULD YOU want brittany spears or paris hilton running the country just on there popularity?
CHANGE isnt always the right thing. DONT BE FOOLED!!

What qualifies you to second guess Parcells? A bad Parcells decision has to be better than a Salguero great decision when it comes to the game of football...

What is all this talk that you can't second guess Parcells?

Look, Parcells is great, but like anyone else he makes mistakes. He's more right than wrong, but he HAS made mistakes.

It's Mando's job as a writer to point out when he thinks a mistake is being made. You can take his opinion or leave it, but don't tell him he shouldn't question "the holy Parcells." He doesn't get everything right.

And anyway, I couldn't agree more than Parcells needs guys to bounce ideas off of. He's always had other great football minds around him to point out when he might be making a mistake.

All great leaders in any walk of life have people like that around them.

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