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Pennington makes more sense elsewhere

You may be aware in my previous post I mentioned that if Chad Pennington is smart (he is because he was once considered for a Rhodes Scholarship) he should consider going to the New England Patriots.

If he can put his ego aside and admit he's better suited to be a veteran backup than a starter, New England and the New York Giants actually make the most sense for Pennington.

First, he would be going to a pretty good team if he picks either of last season's Super Bowl teams.

In New England, he would be going to a team in the same AFC East that plays the Jets twice per season so the revenge possibilities are there. He would go to a team whose current backup (Matt Cassel) is not very good and had a horrible (1 for 4 with an interception and rating of 0.0) preseason outing Friday night.

Oh, and did I mention Randy Moss plays for the Patriots? Pennington and Moss were close when they were together at Marshall University.

With the Giants, Pennington would again be filling a void as a veteran backup. Today's New York Daily News reports the Giants will take a close look at Pennington.

"We take a look at everybody that's out there," Giants GM Jerry Reese told the newspaper after the Giants' preseason-opening 13-10 loss to the Lions. "That includes him."

The Giants make sense for Pennington because it would not affect his personal life. He wouldn't have to move and uproot himself or his family. Meanwhile, he would be teamed with Eli Manning in the same QB room and they are friends.

The Giants, the defending champs, are also a pretty good team.

The problem in this theory (that is admittedly all it is right now) is that New England nor the Giants probably would pay Pennington as much to be a backup as he might get elsewhere to compete for a starting job. But really, after seven seasons of earning like a starter, it that Pennington's priority?

The point is the talk of Pennington to the Dolphins is very loud. But sometimes that which is whispered makes more sense.


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Thats the stupidest thing you have said in a long time. Why go to a team to be a back up when there are teams that are out there who want you to start??? These guys are still athletes at heart and the chance to play on sunday should be their frist ptiority

Armando your always so negative towards the dolphins!!!!!!

Pennington is simply a much better veteran qb than McCown.
He's the all-time leader in accuracy, ffs.
Sign him, and let him fight it out with the others.
And trade for one of the disgruntled receivers.
Then we can play.

i think what armando is getting at, is that he has no one to throw to (or i should say catch his passes) here, compared to NE. he's used to having coles and cotchery going up for his passes and making plays. we don't have that quality of receiver yet unfortunately. dont get me wrong, he is definitely an upgrade over mccown. i agree 100% with everyone on that. if we signed him of course i'd be happy.

I wouldn't say that's the stupidest thing Armando's said lately. He did after all use the phrase "ladies and germs" yesterday!

I think he is just offering a new angle to the "Pennington Saga". Can you believe how much press this guy is getting? This story could completely put Favre out of the headlines till opening day. Speaking of opening day, is the Dolphins game now going to be nationally televised because of Favre? I haven't seen anything written about that anywhere yet.

Sometimes I love you & and sometimes I hate you! But!!!, You do have a point. Chad would make the Patriots, have more depth at the QB position. It would make sense that the Pat's go after Chad... And now that they can't cheat by taping opponents signals they have Chad for all the Jet's secrets. Don't get me wrong though, we should do the same!!! :-)

Wow, that's very interesting. Recommending to Chad that he "put his ego aside" and accept that he should be a backup and to give up all the money that will be offered to him because he's been "robbing" starting money all these years. But knowing he will be playing with a friend makes it all better.

Now that I think about it, I think it makes sense if you put aside your ego and step down as a reporter and take a position in your mail room. Forget that you'll make a lot less, just know that you could make good friends that would provide so much more personal fullfillment.

I hope mando gets paid well, because he sure catches a lot of $hit from the "experts" on this board. Why don't you people lighten up a little and stop taking everything Mando or any of the other reports write as a personal attack on Dolphin fans everywhere. The dude is just doing his job.

I would rather have the Pat's secrets. The Jets are 'beatable' without secrets. Maybe Pennington goes to NE, then Cassel comes to Miami. We would then have McCown (Oakland/Arizona), Cassel (NE), Smiley (SF), etc. We could KNOW all those teams 'secrets' thus automatically beat them this year. Automatic five wins right there! Plus since Favre is all washed up/out of shape/ancient, we could take two wins from the Jets. Already we've won 7 games before we even play them. Of course that all depends on Pennington going to NE and Cassel getting cut.

Oh Oh Oh - AND the Dolphins have NEVER lost in Canada, so that's a guaranteed win against the Buffalo Bills. So we'd pretty much be GUARANTEED to win the AFC East!

Armando - make it happen!

Do you even watch football? It's like you have no understanding of the game. This is a business ... not a slumber party for friends to hang out. All those job cuts at the Miami Herald and you manage to keep your job??? I guess you've got a starter's job for a back-up's salary. Otherwise, it makes no sense that they are paying you to write about something of which you obviously have no understanding. Nevermind the two typos!

armando you're a moron.

same guy who once was seen high fiving another guy after a Dolphins loose...figures

Armando, if you were against Favre, you have to be against Pennington for all of the same reasons.

Pennington may come more cheaply, but his arm is just shot. For a team that needs to be able to defeat 8 man fronts, which the Dolphins will see given the lack of respect teams will have for their passing game, Pennington and his weak arm seem I'll suited as a fit.

The Dolphins were right not to beat the Jets' offer for Favre, but Favre would have been a better fit.

Makes perfect sense to me. Why would a veteran want to come to the disaster of an offense that is the Dolphins right now?

Let me see ...

Do I want to throw to Derek Hagan or Randy Moss? Do I want to get beat up behind a terrible OL or do I want to go to the playoffs in NE? Hmmmmm

why the hell would he go to the pats or giants and rot on the bench when he's better than half the quarterbacks in the league? armando this is the dumbest piece of trash you have ever written.

Well thought out post Armando. In fact, according to your theory, ANYONE from the jets released or cut this offseason would fall into that catagory.

You are absolutely right. For many reasons, the Dolphins don't make sense for Pennington. And for many more reasons, he doesn't make sense for them. Just saying ...

Jay D we would need charts and graphs to keep up with the asinine mis-statement made by Sir Salguero. (Just an observation - if Arm Sal wants to be Dan Lebetard so badly, he should try substance with his contrary commentary). The purpose of this post is to elicit numerous reactions to a foolish premise. Well he has provoked me, at least enough to amuse my fellow posters.

Why would Pennington want to go to the Patriots where his main duties would be a) wearing a crappy cap. b) holding a clip board intensely. and c) pretending to be happy when Brady throws touchdown to his old college chum. Brady is never hurt.

What revenge is gained by watching on the sidelines as Brady dismantles the Juts. Chad can do that from his lazy boy.

Chad has numerous offers to compete for a starting job in the NFL, including with his old loyal coach in Kansas City, where he has little to no competition for the starting job. Miami, where the SuperBowl guru VP of Football operations who drafted him, is also aggressively trying to acquire him. That job comes with great possibilities of starting and sticking it to the Juts.
He can go to the NFC, where at least 10-12 teams can legitimately go to Superbowl.

The money is obvious, as we here all will continue show AS, there are plenty of reason why this blog is idiotic!

Good stuff. Well thought. Hope it doesn't happen that way, tho.

Maybe Chad Pennington should have put his ego and wallet aside and agreed to have remained on the Jets as a back-up for free. This way he doesn't need to uproot his family, he already has friends there, he'd get to be a back-up to a legend and it would be fun to make no money since he already made money the last several years.

This is just silly. There is nothing wrong with being a back-up QB. If there were no other options, then that would be fine. But why should Chad agree to take less money to be a back-up when it seems like there are places where he could start or have a realistic chance to start for more money? I'm almost embarrassed that I'm even contributing to this nonsense by making a post.

I smell like poo.

This just in, all of the Patriots QBs who played Thursday stunk. Matt Cassel is a pretty good QB and the reason why he was intercepted was because he was forcing the ball to Chad Jackson all night, which I believe was by design.

Besides, Pennington wants to go somewhere he will get a chance to contribute. That isn't New England where Brady is second behind Favre in the consecutive starts by a QB department.

He'll either be a Dolphins or a Chief.

Chad wants to compete for a starting job - he is only 32 and while he's had those rotator cuff surgeries the guy is still a competitor. He's certainly an upgrade over McCown, and as a smart QB he could mentor Henne for the next year or two until he's ready. The 2 Chad's in Miami!

ye of much phin phaith -
"He can go to the NFC, where at least 10-12 teams can legitimately go to Superbowl."

Now who's making ridiculous statements?

TINSHAKER, who expected the Giants to be in the SB last year, or the Bears before that, or even the Saints to 1 game away from the SB? Point is in the NFC there is no dominant teams, in the AFC there are at 2 possibly 3. In the NFC teams can make unexpected runs. Are you saying that's a ridiculous theory? Because history bears it out.

I am still sticking w/ my original stance. Farve would have been the shot in the arm this team needs! Parcells and certain fans cry rebuild, but I say if your not really trying to win now, whats the point? Farve could have a good couple years to play on natural turf in this climate, now we won't know that. Rebuilding is a cry of copout. If we would have gotten Farve, the only thing left to do is upgrade the recieving core a little more. Now, if we don't get Pennington at this point, that tells me that the orginization is content to tank the season for the "future".

Don't hate me because I'm an idiot.

I would prefer the Dolphins sign Pettington and dump Mcnown. McNown is journeyman at best.

Guys, Armando clearly states that this theory is improbable and has problems within. Read the whole article before you make blanket statements. Right now it looks like KC has way more interest than Miami anyway.

As for the NFC not having any dominant teams like the AFC, I think that statement will fall apart once we see Dallas on the field in the regular season.

I believe some posters have secret identities on this board!

TINSHAKER, I do not prescribe to the "Miss Cleo" forecasting of NFL schedules. I much prefer the past as prelude. Dallas has won how many playoff games since 1996? Dominance is based on past actions not expected results. IE... the Pats, & the Colts.

It comes down to what Pennington wants to do. If he wants to win a Super Bowl ring, he'll take less dough and shelve his ego and sign with the Pats, Giants, or some other team with a shot to go deep into the playoffs. If he wants to make a good salary and start, then he'll wind up here or in K.C.

Wow... I can't believe all the hate in response to a fairly sedate article. It's actually kind of humorous to hear all the responses from the self-proclaimed experts out there, who somehow have such clarity and fore-sight, and are apparently never wrong. Mondo throws out a 'it could happen this way' suggestion and in response, posters say that it's the stupidest thing ever written and that Mondo should go work in the mailroom.
Why would Pennington consider putting aside his ego and sign with the Pats, only to hold a clipboard on the sideline the entire season?...
In case you haven't been paying attention, Chad P. doesn't have any type of guarantee that he won't be a sideline backup wherever he plays. He was competing with Kelly Clemens in NY for pete's sake and there was no indication he had a leg up on that competition. He could 'probably' begin the season here as a starter, but both Henne and Beck have better arms and it would only be a matter of time before he'd be doing clipboard duties for the Dolphins.
So... eventual backup for last year's worst team, or definite backup for the team that teased with perfection? It's not that much of a stretch to see Pennington wanting to wear a Patriot jersey and maybe retire with a ring.
Oh and one more thing for all those people out there who are mentally lynching Mondo. Remember - Those you can - do. Those who can't - become critics.

wow...Armando you are getting slammed for this one. i read you stuff almost everyday, mostly because recently moved to DC and this my only link to the fins and partially because i agree with your opinion...sometimes. anyway, i dont agree on this one though. i'd rather have chad's wet noodle arm over McClown's wet noodle brain. i mean C'mon the guy cut his finger holding firewood while his was cutting it WITH A CHAINSAW. need i say more.

"He can go to the NFC, where at least 10-12 teams can legitimately go to Superbowl."

That is a bit of a stretch, although I would agree that 6-8 NFC teams would have a legitimate chance of going to the Superbowl, the rest will have to buy tickets.

All you kool-aid drinkers are looking at this from the standpoint of what is best for the Dolphins. That is why you are crying and hating on here.

Mando is looking at this as what is best for Pennington which is the more informed and smarter way to look at it because the guy is probably going to do what is best for him. He's not thinking, I have to do what's best for Miami. He's thinking, I gotta do what's best for me.' And that is how this is written. He didn't say this is going to play out this way. But he's probably on the right track of how Pennington is thinking.

Good stuff, Mando.

I am a total moron!

Since people keep up the senseless bull, I say again. BF to the Phins, was NEVER gonna happen.BF's ego was never going to let him play for 1-15. He turned down 20 million to just sit on the sofa. He wants the spot light!!
In cheese land he gave AR the cold shoulder, was not a mentor to him. Why does anyone think he will do it for someone else?? Come on, get real!! CP make more sense than BF for Miami!! At least CP would try to mentor a youg QB. The jury should still be out on JB( contrary to the haters)He still should get a true test. McC with his experience in the league should be ahead, but he is not.IMO that says journeyman backup. CP makes more sense as a stopgap QB, he is vertually mistake free, although he can't throw the deep pass anymore.

I dont think it would hurt to have Chad for a year. Henne and Beck could learn something without getting the crap beat out of them this first year.

DolfinCanesFan (10:01), That post is the funniest I've ever read on any board, EVER! ROFLMAO!!!!!

I'm convinced that you need to go to rehab. Your statements
to the public are lacking of any sober logic. Do you even know
that Chad Pennington happens to be EXTREMELY competitive?
Do you think he is going to be willing to just pack it in and
be happy to have great receivers on a team that wants him to be
a back up? Hoe does that make any sense? And know this-- having an
accurate QB will pay big dividends in trying to develop our whole team.
If you don't have some competence at the QB the team won't
be able to grow past the QB's progresss. He wouldn't be the future, but could be a valuable piece in (A) Helping the rest of the offense grow (B) Being efficient enough to sustain drives--keeping the defense off the field and allowing them also to grow (C) Giving the team just enough confidence to be able to fill in the gaps around him. REMEMBER THIS: The Jets have had a CRAP running attack over the past few years. And two years ago they won 10 games. We potentially have an amazing running attack and I have a feeling our defense and special teams are going to be night and day compared to last year. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're a douche. You obviously have never played football in a starting roll. Why do you care what is best for Pennington? Are you his mother? Retard!

I can not believe people actually think Pennington wants to take less money and be a guaranteed backup in New England. Competitive starting QBs do not value superbowl rings they get from a bench view.

Horrible Job, Mando

Sorry, everybody. I meant I'm a moron.

WOW, I have a fan who is posting for me, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unfortunately I could never have dreamed of posting something as notable and innovate as "I am total MORON!" Fake "Ye" keep them coming, I can't wait for clever chides like "I am a gay" or something equally as brilliant.

I take it in the bunghole.

ye of much phin phaith -
"I do not prescribe to the "Miss Cleo" forecasting of NFL schedules"

you don't have to. they post them months in advance. you can read them. you don't have to guess. it's in black and white...those are the teams we're playing this year.

"Dominance is based on past actions not expected results"

I did say let's wait and see in the season. YOU are the one who claimed 10-12 teams in the NFC have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. I would challenge you to name them since there are only 16 teams IN the NFC, that means that 75% of them are superbowl caliber teams. Let's see you back up those numbers.

no i didn't.

As much as I think the Dolphins would improve at the QB position with Pennington, I think we need to stick to the youth movement and not pick up any of these high-priced over 30 vets. I realize there are few on the team, but lets build from within and quit looking for answers from outside source. It wasn't even a lock that Pennington was going to win the QB job in Jets camp, so why throw yet another wrench into the mix? Yeah, he's a smart guy, he's a leader, etc. However, I think it's time for some new blood on the Dolphins to step up and become leaders. No more rehashing. Plus, I love the bomb and I've never seen Pennington throw a bomb except maybe when he was at Marshall and Randy Moss was his WR.

I am soooo confused. Yes I did. No I didn't. I need a beer.

Here you go Tin...
I'll give you 10 possibilities.

1. Dallas: '07 division champions
2. Washington: '07 Playoff team, Upgraded Def
3. NY Giants: '07 Superbowl Champs
4. Eagles: If McNabb and Westbrook stay healthy they can make a playoff run (proven)

1. Seattle: perennial playoff team

1. Green Bay: they have the same team as last year sans Farce I mean Favre. 07 NFC Title game
2. Minnesota: every "expert" say they were a Superbowl caliber team if they got Favre so that must mean they are pretty good.
3. Bears: Despite their QB problems reached the Superbowl in '06

1. Carolina: If Delhomme and Peppers are healthy
this team can rebound from a 7-9 season.
2. Tampa Bay: Won the Division last year w/ a pro bowl QB in Garcia.

Bonus Baby: New Orleans: Played in '06 NFC Championship should improve this year.

Please do not misconstrue what I've posted here. I know only 6 teams from each conference make the Playoffs. The NFC is weak, the NFL is all about "Parity" and with no clear dominant teams in the conference, we've seen unexpected runs from NFC teams. In the AFC we have come to expect at least 3 possibly 4 strong teams (should I name them too?) to make the playoffs every year. Thanks for the banter!

To play QB in this league you need a big ego, I'm betting Chad would want to come here if we want him and are willing to satisfy whatever salary demands he wants. He would most likely start for the Fins for 1 or 2 years and would get a chance to play the Jets and Farve twice a year.
Before you say that these are professional players and such things would not come into play remember the cause of this was a QB with such an ego- Brett Farve.

Hey Flint your the Kool-aid drinker. Why dont you get off Mandos nuts for a few seconds and think about what people have been posting. Most the intelligent people that are tearing this stupid blog apart are not looking at how its best for the dolphins. Why would a guy want to sit on the bench and watch another guy win the superbowl. To suggest that is retarded. The guy has teams that want him to start and will pay him the money to start. Lets face it the Dolphins are gonna be bad reguardless of if we sign Chad or not but hes better than any QB on the roster right now and seeings how we have the cap room why not make a play for him. Also what good is a superbowl ring if you dont even contribute to winning it. Plus he was going to beat out "KELLEN" not Kelly Clemens for the starting job. Also for people that say he cant throw the deep ball hes not going to be expected to here all they want him to do is manage the game and not make mistakes which he has done his entire career.

the person that is posting as me needs to get a life. go out and get laid or something you loser.

armando, that has got the be the most foolish column you have ever wrote. We need a good veteran leader with this team. That would help Henne come along. You should get put on regular news , not SPORTS.

ye of much phin phaith - surely if you consider one team in the NFC EAST to make it, they would have to beat ALL the other teams in their division, thus you cannot name ALL the teams in one division.
There's NO WAY Green Bay is the same team without Favre, we'll see that in the season.
Also, Minnesota would be super bowl caliber IF they had Favre, but they don't, so they're not.
Tampa Bay were not championship caliber last year and they are uncertain in Garcia, there are a lot of question marks there. I doubt they go above .500 this year.
Don't make me laugh with the Bears. I predict a losing season there. Reaching the superbowl in the past doesn't make you a good team NOW. Remember Dallas won a bunch of superbowls then proceeded to stink it up for a decade.
I will give you Seattle, Dallas, Washington, and maybe NY as being predictably good this year. The rest will have to wait and see.

As for the AFC, I think we're a lot closer in this conference than you'd like to think. The weaker teams have all upgraded and the perennial powers have all lost some key talent. Not saying there will be a lot of upsets, but I think the playing fields are much more balanced this year.

Jay D, that's an inaccurate statement. This team needs to throw the ball deep in order to open up the playing field for the RBs. In practices they have been throwing a lot of deep routes of 40 - 50 yards. They seem to be scripted plays. Sparano is going to send Ginn/Camarillo deep. Just you wait and see.

Yeah, that fake Eric is starting to piss me off. So stop it Eric. My name is Eric. I am the only Eric. I am the smart Eric. The other Eric likes the smell of monkey butt.

Yeah, Jay-D, why would Chad Pennington go to New England or another team with a chance to win a title when he has the great opportunity to come to Miami and get into a competition on a HORRIBLE team, knowing that before the year is over the starting job is going to Chad Henne ... you're right. It's dumb. Everyone wants to be a loser LIKE YOU.

I agree with much of what you said TIN. But you have to admit, prior to last season the Giants were not considered a SB contender, Coughlin was on the hot seat, Strahan was a holdout distraction, no one was saying Burress was a top receiver in the league. They got on a hot streak. Similar to Chicago '06, New Orleans '06, Carolina '04 and even Green Bay last year. I admit all the listed teams have deficiencies but the streaky possibilities exist.

And I hope you are right about the AFC!

Noodle arm .
For that start Henne !

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