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Pennington makes more sense elsewhere

You may be aware in my previous post I mentioned that if Chad Pennington is smart (he is because he was once considered for a Rhodes Scholarship) he should consider going to the New England Patriots.

If he can put his ego aside and admit he's better suited to be a veteran backup than a starter, New England and the New York Giants actually make the most sense for Pennington.

First, he would be going to a pretty good team if he picks either of last season's Super Bowl teams.

In New England, he would be going to a team in the same AFC East that plays the Jets twice per season so the revenge possibilities are there. He would go to a team whose current backup (Matt Cassel) is not very good and had a horrible (1 for 4 with an interception and rating of 0.0) preseason outing Friday night.

Oh, and did I mention Randy Moss plays for the Patriots? Pennington and Moss were close when they were together at Marshall University.

With the Giants, Pennington would again be filling a void as a veteran backup. Today's New York Daily News reports the Giants will take a close look at Pennington.

"We take a look at everybody that's out there," Giants GM Jerry Reese told the newspaper after the Giants' preseason-opening 13-10 loss to the Lions. "That includes him."

The Giants make sense for Pennington because it would not affect his personal life. He wouldn't have to move and uproot himself or his family. Meanwhile, he would be teamed with Eli Manning in the same QB room and they are friends.

The Giants, the defending champs, are also a pretty good team.

The problem in this theory (that is admittedly all it is right now) is that New England nor the Giants probably would pay Pennington as much to be a backup as he might get elsewhere to compete for a starting job. But really, after seven seasons of earning like a starter, it that Pennington's priority?

The point is the talk of Pennington to the Dolphins is very loud. But sometimes that which is whispered makes more sense.


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As long as they bring him in without promising him anything, I wouldn't mind. But make him earn whatever he gets, whether it's the starting position or big money (in other words, incentives).

Ye, true about the Giants, but at the same time I thought they did get alot of attention/hype in the offseason, but were shaky during the regular season and dropped off the radar only to come storming back. They definitely had the talent. Without the surge that a Strahan brings and all the distraction of Burress, they lost several special teams/ vets to free agency, including Torbor to us, and let's not forget they also lose out on getting good draft picks because they won the SB. For these reasons I think they are seriously downgraded this year. As for Dallas, you have to believe that if Romo can leave Jessica long enough to show up for practices/games he could be the top passer in the league this year. They have upgraded their already dominant secondary, and they have top notch receivers, OL, etc. Add to the fact that this is the last year in that awful stadium they play in, there will be an added je ne sais to them going as far as they can go to have the last game be the NFC championship, etc. I don't see anyone in the division challenging them other than Washington, but that secondary is going to be waiting for Campbell to air it out.

It's my opinion that the NFC is much more clear cut than the AFC. For one, if Manning is out for the first 3 or 4 games in Indy, they have a significantly reduced chance of winning those games. You saw how awful they were in that pre-season game. In my mind, if Peyton doesn't get back to form, they don't win their division this year and possibly miss the playoffs. Yes NE is still the team to beat, but based on Murphy's law, there's only so long Brady can keep his current level of play up. He might slip this year. Also, let's be honest, Moss is not a great player, but a very good strong player when he decides to show up. Will he stay motivated? Welker still the best player on the team. Take one of these three out of the offense and the Pats sink dramatically.

Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando Armando

What are you talking about? Football player and sense is like comparing politicians to honesty. There is one very important element involved here its called EGO!!! QBs have this overwhelming self confidence, they need it, they feed off of it. Chad is too valuable within the eyes of the NFL to surrender to a back-up status. He's a starter in his eyes and will continue to be for some time. Miami will guarantee him a starting spot and a chance at redemption...(by the way our record vs. Pennington is far worse than that vs. Farve). Sure he may be better suited with those teams or even KC and Min but none of those teams can guarantee he will start.

We Can. Beck is closer to Henne than to McCown. We took a look at Quincy not because of Becks poor performance but because of McCown inability to complete passes. Pennington is much better suited for this offense than McCown, hell he was drafted to run this offense. Yes I hate Chad Pennington but only because he has been consistently the worse QB to have our number (7 out of 8) wow, sick, I still hate him.

Let’s return the hate! Call Dolphins marketing this is the saying. This is the new marketing strategies. For years we have hated those crap opponents of ours who have raped and ravaged us through the past decade. Opponents who in the previous 30 some years of Don Shula ruled we had found tucked neatly under our shoes, as we stomped them repeatedly.

Let’s return the hate!
I like it

Vic, would you like to lie down for a minute?

Wow I had not heard Manning will be out that long, if that is correct Colts are in deep doo. I pray to every deity of every religion that your assessment of Pats is on the money.

Ye, I don't know for sure, but their backup, Slingo or whatever his name is, implied that he possibly would not be back in time for the season in some interview...let me grab the link...

Mando, you are taking it on the chin dude.
What you say makes sense from a reality standpoint and in all probability going to happen, eventually. Clipboard etc
However, the teams that want this guy are going to trip over each other to help him start. He will start win a few and then bamm shoulder gone. Back next year with the same story. Torture and then more torture.
He is a holding pattern player, not an improvement, so lets get him just to know the Jets little secrets.

""You don't want anybody to be hurt and you wish nothing bad to happen to anybody, but there's a sense of urgency," Sorgi said. "I mean, right now, the preseason is four more games, but is (Manning) going to be ready by the first (regular-season) game? Is he going to be ready by our bye week, which is Week 4? In my mind, I'm preparing like it's going to be a long-term deal where I'm going to have to play for a long time. Then, if he comes back, I'll go back to doing what I was doing."

The Colts have other prominent players tentatively returning from surgeries on Aug. 15 -- Freeney (foot), safety Bob Sanders (shoulder), and offensive guard Ryan Lilja (knee)." - ESPN

I don't know why the author didn't mention all the other injuries the Colts have, presumably because they expect the other guys to be ready before then, most notably Brackett at LB.

The point here for Chad and his agent ( Condon ) is simple...they both know damn well that Chad's career is not gon'a last very long from now, specially cuz his arm and shoulder issues, so they know this may be their last chance to get good money to their pockets from who offers the most amount, after all he is a pro and Condon knows very well that he is not going to make much out of Pennington any longer, so let's MONEY do the talking...

P.D.. yes i know some of you will say oh well if his Career seems close to get shorter, why not trying to go to a contestant team, well again... Most of those teams have their QB chart in good shape and even if one of those teams need a back up they won't offer better money than the ones needing a starter... MONEY talks Pennington goes......

I would rather take a chance with Chad than with McCown... but is an over the hill injury prone vet QB that loses games at times all by himself the answer to our problem...No, go with Henne. Get him experience. Move on.

"You play to win the game" Why not with 20 mil stuffed in the bank would you not pickup a proven veteran like Pennington? Does anyone think McCown is the solution? If you can afford to improve a football team by upgrading the Qb position, It's a no brainer. We all get that Henne is our future, but what about now? I'm still paying full price for my Dolphins tickets and would rather enjoy a better football team.

There's a lot I like about Chad Pennington. He has leadership skills and is mentally very sharp (contrary to many boneheads I've seen). He would be an excellent mentor to Beck (if he cuts it) or Henne (who may have a great future).

The down side is that he's probably damaged goods in terms of his shoulders which means his arm is not NFL strong anymore. If he medically deemed healthy and shows that he can consistently throw the downfield and the down-and-out passes with authority and not weaken, I would reconsider.

Unfortunately I believe it's re-enacting Daunte Culpepper with his bad knees and Trent Green with his share of head concussions. We've been burned too many times by acting out of emotions instead of facing realities. And I think he's mentally a far better QB than the two guys I just mentioned.

I think he's mentally better than McCown. But I think if we as Dolfans would show some wisdom and patience, there may be chance at grabbing a healthy vet.

Patience paid off in trading Jason Taylor by waiting for the situation that the Redskins were in and getting value for a soon-to-be 34 year old player who didn't want to be here.

I think the Dolphins and the Chiefs are the most logical teams for Pennington.

Both teams have a connection to Pennington and have a desperate need for a QB.

If Pennington passes a thorough physical and the Dolphins don't overpay by giving Pennington a cap friendly contract, then I'm all for it.

I believe he is a major upgrade over McCown when healthy.

Armando I just don't get it. It always seems when any free agent is available and miami talks to them you are all against it. If we do pick up chad he will be an upgrade over josh. At least chad has some game winning experiance i also think we should trade beck for chris sims and maybe a vet like joey galloway.

Farve could have made lot's of money carring the clipboard. He split because he wants to play....An NFL caliber athletelongs to play. they don't plan to sit....come on man!!!

If this doesn't prove that salguero is an idiot then nothing will. why can't he find a job he is qualified for.. like pizza delivery boy?

Armondo, I know Dolphins would have been better off with Farve than Bledso or WITH Pennington but I think we need a real veteran at QB like Chad @ starting QB he knows what coach Parcells looks for in his QBS even Phil Simms knows what Parcells looks for in a QB I don't think Parcells would call his agent and try to work out a deal for the QB unless he can hand over the starting job to Chad .

Sometimes I just don't understand this Armando dude. I think he writes this stuff just to get a rise out of us. I'm curious to know who he thinks the dolphins should obtain and play at each position since he likes to scrutinize EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO. He must have an idea. Pennington is better than any of the QBs we have now or HAVE HAD since Marino. Hands down. WHAT THE H... MAN!!!! Cameron bypassed arguably our best chance at a real QB last year with his NON-COACHING/WAFFLING A..!!

Parcells is the one that drafted Pennington and he also drafted Keyshawn Johnson that the dolphins would have loved if he would come out of retirement and play with the Dolphins Pennington and Keyshawn were good together when they both were with the Jets I know that Parcells has young Wide Recievers also has young QBS that look like they aren't coming around

Nowadays I read Armondo's posts not for the content, I know it will be idiotic, but for the really hilarious lambasting the posters give each one of these pieces of "editorial" garbage.

Told ya so Armando, maybe I should write for the Herald :)

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