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Pennington makes more sense elsewhere

You may be aware in my previous post I mentioned that if Chad Pennington is smart (he is because he was once considered for a Rhodes Scholarship) he should consider going to the New England Patriots.

If he can put his ego aside and admit he's better suited to be a veteran backup than a starter, New England and the New York Giants actually make the most sense for Pennington.

First, he would be going to a pretty good team if he picks either of last season's Super Bowl teams.

In New England, he would be going to a team in the same AFC East that plays the Jets twice per season so the revenge possibilities are there. He would go to a team whose current backup (Matt Cassel) is not very good and had a horrible (1 for 4 with an interception and rating of 0.0) preseason outing Friday night.

Oh, and did I mention Randy Moss plays for the Patriots? Pennington and Moss were close when they were together at Marshall University.

With the Giants, Pennington would again be filling a void as a veteran backup. Today's New York Daily News reports the Giants will take a close look at Pennington.

"We take a look at everybody that's out there," Giants GM Jerry Reese told the newspaper after the Giants' preseason-opening 13-10 loss to the Lions. "That includes him."

The Giants make sense for Pennington because it would not affect his personal life. He wouldn't have to move and uproot himself or his family. Meanwhile, he would be teamed with Eli Manning in the same QB room and they are friends.

The Giants, the defending champs, are also a pretty good team.

The problem in this theory (that is admittedly all it is right now) is that New England nor the Giants probably would pay Pennington as much to be a backup as he might get elsewhere to compete for a starting job. But really, after seven seasons of earning like a starter, it that Pennington's priority?

The point is the talk of Pennington to the Dolphins is very loud. But sometimes that which is whispered makes more sense.